2 Samsung Omnia II issues

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Senior Member
Dec 17, 2005
Hi there,

I have a Samsung Omnia II which I use without the TouchWIZ interface, just because I personally miss a few things in there.
So I'm running the standard Windows Mobile interface with TouchWIZ disabled.

Two questions though:

1. I use the Windows Mobile "Messaging" program, that works, but when I open an email or when I want to write one, it opens with the crappy Samsung Messaging program.
How do I override this in e.g. the registry? -> I want all email (reading and writing) to be handled with the default Windows Mobile messaging program.

2. Something else: connected to a Bluetooth carkit, the Omnia II Bluetooth phone calls sounds almost mono compared to HTC devices.
Is there a way to alter this quality?



Sep 23, 2009
1. No answer there, sorry
2. This has to do with your carkit, output and input is different for devices, you should be able to alter it on your carkit. Sound is amplified too much now, hence the 'mono' sound. I have the Omnia II on my carkit and sound is absolutely awesome (just not with the Touch player, too soft) with the Mediaplayer. on my carkit (Funkwerk EGO Flash) I can set volume per device.

Hope this helps...
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