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Feb 9, 2010
Mine is an OP9 factory unlocked and Magisk rooted. It would not install or download the BA OTA update
If you are rooted then you can't update with the OTA update.

To update follow this procedure (from thread https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/guide-magisk-unlock-root-keep-root-oos-11-2-9-9.4252373/)

Keep Root and OTA updates

How to update OTA and KEEP ROOT
It is advised to disable or even uninstall all magisk modules to be safe!
How: go to Magisk application/modules/disable &/or uninstall

Option 1: With full OTA Access (BA/DA) :

Step 1 - Get & install the full OTA zip file​

1. Go to System-Update or update get the OTA using Oxygen Updater

2. Tap OK when the message that you are rooted appears

3. Tap "Download and install" or local update if OTA from Oxygen Updater

4. Wait until you are prompted to reboot - DO NOT REBOOT NOW!

5. Open Magisk Manager
a. Select the Install option.
b. Use Install to inactive slot

Step 2 - Reboot and enjoy your device still rooted with latest OTA installed !​

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Nov 14, 2008
just updated and still no fix for the nv backup warning this was fixed on the oneplus nord after a couple of weeks
but some of us have had this on op9 for several months.

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