[12.Apr.11][CWM ZIP]★★★★★HyperDroidGBX-v12[GRI54-2.3.3][a2sd+][TytR8.3][INSANE SPEED]

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Feb 25, 2011
What? Most apps are compatible. Also, why are people still posting in this? Nobody uses it anymore, it's so old! Move on to the latest build or something ffs


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Nov 5, 2010
Cerritos, California, US
Hi folks,

for all those, who have problems with the stock camera (camera.apk) built in this great ROM, you can simple replace the camera.apk by the attached ones.

1st: Is like the stock camera - but stable, and you can edit ALL options.
If you might see chinese-letters, switch to "english" as the system language.

2nd: Is a very options- and settings-rich app. Perfect for the playkids ;-)
But there is NO option to silent the shutter sounds... therefore, you have to manually delete these annoying sounds here:
files: camera_click.ogg and VideoRecord.ogg
after this, your camera is silent!

3nd: Is for additional usage. With this you can make HDR pics. Works great!! Just install the .apk by clicking on it.

Installation of the 1st and 2nd:
You need a rooted fileeditor like ES filemanager. Activate "root explorer" and "mount filesystem" (Dateisystem mounten for the germans) in the settings menu.

Then, "copy" the first one to the clipboard and move to the directory
there you should see the original camera.apk - you can rename it to camera-stock.apk and save it to SD.
Then copy the 1st one as the NEW camera.apk in here. Rename it from Camera5-manyoptions.apk to camera.apk
Dont forget to set the file-permissions --> longpress the .apk icon - scroll down to Properties or Settings (Eigenschaften), press CHANGE and catch all options

YOU CAN USE THE 2nd AS A ADDITIONAL camera app....
just copy it (as described within the 1st) and dont rename it.. just copy it into
Dont forget to set the file-permissions --> longpress the .apk icon - scroll down to Properties or Settings (Eigenschaften), press CHANGE and catch all options

It will appear automatically in your app-drawer - ready to use.

Have fun!! And enjoy a stable foto-video-usage within this great rom on your HD2.

By the way:
use the .apk files on your own risk!! I have tested them, but I can't guarantee something ;-)

1st: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=975196
2nd: www.google.com/#q="camera+apk"+hd2
3nd: www.google.com/#q="camera+apk"+hd2

the camera with a lot of features wont work with tytung's gingerbread ROM, is there one that WILL work for tytung's ROM? cause i love that Camera thanks!


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Oct 17, 2006
Newark, Delaware
Got it up and running on my T9193 here in the NorthEast US on AT&T. Looks great so far.

One issue I'm having is something that I'm trying to install via the Play Store. It's Exchange by TouchDown KEY. I have the ToughDown program installed just fine, but the KEY is a separate install. It shows in the list of "My Apps", but the download/install button isn't there. It says "Your device isn't compatible with this version".

Immediately after installing this build, I used Root Explorer to change the lcd density to 240. When I did this, I had a few other programs that showed the same "not compatible" message in the Play Store. But, I cleared the data & cache of the Play Store and then all of the other programs installed fine. Now, I'm still having this issue ONLY with the Exchange by Touchdown key.

What can I try next?


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May 3, 2009
CLK kernel update

Has someone or could someone do a CLK kernel update for this ROM, preferably with call recorder support?


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Nov 24, 2009
Leicke 2300mAh battery unrecognised

I thought it was time to give my HD2 a new lease of battery life and get one of these Leicke batteries.
However, the phone is reporting the battery level at a constant 32% despite charging for several hours.

Do I take it the latest ROM provided here doesn't support this battery? If so, any recommendations to what I can do>


Apr 7, 2010
I thought it was time to give my HD2 a new lease of battery life and get one of these Leicke batteries.
However, the phone is reporting the battery level at a constant 32% despite charging for several hours.

Do I take it the latest ROM provided here doesn't support this battery? If so, any recommendations to what I can do>

this rom is no longer updated and therefore the modules and libraries can be outdated.

try this rom: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=769026
it's more frequently updated CM7 version of this rom.

for battery life i recommend using Normal version with Seader kernel (you can choose this in the installer.
if you want amazing speed from your phone use Extreme version with Fikret kernel.

remember to do a full backup before installing anything..

hope this helps :)


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Oct 4, 2011
I like this Rom a lot, however I couldnt disable my contacts being added to "Favorites". Every time I receive a call that contact would remain in the Favorites menu. I didnt see a setting check box in, Contacts/favorites/Menu button/preferences/favorites - hide frequently called numbers to prevent this from happening.
Has anyone experienced this? Can it be done? Or is it a bug?

Thanks much
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Feb 18, 2010
this rom is no longer updated and therefore the modules and libraries can be outdated.

try this rom: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=769026
it's more frequently updated CM7 version of this rom.

for battery life i recommend using Normal version with Seader kernel (you can choose this in the installer.
if you want amazing speed from your phone use Extreme version with Fikret kernel.

remember to do a full backup before installing anything..

hope this helps :)

Hi Bever86, I see in your signature that you have:
Phone #2: HTC HD2
ROM: Hyperdroid CM7 v6.0.1 (Android 2.3.7)
Kernel: fikret 2.16+

Do you have a link for both (ROM and Kernel to revive my HD2)


Nov 5, 2008
a bit late...Use LCD Density on the play store to change density from167 to 200 or 240...

Do someone have a mirror link for this ROM? I'm still using it because fast and stable and i lost it...

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    [12.Apr.11][CWM ZIP]★★★★★HyperDroidGBX-v12[GRI54-2.3.3][a2sd+][TytR8.3][INSANE SPEED]

    Welcome to the HyperDroidGBX (Gingerbread Xtreme Edition)
    The FIRST Open-Source Custom ROM
    Designed and Optimized just for the HD2!


