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[17.01.23] I N975F I N976B I N976N I N970F I Dr.Ketan ROM I OneUI 4.1 I OneUI 3.1

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Sep 22, 2007

After unlocking bootloader and installing the ROM we get bootloader unlocked and custom os intalled screen when turning phone on, can we get rid of that somehow?
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Feb 7, 2017
Is any solution step by step what to do for working google pay/wallet? I use essential fix, gpay fix, denylist wallet in magisk and still dont working.


Jun 11, 2016
Camera Issue Final Fix (Updated TWRP & Custom Kernel to New Base)

As mentioned earlier, third party selfie camera for third party app was broken on Q10 because of lacking of TWRP & Kernel from latest source code. Now it is available and posted in Download area/Q/N975F_N976B_N976N/Root_TWRP/

All Q10 users of N975/6 requested to flash above said TWRP & Kernel after flashing Q10

After this fix, you will have latest TWRP & Custom Kernel & no more required to use combo key to reboot to system with root.

Q10 for N970F Will be available in few minutes (untested). N970F already have included new kernel, N970F users needs to flash newer TWRP & Kernel just before flashing Q10, and no needs to flash after flashing ROM. N970F users needs to update bootloader & modem if TWRP showing black screen only.

hey dr. where is the fix? I cant find it, is the download area is the one on your site "download rom'? if yes there are files for android 11 and 12 but im on android 10 Q10

also , on S07 with tweaks pro , secure folder works?

thank you for the hard work


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hey dr. where is the fix? I cant find it, is the download area is the one on your site "download rom'? if yes there are files for android 11 and 12 but im on android 10 Q10

also , on S07 with tweaks pro , secure folder works?

thank you for the hard work
Q version rom support stopped long time ago
Secure folder should work in ROM itself


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Nov 8, 2016


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Jun 11, 2016
rom :s07 ,I notice that I can launch twrp only while phone connected to pc with cable, is it suppose to be like this?
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Nov 8, 2016
well then I'll say it, this is the only ROM that can be used flawlessly on this phone (N975F) on the entire XDA, it's a pity! the phone itself is almost flawless and I'm not willing to replace it yet, but for example magisk can only be updated if I replace the kernel? why is this


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Nov 9, 2018
ChangeLog S07 (OneUI 4.1 for N975F/N976B/N*/N970F)

  • Based on N975FXXS8HVL3 Jan 2023 security patch OneUI 4.1
  • SafetyNet & GPay Fix : Pre-Fixed (Appying Essential Fix)
  • New Call record : Native Manual & Auto call record (Won't break with Phone app update if any) with native feature (Phone settings - Record call). Enable from ROM Tool → Mods & Misc Fix → Auto Call Record
  • Kernel Included with Magisk 25.2
  • Added option to intall LSPOsed while applying essential Fix
  • Details of ROM features available below.
PS : On Clean Installing ROM, you may not have magisk pre-installed but mau have stub installed. Either update from stub or Install magisk apk manually.

Samsung Base Chanelog
  • The security of your device has been improved.
TweaksPro version requires 4.1.0 or up

Important Instructions for setting up ROM (NEW)

- In case clean installing ROM
  • On first boot, Check for Magiak app, you may needs to update stub/Install apk manually. open magisk and complete the additional setings if asked for, else exit the magisk app. (Don't setup any option in magisk now)
  • Then open ROM Tool, Apply essential fix and Reboot
  • After reboot SfetyNet should pass. You can use this app from playstore or This from Github to check SafetyNet. (ROM Tool Essential fix also give option to install this app) There is separate SafetyNex Fix option available in ROM Tool - Mods & Misc fix - SafetyNet fix, You can use anytime if needed.
  • Now you can further setup ROM a per your liking. Also MagikHide is Configure Denylist now and available under Magisk Settings.
  • Since A12 Stable Magisk not working and new Magisk doesn't have buil-in Module repo, You can get standalone module manager from here For more details and queries about new magisk ref this (ROM Tool Essential fix also give option to install this app)
- In case dirty install (You can try if you are on DrKetan ROM previous version but we DO NOT RECOMMENDED)
  • Clear ROM Tool data
  • Before installing ROM, uninstall Magisk manager from app drawer
  • After ROM installation, update Magisk from installed stub
  • Then Follow above instruction for clean installation
  • In case you have any issue after dirty install, don't post queries on thread, we don't support dirty install, simply go with clean install.
PS : Plz don't install any other mods for SafetyNet, All queries related to Magisk/SafetyNet will be ignored if already explained above

  • If you are on A11 and updating to A12, we recommended to flash Stock firmware once, If not full, at least download your regional A12 stock firmare - Extract Home_CSC*.tar.md file and flash using Odin ith CSC tab. Also it is better if you flash CSC everytime flash updated version of ROM.
  • New base have updated bootloader so if you are running previous base, you must needs to update Bootloader & Modem else device may not boot. BL and Modem available in download area
  • Included DrKetan/Cruel kernel which is compiled with source code from cruel-kernel Thanks and credit to @ evdenis for kernel. Here is OP for kernel & source code
  • Clean Install is recommended always.
  • Don't Install any module related to SafetyNet Fix/Busybox/Multidisabler etc, Everything is included in ROM itself.
  • Magisk is built in custom kernel, SO DON'T update/flash magisk, else it will cause bootloop, In case this happens by mistake, re-run ROM zip, skip everything but Flash kernel and finish installation.
Important notes for N976B/N
  • This ROM is fully Single ROM for N975F and N976B/N and N970F ,While flashing ROM, N976 must select N976 kernel from aroma.
  • N976 may have network only after Applying ROM Tool essential fix + Reboot. ROM Tool will detect device and patch it accordingly.
  • We do not support dual SIM variant of N976 device, So you may have only one IMEI after setting up ROM. Some users reported Dual SIM working if you manually add Access Point for it.
Important notes for N970F
  • During Installation, select N970F kernel.

