[16.03.2010][GER|WWE][23529] Clean Black 3.3 (Sense 2.5.2012 Landscape + Dualboot)

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Dec 21, 2004

RC1 GER (Temporarely removed due to some huge errors)
Download 3.0
Download 3.0 Dusk Style
Download 3.0 Basic (ohne Sense und HTC Tools)

RC1 WWE (Temporarely removed due to some huge errors)
Download 3.0 WWE
Download 3.0 WWE Dusk Style
Download 3.0 WWE Basic (without Sense and HTC Tools)

Sugesstest Radio: Radio (from Rhodium 2.07.707.1 HTC Asia)
For a chanelog, please scroll down to the bottom of this post!

Download older Version, GER:
Clean Black Rhodium 3 Dusk Edition (as on screenshots)
Clean Black Rhodium 3 Plain HTC (mostly the HTC Default look)
Clean Black Rhodium 3 Basic (no Manila, only Titanium)

Download older Version, WWE:
Clean Black Rhodium 3 Dusk Edition (as on screenshots but in english, of course :p)
Clean Black Rhodium 3 Plain HTC (mostly the HTC Default look)
Clean Black Rhodium 3 Basic (no Manila, only Titanium)

Connection Setup Rhodium (who basically need it, GER only for now!!!)

All three ROMs are Dualboot ready! This means, a proper Android Image on your Storage Card like this one lets you choose which OS to boot an startup!


(It's not the image used in these ROMs, I'm using my own which fits better in my opinion ;))

Credits goes to:
chriscomputerfreak (for the fast FTP), RidetheTube, Prince, Anja31, pkoper, Piranha, AlejandroFefe, Comec, gregoz10 (for his really great Dusk Skinsuite), Yoztag (for his Gen.Y DualBOOT), Co0kieMonster, oVi and all the others I forgott to mention! :)

15.03.2010, RC1:
- Update: Build 23547
- Update: some Manila parts
- Update: some additional tweaks
- Update: reworked and enlarged Startmenu and Settings Icons
- Update: oVi's Windroid Project Icons
- New: OOBE
- New: Opea Mini 5
- New: simple UC capabilites
- New: Co0kies Home Tab v1.6.1
- New: Co0kies Home Tab Settings Editor v1.6.1
- New: Co0kies Home Tab Advanced v1.6.1

02.03.2010, Beta 3:
- Update: Build 23541
- Update: EXT 2.10 Leo
- Update: oVi's Droid Taskbar (modified)
- some other changes
- New: Connection Setup (based on a few wishes by others)
- Removed: Manila 2.5 Start Menu

11.02.2010, Beta 2:
- Update: Build 23529
- Update: OEM 2.07.707.1
- Update: Manila 2.5.2012 from Rhodium (native Landscape support)
- Update: some new packages
- New: Manila 2.5 Start Menu (push "Start" in the upper taskbar)
- New: OpnMarket
- Bugfix: WLAN
- Bugfix: Youtube
- no Dusk skin for Manila until a new version is released
- Basic version started

02.02.2010, Beta 1:
Beta 1 ready to test

This ROM isn't yet final because of sometime appearing WiFi errors (wrong network key but it's definitely the right one)! And I have to rework some of the icons and make new ones for a better fit to the Dusk look'n'feel! ;)
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Dec 21, 2004
Additional infos

- Your device may be show a white screen duing the First Setup (for me it appears only after configuring a mail account)
- WiFi overview is a little bit moved updwards, but withou any lose of usage
- Footprints seems to be not working mostly or completely

Advices for Android:
- Download a proper Android (XDAndroid mostly recommed, link is first post)
- extract the archive into the root of yopur Storage Card
- perform a softreset and be happy :)[/spoil]

Enable DualBOOT on startup:
- navigate to
and create a new DWORD Launch62 with "1"
- perform a softreset