    If you have used any of my previous ROM's (HyperROM for WinMo back in the day AND HyperDroid CM6.1 for Android SD), you'll know that I build these to be Clean, Fast, Minimal and as Stable as Realistically Possible. (YMMV, of course)

    I built this for my personal use and offer no guarantees except that I personally use this ROM and it's passed my standards for daily use as well as my 4 year old son's since he plays the games I download on the device.

    Drawing inspiration from the Desire AOSP based Custom ROMs, which has AdamG and his Oxygen-ROM and ihlades and his Redux Custom ROM, I decided to Open-Source the HyperDroid project with the hope of making it even better than it is now! Contribution isn't only welcomed, its highly encouraged!

    This ROM is based on the source code of Redux, a Gingerbread AOSP Desire ROM as originally built by ihlades (Gingerbread / Android 2.3.3), with several useful & special tweaks topped off with a clean theme to make it pop!

    This is the first Open Source ROM specifically built and optimized for the HD2! That means you can build based on this one using the source code (as long as you publish your changes as well as this is licensed under GPLv3) ;) The source is built from the following: Base is Pure AOSP, Framework Tweaks and Settings is Redux, Cool Features & Functions from CyanogenMod.

    THIS is NOT a PORT... its Completely Built FROM SOURCE, Fully Optimized and Tweaked for the HD2![/B]

    Huge props to:
    ihlades: for allowing me to build off Redux and helping me figure stuff out (saved me a lot of time)
    cyanogen: for the various useful features and functions... Android is better because of you
    AdamG: for the tweaks on AOSP and contributions to Android...
    charansingh: for his work on the vendor related stuff for the HD2...
    tytung: for his work on the kernel and openly exchanging code with me to make both our builds that much better.
    Tricalibur: for his generosity in sharing Unlimited FTP Space for these ROM's :)
    doctorcete: for helping me test the ROMs over and above the call of duty. breaking what I don't break myself :)
    D4rk50ul: for helping rework the posts on the first page and being a helpful troubleshooter that has allowed me to fix a lot of small details.
    pinDemon: for creating an awesome video guide for HyperDroid! (more to come)
    slashas69, FrAsErTaG, MontAlbert, seadersn, fhasovic, karendar: for their time and methods of testing out the [email protected]#$% out of these ROM's and helping make it a True Community Effort :D

    You can find the source to build from the link below. Now you don't JUST have my KITCHEN, you have ALL the ingredients! (except the theme as the images are copyrighted by their owners, so building from this gives you a completely stock looking HyperDroid) ;)


    In essence, if you like what you see feel free to download it directly by clicking the appropriate link below!

    Upgrading is possible and theoretically safe once on GBXv7 and up, unless stated other wise. However, due to the complexity of different settings, applications installed, and Android system itself this upgrading would be unsupported officialy and in case a bug arises we cannot provide official support other than trying full wipe.
    You have been Warned.
    Therefore a full wipe is always advisable to minimize errors and get proper support.



    You must be running MAGLDR 1.13 and a compatible ClockWorkMod to use this link.



    You must be running cLK and a compatible ClockWorkMod to use this link. Advanced Users Only.


    • Do a Nandroid Backup before Installing or Updating ANYTHING!
    • Read the F.A.Q. in Post #2
    • Download and Install the file above (CWM)
    • Go to the Bottom of the page and Install any updates via CWM (updates will have the prefix *GBX)
    • You want to be able to charge when off, use fastboot, reboot to recovery and Rom Manager (for future GBX OTA updates)? Install cLK as shown in the F.A.Q link on page #2 and use the cLK version above. :D
    • Discussion for Latest Release begins HERE...
    • Completely Stock Version Discontinued and will be replaced by "Stockify" Option which you can install via CWM. (Stockify CWM)

    • Clean, Minimalistic, Dark, Fast UI
    • LCD Density at 167 by default (easily changeable using a Root file manager and editing the build.prop; I use and highly recommend 167)
    • Built from source Based on Redux Gingerbread for Desire built by ihlades (Huge Props to this guy!!!)
    • Lucid + Minimalist Theme by Sonnysekhon and david1171 (mixed version by pongster)
    • Apps2sdExt support (install detects ext partition (if available) and installs apk's on sd-ext) (Oxygen ROM apps2sd+ mod by AdamG)
    • Dalvik2SD script (works automagically if an Ext partition is detected)
    • Auto Zipalign script (ensures your apps use RAM efficiently)
    • Fastest Customizable Launcher (ADWLauncher)
    • Clean, Readable Font (Zegoe Regular Font)
    • Some Apps from Minimalist by david1171 and DarkGinger by djdarkknight
    • Boot Animation by Dysgenic
    • Shows "H" when connected to a HSDPA network
    • So much more... (check the changelog) :)

    Patched files:

    • Improved 720p Playback (CM7 Stagefright libs)
    • patched libsqlite (faster IO and less Disk Usage) by ownhere
    • GPS Fix from gauner1986 and Diem
    • GPS.conf tweaks by AngelDeath & D4rk5oul
    • SDCard Readahead script by brainmaster
    • Various Fixes by ihlades & pongster

    What works:

    • 3G / Data
    • Audio
    • Bluetooth
    • BT in standby fixed by Trilu and charansingh (Huge props to both!)
    • GPS is working (No 60mA battery drain issue.) (Props to Gauner1986 & Diem)
    • Network Location
    • Wi-Fi
    • FM Radio
    • Phone
    • Camera
    • Camcorder
    • USB Tethering
    • USB Mass Storage
    • LED Charging Lights (Thanks to iamgpc)
    • LED Notification Lights (Thanks to iamgpc & tytung)
    • Auto Backlight (Thanks to iamgpc)
    • WiFi Tethering/Hotspot (thanks to tytung and charansingh)

    4. Known Issues


    Updates for HyperDroidGBX:

    None at the Moment but stay tuned!! HINT: Download Rom Manager and try checking... :D


    ihlades, Cyanogen, Cotulla, AdamG, TYTung, Dr1337, huanyu, Hastarin, Markinus, Letama, Rajko, Gauner1986, Dan1j3l, RaiderX303, Rafpigna, mdeejay, lesjaw, Sonnysekhon, David1171, crawlingcity, charansingh, iamgpc, trilu, tyween, 2000impreza, fhasovic, B.Maximenko, seadersn, brainmaster, AngelDeath, D4rk5oul, doctorcete, arif-ali, the_scotsman, noellenchris, etc.

