[16.Feb][SD/MAGDLR]MccM MixTheme MT V7.2 [Sense 2.1+Magazines]GB 2.3.3 [email protected]

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Oct 23, 2008
Hi, I have a problem overclocking with setcpu.. all is working fine until I reboot the phone, if I tick set on startup it freezes and I need at least 3 reboot to avoid the freeze. The problem is that the phone autoreset the internal memory in this process. I followed the instructions on first post for setcpu and autokiller memory and did nothing else.

i noticed that while overclocked it tooks more than 5 hours to full charge my battery, while it took less than 2 if not. is this normal?
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    [SD/MAGDLR]MccM MixTheme MT V7.2 [Sense 2.1+Magazines]Android 2.3.3 Fast and Furious !!!!!

    U will have full function Sense 3.0 Lockscreen !!

    Ace S 2.36.405.8 WWE Release base, 2.3.3 android

    This is MixTheme that i Theme up for my own used on this Sense 2.1 [Desire S] BUILD for more eye candy ;) Now i share it to u :D

    Youtube :HTC Sense 2.1 on HTC Desire S

    If u having problem Please continue read #2 post .

    We are putting countless hours on this Build so If you want to post this rom in your site please ask permission,and put the source link above:http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1143944




    or http://www.filefactory.com/file/c298fef/n/MccM_MixTheme_MT_V7.2_Sense+Magazines.zip
    (No more mirror please. Thanks.)

    Boot with MAGLDR
    Boot with MAGDLR: Added this File HERE ~ Thanks Boxmax

    Function :
    Arabic FIX ~ HERE ~ Thanks BoxmaX
    Auto Data connection
    The UI smooth and fast
    In call volume is Loud
    Leds working (blinking)
    WiFi Tethering ~ Download 'Barnacle Wifi Tether' from market
    USB Tethering ~ Used Easy Tether
    Video playback
    Making call
    Music player
    FM Radio
    No lag
    No SOD

    Changelog Version 7.2 :
    Still with Kernel Hastarin 8.5.1 kernel with wake up fix ~ the best with sense 2.1 for now.
    Tweak for more Smoothness
    New Bootanimation
    Remove ICS Launcher ~ U can get it HERE
    Added Magazines SSLauncher ~ thanks CHYK 'some tips to customize SSLauncher'

    Autokiller memory ~ Best setting HERE
    Home switcher app ~ Switching between HTC and SSLauncher


    What Is Cooking ? MixTheme :
    After countless hours in MccM kitchen .This is the ingredients that i Mixed with ;)

    Kalagas Mixed Theme ~ thx to Kalagas
    Semi/Glass/Full transparent mods ~ thx to amresh
    Coredroid Theme ~ Sergio76 and Coredroid Team

    Three In ONE :D Become MixTheme now with Glass Look ~ All credit to them

    MccM splash screen : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=19022359&postcount=269 ~ thx mlkjuggalo :D

    Do not [restart] Always [power off] and [power on].Restarting for some reason makes the phone not stable for Sense build
    Fresh install to avoid strange bugs

    Needs fix :
    Camcorder now only with 320x240


    1) HTC logo: 1~3 minutes [If longer than that u had to reboot again] :(
    2)Bootanimation : 4 minutes
    3)HTC Sense: just waited 2~3 minutes for Setting up Lockscreen and u can unlock the screen
    4)Press Wait for FC ~ Please read #post 2 if u having problem
    5)Let the builds settle down for 5 minute before u done any setting or installation apps
    ......Done Enjoy



    [B][COLOR="Red"]Changelog[/COLOR] V7.1 :discussion V7.1 start on post 279 [/B]
    [B]Kernel Hastarin 8.5.1 kernel with wake up fix 
    Tweak for more RAM ~ Heavy multitask and Gamers Ave RAM 200 mb 
    Tweak for Louder Media and Ringtone Volume with less background noise 
    Advance Power Menu Fix ~ BIG THANKS TO hands9998. [COLOR="Red"]Small bugs[/COLOR] : [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=18959327&postcount=3449"]HERE[/URL] OR [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=19077114&postcount=286"]Return to OLD POWER MENU[/URL]
    GPS TY2.1 include out of the Box
    CRT Fix ~ BIG BIG Thank to dungphp
    Gfx ~ Fix
    Flash player ~ Fix


    [B][COLOR="Blue"]What is fix on MT V7[/COLOR][/B] :
    [I][B]Hastarin kernel 8.6 with wakeup lag fix 
    Wakeup lag ~ wakeup in 1sec = thanks [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1222427"]mdebeljuh and jdivic[/URL]
    Low incall volume ~ Now Loud 'advise' when your girl friend call better lower down the volume ;)
    Flash player Browser working
    New 1gb data.img ~ more fast installation apps 
    Native Usb transfer 
    MMS now with clear image~ thanks Angeldeath 
    Ram optimization 
    SD Card Reading Speed increase
    White Background ~ fix 
    Very fast download from market 
    GPS_Libraries_v1.7_RPC ~ More stable report by most members  [/B][/I]

    MccMBoxmaX GS V6.2 Lite DOWNLOAD HERE kernel [Raf 1.9 OC] ~ Better BT Paring
    [B][I]ChangeLog [/I][/B]:
    [B][I]Internal system memory up to 100 mb :eek:
    Data connection not stabe FIX :)
    Customize taskbar and dropdown 'QuickSetting' icon :)
    Customize Sense 3 Locksreen 'Ring'
    Some Tweak for stabilization  [/I][/B]

