[17Jun20][Guide] [P/Q]How to root Note10/Note 10+ & Flash TWRP (Exynos only)

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Nov 11, 2012
Ok. So I think I have it filtered down to a simpler process, that works with Magisk and TWRP. I think... It worked for me.

Android 11 (R)

Download the firmware, and extract as instructed in this OP
Download TWRP .img (not img.tar)
Copy the AP from the stock firmware to phone external SD card
Copy the TWRP .img file to the same folder on the phone.
Use Magisk to patch the AP file.
Use Magisk to patch the TWRP .img file
(be sure to not confuse the files above since they ae both similar in name.
Move both files back to computer.
If want to and you are using Windows, go to the file explorer and click view tab, options/change folder and search options, view tab, and remove check from "hide extensions of known file types" This will show the file extension and will assist in identifying the 2 different files)
Make a copy of the AP file so you have one as your original and a working copy.
Download and install 7zip. (winrar or similar doesn't work. I think only 7zip works, at least that's what I've found)
Open your working copy of the Magisk patched AP file with 7zip.
**These next few steps will take many minutes each step**
Delete the recovery.img from the archive. (**10 mins +/-**)
Rename the Magisk patched TWRP file to recovery.img (same as the name of the file you just deleted)
Copy the renamed Magisk TWRP file (Now recovery.img) into the archive (**10 mins +/-**)
Now you have the Magisk patched AP file with the Magisk patched TWRP recovery image file contained within.
Flash this AP file to your phone with Odin. I just flashed the AP file, but I had already flashed all the other things(BL, CP, CSC) previously.

Reboot with the button combo, and check Magisk to make sure the top one says its installed.
(I find that holding the power and vol up until the 3rd screen appears, well its pretty much the same screens just switching a little but you'll see it switch 3 times, as soon as you see the 3d one release. You have to have the USB cable connected which is a pain but as always Dr. Ketan rom comes trough and fixes this. It is a great ROM but missing all the fancy customizations.)

Then as a best practice... Make a TWRP backup of this stock root. Select Boot, Recovery, System Image, Product Image, Data, Baseband, EFS. This way if you mess up, or lose your IEMI you can always restore your stock root and start over. Some ROMS require stock before flashing and this make it easier to revert back to stock if you are switching ROMS.

EDIT: So something really strange happens when I do this above process.
My phone is a 256GB but when I do the above it changes the internal storage to 32GB.

Anyone know how to fix this?
or better yet, know how to root and install TWRP?
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Jun 5, 2017
hi,this method is not working for android 12 even with magisk 24.1 stable,magisk is not detecting root anymore,dr.ketan could you check this method in android 12 using 24.1 magisk?
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Jan 1, 2021
Is there any way to root N971N korean version? Bootloader has been unlocked but oem-unlocking option is gone!
P.S. android 12

P.S. i got to solve missing OEM option. just by connecting wireless conection after 1-2 min it appears :)
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Jan 1, 2021
I followed the instruction but no root access. instead it shows a Toost Notification says:
back-up : fail
setup-wizard [ FINISH ]
if I boot normally this msg wont show!
besides I can not boot to recovery menu at all. keeping whole time side + vol+ boots to system

P.S. Android 12
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Jan 1, 2021
Same method - Patch AP file with magisk. Use magisk canary instead of stable to patch AP file
TWRP may available after Samsung release kernel Source code
It works for me but I need to use this method:
turn off phone
connect a cable to a pc (using a hub!)
connect the cable to the phone
let it turns on (charging screen)
hold side key + vol+ till splach screen
release the keys.
N971N Andrpid12
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Jun 5, 2017
Yeah. But I tried Canary Magisk!
but I need to connect it with a hub! if I connect it directly to the PC it wont work! Even I saw some people use this trick by using USB-C headphone!
so after flashing and wiping the data,you use
Yeah. But I tried Canary Magisk!
but I need to connect it with a hub! if I connect it directly to the PC it wont work! Even I saw some people use this trick by using USB-C headphone!
so in order to boot phone with magisk we should connect to a usb C headphone or to pc with a hub,then use power+vol down keys?


Jan 1, 2021
so after flashing and wiping the data,you use
Miladj78 I sent you a private msg. plz check it.

