[15 MODS][UNIVERSAL][1/16/14] Collection of Signal Icon Mods **UPDATE - KITKAT**


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Jun 23, 2013
Are you sure???? because the second says 4g to lte when I open link......... I need H to 4g....

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Thank you so much man! I was having some doubt about this because of the name (see my earlier post) but it worked great! Hope he adds it to op! :)
No problem but your thanks should go to @adrianocdias for creating the signal mods.

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Dec 9, 2013
thank you

Thank you so much man! I was having some doubt about this because of the name (see my earlier post) but it worked great! Hope he adds it to op! :)

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Thank you so much man! I was having some doubt about this because of the name (see my earlier post) but it worked great! Hope he adds it to op! :)
I created the below to meet my necesssida. works perfectly

E => LTE
H / H + => 4G

H / H + => 4G
Thank you!!!!


Jun 21, 2010
-----1st - I want to thank you for this fine work.-----
I have used this successfully with 2 different roms. Beanstalk Harmony a month ago and again today with Dirty Unicorn 5.0. Both roms had the SystemUi.apk located in the /system/priv-app folder. I found that your themer works for me only if I move the "SystemUi.apk" file to the /system/app folder. I'm not sure if this is a common issue, of if the devs are placing the "SystemUi.apk" file in the wrong place or should your app be looking in the /system/priv-app location instead. Just wanted to help. Hope I did. Also, should the OP instructions be modified with the following minor changes?

1. Download ZipThemer - https:// play.google.com/store/apps/d...ipthemer&hl=en
2. Download the "aooga_h_to_4g_update.zip" file from http://d-h.st/Hwy
3. At right upper corner push the 3 dot settings access icon and choose "Update Edify".
4. Verify your device is listed. It should be auto-selected.
5. Push "Browse" and select a flashable file that you have on your phone (choose the rom zip file or gapps zip file for example) but not my file.
5. Next click "Configure". You should get the toast message "Success".
6. Go back one page and then tap "+Theme" button.
7. Then use the green arrow to go and search to find "aooga_4g_to_LTE - TEST!!!.zip"
8. On the next screen you should see a check next to 4G to LTE.
9. Press the "Build It" button.
10. You will then be prompted to create a flashable "undo" file to revert the changes (may be a wise suggestion).
11. The app will then build the flashable files (One an update .zip and the other is undo .zip. Then the app will go to a Build Log screen.
12. You can now reboot into your recovery and flash the "4G-to-LTE-update.zip" or the "4G-to-LTE-undo.zip" as you need to. (Note: This name might vary, but it will always say "update" or "undo" at the end of the name.)
13. Enjoy!
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Aug 2, 2013
Mexico City
Hello everyone!!!...

So I made a big mistake and I installed the 4G to LTE zip in a Nexus 5 and now my homescreen is a mess cos I don't have the home/back buttons nor the top notification menu. Wallpapers are down too. (Stupidly) I did it almost automatically as I had a Nexus 4 and I just ran the same update in a rash move. I don't have the undo.zip to well, undo this so I was kinda hoping someone would help me out and could upload it here. I found one but its for the H to 4G theme.

If anyone can think of another way to fix it I would be very thankful. I tried changing the dpi but it's not sticking to reboot either for some reason.

Thanks so much in advance and don't worry, I realice my mistake!!!!.


So I flashed the stock System IMG and I got my features back... but still I wonder how to swtich from the 4G to LTE icon in this phone.. Any ideas??
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Sep 16, 2010
Hi Aooga, I have done everything that u mention in 1st page but my Nexus 5 still shows 4G instead of LTE. I used aooga_4g_to_LTE.zip but no avail. =(

any ideas as to why?
Sep 25, 2013
Im on CM11 4.4.4 Kitkat, and my statusbar icon shows 3g and H+, i've downloaded the 4G to LTE 4.4+ one, and i downloaded the H to 3G & H+ to 4G. The 4G to LTE one didn't work when i flashed the filesso I tried to download the other one, and while i was using the ZipThemer app and it said something about the /system/app/SystemUI.apk was missing so its not working!! Or is it just for Nexus 4 phones, because I thought this was for any type of phone
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