    Hope you Enjoy the ROM as much as I enjoyed building it and sharing it for your Personal Computing!

    If you're feeling generous and are enjoying the ROM please consider donating for the time spent developing it during my free time. A little goes a long way. :)

    You need the details? Read this!



    Created by PinDemon


    This guide is assuming you have a completely stock HTC HD2 running Windows Mobile 6.5.

    You should ALWAYS turn OFF Anti-Virus and Sleep/Hibernation/Screensavers while Flashing

    1. Install HSPL 2.08 onto your device by following the directions in that thread or by watching the above video.

    2. Install the newest version of MAGLDR. Unzip the file into a folder on your desktop for easy access. With the phone off Power up your device by holding the volume down button and red power button at the same time. You should see a rainbow colored screen as shown in the video above. RIGHT Click the ROMUpdateUtility.exe file and "Run as Administrator". Follow the on screen instructions. When the process is finished your phone should now boot into MAGLDR with a Kernel failed to load error.

    3. Download the appropriate ClockWorkMod 150MB file from HERE. Extract this file into a folder on your desktop in preparation. On the Phone select the option 5. USB Flasher using the Volume Down hardkey and press the Green Send button to confirm. Connect the phone to your PC with USB cable and wait until it says USB connected. Go to your ClockWorkMod folder and RIGHT CLICK on the DAF.exe file and "Run as Administrator". Follow the on screen instructions. **If you want the newest version of CWM before flashing the above file, CLICK HERE and follow the instructions.

    4. You now have all the tools to install HyperDroidGBX on your device. Insert your SD card into a card reader and connect to your PC. Copy the MAGLDR version zip of the ROM to the root of the card. DO NOT USE MAGLDR USB MASS STORAGE TO TRANSFER ROM FILES IT CAN CORRUPT THEM. Place the SD card back into your phone and press and HOLD the power button until the MAGLDR menu appears again. Select option 9. AD Recovery. Select the option "install zip from sdcard" with the volume up/down keys and confirm with green send button. Choose the ROM file and press the Green button. Scroll down to YES and press the Green button. Wait. You have successfully installed the awesomeness that is HyperDroid onto your Device.

    5. For future use when upgrading versions. ClockWorkMod's NANDROID BACKUP IS YOUR FRIEND PLEASE USE IT BEFORE FLASHING ANYTHING NEW TO YOUR DEVICE. The "wipe data/factory reset" option in ClockWorkMod will completely reset or (Full Wipe) your device. You still need to go to the "advanced" option and "Wipe Dalvik Cache" as well. If you are trying to keep your data just choose the two options "wipe cache partition" from the main menu and "wipe dalvik cache" option from the advanced menu, then install the new version with "install zip from sd card".



    Follow this great Installation guide provided by Newman180 with pictures and clickable links!
    It's a 30MB download and not recommended to run from your mobile device.

    Want the latest cLK from cedesmith? >>>>>>> CLICK HERE!

    Looking for the latest and greatest cLK ClockWorkMod by seadersn? >>>>>>> CLICK HERE!


    What is Hyperdroid GBX by Pongster?
    It's an Android NAND rom for HD2 that puts style, speed and stability into one. It can be considered a minimalistic ROM.

    When will the next version be released?
    It'll be done when it's done. Until then...

    Is Hyperdoid GBX a Sense ROM?
    No, therefore all the apps and widgets that require sense will not work ie. Friendstream

    What CWM recovery size should i use? EU HD2 USERS THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT!
    150 mb is the correct one and the most system space you will need for this or the CM7 HyperDroid!
    Do NOT use the 250 mb partition or higher, the ROM may malfunction!!! You have been warned!!!
    For extra space you can follow this guide to create a custom partition size and get the most out of your NAND space!
    dertester123's Tutorial can be found here!

    I'm getting Robotic Voice, I thought this was Fixed!
    Unfortunately this has not been completely fixed as of yet, and we as you are eagerly awaiting its final demise. For now go to Settings/Sounds then uncheck audible touch tones. Place a phone call and when finished reboot.

    What is the PIN CODE to use in the video pinDemon made so I can haz Android working?


    Why are the icons so small?
    Because the density of the screen is set to 167. If u don't like it use either the terminal or any root enabled file explorer like THIS and edit the /system/build.prop file. Find and change the number in the line "ro.sf.lcd_density=167" to 240 for stock android DPI. You can also do this before flashing the ROM by using a tool such as WINRAR to edit the file in the ROM without unzipping it.

    GPS is slow what can I do to fix it?
    Open the /system/etc/gps.conf file with a root text editor and change the top four servers. Change the "us" to your country code such as "cn". There are other fixes available on XDA but unfortunately GPS is never going to be native like until DEVS build the proper system files needed.

    Why do some applications only extend up to a smaller part of the screen?
    Probably because you did not UNcheck compatibility mode in spare parts app as advised. Do it and everything will appear normally. If you are still having issues it is the APP itself and only changing the system density will solve your issue.