    MccMBoxmaX GS V6.1 DOWNLOAD HERE [/COLOR]kernel [Raf 1.9 OC] ~ Better BT Paring

    [B][I]Changelog :
    Tweak for more light and fast
    Latest HTC Camera
    Camcorder fix with 320x240 recording :) Big thanks to [B]BoxmaX [/B]~ using MIUI Camera will have higher recording :)
    New Bootanimation  
    Higher Ram memory 230 mb / Ave 200 mb :D
    How to get 200 mb of RAM [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=15274009&postcount=103"][B][I][COLOR="Blue"] HERE [/COLOR][/I][/B][/URL]

    MccMBoxmaX GS V6.0 DOWNLOAD HERE kernel [Raf 1.9 OC] ~ Better BT Paring

    MccMBoxmaX GS V6.0 DOWNLOAD HERE kernel [Tytung r10] ~ Smooth :)

    Boot with MAGLDR HERE ~ Thanks to Anthonayy for sharing this :)

    [B][I]Changelog :
    1)Lockscreen icon now show :)
    2)The HTC clock weather video~ fully function .
    3)The UI still very smooth 
    4)The battery % like v4.0 'i like it' :)
    5)Delay 2~3 sec call fix for Gingerbread 2.3.3
    6)1st Boot u get 200 mb of RAM ~ Ave 200 mb of RAM :)
    Others u have to test it your self

    We are more and more closed to Daily Used build :D ~ is time to show of to ur friend ha ha ...

    Edit : U can replace v7.1 data.img on this update version . u won't lose ur setting . But if u having weird bugs just fresh install.[/I][/B] .

    Skins for HTC Sense 2.1 roms we customize it yeh :D


    [Icons] + [Docks] [WL Themes] Niteowl Semi Sense Icons + Sense 3 Docks and WL Themes ~ HERE

    Instruction :
    SD Version : Used this cab for Booting Android Android Loader v6.0 Final for HD2
    Ok now, i write an instructional guide the best i can
    - Download the 'MccM' version.Unzip. Extract the 'Android' folder to root of your SD Card.
    - After you have done all the steps go into Android folder and tap CLRCAD (for working sound), and after that just tap HaRET
    -Booting ..

    Boot with MAGDLR:

    1- copy folder (Android) to SD Card .
    2- Boot in MAGDLR powering on your phone while you press the power button until MAGDLR appears.
    3- Select "SERVICES"
    4- Select "BOOT SETTINGS"
    5- Select "AD SD Dir"
    6- Select the "ANDROID" folder or the folder where you dropped the rom.
    7- Now select "BOOT AD SD" and wait boot .....

    Special Thanks to :
    Cotulla - for making all this possible
    BoxmaX- Best Team mate ;)
    JohnKhoo - Beta tester
    Coredroid Team
    seo and team
    All Dev OP that contributed on Sense 2.1 and Sense 3.0 :D
    Rafpigna - Kernel [Rafpigna 1.9 OC]
    noellenchris - Advise

    I spend countless hours on polishing and modified the Build so that it can more Stable and Good for Daily used ~downloading, flashing, reflashing, testing..So, if you like my work and u want to buy me a coffee, I will appreciate it you can do this here DONATE otherwise a click on the "thanks" button is still a good idea :D
    from 4th nov to 5th nov hope it'l not move to sixth

    We are waiting......................nice chef. Hard work...........nice man...........happy people................happy man...........

    Just hit the Thanks Button ... the magic will appear :D:D

    Build is ready just need some final Tweak ...
    If u having problems

    1)Make a copy of [1gb data.img] i prepare for u , just in case the build get unstable .

    2)Let the Build SETTLE. After each boot & Reboots, let the build settle for 1-2 mins before attempting to use it.

    3)Upon boot receive a 'Sorry, system not responding' message,click on wait and all is ok

    4) System is freezing a lot ~ Run Fix Permissions in Rom Manager than reboot .

    5) High battery drain ~ Kill all apps 'using Task Killer' on Background before off screen. And if still high battery drain just Restart the Phone using 'Quick Boot' app.

    6)Robotic Sound when making calls ~ Make a free call press 'speaker' and off again.. Done

    7)End button for off or restart Build didn't works ~ Install 'Quick Boot' from market

    NOTE: Guys u can update the 'Quick Boot' TO 'Quick Boot Plus' for HOT REBOOT function ~ no need to return to WM for second booting :D

    8)Use "morelocale2" to get Traditional Chinese or others Language .

    9)Data transfer not stable ~ used app call 'Dual Mount SD' for transfer data .

    10)Is there any possibility to customize MAC ADDRESS ~ HERE thanks to 'TarekNajem04' for sharing this :)

    11)Regarding to black screen after call - are you using Set Cpu? If yes try to turn it off and check if this helps. I have had similar problem on some other builds - when the cpu clock is set to low it causes mentioned problem.~ Thanks to bigu1975

    12)Wifi improving : HERE Thanks 'tenaciousmetal' for sharing this :)
    Guys update version will in this few hours ;) stay tune ..

    For Heavy multitasking and Gamers :D:D

    Press the Thanks button again guys ... target 2900 break 3000..;)
    Patiently waiting...:D

    Ha ha now the build have change to MccM MixTheme MT V 7.0 :)

    Still make some tweak on it to be more eye candy and stable to used ;)

    And i theme it to GLASS Look :) just press the thanks button to 1800 mhz :D