[11][UNOFFICIAL] PixelExperience Plus, EAS Kernel [18-12-2021]

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Nov 4, 2012
Sony Xperia XZ1
guys i cant download from playstore is says insufficient storage while i have storage.

also i cant download apk is says error and about parsing the package


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btw when release update security patch jan&feb 22 or A12 master @Tux111
I have to check about Security patch, i've heard (don't know yet if its true) PE team dropped support for A11, so probably December its the lastest security patch (have to check).
About 12, there are news, i'll try to build 12 and lets see if it works (please keep in mind its in BETA)(expect explosions from your phone)

EDIT: Seems like we need to wait a bit, right now PE 12 doesn't seem to be buildable. But probably will be soon.
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Nov 24, 2016
Well I have installed android 13 in my Google Pixel 5 so, having Andoird 12 beta in Sony xz1 would be a dream because these two phones are quite close in everything.

Thanks for your time and efforts @Tux111 . Stay safe :) .

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