I followed the instruction. but there was no magisk app.
I installed the app but there was no root.
then I restart the phone and noticed I can not boot to the recovery at all!
so I find a way to reboot to the recovery by connecting the cable to the pc.
SO: for gaining root access follow the structure to boot to the recovery but this time just hold buttons for a shorter duration.
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May 4, 2020
I cant get my Note 10 into Download or Recovery Mode. I tried 2 different laptops, every usb port, with and without a hub.
All this happened after i patched the Android 12 AP with Magisk (Canary) and tried to update it and ended into a bricked device. After restoring to stock Android 12, i noticed that i have a Star Wars (?) Special firmware where i still could go into Download Mode (holding vol+ and vol- and connecting it to my pc) but after i restored it again with a normal firmware i cant get into either the download mode or the recovery menu. What i can try is to use a USB-C headphone but i dont know where i can find one since i dont know where my phone box is. Anyone with another idea how i can boot into download mode ?


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Jan 24, 2014
Does anyone know if you can update Magisk from within the app, or do we have to flash a custom firmware each time?

I put my phone in a bootloop last year doing it from within the app but not sure if it's just because I did something wrong, or if it's just not possible on Note 10.

Edit: If you searched and found this, the answer is, "Yes", you can do it from within the app, just make sure you leave the Recovery option ticked on.
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Apr 16, 2013
With my Note 10+ the key combinations for Recovery and System with Magisk only work if the smartphone is connected to the PC via USB cable (with only the charger does not work).
In fact, I am literally went crazy to root it, before understanding this detail.
Does anyone know the reason and, more importantly, a solution that doesn’t force me to have a computer handy in case I have to reboot in root mode in mobility?


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Sep 15, 2016
Samsung Galaxy S10e
when rooted OS is running, try to use the power button and chose shut down instead of restart. it should start with root again when phone will be turned on by power button.
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    How to Root Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ & Flash TWRP (Exynos Only)

    NOTICE :

    Before you move further, make clear that rooting device -
    - Your warranty will be void
    - Some of functions may not work on rooted device, some function may get back with un rooting, some may never.
    - All your data on device will be lost
    - Flashing custom binaries may brick (Usually soft but can be hard brick too) your device, so follow it on your own risk!

    If you are ready with condition, move further -

    Important : Since android Q, there is changes in rooting process, specially if you needs root with TWRP, So here I am dividing this guide in two parts.

    1.Root with self preparing files (No TWRP) - Here you needs to patch stock files yourself. No TWRP installed.
    2.Root with TWRP - You needs to just flash pre-patched files, Here you needs to have ROM installed same base as per files available. Though mostly latest verson will be available.

    PART 1 : (Root Pie/Q base with magisk with patching files yourself, No TWRP)

    Before moving to root device, must read every single instruction given below as any small mistake can lead to fail to achieve root or may brick the device.

    A.Preparing Root files

    You need to patch file to flash using Odin to root device.
    1. Download stock firmware for your device (google search will give you many sites to download it) some common are e.g. Sammobile, Samfirmware tool)
    you need to download file according your region and model (Dial *#1234# will give you details of existing firmware, download accordingly)

    2. Once you finish download, extract files and keep all files on PC. From extracted files a file with name AP_[device_model_sw_ver].tar.md5 copy to your device.

    3.Download Latest Magisk Manager and Install to your device

    4.Open Magisk Manager - Magisk (first one) - Install - select to "Select and Patch file" - Navigate file you have copied to device (AP_[device_model_sw_ver].tar.md5)

    5.Magisk Manager will patch the whole firmware file and store the output to [Internal Storage]/Download/magisk_patched.tar

    6.Copy patched file magisk_patched.tar to Your PC

    7.Download latest Odin (one is attached to end of this post) and extract to a folder on PC (I recommend on desktop)

    Now next step is to modification on device

    B. Unlocking Bootloader

    This is a basic step to root device. Go to settings - about phone - Software Information - tap multiple times on "Build number" - This will open developer option.
    Now in settings at the end, you will have new option "Developer options" - look for OEM unlocking - Enable it.

    (PS : If you don't see this option then you may need to wait up to 7 days or more to appear or may be on some operator you will get it never. Without this option you can not root your device, sorry!)