ROM Features

- Ad Free QS Panel Toggle
- SafetyNet Pre-fixed
- Reboot to recovery QS Panel Toggle
- Native call recorder (Manual) While you are on call - click 3 dot - Record (Should work without CSC restriction)
- Auto Call Record (See below ROM Tool)
- Removed many stubs & common bloatwares (tried to preserve most functions though)
- QuickStar without CSC dependency
- More secure OEM patch.
- High Volume warning disabled
- Dual SIM + SD card pre patched
- Pre fixed Titanium freezing while restoring apps
- Probable fix for Titanium Backup schedule
- Internet browser Secret mode
- S Health patch for using with rooted device.
- Zero page S21 like option for Samsung Free/Google discovery
- Essential fix it will ask to install A. Yasanac Safety checker app B. Swift Backup C. FOX magisk module manager
- ROM Tool with following Options
  • Long Press Home customization : Select Device assistance as LP Home from settings, then select if you want to use it to assign to any
  • AdFree mode Enable/Disable
  • Single click install/uninstall custom fonts (on the fly)
  • YouTube Vanced Installer (No xposed requires)
    1. NonRoot - Requires MicroG to login
    2. Root - Truely alternate to Youtube, Can login to youtube without MicroG
  • You have to click on NonRoot/Root depending on your choice, then you needs to click "Install" tab and latest version of Youtube vanced will get installed.
  • StatusBar Icons
    1. Show/Hide stock battery
    2. Show/Hide 3minit battery
    3. show/hide stock clock
    4. show/hide 3minit clock
    5. Show/Hide multiple SB Icons & Clock position (Quick Star) (Needs R update to work)
  • ROM Control - See below
  • GoodLock
  • Mods & Fix
    1. Auto Call Record
    2. Titanium backup FC fix
    3. Google Pay Fix
    4. SafetyNet Fix
    5. Added camera fix (Certain users reported camera failed issue. This is reported on stock too, here is someworkaroung meanwhile samsung fix it)
    6. Option to freeze CID manage (If some CSC have SIM change popup)
    7. Install Dolby Atom sound.
    8. SamsungHealth (You can use latest samsung health) and Private share fix
  • Update & Fix
- ROM Control (systemUI preferences)
  • Battery Bar with thickness and color option
  • Network meter with Toggle (Lt/Rt/Quick Panel/None) with color option
  • Virtual Keys - Statusbar virtual key (Left (Menu) / Centre(Home) /Right Power) )
PS : There may be few more options in ROM control but won't work if those are not mentioned here.

Known Bug/Tips/Fix

  • 3 minit users can use 3minit battery paid version for free. Check this (Thanks to gharrington )
  • Tips on TWRP and App Backup/Restore Read Here
  • May I have TWRP flashable Bootloader & Modem ? - NO, I never provide it. Read here why.

I recommend clean Installation only. If you are able to handle consequences with dirty flash then proceed, but don't post bugs in forum without clean installing ROM.

Installation : Refer to Installation note available in ROM download area.

Download : DrKetanROM.com

PS : This is a fully customized ROM and for end users only, ROM or any part of ROM not allowed to redistribute,modify or to use as base to prepare new ROM.

STATUS : Online
N976N Bootloader and modem "Not in Mediafire download folder". i no longer have imei infomation.
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Jun 11, 2016
I have had this issue too, never notice as I don't use air action so keeping air action toggle off.
When ever I enable air connect it aways show fluctuating 10% to 100% and using air action, getting disconnected in few second
- Updated bootloader (before that it was not updated)
- Deleted data/misc/Bluetooth and data/misc/bluedroid
- blown air in spen room
- reset s pen from air action-three dot

Now since 30 min it works as it should and charging 100% and discharging normally after using air action
S07,having this issue,i followed the instructions ,except updating bootloader since its updated from the latest files that you provided in download area ,still the problem persist

edit:I now also flashed the bootloader + modem that you provided , and followed the steps again , the issue is still occurs
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Sep 22, 2007
On S07 in network connection can LTE only be enabled please? I have tried some 3rd party apps but they are all junk full of ads and often fail to switch network properly. Thanks!


Senior Member
Mar 8, 2015

Dear ROM Users
Before you expect too much with this ROM, let me say,
Routinely I support device 2-3 yrs, but here Its been about 4 yrs started N10 project and hardly skipped updates and that too lately in last few months. Now it's time to end. Though I am planning to release last version of ROM (probably with April update itself) and that will be likely with Magisk 25.2 only (uness can fix some Magisk 26+ issue on N10 devices) But I can't promise if any future version will release or not.
My sincere thanks to all users for amazing support & showering lots of love with this project
Again Thanking you all.
hi master doctor.on how meany days its out? the last version of ROM..and thnaks for 3 years best rom for note 10+

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