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[11][OFFICIAL] Havoc-OS 4.1 [ARM64/ARM/A64][A/AB/AB-VNDKLITE][GApps/Vanilla]

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sam tyler

Senior Member
Jul 28, 2011
Installed the arm 64 a only g.apps version on my spare wileyfox swift 2 plus. only problems for me are sometimes the system u.i. stops(freeze's) and the NFC icon on the status bar keeps appearing and disappearing, and android beam doesn't stay on. had the same u.i. problem with the lineage 17 GSI ROM/IMG. so maybe it's my phone and not the GSI's. on the lineage 17 GSI thread, (first post) there is a link to a post to add a line to vendor build prop (debug.sf.latch_unsignaled=1) I did try it but it didn't seem to help with the u.i. stuttering.and the fingerprint reader is not working (but again, all the android 10 GSI's I've tried the fingerprint reader won't work.) so again maybe it's down to my phone.


Senior Member
Dec 26, 2013
Downloading form sourceforge takes ages and after that you realize that you cannot use your favourite bluetooth earphones... nor use NFC

Such a waste of time
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Senior Member
Apr 3, 2014
New Albany, IN
OnePlus 7T


Senior Member
Nov 23, 2012
Hey all. Flashed all the relevant files in the relevant order and currently have a tablet sitting on the Galaxy Tab S3 splash screen. How long does this normally take?

I flashed the custom TWRP included in the thread,
Rebooted into Recovery,
Flashed the Treble .zip file,
Rebooted into Recovery,
Flashed the latest Havoc OS, then Magisk v20.3
then rebooted and it's stuck here.

Strange thing is, Windows has flashed up saying that it is "setting up Samsung_Android" while it's on the splash screen.

I come from the tweaked Galaxy Tab T825 ROM.

Anyone else had this issue? Should I have flashed stock first?


Senior Member
Aug 12, 2014
Working like a charm on my Zte Axon 10 Pro, only had to install the ims.apk from KhushrajRathod for volte to work, but other than that butter smooth no issues so far.

Slok 00

Senior Member
Oct 12, 2008
hello i am trying to get this working on htc u11+ but i am getting bootloop at first logo... i flashed it via fastboot -u flash system havoc.img ... any idea why is this happening? i am coming from htc stock pie rom with unlocked bootloader
edit: quack phh android 10 works too
edit2: havoc 3.5 vanilla works too so must be something related to gapps
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