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[11/06/2016] INDEX of ROMs [Android Development Forum]

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Jan 5, 2014
Volos, Greece
Huge thanks to @GaboWinter , the originator of this index thread. I will continue to update the index and build on his work :)

Hello community! Welcome to the ROMs index from the Original Android and Android Development Forums.

Please remember read all the information (the OP & first posts, and last 5-10 pages) of the threads of the ROM that you choose, that's the best way to avoid any issue.

Index Structure​
The index is divided in five categories:

-Jelly Bean
-Samsung Base

« Useful Links

INDEX of ROMs [Original Android Development Forum]

INDEX of Kernels [Original Android & Android Development Forums]


⊗ Marshmallow ⊗​

⊗ Lollipop ⊗​

[ROM][5.1.1][AOSP][FINAL][UNOFFICAL] XPerience-9.1.1_r24 by aniket.lamba

[ROM][5.1.1][Seine][UNOFFICIAL] CyanogenMod Unofficial Builds by CNBLACK

[ROM]UBER][FINAL][OPTIMISED][5.1.1] AOSP+RRO/Layers for Galaxy S2 by aniket.lamba

[ROM][i9100] CarbonROM [OFFICIAL][5.1.1] by myself5

Minimal OS by GreekDragon

[ROM][5.1.1]SlimLP - Build [UNOFFICIAL] by warrior1208

[OFFICIAL][ROM][5.1.1_r24][Team-Razor RC2.0 [i9100] by aniket.lamba

[ROM] Fusion v6.0 - LP5.1.1 (i9100) by aniket.lamba

[ROM][5.1.1]Euphoria OS lollipop [Unofficial][I9100] by sai24

[ROM][I9100][LP][5.1.1][Linaro][SaberMod] CyanogenMod 12.1 by Markox89

[ROM][5.1.1][OFFICIAL][Infinitive-OS][V1.1] by Vivek_Neel

[ROM] [5.1.1] OmniRom 5.1 HOMEMADE by asimovi

[ROM][5.1.1][SLIM][UNOFFICAL] TipsyOS by aniket.lamba

[ROM][5.1.1][UNOFFICAL] OwnROM by aniket.lamba

[ROM][5.1.1][UNOFFICAL] Oct OS L
by aniket.lamba

[ROM][5.1.1_r6][OPTIMIZED][i9100]RESURRECTION REMIX[GRAPHITE][-O3][CM12.1] by varund7726

[ROM][5.1.1] [LiquidSmooth v4.1] [Unofficial-Builds] [LINARO/UBER] [OTA] by arnab

