How To Guide 100% successfully unlock the Bootloader of your ROG Phone5/5s

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Apr 12, 2021
ASUS ROG Phone 5
Help pls!
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Sep 21, 2018
Device me lost imei before 🤣🤣🤣, i fixed imei but it change and signal ,data, sms working. I want write change imei , but it not change
My method is only suitable for machines whose CN is converted to WW and IMEI is normal. As for the loss of IMEI, unfortunately, I have no alternative except after-sales service. They have special tools to repair IMEI.


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Feb 13, 2018
My method is only suitable for machines whose CN is converted to WW and IMEI is normal. As for the loss of IMEI, unfortunately, I have no alternative except after-sales service. They have special tools to repair IMEI.
OK. Thanks !. I want aks you rom eng rog5s on post , i flash it , it only reboot to fastboot . I checked file ramprogram rog5s eng then missing super.img ?


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Sep 20, 2013
OnePlus X
OnePlus 5
Couldn't find ISN in device.txt

There is a line -

[persist.vendor.asus.serialno]: [C4ATAS000000]

Putting C4ATAS000000 in asuskey4 & then pushing it successfully. But this key seems to be NOT working!

After flashing WW-RAW, asus unlock app says "Failed to unlock your device, please try again later.[24802]".

Also, my fingerprint has been disabled now!

Appreciate any help, please..


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Sep 20, 2013
OnePlus X
OnePlus 5
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My home screen after flashing the ENG F/W. Don't know where to get this ISN.

I am desperate enough to upload my asuskey4 (remove .txt extension) file & device.txt! Pls take a look into them & help me out guys


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I would love to do this. But I'm my country I paid $1260 New Zealand for it. The box was not sealed when I ordered it an the bootloader is sealed tight. I'm not sure which version or it's been converted?

Is it possible for someone to make an instructional video an upload to YouTube?

It says senior developer on my profile as I've been with xda for years an helped people.

I'm a forklift driver lol. I can't even write code.

Is this something noobs could manage?


Mar 25, 2014
got a problem here...after flashing the ENG , my device stuck on a Green text " waiting for flashing fullramdump" something like that...

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    Success is disgusted by some people, and will not share any files for free in the future.
    Working perfectly tested and rooted. Steps are easy to follow.

    1) Download the ENG firmware and flash it following the steps.

    2) Then follow this post and the commands to extract asuskey4 and add ISN to the asuskey4.

    3) Flash WW ROM back to the phone.

    4) Use Unlock tool and then done.
    Thank you @johnny886!

    This guide helped me install latest WW updates on Tencent (CN) phone, unlock bootloader and then root my device!

    I ran into some kinks along the way so I'll share my experience here in case it helps anyone else.

    I had a Tencent phone that had WW firmware installed when I bought it but running an old Android 11 build and Bootloader unlock not working.

    If you don't have the phone's box with the 2 IMEI numbers listed I would copy them from the "about phone" settings screen before following this guide.

    To start, I wouldn't recommend using the batch files - if they fail there's no descriptive error message, so it's best to open them in notepad, see what they do and then copy-paste the commands into a fresh terminal (change current working directory of the terminal to the ROG5 folder extracted from OP zip).

    Make sure to have ADB drivers installed and check that it's detecting your device (which needs to have developer options and USB debugging turned on) by running "adb devices".

    From here you can run "adb reboot bootloader" where you can use the fastboot commands. I was stupid and I was running "adb reboot fastboot" to run the fastboot commands but I realized my mistake when I read one reply from @twistedumbrella pointing this out in another thread (Thanks!). That's probably why I couldn't run "fastboot oem enter-dload" to enter EDL mode but I got around it by running "adb reboot edl" with the device turned on and connected in adb mode.

    Then I could see QSHUBS_BULK_xxx appear in the device manager which meant I was missing the Qualcomm EDL drivers so I installed them following this guide:

    The drivers weren't signed so they appeared with a yellow exclamation mark in device manager. This meant I had to disable driver signature verification by following the Shift+Restart method from this guide:

    After this, going into ADL mode and running the "0-update_image_EDL.bat" script it ran successfully and I wasn't getting the sahara protocol error anymore. After getting the finished message without an error the phone rebooted into some factory firmware based on an old android version, probably used for testing the device. And on the home screen there was a widget with my ISN and SSN listed so I wrote them down.

    I proceeded to backup the 7 files, making sure that "adb shell" followed by "su" didn't throw an error (Looks like bootloader is unlocked in this factory image because it didn't work previously). Then I checked the persist.img, which is an archive so you need to open it with 7-zip, no need for WinHex Pro, then opened the Country file inside and saw it was already WW, not CN. If you need to change it to WW then you will either need to repackage the archive after extracting it and editing the country file or use WinHex Pro.
    Then I checked my asuskey4 file and it was missing a lot of data including IMEI so I used HxD hex editor to place the fingerprinting information at the correct addresses as shown in the screenshot attached to johnny's opening post in this thread and finally I used the restore script to push just this file to the phone.
    After that I was able to enter bootloader mode and run 'fastboot flash all WW_xxx.raw" from inside the WW folder and it flashed without a hitch. Note that I used another WW raw that had a later version than the one johnny provided but it shouldn't matter in the end.
    After booting to a fresh install of the WW ROM I did get the hardwarestub notification but then after I applied the OTA updates it was gone.
    For installing the OTA updates you don't need to flash them one by one like someone in one of these threads claimed, I installed the last one for Android 11 first and then the latest one for Android 12 just by downloading them to the sdcard root directory on the phone and tapping the "update package detected" notification. You should be able to go directly to latest update but I haven't tested that.
    After all that was done I successfully unlocked the bootloader using the ASUS unlock tool (You will get a warning screen every time you reboot the phone when your bootloader is unlocked, no need to check using dial codes or oem commands, you'll know). So my IMEI wasn't blocked because seller already unlocked it once but it was missing completely from the asuskey4 file I guess.
    After unlocking bootloader I just extracted the boot img from the OTA update using python payload dumper (win64 payload dumper should work too), I loaded it onto the phone storage and patched it with Magisk app and finally I flashed it using 'fastboot flash boot ./magisk-patched-boot.img' command and viola! I had root.

    And one more hint for those that think their phone is stuck in EDL mode:
    Open device manager and hold power and vol down until the ADL device dissappears, hold it for too long and it'll just enter EDL mode again but if you release it at the right moment it'll boot normally.

    Hope this writeup helps someone.
    by far one of the best contributions of the forum, I don't usually comment, but I had to thank you
    So uhh, what happened? There's no content in this post.
    In few words 2 out 10 ppl tell some BS to dev and 8 congrats/thank him but he decided to pay attention only to haters and rage quit (delete files). Classic Narcissistic personality disorder.