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[15 May]₪[MultiLng]₪[ZIP] FutureShocks v7 ₪ MIUI 1.5.13 ₪ 2.3.4 ₪

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Senior Member
Oct 13, 2007
Good, very goor rom, but...

HI ! I am on the V6

Very best rom , the best in my mind, but there is 4 problems :

- I can't have the shortcut for google navigation

- The light isn't really off when the creen is off : why ? maybe because of a patched ( french patch ) and the battery drain more than the V 2.3 : 35% less since 3 hours and only 1 call !

- the App CONTACTS : I can't find a contact when this contact is on my second account of gmail ( I have 2 accounts gmail which are sync, and 2500 contacts on the second)

- The app CALLRECORDER don't record anything : even if there is no problem with super user rights.

Thanks for your solutions and help :)



Oct 22, 2010
FM Radio

Hi guys,
I have already read this thread but there is no answer about the FM Radio. It seems that this app has disappeared in the latest versions.
It exists in 2.2 (I use this version only because FM radio is present).

Could you help us to install manually or to add it in a future version ?

Many thanks for your hard work,
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Sweet Peaches

Senior Member
Oct 15, 2010
I love this ROM, I upgraded from one of the other ROMs that looked just like this one but different, but one issue I'm having and maybe one of you know what to do but...how do I fix the MMS? MMS sends and receive fine BUT when I receive the MMS it looks all blurried, is there a fix for this? If so can you point me in the direction to fix it in the settings? I am using V4 that just came out on May 1st.


Senior Member
Aug 16, 2006
Hey Guys

great news i've got GPS working in my MIUI Builds...

i tried a couple of other MIUI Builds here.. but GPS isn't working anywhere ...

also the proximity sensor isnt working in the roms... the screen shuts not off when calling someone and putting the phone to the ear...

i'm currently testing again the ZIP and when it installs normal and gps works again i will upload it...

check in about 1 or 2h to grab the new version! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D


Senior Member
Jan 27, 2009
Hello Stephan,

great news i've got GPS working in my MIUI Builds...

Great! :)

but GPS isn't working anywhere ...[/quote
Her GPS and the other stuff works fine:

again i will upload it...
Can't await it!

Does Your new build support moving dalvic to ext3 or /cache on sd as the above linked build does?

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Senior Member
Sep 26, 2010
i tried a couple of other MIUI Builds here.. but GPS isn't working anywhere ...

also the proximity sensor isnt working in the roms... the screen shuts not off when calling someone and putting the phone to the ear...
hast mal das von ndt getestet? ich bin der meinung dass da alles ganz gut läuft, deswegen weiß ich grad nich ob ich wieder zurück zu "dir" flashen soll :p
oder kannst mir auf die schnelle sagen welchen score deins bei linpack bzw quadrant hat?^^
have u tried the one from ndt? i thinks its working very well with proximity sensor and gps so i dont know whether i should flash back to yours :>


Senior Member
Aug 16, 2006
download online.. please test..

btw: i tried scoops build.. but had no luck there with proximity and gps... so i thougt i do it on my own... i tried ladyboo a few weeks (or even months now) ago and it also not worked..

also the other problem for me is everytime i trie another rom small things don't are like expected...

ladyboo i think uses a theme with most black where some text is not readable... and so on..
also my apps are missing everytime and i have to reinstall everything... i hate this..
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Senior Member
Aug 16, 2006
ok looks like multiupload had an failure..
i have to reupload..


edit: because the question of benchmark results a few post above... quadrant and linpack are quite low.. i don't know why but i have to say i don't struggle anymore with this.. because for my opinion the overall performance is perfect! all is running smooth all games are working without any jerk... the only thing why the others have higher points is because the do some IO tricks... i want a stable rom now that i can use... maybe if the other builds from ladyboo and ndt are now working great also and i can get a packet where i don't have to work over all again i will discontinue my builds here...
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Senior Member
Sep 26, 2010
because the question of benchmark results a few post above... quadrant and linpack are quite low.. i don't know why but i have to say i don't struggle anymore with this.. because for my opinion the overall performance is perfect! all is running smooth all games are working without any jerk... the only thing why the others have higher points is because the do some IO tricks
thats what i wanted to hear :p ill give it a shot, miui backup should be compatible with different roms, right?