[ROM][5.1.1]Nameless Rom lollipop [Unofficial] [I9100] by sai24

[ROM][5.1.1] [DIRTY-UNICORNS v9.4] [Unofficial-Builds] [SABERMOD] [OTA] by arnab

[ROM][5.1.1][UNOFFICIAL] GZR Validus Rom by aniket.lamba

[ROM][5.1.1][UNOFFICAL] Candy5 by by aniket.lamba

[5.1.1][STABLE] Unofficial CyanogenOS 12.1S for Galaxy S2 by FaserF

[ROM][5.1.1] Paranoid Android [UNOFFICIAL] by warrior1208

[ROM][5.1.1][UNOFFICAL] Team EOS - The Revival by aniket.lamba

[ROM][5.1.1]SOKP lollipop [I9100] by sai24

[ROM][5.1.1][UBER/Full O3] BlissPop[i9100] by koolkunz

[ROM][5.1.1] SlimSaber - [UNOFFICIAL SlimLP] by warrior1208

[ROM][5.1.1][UNOFFICAL] Team UB by aniket.lamba

[ROM][5.1.1][UNOFFICAL] Own ROM Alpha by aniket.lamba

[ROM] [PREVIEW] [5.1.1] CodeROM 5.1.1 [GT-I9100] by jeffreyvh

[ROM][i9100][5.1.1]Mechanical Android 0.4 by Niropa

[ROM][5.1.1][UNOFFICAL] Cyanide L by aniket.lamba

[ROM][5.1.1] [MoKee] [Unofficial-Builds] [SABERMOD] [OTA] by arnab

[ROM][5.0.2] Euphoria-OS 1.0 I9100 Unofficial by sooti

[ROM][SaberMod][5.0.2]Beanstalk I9100 Unofficial by sooti

[ROM][5.0.2][SaberMOD][Official]Hazy ROM Alpha2 I9100 by sooti

[ROM][GS2 I9100][LP 5.0.2] Roshnaie-ROM [End of Darkness][BETA] by ab-samy

[UNOFFICIAL][ROM][i9100]Fusion v5.0 sooti

[5.0][AOSP][wip] CodeROM 5.0 by LollipopS2 by jeffreyvh

[UNOFFICIAL][ROM][TESTING] [5.0.1] [I9100] NamelessROM by sooti
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Aug 26, 2011
Categories FAQ

« ¿What is an Samsung based ROM?

We call Samsung / Sammy based to all the ROMS who have they base on some of the official (sometimes leaked) firmwares by Samsung, some examples are XXLPG, XXLQ5, XWLPD, etc.

In this ROMS, mostly, you can find the usual Touchwiz interface, however some ROMS include different themes to change the appareance.

« ¿What is an AOSP based ROM?

First of all, AOSP stands for Android Open Source Project.

These ROMs offer you the "stock" Android experience without all the extras provided by the manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, etc. they are based directly on the source code from Android. They may be tweaked but are, in their entirety, the closest to a "pure Google experience".

More information here: http://source.android.com/

« ¿What is an AOKP based ROM?

First of all, AOKP stands for Android Open Kang Project.

Well, AOKP is in essence AOSP, the main difference being all the added customization that AOSP ROMs lack. AOKP ROMs still maintain the "stock" Android experience, except with many possible customization options at your fingertips.

More information here: http://aokp.co/index.php/news

« ¿What is a MIUI based ROM?

Very basically, MIUI is the Chinese custom version of Android. The main difference that have from another ROM's is precisely their unique customization options.

The MIUI team hast their own launcher, widgets, apps, etc. If you really want a change from the Green/Gray of GB or the Black/Blue of ICS then take a look at MIUI ROMs.

More information here: http://en.miui.com/

« ¿What is CyanogenMod?

CyanogenMod it's a ROM pure based on AOSP, but have a main feature...it's a base too for many of the ROM's that you can see here, the Cyanogen Team works on innovative features that later are ported to different Devices / ROM's.

You can't see an independent category on this index but maybe you are receiving a touch of CM on the ROM that you have on your phone :)

More information here: http://www.cyanogenmod.com/
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Recognized Developer
Jan 5, 2014
Volos, Greece
⊗ KitKat ⊗

[ROM][4.4.2][08/10] SlimSaber - i9100 [SlimKat Unofficial Builds] by fusionjack

CyanogenMod 11 [UNOFFICIAL] for i9100 with Stagefright Fix by dimoochka

[ROM] [DISCUSSION] Official CyanogenMod 11 Nightlies [4.4.2] [GT-I9100] by CyanogenMod

[ROM][4.4.2][I9100]~SpiritRom~(22/03/14) by Nico_60

[ROM][WEEKLY][I9100][KK][4.4.4][Linaro/SaberMod] CyanogenMod 11 by Markox89

[ROM][OFFICIAL][KitKat 4.4.2][I9100] PAC-man VERSION [AOSP] | Developed by PAC team, Device maintainer bluefa1con

[ROM][Unofficial] Dirty Unicorns 4.4.2 by nims11


[ROM][AOSP][KK][I9100][25/03] **C-RoM** -4.4.2- -v5.6... by aways

[I9100● KK 4.4.2][01.05>>Milestone-1][SOKP》》SONIC OPEN KANG PROJECT][AIO][Weekly Builds] | Developed by SOKP team, Device Maintainer Vivek_Neel

[ROM][4.4.2][15/02/14]Beanstalk I9100 Unofficial by sooti

[ROM][4.4.2][2 March 2014]Biftor™SlimKat Rom V4.0[AOSP] by Biftor

[ROM][Feb 11][4.4.2] I9100 AOSP NeatROM v2.8 by_Sale_

[ROM] [GT-I9100][AOSP][Unofficial][4.4.2][16/02/14] - Gummy Rom by ]sooti

[ROM][4.4.2][ART][STABLE] CeleriterRom v2.5 [14 FEB 2014][I9100] | by gius0161

[jan 15][rom][kk] [aroma_installer][4.4.2][vivekrom_omni_build3] by Vivek_Neel

[ROM][Cyanfox] [ CM-11 | KITKAT 4.4.2] | Official |i9100| | Developed by MNT_, device maintainer Christiancs1969

