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[13 Mar 2012] Stock MIUI (Very Stable) [cLK/MAG]

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Senior Member
Dec 1, 2011
Can you at least re-upload the latest version until you decide about cooking again?

The old link is not working anymore.

Thanks :)

+1 yeah i would love to test it too on my leo :)

I don't think I still have my old Roms :/ .. however I will try to start cooking more asap. Keep in mind that I have a life, and things but I will start back. I probably will only work on a tweaked version though.


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    Stock MIUI (Very Very Stable)

    This rom is modified from MIUI android to work with clk bootloader. Please give MIUI Android all the credit.

    Converted from the latest MIUI available 2.3.9

    The goal of this thread is for two things. I have one main goal, STABLILITY. I will keep all roms I create. Their currently are two versions.

    -Stock- I will keep up to date with MIUI and release CLK versions to accompy their magldr versions. The stock rom will stay stock, that means no changes!

    -Tweaked- The tweaked rom will offer things more towards my preferance, or possibly by request. Currently the only difference between Stock and Tweaked is in the tweaked version MIUI launcher has been removed and replaced with Go Launcher. If you would like to see something included in this rom, please post.

    (tweaked version is currently discontinued)

    Features of Stock MIUI

    -Android 2.3.7
    -Very Fast
    -Many other things


    All downloads will be posted on this page.

    Rom Development

    What's Working


    What's Not Working

    --You Tell Me
    -I think everything is working

    How-To Install

    To Install wipe all data!!! Partition layout is a 150/5. It seems to work well.

    Previously I have written a guide. It can be found here:http://tech.memoryx2.com/HD2_Home


    MIUI Android
    Everyone who keeps the HD2 GOING!!!!
    All rom creaters, driver builders, porters, everyone who contributes!!
    (I may have missed some one if so please pm me and I will add)
    Stock MIUI Change Log

    -Updated to MIUI 2.3.9
    -Updated to MIUI 2.2.3
    -Updated to MIUI 2.1.13

    Tweaked MIUI Change Log

    Currently discontinued, I may start it back up later if there is interest when I have more time.
    -Removed MIUI Launcher
    -Replaced with Go Launcher
    MIUI has many neat features.

    1. Long press on the toggle switch will take you to that options settings.

    2. Secrecy mode disables text, and call logs to let someone look at your phone.

    3. Holding the home key on the lock screen activates the flash light.
    I think I'm going to make a clk version of latest miui tomorrow if anyone's interested. However I need someone to mirror it because I have very limited bandwidth on my server because of my business.

    Also I once made a tweaked version where the miui launcher was replaced with go launcher. It was stable and worked well. Miui latest + go launcher. I'm probably going to make that for myself let me know if you're interested in either version.

    Best Regards

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    I'm sorry about my server guys, I will have everything straightened out soon. I have a lot of headaches going on right now with my business, and school. I always seem to have very little time. However I hope to update soon.

    Best Regards,