Senior Member
Mar 9, 2009
try to reset your router :) maybe there is an ip conflict or some port hang up... by resetting it can be fixed. Hoping that tomorrow the upload is aviable!

A2SD+ like on other builds is working or do i have to edit a configfile for data.img on sd card?

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Senior Member
Oct 26, 2010
Hey futureshock..your V2.3 and then v3 in the Froyo days were the fastest of all MIUI and even faster than all CM/Sense builds I tried (and I tried many many many of them)..you had done some repackaging w the init that made them standout. And in fact I have not any problems with your 1.4.1 build either..actually miss the old notification bar with the APPS tab..do not know why the developers would take it out (do not care for the long press home button...as I was wanting to get away from pressing those weakening physical buttons..but no some smartass decision upstairs to take away that..now if you could find a way to get that old notific bar from 1.4.1 back in these that would be something !)

Yes the older (and by older I mean like 2-3 weeks back) MIUI builds did have the proximity issue..but the updates have been coming with such frequency and much has changed in the last 2-3 weeks, that the proximity issue is not there now (though still see occasionally a lag,,not as responsive as some of the Sense builds)
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    [15 May]₪[MultiLng]₪[ZIP] FutureShocks v7 ₪ MIUI 1.5.13 ₪ 2.3.4 ₪

    ₪ FutureShocks MIUI v7 ₪ based on MIUI 1.5.13 ₪
    Android 2.3.4 (Gingerbread)

    How to Install my Android ROM:

    install with clockwork mod, wipe data, wipe cache, wipe dalvik (under advanced)

    to get fancy widget or clock widget, just move the apps that pops up on first page to the last... or set homepage to the left of the default where the empty folders are (as in my screenshots in 2nd Post) and add there the clock widget...

    ClockworkMod Recovery:
    for general ClockworkMod Recovery Instruction and Questions look in this thread! LINK!
    or this
    you also can watch this Video to get some Infos and Instructions LINK

    Features/benefit of using ClockworkMod Recovery instead of "nativ" NAND Flash:
    • Flash ROMs in update.zip format
    • Backup and restore ROMs using Nandroid
    • Flash ROMs from the SD card without use of a PC
    • Easilly Wipe all Data/Cache
    • Repartition SD card for use with Apps2SD
    • Full Root ADB access
    • Fix app permissions

    The best thing on ClockworkMod is that you can Backup your DATA Partition (all you installed and configured inside MIUI) when not using Data.img on SD Card! Its still a recommendation to wipe (clear) your "Data Store"!
    Additionally its possible to apply small fixes or even some new Stuff over an update.zip without needing of full reflashing the hole ROM!

    Install ClockworkMOD:

    --> Download FutureShocks Custom ClockworkMOD v2 <--

    Here you can my Custom ClockworkMOD for MIUI v2, i have configured the installation process completly for you, so you just have to flash this packet to you phone...
    i recommend to have the latest MAGLDR version (1.13 for now)
    then go to the "USB Flasher" in MAGLDR, connected to your PC and launch the "DAF.exe"

    after that process the partion layout in NAND is set correctly and the ClockworkMOD is installed in NAND too and you can launch it from MAGLDR!

    Release Notes:
    latest Version: v7
    MIUI Base: 1.5.13
    based on Android 2.3.4 aka Gingerbread!
    known Problems with this Build:
    general miui gingerbread problem is that there is NO! "first time run setup wizard" so the first bootup will be in german! after that you can change the language in settings menu... sorry but i'm german and a long time ago i did this for the german guys here

    (Version Histroy below in 2nd Post!)

    ClockworkMod "All-In-One" Downloads:
    Download v7

    ClockworkMod "update" Downloads:
    nothing yet

    Freeware for you! But very time consuming for me!
    If you wanna spend me a beer, for the time that i put into this build and to upload and support this here, please donate a few bucks ($€) by PayPal, Link is in my signature below! THX!

    Donators <- Thank you!!:
    FAQs & Fixes
    If you don't found your Question/Answer here, please befor posting use "Search this Thread" i'm pretty sure everthing gonna talked about allready.