[ROM][OTA][i9100] ••● EHNDROIX V 14.2.27 ●•• « ₪ SMOOTH ₪ STABLE ₪ SLIM ₪ » by AlessandroXCV

[ROM][4.4.2][23/02/14][i9100][1.3.0] AOSB Project - The End of The Line! by sooti

[ROM][KK][4.4.2][LINARO/SABERMOD] CyanogenMod 11 [NIGHTLY BUILDS][20140213] by nfected_

[ROM][KK][4.4.2][LINARO/SABERMOD] Omni Rom [WEEKLY BUILDS][20140213] by infected_

[ROM][4.4.2][22/12/13]LiquidSmooth I9100 Unofficial by sooti

⊗ Jelly Bean ⊗

[ROM][4.2.2][SaberMod 4.9][08/04] Slim Bean - i9100 [UNOFFICIAL BUILDS] | Developed by fusionjack Note: Thread continues, ROM updated to KitKat

[AOSP][4.3.0] Neon Open Source Project by Galaxyfire

[ROM][JB][4.2.2] Avatar ROM for Samsung Galaxy SII (I9100) - Updated [Aug 04, 2013] | Developed by bippi79

[ROM][GPL][CM10.1][2 AUG] Codename Lungo | Developed by TimV_

[ROM][XWLSS][21/7]Floral ROM Stock based V 1.6 Released | Developed by Nemotatu

[ROM][21/07/13][JB/CM10.1/AOKP/RootBox] Nostromo [Pure] | Developed by Soenisti

[ROM][4.2.2] [JellyBeer - v4.32] [BeerGang] [Hybrid] 19 JULY | Developed by Black_Prince

[ROM] XenonHD Stable-11.1 (18.07.13) *Truly Stable, Fast & Buttery Smooth* | Developed by Black_Prince

[ROM][LINARO][GPL][FAST][STABLE] SentinelROM - 02/07/2013 | Developed by Sentinel196

[ROM][10 Jun][X-TREME SERIEs][4.2.2][AOKP|CM] X-TremE JB ROM V.10 soon! [AOSP|GS4|XZ] | Developed by KNTXTremE

[ROM][AOSP][JB][4.2.2][JDQ39E] SuperNexus 2.0 - I9100 - Milestone 1 [01-06-13] | Developed by Faryaab

[JB 4.2.2][ROM]Mackay ROM 2.11.1 (1-Jun-13) - CM-based | Developed by kasper_h

[ROM] [CM10.1] [4.2.2] XOS 4.0(test build)-xperia themed Walkman!![Apr 15] | Developed by jeetBLswami

[ROM][7 May'13][JB4.2.2]★★★★★HyperDroidAOXP (Android Open-Source Xtreme Project) | Developed by Black_Prince

[ROM][4.2.2][JDQ39] Evervolv AOSP | 3.2.0 | Build #1 for Galaxy S2 i9100 [5/4/2013] | Developed by sakindia123

[ROM][CM10][4.1.2][07-Dec-2012] Sapir - CM10 based ROM + More | Developed by erezak

[ROM][CM10][4.1.2 JB] Kaffee4Eck | CM10 -> Online v11 [14.11.2012][AROMA+SLIM][EXP] | Developed by Kaffee4Eck

[ROM][AOSP][JB][4.1.2][JZO54K] SuperNexus - I9100 - BUILD 5 [17-10-12] | Developed by Faryaab

[NEW MALI ROM - AROMA][09 Oct]♔ ♕ ♚ ♛ Jelly King AOKP_v.1.9 ♔ JB 4.1.1 ♔ ♕ ♚ ♛ | Developed by Bologna

[ROM][27.08.2012][CM10 based][OTA Support] FireWalkerX Pure 1.0.55 | Developed by FireWalkerX

[ROM]*[4.1.1]*[SGS2-Intact-AOSP]*[JRO03H]-[05/08/2012] | Developed by cile381

[UNOFFICIAL][ROM][4.1.1][AOSP] Codename Android 3.0.1 PrePrePreAlpha [JB][08/01/2012] | Developed by DaXmax