What's inside:
OS: 5.2.23547, Build 23547 (AKU 5.5.0), based on HTC 2.07.407.0

- Advanced Network v1.12.0.1
- aGPSConfirmation v1.1 Build 19212929
- Album v3.2 Build 20121824
- AppointmentEditor v1.0 Build 20113829
- AppService v1.87.0.0
- AudioBooster v2.5 Build 19194032
- AudioManagerEngine v2.0 Build 20113628
- BluetootHSettings v2.11.1.2
- BootLauncher v1.0 Build 19221427
- BrowserSnapshot v1.2 Build 19224019
- ButtonSetting v3.17.0.0
- Calcualtor v1.0 Build 19224019
- Camera v6.17 Build 36214
- ClearStorage v2.3.1.0
- CMBandSwitching v2.2.2.0
- CMCallBarring v1.3.4.0
- CMCallerID v1.5.1.0
- CMCallFowarding v1.4.B.0
- CMCallWaiting v1.3.1.0
- CMInternetSharing v1.2.2.0
- CMPhoneVMSetting v1.9.0.0
- CMPhone v1.6.E.0
- CMPin v1.5.4.0
- CommManager v2.9.V.5
- ConcurrenceMgr v1.5 Build 19221227
- ConnectionSetup v3.1 Build 19221923
- ContacktPicker v1.0 Build 20113132
- ContactUtilityEngine v1.2 Build 20113727
- DatDisconnect v1.14.0.1
- DeviceInfo v2.7.1.0
- DRM Middleware v1.5 Build 19221328
- DShow v2.0 Build 20113730
- EmailSetupWizard v2.3 Build 20122125
- eReader Engine v1.0 Build 20112823
- eReader Library v1.0 Build 20112825
- eReader Reader v1.0 Build 20112511
- ExtNewPhoneSetting v1.0 Build 19193232
- Facebook Engine v1.1 Build 20121827
- Field Test v2.19.0.0
- FlashLiteShareDll v1.0 Build 19201927
- FM Radio v2.0 Build 19181421
- Footcam v1.26 Build 19213627
- FootprintsThumbViewer v1.0 Build 19212227
- FootprintsVE v2.0 Build 19221924
- Footprints Engine v1.1 Build 19224027
- FormatSD v1.
- FullScreenPlayer v1.8 Build 20113120
- GoogleLocationService v1.0.1.22
- GroupEditor v1.0 Build 20111733
- GSensorCalibrator v1.1 Build 19223329
- HTCAnimation v1.3.5.2
- HTCApplication v1.17.1.0
- HTCBirthday v1.2.0.0
- HTCBookmark v1.0 Build 20111623
- HTCFDN v1.8.0.0
- HTCFontLink v1.0 Build 19132133
- HTCFramework v1.5 Build 19223320
- HTCGeoService v1.0 Build 20112520
- HTCMessage v1.09.281.2
- HTCMessaging Client v1.5 Build 20121931
- HTCNaviMgr v1.0 Build 19221430
- HTCScroll v2.0 Build 19221326
- HTCSettings v1.4.3.0
- HTCStartUp v1.7.0.0
- HTCUtil v4.12.0.3
- IE6Enhancement v1.0 Build 19224019
- IME Engine Western v2.1 Build 20113225
- IME EzInput Western v2.1 Build 20122024
- IME Tutorial v1.0 Build 19221430
- InvokeSIMMgr v1.12.0.1
- LockscreenAppLauncher v1.0 Build 19221331
- LockstreamDRM v1.2 Build 091113_O9
- Long Press End Key v1.5 Build 19221332
- Manila Calendar v2.5 Build 20111823
- Manila Core 2.5 Build 20121412
- Manila DocumentBrowser v2.5 Build 20121926
- Manila eReader v2.5 Build 20113722
- Manila Footprints v2.5 Build 20111529
- Manila Home v2.5 Build 20113626
- Manila Internet v2.5 Build 20113925
- Manila Mail v2.5 Build 20121822
- Manila Message v2.5 Build 20121820
- Manila Music v2.5 Build 19224026
- Manila People v2.5 Build 20113030
- Manila Photo v2.5 Build 19224023
- Manila Settings v2.5 Build 20121231
- Manila Stock v2.5 Build 20111730
- Manila Twitter v2.5 Build 20111731
- Manila Weather v2.5 Build 20121525
- MediaToolkit v1.2 Build 20113121
- Message Enhancement v1.2 Build 19224032
- mHub VO v1.8 Build 091221 X1
- Mute v1.1.2.0
- MyCPL v3.13.0.6
- NewMailAccount v1.11.0.1
- New Contact Card v1.1 Build 20113729
- Notification Enhancement v3.5 Build 20121421
- OOBE v1.0 Build 20111726
- PhoneCanvas v3.50 Build 36265
- PhoneSetting v6.43.0.0
- Picture Enhancement v1.50 Build 19221924
- PKG v1.1.0.0
- Power v3.6.0.0
- QuickGPS v2.0 Build 19223429
- Random Access v4.2 Build 19183026
- Redial v1.3.0.0
- Ressource Proxy v1.0 Build 19221324
- Ringtone Plugin v1.0 Build 19221426
- RunCC v1.1.b.0
- SensorSDK v4.2 Build 20113726
- Settings Improvement v1.0 Build 20111623
- SharedRessource v1.0 Build 20111720
- Shared Modules v1.01 Build 20113224
- SignatureReplace v1.5.0.0
- SimContactImport 3.4 Build 19221923
- SimLock v4.28.0.0
- SIM Mgr v6.76.0.1
- SlidingSound v1.2.4.0
- Social Networks Engine v1.1 Build 20113927
- StartIconLoader v2.5 Build 20113129
- STK Service v4.94.0.1
- STK UIPPC v4.76.0.0
- StorageLow v1.0.0.2
- Streaming Media v3.1 Build 20111522
- Streaming SDK v2.7 Build 19212819
- Teeter v2.0 Build 19223825
- Text Selection v1.0 Build 19221329
- TimeZoneAutoFix v1.0 Build 19222424
- TVOutPopUp v1.2 Build 19213628
- TVOutSettings v2.14.0.1
- USB To PC Pop Up v2.3 Build 20111720
- USSD Service v4.38.0.0
- VBookmarkMgr v1.0 Build 19213624
- Video telephony v2.5 Build 34646
- Voice Recorder v2.0 Build 20113911
- VoluemControl v2.2 Build 20112524
- WiFi Wizard v1.24.3.0
- WiFiSettings v1.2.5.2
- WLANSettings v2.7.10.0
- Youtube v2.6 Build 19224122
- zlibce m v1.2.30.00

