100% working Solution for m30s random freezing rebooting stuck at bootlogo.

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Sep 20, 2016
Hello friends
As many of m30s user reporting random freezing while using and auto reboot on itself or sometime not even turns on by pressing and holding volume down and power key.
I too was mad at this hardware problem
I tried all possible ways like flashing old firmware or using aosp ,lineage os,but nothing was successful

Finally I tried one last method which was randomly tried
But that step unknowingly successful.🥳

I have tested it many times without any previous behaviour.

Please check this link

hopefully it may work for you also.✌️


New member
Oct 29, 2021
i there. After (an attempt) to unlock the bootloader of my m30s and installing TWRP Recovery (TWRP_A50_Magisk_Prepatched) i find myself in an orange bootstate. I can't get it into recovery, download or fastboot mode. It seems like a full brick. I can't even power off the device. Only Volume up, Volume down and Power button let's the device reboot but then the same boot problems appear. Is there anything i can do to recover my phone?

Text of first screen when booting up:

"The phone's bootloader is unlocked and it's software integrity can't be verified. Andy data on this phone may be vulnerable to attackers. Don't store any important or sensitive information on this phone". Press power key to continue"

Text of second screen when booting up:

"The phone is not running Samsung's official software. You may have problems with features or security and you won't be able to install software updates"

Any ideas!?


Sep 20, 2016
Press and hold volume up and down and Connect to computer with drivers installed.

Flash stock rom using odin tool.