[ROM][18/07/2012][JB][I9100]KALGECIN_AOSP[development] | Developed by kalgecin

[ROM][4.2.2][LINARO/SABERMOD] CyanogenMod 10.1 [NIGHTLY BUILDS] | Developed by infected_

[ROM] LiquidSmooth S2 | Developed by Mysterious-Rom

[ROM] [i9100] [JB] Linaro compiled CM10.1 nightlies | Developed by kalpik

[ROM][4.2.2|Aokp]Oustahrom||| Full Xperia Z||||||Update|||| | Developed by deyaaa

[Rom | SGS2][AOSP-JB 4.2.1 | MIUI v5 Style Beta 3.0 | Based Miui v4 - 3.2.22] | Developed by Moviestar70

[ROM] Helly_Bean [4.2.2] [nightly builds] | Developed by DerTeufel1980

[ROM][JB 4.2.1][AOKP/CM10] ReVolt JB I9100 [NIGHTLIES][OTA] | Developed by johnhany97

[CM10][Jellybro] i9100 Nightly Kangs | Developed by imfloflo

[ROM][JB][AROMA]Infinity ROM[Infinity Part][Fast&Stable]Develop again | Developed by ice14777

[ROM][JB 4.2.2][AOKP/CM10.1/PA] ReVolt JB I9100 [Ver.4.4][01/07][Hybrid+AROMA+PIE] | Developed by johnhany97

[ROM][AOKP-4.2.2] TokoRom V3 [AROMA+OTA][Sense Style][27/06/2013] | Developed by tokobot

[ROM][AOKP/CM10][4.2.2][AROMA][4-6-2013]ThunderBolt ROM V8 | Developed by ALHussein Mohammed

[ROM] Unofficial Black Android Kang Everyone Desires TeamBAKED 9 [4.2.2][18 May] | Developed by TeamBAKED

[ROM][22Apr] ●●► Omega v12 ◄●AOKP milestone-1●►Jelly Bean 4.2.2◄●Aroma●► | Developed by ::indie::

[ROM][30Mar][4.2.2][Aokp Build 6][Türkbey Theme] TürkbeyTeam V2 soon A fresh start!!! | Developed by CQNSTANT!NE

[ROM][JB 4.2.2][OTA] Mysterious PacMan v20.0.0 BIONIC LINARO [23/02/2013] | Developed by ptichalouf

[ROM][JB 4.1.2][OS YAMAHA][PA2.55][AOKP-ML1][CM10]P.A.C True All in 1 ROM[27/11][V18] | Developed by bluefa1con

[ROM][14/11][JB 4.1.2 / 4.2 Hybrid] Cypher Rom Build 1.2 | Developed by cypherrom666

[ROM] (JB) ▬ ½ I L L U S I Θ N ▬ CP 8.1 ▬ SCD (Dhruv) Edition ▬ 5th Nov ▬ | Developed by abhisahara

[ROM][JB][CM/AOKP][26/10]NucleaR Bomb 1.0[Fast & Stable] | Developed by ice14777

[ROM][AOKP][JBB4][4.1.1] 14.10.2012 Kaffee4Eck AOKP Online v09 [SIMPLE|FAST|STABLE] | Developed by Kaffee4Eck

[NEW MALI ROM - AROMA][09 Oct]♔ ♕ ♚ ♛ Jelly King AOKP_v.1.9 ♔ JB 4.1.1 ♔ ♕ ♚ ♛ | Developed by Bologna

3 kinds of PFittech ROM Android 4.1/4.04/Sammy 4.04 - Unique Feautures 20.9.2012 | Developed by PFittech

[ROM][AOKP-JB] Pure AOKP build 2.0 [18/09] | Developed by Spike_M

[ROM][4.1.1][JB] R25's JB AOKP Preview Builds 5.1 [16/8/12] -1st JB AOKP ROM *UPDATE* | Developed by Rushabh25

[ROM][RESURRECTION REMIX][JB 4.2.2] not supporting | Developed by westcrip

[ROM] RootBox + pdroid [Unofficial Build] | Developed by n00b42

[ROM][4.2.2] Mysterious ROMS Unofficial BIONIC LINARO | Developed by Mysterious-Rom