    ZOMG Angry Birds and/or (insert game/app here) Force closes on me what do I do?
    Open your settings menu and go to the Applications sub menu. Select the misbehaving application and press the "Move to Phone" button.

    Will there be a DFT flashable version or sd version?
    No. Recovery Mods such as ClockWorkMod are the future due to functionality and ease of use. They feature the Nandroid backup feature and it is strongly advised to do Nandroid backups regularly. If you prefer Titanium backup it's your choice, but don't argue about it. If you choose to use Titanium or MyBackup and experience bugs, we probably won't be able to help you because the restore itself could have caused the issue.

    I am afraid of flashing CWM recovery, help me?
    Installing CWM recovery is as easy as flashing HSPL or MGLDR. You will still have HSPL and MGLDR installed so you can uninstall CWM at any time. CWM allows you to do nandroid backups and therefore to restore any NAND rom in a minimum amount of time.

    What is free memory?
    The free memory shown in the app manager is the memory left on NAND for your /data partition. (it does not include sd card or sd-ext): Free memory = Total NAND memory (512 for RU 1024 for TMOUS) - CWM recovery (system files) - Apps installed on NAND.

    Why do i have only less than 10mb of free memory left?
    Because you probably used the wrong CWM recovery size. Use the 150MB ClockWorkMod partition.
    If you are using the proper 150mb CMW recovery image you should have about 250 mb free with EU HD2.

    Why do i freeze on the ANDROID white logo after the install?
    You missed a step, installed something wrong, or haven't properly prepared your SD card. Please follow the installation instructions and try again. FULL WIPE the device if all else fails.

    My SD card is slow, the camera crashes, or my gallery takes forever to load up.
    I highly recommend you backup then reformat your SD card with the largest block size you can. This will greatly enhance data throughput. A FAT32 main partition with 32kb Clusters is the recommended size, although on smaller cards you may only be able to do 16kb. Also try the app called QUICKPIC in the market, it loads much quicker than stock Android Gallery.

    How can i install the zip on sd-card?
    Either by putting your sd-card in a card reader and downloading via your computer, or by clicking the link directly with your phone. You can place the file wherever you want on the sd card FAT main partition.

    Can Hyperdroid install apps on sd-ext or use a2sd+?
    If you have a primary ext3 or ext 4 partition (1024 mb is enough) AFTER the FAT 32 partition, Hyperdroid will automatically install your apps there. More specifically: app, app-private and dalvik-cache are moved to the sdcard.

    What does App2sd mean?
    The HyperDroid rom has Apps2sdExt support. The install detects an ext partition (if available) and installs apk's
    on sd-ext. It means that applications are installed into an ext partition on the SDcard.
    However, lib data of installed applications are still in phone memory.
    If you use Titanium and Root Explorer, you will see that the sd-ext folder are full of your installed application.
    This is NOT data2sd (which can quickly corrupt your data if your not careful) so "Internal Storage" is NOT equal to your ext partition storage.

    What is sd-ext?
    sd-ext is the mount point for the 2nd primary ext2/3/4 partition on the sdcard.

    Do i need an sd ext partition?
    If you want more space on your NAND yes, it is very useful but it is still optional. There is no windows app to format in ext3/ext4, so download Gparted Live CD from here or use a linux virtual machine. There is a guide on how to do this here on XDA, CLICK ME!

    But that looks complicated! How do I make a ext partition on my SD card using ClockWorkMod?
    Boot into MAGLDR (Power On and HOLD the Power Button till MAGLDR options are shown)
    Boot into option 9. AD Recovery to enter CWM Recovery Mode
    Once in CWM choose advanced, then choose Partition SD card, then choose the size of the partition (Maximum of 1024M recommended)
    The choose 0 for the swap and partition away.

    Can Hyperdroid be installed after WP7?
    Yes but you must repartition and format your sdcard into either one primary FAT 32 partition, or a primary FAT 32 followed by a primary EXT3 or EXT4 partition.

    Can i install Hyperdroid after another Android NAND rom?
    Yes but check you have the correct CMW recovery size (for HyperDroid 150 mb), do a full wipe (sd-card fat32; and use CMW to clear data, cache and dalvik cache)

    What about battery life?
    Battery drain is very low (2-5 ma for me in standby). If you want to have optimal battery standby options install Superpower from the market.

    Does Bluetooth buttons and stock headset buttons work?
    Yes they do, if they don't it's the app your using which is in cause.

    Can you change the ____ I like how it looks better.
    No I can't but YOU can. This is an OPEN SOURCE project. You are welcome to change anything about it.

    Live Support now Available for HyperDroid!
    Users can now log into the following chatroom LIVE SUPPORT and receive real-time assistance.
    Live Support is offered with the understanding that the HyperDroid team does this in their spare time, and will not be available at all times. You are free to work with other users present in the chatroom to help each other out!


    Custom User set Voltage values via init.d script (thanks to snq-, hastarin, 2000impreza, tyween) Follow the syntax here.
    OR use the init.d script 12vddlevels HERE :D

    Here's a link to Tytungs awesome Kernels that are used in the stock ROM.

    HyperDroid Gingerbread Extreme (GBX) Edition Changelog:

    Highlights: (HUGE props to the HyperDroid Team [doctorcete, slashas69, D4rk50ul, FrAsErTaG, Tricalibur, MontAlbert, seadersn, fhasovic, pinDemon, karendar])
    • Framework Tweaks by ilhades fixes https://github.com/Redux & CM7 Martin Long for Profiles
      -Fixed bootloops for some users
      -Fixed Call/Data connection drops for some users
      -Fixed some ringtones being overridden by "other" app group in profile
    • Updated Market to 2.3.6
    • LauncherPro (Free Version) as default
    • Fixed YouTube crashing on certain videos (Reverted to stock Animations)
    • Rom Manager support for cLK users!
    • New MMS.apk (CM7 based built on HyperDroid source)
    • New init by Tytung (small mods by Pongster)
    • And MORE.......