Additional Tools:
- AppToDate v2 Build 081218
- eNative WM6.5.x PositionFix
- Gen.Y Dualboot v1.0.5.0
- GfxBoost v1.2
- GoogleMaps Mobile v4.0.0.81
- GPS Tweaker
- HTC GPS Tool v1.3.2.26
- Manila eBook Tab Indexer v0.4
- Manila TV Player v2.5
- NeoS2007 OpenVG Beta 3
- NetCF v3.5
- NewFileOpenDialog
- Notepad
- Opera Mini 5
- oVi's Windroid Project Icons
- PIM Backup v2.8
- Sense 2.5 Co0kies Home Tab v1.6.1
- Sense 2.5 Co0kies Home Tab Settings Editor v1.6.1
- Sense 2.5 Co0kies Home Tab Advanced v1.6.1
- Sense 2.5 Flip Clock OFF
- Sun Java v3.1 Build 20091109.3.1.0
- Slide2Shutdown v1.1
- SMSInboxThreading v1.35.0.0
- X2 Task Manager
- Xtrakt
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Aug 9, 2007
The WWE versions are in english.

Two things I noticed:

My soft keyboard stopped working after a while
There's no browser installed, which is a good and a bad thing. There's not even the new IE.


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Dec 21, 2004
Just a quick question - is this German only??
Take a look into topic, there you could see your answer: [[WWE]|GER]

The WWE versions are in english.

