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15APRIL V3 [White Support + All Fixed] Android Desire Taskbar [WM6.5/WM6.5.X W|VGA]

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Dark Ninja

Senior Member
Jun 17, 2009
Htc Hero / Desire/ Legend Taskbar

All updated now, users on WM6.5.X, i would reccomend pasting this png into windows after installing the white taskbar background (if your using the white one) thanks to dandnj and jodeltje Here it is. All should be perfect now. Enjoy!

So.. Heres my second taskbar im working on which is trying to replicate the HTC Hero taskbar onto the windows mobile taskbar.
My first Taskbar (Android taskbar) Can be found Here.
I was planning on putting this with my other thread although i can see how it would confuse me and others to give/take feedback if theres so many versions.

A Matching softkey bar made by Lycox Get It here

New Battery % versions:



V3 Release 15/04/2010
- Added non battery versions V3

V3 Release 14/04/2010
-Fixed all volume issues
-Added backgrounds to all icons to make it consistant and good looking in lockscreen etc.
-Skinned some etra icons
-Removed un needed Dll
- Now 4 signal bars

V2 Release 23/03/2010

- Added Windows start icon version
- Added CDMA fixes, edited the old ones
- Bye bye to folder icons
- Fixed, G,H,3G and E icons

Second Release 14/03/2010

- Added Battery Percentage Versions
- Cleaned up a few icons
- Added the background on WM6.5 version to blend with the icons
- Added no start icon version
- Fixed Volume Problems
- Fixed Folder Icons

First Release 08/02/2010

- Wm6.5.x Version with skinned wait cursor and Folder Icons
- Wm6.5 Version with skinned wait cursor and Folder Icons
- Wm6.5 Version with skinned wait cursor and Folder Icons - No start Icon

(Because there was requests for no start icon to make it clean i just added a version for that).. Enjoy ;)


If you guys have any suggestions roll 'em in and let me know what you think..

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Dark Ninja

Senior Member
Jun 17, 2009
Looks sharp so far. Good luck on the project!

If possible, it would be nice to have a couple different bg choices.

Thanks! Yeah it should do :D

Looks nice man, keep it up!


Thanks man!

Very nice man, keep it up! Hope you'll do it for 96dpi as well :).

Yeah Il try my best, this one will probably have support actually.

Thanks for the feedback guys


Senior Member
Dec 6, 2008
I dunoo yet to be honest.. Why dont you tell me what you think would look good :D

I think the Start Icon from Windows 7 would look great. But that's just me. Looks like you're off to a good start here, can't wait to test it out!

This would look good with the MaxManila I am running, you know, help tie the rest of the ROM in with the Sense 2.5 setup I am running. :D


Senior Member
Jan 4, 2009
and what about no start icon?? since its hero alike taskbar, n in my opinion if its a hero it should look like hero, besides everyone knows where the start icon is in WM 6.5 ;p


Senior Member
Sep 11, 2008
Love your work on the 'white' theme...and also the Android taskbar...

looking forward to the Hero version...

request: can you make the taskbar icons by themselves...and NOT tied into a specific taskbar color??