    Once you have enable OEM unlock option, switch off your device and reboot to download mode.
    To put device in download mode - Press Volume Up & then Press Volume Down (Keep holding both) and connect device to PC with USB cable
    When device start to download mode,long press volume up to unlock the bootloader. This will wipe your data and automatically reboot

    Now let finish setup and again enable developer options (as said above), and confirm that the OEM unlocking option exists and grayed out!
    If it is not then you can not root device!

    Once you see this option and greyed out, you are ready to flash custom binary and root your device

    C.Installation (Flashing) custom binaries

    1. Switch off the device and reboot to download mode (As said earlier) and select volume up to continue

    2. Open Odin (downloaded from above instruction) as administrator
    Select magisk_patched.tar file you have patched (as above instruction copied to PC) for AP tab of Odin
    Select BL,CP and CSC file (Extract from stock firmware you have downloaded) with according respective tab of Odin (This is important, DON'T flash only magisk_patched.tar )

    3.From Odin option - uncheck Auto Reboot option

    4.Now start flashing and wait till it finish. When you see a PASS sign on Odin, disconnect device.

    Now magisk is successfully finished but yet you need to follow instructions below.

    D. Factory reset & Boot with magisk

    After disconnecting device, keep holding Vol down + Side key to exit from download mode.
    Here is very important - when you see device reboot As soon as the screen turns off, immediately press Volume Up + Side Key to boot to recovery partition. continue pressing the volume up button until you see the stock recovery screen.

    In the stock recovery menu, use volume buttons to navigate through menus, and the power button to select the option. Select Wipe data/factory reset to wipe the data of the device.
    Select Reboot system now, and immediately press Volume Up + Side Key. After seeing the bootloader warning screen, release all buttons so it can boot to the system.

    The device will automatically reboot for the first time it boots. This is completely normal and done by design.After the device is booted up, do the usual initial setup. You shall see Magisk Manager in your app drawer; if not, manually install the APK you downloaded and continue to the next step. The app would be a stub and it shall automatically upgrade to the full Magisk Manager when you open it.

    Magisk Manager will ask to do additional setups. Let it do its job and the app will automatically reboot your device.

    Voila! Enjoy Magisk :)

    PART 2 : (Root Q base with TWRP)

    This requires to have your device on same base as per base of pre-patch files. I am giving link below of my ROM

    http://www.mediafire.com/folder/d4ugie4yadxu6/N975F - Click link - First select your device (N970/N975/N976) - download file Instructions_Root_TWRP_BootloopFix.pdf

    This file have complete details about how to root with stock recovery/TWRP. Also all required patched files will be available in "Q" folder of your device section,
    Also "Q" folder have file BASE_N97*.txt - Name of this file indicates Model and base used for patched files, you should have same base installed.

    Important :

    Due to the fact that some devices no longer uses ramdisk in boot images, Magisk has no choice but to be installed in the recovery partition. For these devices, you will have to boot to recovery every time if you want Magisk. Since both Magisk and recovery lives in the same partition, what you actually end up getting when you choose to boot to recovery will be determined by how long you press volume up.

    • (Powering up normally) → (System with NO Magisk)
    • (OEM Recovery Key Combo) → (Splash screen) → (Release all buttons) → (System with Magisk)
    • (OEM Recovery Key Combo) → (Splash screen) → (Keep pressing volume up) → (Actual recovery)

    For more details read Installation guide by @topjohnwu from Here

    All credit and thanks go to
    @topjohnwu for magisk & Guide.
    geiti94 for TWRP Here OP & Source
    ianmacd for latest TWRP - Here OP & Source

    Happy rooting!


    Just tried and eDxposed working fine.
    - Install EdXposed installer
    - from magisk download install Ritu-core module
    - from magisk download install Ritu - EDxposed (yahfa)


    We strongly recommend to make EFS backup as soon as you root device and store it to safer place
    Don't you lose some Samsung function when you root and even relock the bootloader?
    Who cares?
    Development can't go without this.
    We developer need to risk it. No way.

    Here is Root files available to Root N975F Android 10 Beta1


    I have updated OP with possibilities of
    - Root Pie/Q with self patching
    - Root Q with or without TWRP with pre-patched files.

    Hope this help users.