    Highlights: (HUGE props to the HyperDroid Team [doctorcete, slashas69, D4rk50ul, FrAsErTaG, Tricalibur, MontAlbert, seadersn, fhasovic, pinDemon, karendar])
    • New kernel tytung_r8.3 (huge props to tytung) ;)
      -BT drain fix by Trilu and charansingh
      -BTRFS Support
      -latest cLK patches
      -latest kernel patches (check out source from tytung)
    • New init by crawlingcity (small mods by pongster)
    • New Mms.apk (AOSP based on HyperDroid source compiled by fhasovic)
      -less features, but more stable
    • patched libsqlite by ownhere
    • Framework Tweaks
      -Smoother Spinner Animation... See it to believe it!
    • New MIUI Camera (supports more languages)

    Highlights: (HUGE props to the HyperDroid Team [doctorcete, slashas69, D4rk50ul, FrAsErTaG, Tricalibur, MontAlbert, seadersn, fhasovic, pinDemon])
    • Changed kernel to tytung_r7 (experimental kernels will be for the team to test and if proven stable, config changes could find their way to the main kernel) This will ensure kernel development is focused on the highly tested and stable tytung_r* series. vddlevels scripts can be used to Undervolt at the users choice.
    • Fixed BT Audio Streaming
    • Fixed FM Radio
    • Fixed WiFi Tethering using PPP (No more misplaced WiFi Tether icon when not enabled)
    • Used tested CM7 Mms.apk with working Delivery Notifications (Lates ones don't work due to framework changes)
    • Changed Default Camera to MIUI Camera as its more functional and doesn't FC when trying to capture video when composing MMS (If you want the old Camera, simply use the one in v9... replace in zip before you flash)
    • Added 02cache script by arif-ali to support RomManager (if using cLK)

    Highlights: (HUGE props to ihlades, btw)
    • Update to Full 2.3.3 Base GRI54
    • As a result of this update you may notice blazing speed... You've been warned! ;)
    • New Advanced Sound Settings (Best to try it out as it will take a while to explain it here... I'm in a rush as I have an important client I'm closing tomorrow)
      -Notification focus.
      -Always on speaker.
      -Headphone volume attenuation.
    • New Notifications Profiles (thanks to Martin Long who contributed the code to CM7 and merged by ihlades)

      Description of Notification Profiles:
      This adds finer-grained support for notification tones, and groups settings into profiles, which can be easily switched. API support is also added, allowing configuration, and profile switching from another program (e.g. Tasker, Locale).

      A profile represents a particular set of settings, and could be for example "Silent", "Office", or "Night". Each profile contains the settings for a definable set of application groups.

      An application group represents a group of applications to which the settings should apply.

      For example "SMS" might contain "Messaging" and "Handcent".

      The applications in an application group are globally defined. The notification settings for an application group are per-profile.

      For each profile/application group you can define behaviour for lights/vibrate and sound.

      Either you can suppress, override, or leave unchanged (ie system, or app default).

      -Work : SMS vibrate. Ringer vibrate. Email no alert. Gmail vibrate.
      -Night: SMS silent. Ringer on. Email silent. Gmail silent.

    • Add Selection of Silent mode to Lockscreen (thanks to Sven of CM7 and ihlades for the merge)
    • Updated Google Apps included in since v7.0
    • Updated Bluetooth.apk to get themed Notification Support (white text when transfer is in progress)
    • Working 2G/3G toggle for Notification Power Widget
    • Included FOTAKill.apk to prevent OTA updates notifications (just in case)
    • Framework-res tweaks to take advantage of the silky smooth animations we have and to give it a subtle, yet stunning "feel" that fits the Gingerbread screen-off animation. You have to see it to believe it... WOW!
    • Reworked framework-res to remove gradients that could "band" and look fugly... (Not all as 3rd party apps have their own widget_bg's)
    • Supported the official HTC extended battery due to new Experimental kernel based on tytung's R7 kernel. (Integrated source code from Arne's Extended Kernel. All credit goes to him.)
    • Improved the WiFi driver from the kernel. (thanks to tytung)
    • Fixed WiFi "When screen turns off" battery drain issue. (thanks to tytung)

    • New Hybrid Base (2.3.1 +2.3.2 +2.3.3 AOSP code) Thanks to ihlades :)
    • In-Call Volume set correctly at boot thanks to iamgpc
    • No Robot voice even with audible touch tones enabled (Thanks to Letama)
    • Included New Google Apps from March 7, 2011
    • Using Original, more stable but less featured AOSP Phone.apk (If you want the old one, just use my CM7 build) ;)
    • More compatible Video Encoding and Decoding shared libraries thanks to iamgpc
    • Performance Boost and Smoothness guaranteed :D

    • New Tytung_R6
    • Fixed Native WiFi Tether (thanks to tytung and charansingh)
    • More stable WiFi (should work in EAP environment)
    • Included STK
    • Included Torch
    • Included LiveWallPicker
    • Included Latest CM7 LatinIME (more configurable)
    • Included New Camera App from CM7 (with ability to use volume buttons to focus and take pictures)
    • Removed Gmail, Maps, Voice Search and other Google Stuff you can install via the market
    • Included Pacman.apk from CM7 to install Google Apps after initializing Market (if you are in a different region, please use Market Enabler and search for the Google Apps you want)
    • Still as fast and stable
    • Should get better performance and battery life from the kernel updates

    • Fixed some small stuff in Settings App (thanks to ihlades)
      -Choice of Amber or Green LED Notif
      -Choice to Enable Notifs when screen is on (Not sure how well it works as its Kernel dependent)
      -Moved some Settings in the right place
    • Changed Default Kernel to Tytungr5 with Notifs fix (thanks to tytung and iamgpc)
    • Fixed DSPManager
    • Updated Messaging App
    • Fixed Lockscreen Music Controls
    • Performance Tweaks and Battery Tweaks
    • some more stuff I've forgotten...