    • Q: ThemeManager ForceCloses when using Online Browser
      A: deleting Cache Folder in MIUI Folder on SD Card helped me.
    • Q: missing QERTZ Keyboard
      A: Download new Keyboard from here: Download unpack and put update folder on root of your SD Card! Update gets applied on Reboot, if new Keyboard is here its safe to delte the Folderstructure...
    • Q: how can i get Wireless Tethering to work
      A: Get Wireless Tether Software from here: Link
    • Q: can i keep old data.img
      A: don't ask... just try... i cant say... it could be possible that something changed... if you notice some Problems try with a clean/new Data.img File![/SIZE][/COLOR]
    • Q: how can i activate the torch light?
      A: Pulldown the Statusbar, on the right side there you'll find the Torch/Flashlight App!
    • Q: Adobe Flash isn't working?!
      A: Download latest Adobe Flash from Market!
    • Q: Message & Ringtones won't make a sound?
      A: set an ringtone and notification tone in settings...
    • Q: how can i remove stock apps? i can't delete these with a normal file manager.
      A: There are different ways of dooing this, first thing i suggest is just to simplay move the unwanted to an Folder or you do it like i do: DL Droidexplorer, install and then navigate with a CMD Shell to following Path: "c:\program files\droidexplorer\SDK\tools" type "adb remount" you should see following messag "remount succeeded" after that launch DroidExplorer and remove/edit/add an apk at "/system/app/". Your HD2 with running MIUI has to be connected trough USB to your PC obviously

    Preloaded Apps:

    Freespace on NAND:

    a bit limited because EU HD2 Space limit when not using data.img on SD!
    These Apps are builtin System Apps! Limited to the minium i think!

    • Google Apps (GMail, Market, Calender, Maps)
    • Miren Browser (MIUI or charming Browser)
    • MIUI Backup
    • Superuser
    • FM Radio
    • MIUI Music
    • XDA-Dev App
    • YouTube
    • Facebook
    • Compass
    • CurrentWidget
    • FancyWidget
    • AdFree


    Theme Support
    WiFi & AdHoc
    FM Radio
    5MP C/Kamera with 16:9 & Camcorder
    LED status notification
    Keypad notification
    bluetooth <- Batterydrain in Standby should be fixed now!
    USB mass storage
    G Sensor

    post V4:

    pre V4:









    Short Video Walktrough:


    1. Installation
    at least MAGLDR 1.09
    WHILE hold the boot (right after the first white HTC boot screen) the power button to get into the MAGLDR Loader
    where "4 USB Flasher" Mark via "Vol +" & "volume"button. With "off " button (green key ") to confirm.
    Then plug it in USB and restart the PC the "DAF.exe"(in Win7/Vista necessarily "as administrator" to run or you get a "usb init failure" ... (I've set on the exe, no idea whether he packed with added ...)

    2. Deinstallation
    for deinstallation of NAND Android, just flash shipped WinMo ROM

    3. data.img Support (default 1GB)
    To enable data.img on sdcard feature
    - Copy '.data' folder to sdcard (/sdcard/.data).
    - Copy your old data.img to '.data' directory, otherwise a new data.img will be created.
    - Boot into Android.
    To disable data.img on sdcard feature
    - Delete 'config.txt'.
    - Delete 'data_img=1' in the 'config.txt'.
    Options in /sdcard/.data/config.txt
    - 0, default nand userdata
    - 1, enable external data.img support (/sdcard/.data/data.img)
    data_size=1024 (128,256,512,768,.... whatever you want)
    - size of data.img, only work when data.img support enabled
    - 0, fast, disable sync option when mount data.img
    - 1, safe, enable sync option when mount data.img, use this if experiencing data corruption
    - size of icons
    - country code, us, fr, jp, etc

    if you're using data.img option, first boot takes longer because data.img file gets created

    Additional Switches with new INITRD from 19.1.2011:
    - ppp_use=0 (choose between RMNET and PPP)
    - magldr_boot=1 (for Booting from NAND or via MAGLDR "Boot AD SD")
    - onsd_card=0 (for Booting from Haret or via MAGLDR "Boot AD SD") <- needs to be set to 0, preset in config.txt but if you delete the line the default in initrd is 1 !!