[ROM][JB 4.1.2] [UPDATED] [01.08.13] OPTIMUS ROM v4.0 [XWLSW] | Developed by Jeetu

[ROM][JB 4.1.2][30/07/13] Roshnaie-ROM V.4 [End of Darkness][i9100XWLSW][Aroma] | Developed by ab-samy

[26/07/13][BUILD~6 NOW AVAILABLE][Aroma][ROM][XWLSW]VIVEKROM[BUILD~6] | Developed by corruptionfreeindia

[ROM][XWLSW][11Jul] Omega v24 ●►Final JB 4.1.2◄●Omega Files●►Fully Modded◄● | Developed by ::indie::

[ROM][4.1.2][9July2013]Biftor™JB Rom V10[Make Your custom Rom][XWLSW][Aroma] | Developed by Biftor

[ROM][09.07.13][XWLSW][SIV theme] ROMs4 v1.6 by dawkon13 | Developed by dawkon13

[ROM][04/7/13]Snapdragon s2 [v.1.3.1] | Developed by iPr0Hacker

[ROM] LSN 4.1.2 [ HaSSaN-ROM V5.0 ] Based on Disaster: Stable-Fast [update 7-3] | Developed by HASSAN EL BAGHDADI

[ROM][07/06][LSW][4.1.2][V14.6] WanamLite Clean & Fast & Pure Stock Themed | Developed by wanam

[Stock Official Firmwares] I9100XWLSW (4.1.2) - United Kingdom (XEU) [05-06-13] | Developed by Faryaab

[ROM][LSN][22.05]Custom Stock ROM 5.0™ Edition (Codename: ETERNITY) Finally Release | Developed by maanz

[ROM][XWLS8][4.1.2][AROMA | OTA | DPI CHANGER | PIE][06.2]Space & Time 2.6 [END 30.4] | Developed by RM57380

[ROM][22.04.2013][LSN]Turkbey Team V4 S4 Edition Soon| Developed by CQNSTANT!NE

[ROM Repository][25-Mar]Dual Boot Rom Collections -SAMMY JB ROMS Modded for DualBoot. | Developed by ocman

[ROM][CWM][XWLS8][6Feb][The Militant Rom][4.1.2][Final][Blu] | Developed by kuljit55

[ROM][CWM][3/2]JB XWLS8 afaneh Lite v1[DUALBOOT SUPPORT] | Developed by mohammad.afaneh

[ROM] -03/01/2013- OlloS2 Armageddon RoM 4.1.2 AED !!! | Developed by Neme77

[ROM][JB][24.12.12]XenonMOD v2.00.01 | Stability Achieved | Stock Enhanced | Developed by Taimur Akmal

[ROM][4.1.2][I9100-I9100P][24/12] LionROM JB[Mods, Themes, Patchs][XXLSJ] | Developed by leeomendes

[ROM][DISCONTINUED] JoelDroid S2 [2.1] | Developed by joeldroid

[ROM][JellyBean 4.1.2] CriskeloROM v2.2[XWLSW] | Developed by xXWeresXx

[rom] S2 ROM LIKE S4 (4.1.2) V2 IS OUT NOW 2013 | Developed by badboy2a1n7867

[ROM] [4.1.2] Disaster ROM v11 | Developed by Mirko ddd

[ROM] JB XWLSW NeatROM Full/LITE/Mods/Themes | Developed by salesale

[ROM][JB 4.1.2][LSS] CarHDRom V.1 [NO-WIPE][THEMED] | Developed by Carotix

[ROM][JB.4.1.2][XW-LSS/LST/LSW- Added] Deodexed Stock Samsung Roms | Developed by _Sofos_

Best S2 ROM LIKE S3 | Developed by badboy2a1n7867

[ROM] > [Just-For-Fun] Link is UP | Developed by JoFury

[ROM][ZERO]BUG ROM v5.1 NOTE 2 MINI I9100 / I9100P + V5 PremiumSuite Available NOW ! | Developed by JoFury

[ROM][4.1.2]MIUI V4.1 3.1.18 Based On Official Firmware XXLSJ[PATCHROM] | Developed by Ry09iu

[rom 4.1.2]afterburner rom (lsd) | Developed by *mondman*

[Rom] JB 4.1.2 DTH XXLSJ 1.0 FINAL [Gallery Not 2 & Multi Windown & More Mod] | Developed by Trunghuy90