    • NOW Open-Source! ;)
    • Built From Source (including latest official 2.3.2 updates)
    • Fixed USB Mass Storage (Thanks to tytung for brainstorming with me to finally get a fix...)
    • Fixed LED Notifications, LED Charging, Autobacklight (Thanks to iamgpc's lights file... while I prefer the source, I'd like to thank him for allowing me to use it)
    • Fixed USB Tethering (No need for 3rd party app)
    • Using Raf's 1.7 kernel as its currently the most updated and the lights file from iamgpc only works here. Please use the Interactive mode... much better than default Smartass governor. (although Linpack shows its not as fast as tytung's hastarin based kernel)
    • Tweaked Lockscreen Music Controls
    • Themed Settings and Power Control Widget to match Lucid :) (Thanks for the images david1171)
    • Tweaked SystemUI.apk
    • More performance and small improvements to make the ROM even SMOOTHER!

    • Reworked Notification Power Widget (More than 6 buttons allowed, Scrollable) ;)
    • Tweaked CPU Settings
    • Tweaked Music App and Theme (Fixed Status Bar Text)
    • Tweaked DownloadProvider Statusbar Text
    • Tweaked Framework-res.apk
    • Tweaked SystemUI.apk (Notification Power Widget Background and more)

    • Added a LOT of Languages
    • Even Better Battery Life vis-a-vis performance
    • "Smoooooothhhh as Silk" Launcher and Scrolling
    • Titanium Batch Restore Fixed
    • Blinking Lights Fix (No more Auto Brightness and Amber LED when Charging for now)
    • Fixed CPU Speed Settings done natively (No need for SetCPU unless you want profiles) (with very effective Screen Off Setting)
    • Now Playing Info on Lockscreen (Cool, Unintrusive!)
    • Choice of Stock Battery (Circle Type) and % Battery (Lucid Type) on Statusbar
    • ADWLauncher by default
    • DSPManager included
    • File Manager included
    • Spare Parts included
    • Smaller footprint (system is less than 100MB)
    • Primarily a bugfix release

    • Updated to Latest Gingerbread AOSP Source
    • Better Battery Life
    • CPU Speed Settings done natively (with very effective Screen Off Setting)
    • New Interface Setting
    • Choose between Original Gingerbread Battery (No percentage) and Themed (with percentage)
    • Fixed Data Toggling (Notification Power Bar)
    • Removed Native Android Browser and used Miren as default (Tabbed browsing the way it should be)
    • Themed some stuff (Gallery3d, Camera) using the Minimalistic template (credits later on when I find it)
    • Reworked Lockscreen Music Controls
    • Modded Music App from CM7
    • Modded Messaging App from CM7 (with SMS Templates and Gestures)
    • so much more you just need to explore... :D

    Known Issues:

    • USB Mass Storage doesn't work natively (works on first boot only):) Use multimount

    • The Black Screen that greets you on the Lockscreen when you install is Normal... its waiting for you to choose your own wallpaper... :;)
    • Reboot successfully after 1st boot (uncheck "Compatibility Mode in Spare Parts too)

    GBXv1.0 (Complete Rebase for Awesome Speed & Usability)
    • New Base (2.3.2)
    • New Browser
    • New Camera Features (Saturation, Contrast, Wide Screen, etc.)
    • Notification Power Widget
    • Customizable Power Widgets
    • Music Controls on Lock Screen
    • Long Press back to kill foreground App
    • AppWidget Picker
    • New, Minimal, Cool Boot Animation
    • Remove Facebook and Twitter (so you can save some system space and update easily)
    • Cooked In Spare Parts
    • Added Reboot to Power Off Menu
    • Removed Detection of USB when Attached (since USB Storage is not working yet) ***Still working on the USB Mount Fix... (some of those who have it working are not willing to share how they fixed it...) Install Multimount from the market.***
    • Additional Internal space with auto dalvik-cache to sd (if an sd-ext partition is detected)
    • Auto Zipalign for all apps in /data/app (Better RAM Usage)
    • Headset Icon Showing Properly
    • Device can be used as server and pinged for apps like XBMC Remote, WebSharing, FTP, etc...
    • Reverted to working (but random blinking keypads as its the best among other possible solutions I have at my disposal right now) lights.htcleo.so
    • Workaround if the Keypads blink is to make a "fake call"...
    • a lot more I'm forgetting right now...
    • if you need your language (it may not be cooked in) simply install morelocale from the Market :)

    • Blinking Lights Fix... (LED Keypad Lights will be on when screen is on and will be off when screen is off)
    • WiFi Tethering Fix (No need to enable System WIFi Tethering.. Just start the WiFi Tethering App) thanks to tytung (his idea to put the original bcm files in /system/etc/firmware) :)

    • Replace stock Messaging App with Modded One from CM7 Nightly (Lucid Themed of course)
    • Added PicoTts to fix FC'ing of Settings-Text To Speech (It was looking for an Engine, which I removed by default)
    • Updated Lucid Themed YouTube
    • Updated Lucid Themed Twitter

    • Initial Release
    User Experience/Testimonials

    What Users Say about HyperDroid

    Testimonials of actual users

    "nice,clean,fast this def a keeper"

    banawe24 19th January 2011


    "Amazing battery life. . .
    10.5 Hours with heavy use. . . At least a hour of data, about 200 texts and
    about 45 minutes of talk time."

    samson_420 21st January 2011, 06:34 AM


    "Great build! Everything seems to be working as expected!"

    pirate.666 21st January 2011, 09:06 AM


    "PONGSTER....u rock man!!!......gr8 fans of urs.......
    ur rom is clean like a whistle ..!!!!"

    jafru 27th January 2011, 08:06 AM


    "POMGSTERRR I LOVE YOU ! You rom is amazing ! GRATZ forr very very awsome
    job !!"

