[16.03.09][WWE] Touch-IT v4.5 "Landscape"

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Jun 20, 2007
Welcome to Xperience v4.5 Landscape

CE.OS 5.2.21028 (Build 5.2.21032.1.6.0) Based on X1 R3AA and Topaz/Rhodium

Please read all info in post 2 & 3 while you download the rom.
This can save you AND me, some time and frustration, as some of the answers you seek might allready be there


Animation created by Shifty512 great work mate :D

From Topaz & Rhodium:
-Album 3
-Manila 2
-Opera (Rhodium)
-TouchFLO 3
-Jblend Java
-HTC Camera (front cam dont work with this)
-Remote Desktop
-Many nice ringtones from Rhodium/Topaz
and more....

From Kovsky/X1:
-Camera with autoflash and gps photo
-MxP (with fm radio support)
-Growing Panel
-X1 FlashLite
-Xtrakt (3d game)
-SE panel 1&2
-SE onscreen keyboard (multilanguage)
-Jbed Java
-Arcsoft mms

-Soft Reset
-Advanced Config 3.3
-PIM backup 2.8
-Total Commander
-Flashlite 3.1
-NetCF 3.5
-MyPhone (beta version, you need to apply for betatesting, works great)
-Flinx Batteryreplacement
-FootPrints (you need TomTom or Googlemaps for GPS to work in this app)

-.htm files
-MS Welcome
-Default themes and images
-One Note

Other info:
-Removed ULDR (frees up aprox 6mb) - Thanks to UDK/BEPE/Ervius
-No cert patched
-Pagepool set to 0, the device will handle pagepool.
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Jun 20, 2007
Download links to rom, add-ons and fixes

Before you download, read here:
-Update to my roms and hard-spl at your own risk, I'm not responsible for any damage to your X1.
-Dont start yelling about the rom is useless (Or similar) just because a feature you use is not working. That is to me really demoralising to read, and it most
certainly dont encourage me to respond to your issues.
-Dont complaint about why I remove this or that. Or why I dont add this or that.
-Have respect for ppl who contribute to the members of XDA
-Do not sell this software on E-bay or other places
-I really spend alot of time working on this. Donations is not required, but is much appreciated.
-I do NOT respond to bugreporting on pm or via email/msn, ask in the thread. If someone has time, knowlege and patience, they might help you ;)

Any donation given for the time I use on this is appreciated, so pls use link above my banner.

(16.03.09) Download Touch-IT v4.5 Landscape:
-RapidShare thx to chalid

Download Add-ons:

Download cabs from R3: (Some allready installed in 4.5)
-Slideshow panel
-X1 FlashLite
-Opera 15969
-Xtrakt (3d game)
-SPB MobileShell

Download Fixes posted by users and betatesters for 4.5:
-Youtube not "playing nice :)" choppy playback
-Instructions on enable old style startmenu
-Enable Facebook in contacts
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Jun 20, 2007
How to get the Touch-IT Xperience:

Hard-SPL is needed if you wanna flash custom roms
-Info on Hard-SPL here

My tips on how to flash a custom rom:
-Do not let battery be below 50%
-Keep the device on a secure location (so that it wont fall and loose connection to your pc during flash)
-Enter bootloader (rainbowscreen) pressing power button and volume down simultaneously (hold the buttons untill you enter bootloader)
-Connect to pc (activesync)
-Run the ROMUpdateUtility.exe and follow onscreen instructions

Flash via micro-sd method
-Originaly posted by Jackleung
-Make sure x1 is hard-spl first
-Make sure your micro-sd is formatted w/ fat-32
-rename the image file (normally "ruu_signed.nbh") to Kovsimg.nbh, copy that to the micro-sd, and put that on your X1's sd-card
-Bring x1 to boot-loader mode by turning off the x1 completely. Hold the "volume down" button on the right, and hold the power on button until you see the tri-color screen.
-Then follow the on-screen instruction
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Jun 20, 2007
Thx to:
-Bepe, for the Platformbuilder
-Ervius, for great tools
-Ameet, for great guides
-"OliNex", for hard-spl
-Tom Codon, for friendship
-Jackleung for providing assistance with HD camera
-Fards for providing alot of support in my threads
-All my other friends here at XDA
-All you who have donated

Special thx to my beta team on 4.5:
-Fards, lots of bug fixing, and late night online msn problemsolving
-akp99, for mods on opera, great work mate
-[email protected], bugreports and suggesting fixes

You guys really made it easier for me to make this rom

Extra special thx to:
-All my friends/users/fans using my work

To others I might have forgotten: sorry...
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Aug 19, 2008
If you've managed to download it, post it as a torrent. It will make things MUCH faster for everyone


Feb 24, 2009
My first post, since i only joined today.......

I am at 122 out of 130 mb, anyone interested in it being posted in newsgroup?
(not intended to drift too far offtopic by the way)

Joined xda to learn more about the modability of the xperia.

Keep up up the good work you all!


And it's here!!
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Aug 1, 2006
Thanks for this rom itje, I will flash and report any bug I find

Rapidshare speed is horrible. Anyone got it download, please upload it to a ftp or mirror. I was gonna mirror it but it looks like someone will beat me to it since it's est to be 2 hrs for me.


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Feb 7, 2009
hehheh, feels like the ISDN days are back: waiting for a download to finish @ 27kB/s... :p

Well, make that double ISDN-speed! w00t!
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