[ROM][4.1.2][xxlsj] ParsLand-jb-9100 [ink-riple-toggle-multi window+so many mod] | Developed by s-android

[ROM] [CURSEROM v1] [JB 4.1.2] [GALAXY S2] [TOUCHWIZ] | Developed by mithun46

[ROM][XXLSJ][CWM] Simplistic Completely Stock Deodexed Rooted *Link added* | Developed by LegendK95

⊗ MIUI ⊗
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Jan 5, 2014
Volos, Greece
[20/02/14] INDEX of ROMs [Android Development Forum]

⊗ ColorOS (Android 4.2.2 base) ⊗

[ROM]Coloros-1.0 [4.2.2] GT-I9100 Weekly update | Developed by lijianjunyonghu

⊗ ICS ⊗

⊗ AOSP ⊗

⊗ AOKP ⊗


[ROM][AllianceROM][V4.1[07/11]- LPX *16 Locks* 7 Themes in OTA * Alliance Control | Developed by Goldieking

[ROM]ICS DXLPB/XWLPF/XWLPT/XWLPY/DXLPF S3mods V2.2 S3 Themed (20 Oct) | Developed by binh24

[ROM][KERNEL_OC_UV_Touch_Recovery][ICS4.0.4][XWLPT][SEP/26]SpeedWizz_II v4.1 [OTA] | Developed by umberto1978

[LPX][3.01]GalaxyMOD: Battery Efficient,Faster, Smoother! Community managd OTA[26Sep] | Developed by ajayjohn

3 kinds of PFittech ROM Android 4.1/4.04/Sammy 4.04 - Unique Feautures 20.9.2012 | Developed by PFittech

[ROM][ICS 4.0.4][19/09][XWLPT] SensatioN ROM 4.1 - Just got Updated!!! | Developed by Crysis21

[ROM][GT-I9100-ICS-XWLPX](09-17-12) Mystic's Glory v5.0 Official (The King of Roms) | Developed by MysticKing32

[LPX] [12/09] Simplistic V [S3 Ripple, Note Gallery, Simplistic Control..] | Developed by LegendK95

[ROM][CWM][XWLPX][noWipe][September 9] JDmod 4.0.4 pure stock themed! | Developed by jaydvn

[ROM][CWM][ICS 4.0.4][29/08][XWLPU][OTA] Light by TugaPower TEAM 1.3 | Developed by danieldmm

[ROM][4.0.4][Smooth]|l|l|l|l|l|l| Aberration 1.3 |l|l|l|l|l|l|l| 08/25/12 | Developed by shishir95

[ROM][4.0.4] ≈≈≈ Portal Rom V2.4 ≈≈≈ [15 Aug 2012][Siyah 4.0.1][OTA Updating][XWLPT] | Developed by toxicdust

« ROM's without visible date of update

[ROM][ICS][Samsung SII i9100][Beta] Avatar ROM for Samsung Galaxy SII i9100 | Developed by bippi79

[ROM] [ICS] [4.0.4][XWLPU] ★Custom Stock Rom 2.1 Edition™★ The Wait Is Over.. | Developed by maanz

[ROM][4.0.4][XWLQ2 & JPLPH] ParsLand-ics-9100 [Pure Stock+Modded] | Developed by s-android


[ROM][LPX][17/11]TheUnknownBox 3.1.X [4.0.4 - 4.2] xX Heaven Or Hell Xx | Developed by ICS_XD

[ROM AROMA][28/10][LPG 4.0.3][OTA][JKay][Call recording]Space & Time 1.2.5 | Developed by RM57380

[ROM][23/10][Bravia Engine/Xloud/JKay] DiLiDroiD ICS UHLPS 4.0.3 R4.2 - Bugs fixed | Developed by Diliban

[ROM][XWLPG][19/10/2012] SanIcsSuper II*Final SL [JKAY 14.1 - vrthm 4.6.2 - ...] | Developed by s-android

[ROM][4.0.3][LPB][Multi-Language] Perfect Galaxy (23.09) | Pure Samsung | Developed by sunshean

[ROM][19 July][XWLPG][MAGIC ROM V2][Fast-stable][TurkbeyRom Back]under construction | Developed by @MarK@