    PanSawik 8th February 2011, 07:35 PM


    "Just a post to say thanks for this very good build!

    I was using Sense build from the begining of Android on HD2 as it was (for

    me) the only way to use offline calendar and contact.
    Since I find a way to use offline without sense I tried non-sense builds.
    I tried all builds but always have issues. Then I try this one... so far so


    truc007 10th February 2011, 02:53 PM



    THX for the update. Amazing how you keep on pushing updates and fixes!!"

    dertester123 10th February 2011, 04:54 PM


    "Your the perfect rom-maker..."

    stony007_de 12th February 2011, 05:20 AM


    "EXCELLENT ROM!!!!!!!!!!
    Pongster, I love you. In a non gay way."

    raviluke 12th February 2011, 08:47 AM


    "Best Rom = Best speed. Luv you pongster! ;D"

    Beatazor 12th February 2011, 03:21 PM


    "really a good build,all works perfect (from first install).
    recommendable ROM."

    ozmanic 14th February 2011, 05:01 PM


    "Version 5 = AWESOME"

    ajsam4u 15th February 2011, 05:27 AM


    "Wow just flashed version five ans it's even better and smoother than the

    previous version. Loving it."

    djpharoah 15th February 2011, 06:59 AM


    "Smooth as butter, =D"

    Punjabikid 15th February 2011, 07:02 AM


    "Thank you pongster v.5.0 is perfect !!"

    tusuka 15th February 2011, 07:17 AM


    "Buttery smooth sir. You are a master of your skill, and I thank you and

    your colaborators on this amazing ROM!"

    CuseSniper 16th February 2011, 12:57 AM


    "Pongster,an excellent rom, both in the technical aspect and in the


    pepot 16th February 2011, 11:53 AM


    "Great ROM...."

    ameerxp 16th February 2011, 12:13 PM


    "Definitely the best NAND ROM I ever tested on my HD2. I just could

    recommend to everybody to install this ROM. You won't have lags anymore -

    so please yourself and install it!
    Thank you!"

    Maggot #7 16th February 2011, 06:25 PM


    "This rom is awsome! Thank you! Please keep developing it!"

    mardurhack 16th February 2011, 07:58 PM


    "This is the best NAND i've ever used! So smooooooth, so fast!

    Congratulation & thank you very much!"

    gothvell 16th February 2011, 09:14 PM


    "Just flashed the ROM...it's fantastic! Best GB build available! Great


    the_scotsman 17th February 2011, 12:04 PM


    "Simply a great build.Many thanks and credits"

    wickerman_3 18th February 2011, 05:22 PM


    "Hey pong finally im running hyperdroidgbx and let me tell u,u are the

    man,best rom so far,all ur hyperdroids has been the best roms for hd2 ,keep

    up the good work...."

    piro21 19th February 2011, 06:30 AM


    "it ask me "who´s my daddy?" lol"

    ace29 19th February 2011, 01:37 PM


    "This ROM is too sexy"

    D4rk50ul 19th February 2011, 11:15 AM


    "Great work! Thanks pongster!
    For me everything works fine!
    And 4 Days without charging:
    I think that's phenomenal!"

    Fredstar 23rd February 2011, 10:50 PM


    "dear Pongster,

    NEVER GIVE UP YOUR HOBBY!!!! PLEASE with tons of sugar on top!!!
    Your not a Major Manufacturer, you´re better.

    never saw better hobby. :)

    thumbs up from germany, great job."

    ace29 24th February 2011, 06:51 AM


    "Happy to say this is the android build I was waiting to get rid of winmo,

    I have tried about every android build there is, nand, sd, ram, magldr,

    etc. this one for me is perfect, good battery life, superb performance

    (better than winmo), and no obligation needed for the use of partition on

    sd (which increases batt and sd life). thank u bro, u are doing a great job

    on this."

    doctorcete 24th February 2011, 02:28 PM


    "Pongster you are great, this nand is incredible, best off the best,

    thank's for your beautifull work!"

    renato222 24th February 2011, 03:30 PM


    "Many thanks for this ROM. It's beautiful."

    richjb78 24th February 2011, 09:28 PM


    " That Rom is a Killer^^
    Thank's for your work....
    Speedy ,Flawless & battery efficient.....I'am in lov with that Rom

    I was loving your winmo Rom's....the saga continue with your android's.....

    +1000000000 thank's."

    Lokiller 28th February 2011, 08:08 AM


    "Finally my not complete battery test
    3 Days of slight-moderate use and 61% left!!!!

    Boot time of that slightly modified ROM was 19seconds!!!!"

    lolmensch 1st March 2011, 08:54 PM


    "Wow, just flashed this and configured.......AMAZINGLY fast ROM! Thanks!"

    sgalbincea 1st March 2011, 10:36 PM


    "Excellent ROM.
    Small donation from me... (Confirmation number: 0P5594480A953504P)"

    talt 2nd March 2011, 02:02 PM


    "Fantastic' ROM!
    Design = 10!
    Speed = 10!
    Resolution = OMG!!!

    Just, bravo guys!"

    rootxtx 2nd March 2011, 03:13 PM


    "Everything working superbly well. Super ROM. This is THE best ROM I must

    say! not fancy or anything, does everything perfectly well."

    sandmanz 2nd March 2011, 03:39 PM


    "Just wow...I have NEVER had such good battery on any Android (native or

    not) phone I have ever owned as I do with this ROM (SETCPU removed, using

    smartass with the built in with screen off handling)

    Its the best ROM out there for our Frankenstein phones!

