(14 AUG)[SD/Magldr] MccM HD V6 [DESIRE HD Sense 2.0] Perfect ,Smooth and Fast![Final]

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Dec 25, 2010

I had to take Android of my phone, battery use was through the roof. I listen to the fm radio about 9 hours a day and with WM6.5 there is
no problem. With 9 hours i'm still at 55-50%, but with Android it drained the battery in 7 hours. It was to hot, I had to stop it. After
a few day's of fiddling i disited to take Android of again.

To bad, it looked really good.

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Jun 7, 2007
All running fine, smooth using Magldr version, except one major issue on data connection, unable to get the 2/3G connectivity... wifi works, tried airplane mode on/off, restart still not getting it. APN is setup correctly. Search the thread, seems some people having same problem but no solid solution yet... am i missing something?? pls help..
Mar 16, 2009
Where do you think?
All running fine, smooth using Magldr version, except one major issue on data connection, unable to get the 2/3G connectivity... wifi works, tried airplane mode on/off, restart still not getting it. APN is setup correctly. Search the thread, seems some people having same problem but no solid solution yet... am i missing something?? pls help..

I'm having exactly the same problem. When I first start the phone in Android, the data connection is fine for about a minute or so, then no data is received, even though the phone keeps sending. Turning on airplane mode and restarting the radio seems to get a connection again but, again it only lasts for a minute or so.

When wifi is on/available, it's a great phone. But out and about, without a stable 2G/3G data connection, this version is useless.

But I have just discovered in the NexusHD2 Wiki that this is a problem across all of Android, when WiFi is used for a long time: http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=2207
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Aug 22, 2010
super user problems

Hi Mccm. I have this rom running from magldr but never been able to root it using super user. I have tried almost every suggestion in this thread but no success

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    Finally this is the most stable SD Version Android Build [Desire HD Build] I call it MccM HD V6 the build is Base of stable Desire HD ROM 1.72 base.​


    My main target : Build can good for Daily used,less bugs :D

    This ROM is NOT Squashed~ So the ROM should be VERY FAST !!!. Most of Apps, Media, Images, etc.. didn't move from the ROM

    Thanks Themark for the review :D


    I'm putting countless hours on this Build so If you want to post this rom in your site please ask permission,and put the source link above:

    MccM HD V6 SD Version DOWNLOAD HERE :D
    http://d-h.st/NU3 or HERE

    To Guys that wants to run this Android SD-Build to boot on via Magldr
    Here u go download the rootfs file:

    Thanks to saints5354 for sharing this :)

    Note: Important Make sure to reboot after first boot for better performance . Booting More than 3 time will be very stable :D

    Note: Clean install without data.img u will have best performance just use TitaniumBackup or Everything Backup to reinstall your last apps

    What is new in HD V6 :
    kernel Hastarin 8.6 - Best kernel for SD Build [Don't Over Clock]
    Tweak for LOUDER incall volume
    Tweak for more stability
    No graphic glitches
    5mpx camera with face recognition + 800x480 camcorder Recording
    Now u get % in stock battery
    Include Superuser app
    Include flashplayer 10.3
    Include BackupEverything
    Include Easy uninstall ~ Fast uninstall try it
    Include spareparts ~ go to window animation select 'Fast' /Transition animation select 'Fast' the build will Fly :)
    Remove some of the HTC Wallpaper to save internal memory ~ U search from market for the wallpaper

    [QUOTE][COLOR="Blue"][SIZE="3"][B]What is new in HD V5[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]: 
    [B][I]Back to stock look ~ very smooth like U ski on ice :)
    Ave RAM Memory 200 mb and more !
    [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=787588"]kernel Hastarin 8.6 [/URL] - Best kernel for SD Build
    Fast boot ~ 1 gb data include 
    3 more customize skin include ~ Thx to sopL87
    Ram optimization
    No graphic glitches
    [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=16434576&postcount=961"]GPS Libraries v2.0 with AGPS support for HD2[/URL] ~ thx to Tytung 
    Tweak for Increase Sd card reading speed [/I][/B]
    Flash player
    No wake up lag (when wifi is on)
    [B][I][COLOR="Blue"]5mpx camera with face recognition + 800x480 camcorder Recording [/COLOR][/I][/B]:D
    HSDPA, GPS, BT, WiFi all working
    Flip animation
    notification LEDs~works
    Streaming Video~works
    Tweaks to have the most fast full hd build you ever seen 
    Fast~Smooth~no lag~no SOD Smooth very smooth for SD Build :D
    Tweaked to be stable, battery efficient and good for daily use 5~6 ma.
    In call volume is louder 
    MMS works :) [/QUOTE]

    What is not working :
    Camcorder with 720p (ALL Dev working on it)
    Lag 2~3 sec when install apps ~ After that the build will smooth again
    If internet through PC cannot work try this :HTCPedia.com forums - View Single Post - (Android SD Build)UPD(02.01.11)MCCM HD V4.0 [DESIRE HD Sense] thanks channelm :)

    If u already using HD v5 version ,just copy the 'data.img' from last build into HD V6 'Android folder' and booting. u will not lost all your setting. But if u have strange bugs than u have to fresh install.

