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Jun 1, 2007

Here you may find the collection of my themes created for the G4TWB theme engine. Many thanks for P_Toti for creating this beautiful tool and helping me in creating the themes.


- LG G4 running stock firmware (the themes will work on custom ROM-s as well depending the changes the ROM developer made);
- working Xposed and G4TWB;
- installed themes.


The themes come in form of simple apk-s. You need to install the theme, activate the theme modul in G4TWB and choose the preferred theme. That's it.


The first release of the themes will contain the following UI elements:
- statusbar icons;
- notification panel,
- volume panel,
- contacts and incallui;
- settings icons;
- switches and checkboxes;

Please note that the theme engine does not allow to touch the entire framework and layout files (for example changing the data cluster is not possible).

The themes:

Hybrid Theme
UX4 colors and design mainly kept and AOSP icons added.

Flyme Theme

A very sexy theme inspired by the Flyme OS 4.5.

MIUI Theme

I was trying to use MIUI 7 resources. The notipanel background has not the desired color, I am working on it. But a very nice theme.

AUXP Theme

"AUXP" Theme is an iteration based on the LG G5 UX5.0 theme and the pure AOSP look. Here some important notes:
- The theme has been created based on the 20D kdz. On different (older) systems some drawables might be different.
-The date color in the notipanel is hardcoded and cannot changed by the theme. Please use the G4TWB theme menu to change the date label color to #66000000.
- Easysettings icons not themed yet use list view.
- The UX5 color schema uses white statusbar and white actionbar which is not in line with the material color principles and looks weird. I changed it to dark action bar, looks nicer imho.



AUXP Theme 1.1
MIUI Theme 1.2
Hybrid Theme 1.1
Flyme Theme 1.2


More themes to come!

Please support the development of my themes by a small donation.

Donators: vietnam100, P_Toti
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Jun 1, 2007
UPDATE 2015.10.14.
MIUI Theme added.

UPDATE 2015.10.16.
Update Flyme and MIUI to 1.1: small color fixes (tab text color), new notipanel background, redefined incallui colors (MIUI).

UPDATE 2015.10.19.
Update Flyme and MIUI to 1.2: incoming call icon color themed, some statusbar fixes. Hybrid: H811 signal icons added. Thanks to Rydah805 for his support.

UPDATE 2016.04.11.
AUXP Theme released.
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Jun 1, 2007
Running flyme on s3v3n 5.1... Everything is looking realy cool... I have a question about theming... Is it possible to port themes like layer themes or cm themes?
Sure. However LG uses many different resources you cannot find in AOSP recources and they need to be created. And you have to know systemui, settings and framework resources in order to identify them. Additionally, you have to be aware with the G4TWB theme engine.


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Sep 15, 2008
Thanks for the quick reply... I thought about it because i have read that on some g4 layer is working... I dont know if its worth it... If its end in a brick

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cyan pac

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Jan 24, 2013
is there anyway to theme the notifications? i noticed in every theme they are white but i had a g2 before the g4 and on the g2 i could theme the notifications, im just curios doesnt really matter if you cant it would just be cool