    You propably have to combine the each Options, espacially you need magldr_boot and onsd_card set to 1 (default) if you want to Boot "MAGLDR Boot AD SD")

    --> Download ClockworkMOD <--

    Unpack Download, copy content from "copy_to_sd_root" Folder onto your SD Card (e.g.: via MAGLDR USB Mass Storage). Get into MAGLRD "USB Flasher" Mode and start DAF.exe (as ever with Admin Rights) from ClockworkMOD and let the tool partition your SD Card! WARNING: All data in NAND get erased (data.img File on SD will not get touched!)

    Download my ClockworkMod Archiv, in this File there you'll find the ".data" Folder again if you still wanna use the "data partition" (data.img) on SD Card and an update.zip File, copy this file on you SD Card. To get into ClockworkMod hold down Power Button on MAGLDR Loader and launch "Boot AD SD", there you can navigate (like in MAGLDR) to "install zip from sdcard", "apply /sdcard/update.zip" (as we copied it before), get to "Yes - Install /sdcard/update.zip" and again confirm with "Green/Answer" Key.... wait .... reboot... finished

    Download Archive

    Download v4
    Download German v3
    Download German v2.4 Update
    Download German v2.3 ClockworkMOD Version
    Download English v2.3 ClockworkMOD Version
    Download France v2.3 ClockworkMOD Version
    Download German v2.2 Version
    Download English v2.2 Version
    Download France v2.2 Version
    Download German v2 Version
    Download English v2 Version
    Download German/English v1 Version
    Download France v1 Version
    Download Italy v1 Version
    Download "Stock Android 2.2.1 Keyboard"

    MIUI Base: 1.5.13
    based on Android 2.3.4 aka Gingerbread!
    GPS&Proximity Sensor working
    [U]v6 & v6.1:[/U]
    MIUI Base: 1.4.29
    MIUI Base: 1.4.22
    MIUI Base: 1.4.1
    based on Android 2.3.3 aka Gingerbread!
    updated to MIUI 1.1.14 Base
    new INITRD File with a few new option switches
    German ClockworkMOD Update Release ony, updated German Language Pack!
    ClockworkMod Version with fixed Keyboard (added Gingerbread Keyboard)
    removed unneeded miui Apps and Wireless Tether 
    (because it force Closes on activation)
    added new CM7 Email.apk (credit to shafty023)
    [U]v2.1 (not released to pulic!):[/U]
    added missing Apps (like FancyWidget) 
    update to MIUI 1.1.7
    updated/added/removed some Apps
    MIUI Base: 12.31
    Kernel: prj v0.3/kouno
    initial NAND Release

    THX for Downloading
    how long left to upload


    i cant upload..

    everytime when i upload do multiupload there isn't anything on it..

    direct upload to rapidshare also fails on 50%... sorry i will reboot my pc and try again...

    hey there... don't know if anyone is still watching my threads :D
    i was lazy for a long time now...

    currently i'm trying the new ginger miui hd2 roms...

    maybe you hear from me soon again...

    i the mean time i tried a couple of miui builds from other cookers... but none of them had impressed me really... everywhere is missing something and i don't wanna setup my device 1h after flashing...

    so there will definitly be an rom again from me with the essential apps i think you need on your device!

    i have allready a running version, but i have loaded it with old apps from the v3 time... so i have to check on updated versions of this apps...

    also i have to look inside the kernel and do a few things again!

    what i can say this will be an clockwork version... everyone that hasen't flashed clockwork this would be the time too.... its much more easier to flash and handle with builds!

    IMHO there's been enough of a hype building exercise. Any longer, and people's interest in this particular rom might start fading away.

    Sorry, but the Problem is i've uploaded the file about a houndred times now... but everytime multiupload does just nothing...

    rapidshare direct upload stops in about 50% ...

    i don't know whats the problem... looks like my internet connection has some problems... :(


    DOwnload LInks:


    http://www.multiupload.com/ZYR2DRAIIZ (dont know if the multiupload links works...)

    hope the downloads works for you guys!