    Note: Important Make sure to reboot after first boot for better performance . Booting More than 3 time will be very stable :D

    NOTE: Do not [restart] Always [power off] and [power on].Restarting for some reason makes the phone stuck on android loading screen [/B][/SIZE].[/COLOR][/QUOTE][/I]

    PLEASE Continue Read #POST 2 for more FIX'S and Customization #Post 3 for Applications

    HOT FIXS : Wakeup lag fix for hastarin 8.6 kernel ~ Wake up build in 1 sec :D : HERE ~ need more test [update 19.8.11]

    Custom Skin for Desire HD :http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=801928 Note :After download the skin apps place the app in the Android/AndroidApps folder than reboot . Enjoy

    [Icons] + [Docks] [WL Themes] Niteowl Semi Sense Icons + Sense 3 Docks and WL Themes ~ HERE

    Note :For guys who are having problems with no data or mms sending, you need to enter the apn settings manually(Working T-Mobile US MMS APN Settings) :

    Just follow the INSTRUCTION below for installation

    Instruction :
    SD Version : Used this cab for Booting Android Android Loader v6.0 Final for HD2
    Ok now, i write an instructional guide the best i can
    - Download the 'MccM' version.Unzip. Extract the 'Android' folder to root of your SD Card.
    - After you have done all the steps go into Android folder and tap CLRCAD (for working sound), and after that just tap HaRET
    -Booting ..

    Boot with MAGDLR:

    1- copy folder (Android) to SD Card .
    2- Boot in MAGDLR powering on your phone while you press the power button until MAGDLR appears.
    3- Select "SERVICES"
    4- Select "BOOT SETTINGS"
    5- Select "AD SD Dir"
    6- Select the "ANDROID" folder or the folder where you dropped the rom.
    7- Now select "BOOT AD SD" and wait boot .....

    I'm spend countless hours on polishing and modified the Build so that it can more Stable and Good for Daily used ~downloading, flashing, reflashing, testing..So, if you like my work and u want to buy me a coffee or a beer , I will appreciate it you can do this here DONATE otherwise a click on the "thanks" button is still a good idea :D


    Older Builds


    Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

    [B]What is new in HD 4.5[/B]
    [B][I][COLOR="Blue"][SIZE="3"]What is working[/SIZE][/COLOR] :
    In call sound Loud enough 
    HTCSense location service -works 
    CAMERA 5mp With Flash   [All Credits to snq- Desire Dev]
    Camera with Zoom (Face detection) 
    Battery life (5~8 ma) on standby 
    ril wrapper for pppd (more stable data connection) 
    Light sensor
    Call Menu 
    Wi-Fi Hotspot
    USB Tethering 
    USB Modem 
    USB Data Storage 
    3G/HSDPA Internet 
    All other items working on other builds
    I make some Tweak for more close to Daily stable used [/I][/B]





    If having problem try to flash other ROM and Radio :

    Try This: OzDROID ROM(Bare WM ROM With Bootloader)

    Energy Leo ROM :

    I'm using : OzDROID ROM(Bare WM ROM With Bootloader)

    My Radio Leo

    Thanks to Beta Tester:
    htcpedia members

    Special thanks :
    Cotulla - for making all this possible
    gpc and m-jeey
    sopL87-Skin HTC
    All Dev Android HD2 community
    All of u on HD2 Android build chat
    Very thanks to the Donors your coffee keep me Awake :D :D
    FIXS and Customize

    1) WiFi file transfer issues ~ Here Thanks to rhacy for sharing this :)

    2) I have robo voice when I make a call ~
    a) To avoid this, disable "audible touch tones" from the "settings -> audio" menu. You will have no-more robo voice also if you reboot.
    b) During the robo-voice call, enable the speaker, then disable it. You will have no more robo-voice until next reboot.

    3) I have very low audio during calls
    a) During the call, enable the speaker, then disable it. You will have loud volume until next reboot.

    4) OMG !! I want the Sense 3..0 Lockscreen
    HERE ~http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1190071

    5)How about the Trans HTC clock ?
    Fancy Widget Pro HERE ~ https://market.android.com/details?id=com.anddoes.fancywidgets

    6)Can i get battery icon with %
    Replace the 'root' folder =Here thx ~ cbc1969

    7)How can i customize to Window 7 ?
    Install Launcher 7 app from market ~ used Home switcher to switch between UI

    8)Arabic Fix ~http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=16472535&postcount=994 == thx BoxmaX @ elios115

    9)I can't find Superuser
    Download from market and update su .. Done

    10)I found the Build some time lag
    After step no:8 go to ROM Manager and run fix permission ~ Power off/on Done

    11)13)For MMS Manual setting ~ HERE ~ HERE ~ HERE ~ HERE ~ HERE

    12)If u found the GPS Libraries v2.0 with AGPS not working well .. try this Fix HERE thx arshavir. OR just reverse to v1.7 version HERE more stable :)

    13)If u have battery drain , try this : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=17098631&postcount=1285 Thx Yank55 for sharing this :)
    Really look forard to try this version!!!:D:D But when I try downloading it the link doesn't work......:eek:

    Thats strange :confused: i try it now it works ..

    the link works..........

    Ha ha i know :)

    Well, you got to have this question in EVERY THREAD....here it goes.

    Any chance for MADLGR files ? :p

    Em...em ... surely some member will kind enough to share it with us ,just like last 3 version BUILD :D
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