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Jan 7, 2013
I'm Confused... Does CM 10.1 & 10.2 Have Hdmi/MHL Working?

I have neither usb-otg nor HDMI/mhl to test to confirm that for you. As far as I'm concerned they're tertiary unnecessary features. :/

But there's even a CM10.1 RC build....that would be a better choice than that ancient stable build.

But the magic "stable" flag, how can anything be better than that? :trollface:

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Feb 10, 2011
I installed this and now im stuck at the cyanogenMOD boot screen... I installed it with the latest twrp


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Jul 14, 2012
Birmingham, AL
yeah i wiped data and it just goes and sits at the cyangonmod boot screen. I restarted it and also wiped cache/ dav

Are you S-on? If so you have to flash the kernel separately from the ROM ;)

Unless you're on Hboot 1.12.

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Curious as to why you're running this when there are newer versions of CM out there:confused:

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    These builds will always have some fixes not currently in the nightlies when released. Once fixes are confirmed, they will be merged into the main repos.

    Fixed eHRPD
    Fixed Mic volume in video recording.
    Fixed Mic in Gnow and other associated apps.
    Check gerrit and Github.

    Not Working:
    mhl / hdmi output.
    1080p vid recording temp. use 720p :p

    Please do not flash if you dont know what you are doing or atleast until OP is redone with proper instructions and whatnot.

    calm down and relax.




    all source is on cyanogenmod's github for the device tree and kernel.

    follow me on twitter @kushdeck for the latest and most up to date progress.

    Donations are VERY much appreciated.

    #htc-evo-4g-lte | #htc-evo-3d | #dev-host

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    awesome stuffs
    updated OP~

    updated OP. Please make sure u read it to understand why these builds are being placed here as well as get.cm nightlies.

    you dont need to update radios, you all are noobs, what happened to the hardcore people i use to know. They want you to update the radio, on your device so you get a weaker signal, because everyone updates then if you stay on the old radio, noone is on it and your speeds are super fast, so dont update the radio, thats stupid

    This guy's goin' places...

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