Two things I noticed:

My soft keyboard stopped working after a while
There's no browser installed, which is a good and a bad thing. There's not even the new IE.
Well, Opera 10 Beta 2u is pre-installed and should be the default browser! Strange behaviour! :confused:


New member
Dec 26, 2008
on dis ROM windows Live dosnt work.
it dosnt start.
i have tray older versions and the newest.
Any Ideer?
the rest of the ROM is perfect.


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Nov 25, 2008
23519 congratulation

It's a nice ROM (HTC Version), but as I can not connect to WiFi and the settings for my AT&T SimCard are not found I can not use it. In other ROM's if you change the SIM card the settings come automaticaly. So I wait for next beta

Greetings from NY:)


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Dec 21, 2004
hiya, im currently running this ROM but it seems to be missing some of the settings.

Any idea how I could get back:
Screen orientation settings & End Key settings?
Thanks, will activate them with the next release!

It's a nice ROM (HTC Version), but as I can not connect to WiFi and the settings for my AT&T SimCard are not found I can not use it. In other ROM's if you change the SIM card the settings come automaticaly. So I wait for next beta

Greetings from NY:)
That's because I removed some useless stuff in my eyes: Connection Setting (installable as cab file) and the SIMContacts-thingy as examples! They are useless and a waste of memory since I got about 8-10 MB more without them than inlcuding them!

By the way: I removed the animated backgrounds and avatars, too! Gave me about 4 MB! :eek:


Senior Member
Jan 2, 2008
hallo animelover,

würde gerne auf ersten seite ein animierten hintergrund haben wollen,
ich kann es zwar auswählen aber s wird nicht angezeigt:confused:
kannst du helfen, oder hast du eine ...cap dafür zur instalation?



New member
Aug 22, 2009
First of all, great ROM, great looking and the speed is very nice and I love the system loading screen...

But few problems and ideas...

I donno why but my touchscreen keyboard dont work. It shows up, space, enter and the arrows works fine but nothing happens when letter is pushed. Tryed also a landscape touchkeyboard and that works fine...

Next thing is poweroffwarning.exe crashing, so basicaly you cannot turn it off by the button :)

And the ideas... I very miss the lock button (long push for home botton), could you add it? So I miss the total commander a musthave for WM...

And finaly about a connection setup... Do you realy want to save memory here? Its pain in the ass setting up the conetions manualy...

Thanks for reading and keep up the good work :)
Btw i used CleanBlackRhodium3WWEDusk


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Dec 21, 2004
Will upload next ROM until Monday with full featured Manila 2012 from Rhodium S2 2.07.707.1 ROM, please be patient!

For now everything is working without poblems and the remaing bugs are mostly cosmetical nature! :D


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Apr 12, 2008
ok flashed my brandnew rhodium with ur beta 2 ROM. all fine so far. works indeed good.

but i miss the transcriber (and so on) function. also i miss, at a lot formfields where to input text, the softkeyboard - and special i miss the "telefontastatur" softkeyboard function (looks like a regular numberfield with 3 letters on each button). any CABs out there?

also i have trouble to get my plantronics BT headset (single-ear) connected to the phone (but that was already an issue with original ROM). headset is for sure working. any ideas how to connect it? is there something different between smartphone and ppc when it comes to connect a headset? (stupid question i know)

still at testing and searching for real errors in ur cooked meal ;)

but keep on the good work with ur german cooking! there are not many people who cook for german users.


Senior Member
Nov 25, 2008
4 colums and more shortcut's

Hi I think your ROM is stable and the WiFi works for me now.
do you have the cab for more colums and short cut's
Nice weekend;)


Jan 13, 2010
Great work, its a great improvement from previous beta, which itself was even very good.

I had a little issue with WLAN, I had to soft-reset my phone before it stopped claiming the key is wrong (which wasn't the case). Then it logged in without problemes with the previous false-claimed key - even before I finished entering my SIM-PIN ;-)

In Comm Manager, when I click on "Bluetooth" (not on the on-off-Button to switch it on or off, that works, but on the "normal" entry to open up the bluetooth-preferences) the WLAN-preferences show up. Tried that several times. The click is registered at the right place, so I think the entry is linked wrong.
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