[ROM][LPW] Tweaky ROM ICS 2.0.1 | JKay, Amazing battery life with new base | 12/07/12 | Developed by coldflid

[ROM][LPD][AROMA][7/8] ULTIMATUM 2.2 *Light*Customizable*Awesome*Fast*Amazing*Cool* | Developed by howtomen

[ROM Update] 30-June PARAM's "Easter IV ICS " With JKAY. | Developed by 9911726614

[ROM][ICS 4.0.3] Xenon ROM v1.1 [18/6/12][Themed + Touchwiz][CF-Root][XWLPD] | Developed by Taimur Akmal

[ROM][CWM][4.0.3][06/06][XWLPG][Vertumus 4.5 Jkay]Light By TugaPower | Developed by danieldmm

[ROM][XWLPG] Pure ICS v7.5 & New AOSP Package [16-Jun-2012] | Developed by Spike_M

[ROM][AllianceROM][V2.2][11/06]-XWLPG-1st working S3 lock WITH Ripple- Preview in OP | Developed by Goldieking

[ROM][ICS] « Serendipity 9.4 i9100 » **6/8** [FINAL] | Developed by MikeyMike01

[Rom][4.0.3][Vertumus][Apex & Galaxy 3 TW Launcher] Dark Angel V3.0 [27-05-2012] | Developed by The-Hulk

[ROM][ICS][26/05]★ Liteϟning ROM v3.2 ★[Fast as Lightning] | Developed by LitePro

|ROM|24 MAY|LP9| -.¸¸.·´¯HaWKiSH™ ICS FULL HD II.¸¸.·´¯HIGH QUALITY-.¸PERFORMANCE | Developed by zohawkish

[ROM]Epsilon Project LP7-ICS-V2 + UpdateMe (05/05) [CUSTOMIZE TO YOUR LIKING] | Developed by core720

[ROM][XWLP9]★ Dynamic v1.4 ★[ICS][Slim][Performance & Battery life][25April] | Developed by =Dynamic=

[ROM][SAMMY-ICS 4.0.3]MJ ROM-version 1.3[XWLP7_XENLP3][16.04.2012] | Developed by mattcfk

[ROM][ICS][16/04] ★ SaNgO Vizion ICS v11 ★ [LP8] Stable - Siyah v3.0.1 - Take a look! | Developed by sangosnip69

[ROM] Mhyegen Rom 2.0 FINAL BUILD | ICS | LP4 | Performance | Battery | Beats [15-04] | Developed by Hazerd

[ROM][XWLP4][12 April]Ottoman v1.8**Glassy**ICS** ONLİNE | Developed by LastOttoman

[03/04]* Simplistic ICS I XWLP3 * Get Ready for the Masterpiece![Stock LP4 Added] | Developed by LegendK95

[ROM] ICS Ultra Nusa v1.5 [DXLP7] (March 22, 2012) | Developed by bududroid

« ROM's without visible date of update

[ROM][CWM][XWLPY][ICS][4.0.4][Unbranded] Odexed & Deodexed Stock Roms | Developed by wanam

[CWM[ROM] AllianceROM I9100 ICS v1 | Developed by Robbie Hood

[ROM][ICS][LPQ][ODIN+CWM] DarkyROM HD Base XXLPQ for I9100 | Developed by ficeto

[ROM] S3Experience (Download Ready) | Developed by safariking

⊗ MIUI ⊗

⊗ Gingerbread ⊗

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[ROM][XWLPG]Pure Look S3 [v3.1.1 Final][Jkay v14.0][06/06/2012] Be closed | Developed by ksr007

ROM -( 05/06/12 ) TurkbeyRom Ics V12 4.0.3 Blue-Black Themed XWLF ONLİNE | Developed by turkbey

[ROM][4.0.4][B39] FrozenAOKP from ᵀᵉᵃᵐfʳºʐᵉⁿ [Nightlies] | Developed by Team Frozen

[ROM - ICS][4.0.4][04 May][AOKP] IMM76I DeXTeR ROM v1 Online! | Developed by aways

[ROM]ICS 4.0.3-XWLPG-SalmanRom.V4-SGS3 THEMED-[JUNE/30]-VERY STABLE-UPDATED-AMAZING!! | Developed by android_isda_****