    Thanks so much!"

    chromersmith 3rd March 2011, 10:52 PM


    "This is by far the best android rom for hd2 for battery life ive had this

    for about 5 days now and only charged twice, normaly i have to charge every

    7 hours, but its been on over 27 hours and still has battery life init,

    keep up the good work"

    LaneyEFC 7th March 2011, 03:45 PM



    Thank's again...New version...Same thing...Everything Work for me...
    Fast and Flawless!!!"

    Lokiller 9th March 2011, 08:43 AM


    "Best gingerbread rom. Stable, ultra fast and smooth. N1!"

    Gho57 10th March 2011, 10:48 PM


    "First impression: DAMN

    Thats a really big step forward. Animations are smooth even if installing

    in background. Market scrolling is amazin!! Everything seems damn fast!

    Nice Settings look."

    dertester123 15th March 2011, 08:25 AM


    "WOW! Super fast and love the animations! Man pongster....you dont stop

    amazing me! With this kind of progress in your roms I may never need to get

    rid of my HD2 for an upgrade....Pongster makes a dent in new cell phone

    sales! lol"

    jdmitr 15th March 2011, 08:49 AM


    "Congratulations Pongster, another great and superfast rom. Install without

    any problem, everything work great, this rom is amasing like you say insane

    speed, thank's!"

    renato222 15th March 2011, 06:45 PM


    "B-L-A-Z-I-N-G F-A-S-T !! INDEED! everything works perfectly. Thx for ur

    great work."

    wingsta 15th March 2011, 08:45 PM


    "Wow... Version 9 is... just wow."

    A11-STAR 15th March 2011, 10:37 PM


    "I just want to say THANK YOU! This is the best Android ROM I have tested.
    Good job"

    wozny87 17th March 2011, 10:11 PM


    "Amazing.......best of the best...sooooooper suuuper smooth and fast"

    mrsmoke35 19th March 2011, 12:25 PM


    "Best best best Good good good Thank thank thank"

    hd945157206 20th March 2011, 01:51 PM


    "really its great.. hats off.!!!"

    sabeeshedp 21st March 2011, 05:22 PM


    "+1 here.
    this is the most amazing rom i have tried
    thank you pongster + tester"

    MIG_30 21st March 2011, 05:29 PM


    "the next boom in the world of android thanks pongster great!"

    shhbz 21st March 2011, 06:07 PM


    " pongster on CASTLE!

    Very good built!!!!!!!!!!"

    mk3hd2 21st March 2011, 11:04 PM


    "This ROM is just incredible, no other words to describe it...

    Thank you!

    Confirmation number: 23V72481MW862305G"

    kristofpetho Yesterday, 09:37 AM


    Updates BELOW this are NOT applicable to the current release.

    Updates BELOW this are NOT applicable to the current release.


    Most updates will be released as CWM Flashable updates. Its the easiest and fastest way to get updates across for everyone. It also allows you to do a Nandroid Backup so If you don't like the update, simply Restore the Last Backup you made with all your favorite stuff!

    Step by Step:

    1. Assuming you have CWM Installed, hold the Power Button while device is powering on.
    2. Choose Boot AD SD (This will take you to the CWM Recovery)
    3. Choose Backup & Restore
    4. Choose Backup (This will do a Nandroid Backup of your entire system)
    6. Choose Install zip from sdcard
    7. Choose zip from sdcard
    8. Navigate to the update and select install
    9. Reboot
    10. Enjoy the ease and speed of HyperDroid Rolling Updates!!!

    How do you get the Look as seen in the Screenshots?

    The Screenshots include the following details:
    LCD Density at 167 (My favorite, especially since the new market fixes the scrolling issues I had once before)
    -Icons by UltraLinx
    -Dock by UltraLinx as well

    SimpTEXT Icons by UltraLinx:
    1. Google for UltraLinx blog and go to SimpText.
    2. Download the Demo.
    3. Use the PSD to create custom icons.

    *I cannot freely redistribute the icons here.

    Minimalistic Text Widget
    Lucid Theme by Sonnysekhon (comes as the stock HyperDroid Gingerbread theme)


    Get the stock theme back by installing this via CWM.

    View attachment 542876


    A completely stock version built from source... for those who want absolute control and want to port their own themes

    DOWNLOAD HyperDroid-24/7-v1.0.0-RC1 HERE!!!
    Big thanks and huge props to xda member korvinc for preparing these:

    "Made packages for CWM for those, who can't use adb for update keyboard and LiveWallpaperPicker."



    Alternate Gingerbread Keyboard
    View attachment LatinIME.apk
    • Enter CWM Recovery
    • Enter mounts and storage
    • Mount /system
    • Attach Device to USB
    Type the commands (no quotes)
    1. "adb remount"
    2. "adb push LatinIME.apk /system/app"
    3. "adb remount"

    Live Wallpaper Picker:
    View attachment 493642

    • Enter CWM Recovery
    • Enter mounts and storage
    • Mount /system
    • Attach Device to USB
    Type the commands (no quotes)
    1. "adb remount"
    2. "adb push LiveWallpapersPicker.apk /system/app"
    3. "adb remount"

    Quick Fix for applications that needs to connect to a server (like Skype, Pocket Legends, Pandora, Slacker Radio, etc.) Force Closes, try this quick and effective fix: (Thanks to rQvsnaps)

    In /system/build.prop - change ro.kernel.android.checkjni=1 to ro.kernel.android.checkjni=0
    Enjoy the apps that used to FC on you!

    Just tested this out of a hunch that whatever was causing Pocket Legends to FC for rQvsnaps, caused Skype to FC as well.

    Skype now works perfectly!