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Jul 17, 2007
Im kinda new..what do you mean by flashing to kb1?how can i do that?

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If you've flashed your radio manually to the KB3 radio then you can use the .zip from my previous post that contains the KB1 radio. Flash that in CWM and you're good to go. If you haven't manually replaced the radio then you have nothing to worry about.


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Aug 23, 2009
New York, NY
I am aware that "bln" will only work if the kernel supports it.

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You implied that:
I hope a rooted version will be released soon so I can use "bln" and "setcpu".

What you said in those two posts are two different things. I'm sure Netarchy will release a compatible version with 2.3.4 shortly. He's usually really quick on these things.
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    Install GRJ22 on Rooted GRI40 STOCK w/CW Recovery

    Just installed this on top of my rooted stock GRI40: My setup was PURE stock GRI40. I had done OEM unlock in fastboot before and installed SU (and Busybox on top of stock) THIS IS NOT FOR CUSTOM ROM'S!

    My steps I used

    1) Copy to /mnt/sdcard via adb push (the grj22-from-gri40 update)

    2) Reboot into CW Recovery

    3) Do an update from a ZIP file, navigate to the grj22 update file. Note this update also patches the radio to i9020xxkd1

    4) Once completed reboot - make sure OS comes up. YOU WILL NOT HAVE ROOT OR SU INSTALLED - WE WILL GET THOSE BACK SHORTLY BELOW

    5) When in Android go to Settings, About Phone verify it's now GRJ22 and radio/baseband is: i9020xxkd1

    6) Power off the phone go to Bootloader/fastboot. [Powered off, hold Vol Up hold and then holds power button]

    7) Reflash latest Nexus S/Crespo CW Recovery
    [ http://www.koushikdutta.com/2010/02/clockwork-recovery-image.html ]
    fastboot flash recovery [filename]

    8) Select Recovery from Fastboot Menu

    9) Once in CW Recovery install SU
    If not on your phone somewhere, download below and mount USB storage and copy over
    [ http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=682828 ]

    10) Reboot into OS; you should now have root. You may need to redownload busybox

    11) The install-recovery.sh script will still be in /etc rename this to install-recovery.sh.old to avoid recovery going back to stock each reboot. [Use Root Explorer or similar with system filesystem mounted to R/W]

    After finishing you may for sanity want to go into ROM Manager and ensure current recovery is still set (in case you power off since replacing recovery)

    NOTE: Google Talk Installed by this image will have the video support right away, no need to download anything else. WORKS really well ; if you have no one to talk to on another Android device - you can chat/video chat to PC's or Mac's with the gmail Google Talk plug in installed

    Screen shot of my About Phone is attached
    possible to pull out the google talk application and see if we can get it running on other android phones.

    Here's the Talk2.apk and Talk2.odex from /system/app and libtalk_jni.so from /system/lib
    I hope u guys dont flame me for this but can someone help me out on how to do it? It would be much appreciated

    Yeah sure let me get on the comp and ill post up the new 2.3.6 and instructions for anyone wishing to try it out
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