[ROM][ICS][XWLPG 4.0.3][SkiRom][V1][JUNE/30]TRANSPARENT][GREAT BATTERY][STABLE][SEXY] | Developed by android_isda_****

[CLOSED] ZetaROM_XWLPG v3.1 | Developed by davidez25

☆☆☆☆☆[ROM-4.0.4]-[--VK--™]-[-XWLPO-V5.2-]-[Fast-Stable]-[MultiLanguage] | Developed by nguyenxuanhoa

[ROM][CM10][29/07][UNOFFICIAL] Pier's builds - CMX | Developed by PieR

[ROM][27.07] TRAD Samsung S2 v1.5 | BeatsMod | 4.0.3 | Multi Language| CWM| CLOSED! | Developed by CQNSTANT!NE

[ROM][ICS]BezkeUltra ICS 4.0.4 XWLPT Full Holo | Developed by bezke

[ROM][ICS]Bezke UltraIcs 5.0 "UHLPS" Full Holo - Soon - please be patient- | Developed by bezke

[Rom][JB][24/08/12] Msh3abJB [Jelly Bean] v4.1 Pure Stable Fast! | Developed by maalzaben

[ROM][ICS][CM9][4.0.4] ▂▃▅▇ ║ XperiaS2 ║ ROM ║ v2.0 ║ [06/09/2012] ║ ▇▅▃▂ | Developed by tazlooney89

[ROM][ICS/JB][4.0.4/4.1.1][8/9] CyanogenMod 9/10 lite v2/v7 | Developed by marcellocord

[ROM] JellyBam AOSP Ed. - 20121003 [Tweaks and Apps] [OTA] | Developed by iGio90

[ROM][AOSP] #ARD ~~ Team-DevDroid ~~ Alpha 11/11/12 | Developed by fabidesca

[ROM][4.0.4][25Nov] Biftor™ v2.0 [fast«»beautiful«»smooth«» Biftor™ theme][XWLPZ] | Developed by Biftor

[ROM][11 Nov] BluRom V6 4.0.4 Restyling[Stable and Fast] OnLine | Developed by Blur75

[ROM 4.2.1] JELLYBAM - v5.2.0 [29/01] [i9100] [AOKP | CM10.1 | DPIChanger] | Developed by iGio90

[ROM][JB-MR1][4.2.1][CM-10.1][MCM] vsync patched experimental build | Developed by mcm811

[ROM][JB 4.2.2] Mysterious AOKP Unofficial BIONIC LINARO Nightly [19/03/2013] | Developed by ptichalouf

[ROM][XXLSJ][22/Jan/13] Thebyani Rom V2.1 JB [Jelly Bean] | Developed by althebyani

Stock Deodexed Roms (Most Recent Deodexed Rom: XWLSD) | Developed by althebyani

[AllianceROM][V7.3][12.04][XWLSD] - Stock or AOSP Themed - Choose to be Different! | Developed by Goldieking
[ROM][4.3.1][LINARO/SABERMOD] CyanogenMod 10.2.1 Final
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Feb 6, 2011
Dont foget about raffa rom

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Apr 17, 2009
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Wat about raffa rom

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I make this INDEX taking the most used ROMS.



I know Galaxy SII is a international Device, because of this problem, I created this Index with ROMS wich can be flashed in the most user's SGS2.
So, I'm sorry for this first step no included some Roms and make just with the new projects and roms wich the project go on.

Thanks and Appreciated.
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Sep 7, 2009
Great work! I hope you don't give up on this thread as other did
And I hope you could put rating (based on the rating of each ROM) in the index, it'll be very useful for newbies and other to choose.
Bon courage!
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good thread....best of luck. :):):)


NOTE :You really missed the CheckROM RevoHD.that's one of the top stock based roms.you also miss the batista 70 rom.
and one more thing ndt miui is based on miui.please correct this.
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Dec 4, 2010

good thread....best of luck. :):):)


NOTE :You really missed the CheckROM RevoHD.that's one of the top stock based roms.you also miss the batista 70 rom.
and one more thing ndt miui is based on miui.please correct this.

I think you don't read the OP correct :p


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Sep 11, 2011
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Thanks man. This is a useful index that should be here all the time to make it easier for users.

Love ur idea and good luck mate:D

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