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[20.12.2015]ROM S6&Edge+ 640dpi Full Foto

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Jun 1, 2010
S-cover doen't work with this Rom. There is same thing can I do?

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    ROM S6&Edge+ 640dpi Full Foto. AOK9



    Based on a two piercings G928FXXS2AOK9 and G928FXXU2AOJ5.Stock S6
    camera,changed dpi dialer Full Foto,operate secret codes,extended reboot,removed a
    warning about high volume on headphones, etc...

    ROM S6&Edge+lite



    1 put a ROM in the memory device .
    2 updated your firmware or modem and bootloader to the latest version(optional but recommended).
    3 install TWRP.
    4 in TWRP make all wipes except Internal storage.
    5 paragraph looking for and put Install the firmware.
    6 when the installation is complete reboot the device
    7 waiting for 5 minutes

    Working mode one-hand and fingerprints
    Touchwiz Edge+
    SystemUI Edge+
    Keyboard Edge+
    SecSettings Edge+
    Wallpaper Edge+
    Full Foto dpi 640
    Full Foto dpi 560
    Extended reboot menu
    Adjustment backlit buttons
    App permissions in Settings
    Fixed translation in Settings
    Startup applications
    Camera stock S6
    Dialer without delay after the call
    Adam Kernel
    Removed unnecessary apps
    Removed a warning about the loud sound in the headphones
    Root and Busybox
    Work service codes *#2663#
    Record calls,
    The call button in the call log
    In the settings removed the paragraph "update"
    The shutter sound of the camera
    Full Deodexed
    Removed Knox
    SE Linux set to permissive
    110 languages
    And much more
    Stock DPI 560+Camera Edge+
    Stable build

    Thank you @Gabri™ @GigilinE Wanam

    XDA:DevDB Information
    ROM Samsung SM-G920F, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S6

    vovadvnovlineru, Tamerlan2009
    ROM OS Version: 5.1.x Lollipop
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
    Based On: 5.1.1 Lollipop

    Version Information
    Status: Testing

    Created 2015-10-10
    Last Updated 2015-12-21
    ROM XXU3QOKX Odex Full Foto SPenSdk lite
    ROM S6&Edge+v3 dpi560

    Вова, 2 вопроса
    1 планируешь ли обновить внешний вид звонилки, сообщений и контактов? ( в смысле сами иконки, на более скругленные)
    2 планируешь ли новую базу?
    В остальном скажу еще раз спасибо

    Сегодня обновил внешний вид звонилки, сообщений и контактов..
    Today I updated the look of the dialer, messages and contacts..

    ROM S6&Edge+v3 dpi560
    copy and paste

    Dear @vovadvnovlineru

    Please remove aircommand service with finger ditto rom, you are not authorized to use it. I have also seen that the structure folders app - priv-apps -frameworks and feature almost identical copy ditto notes v4 odex (bluethoot deodex AOI1, etc.....) http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s6/samsung-galaxy-s-6--s-6-edge-unified-development/s6-rom-ditto-note-5-rom-electron-team-t3224688/post63288048#post63288048

    copy and paste

    I can easily prove this, please delete and do just port edge +

    @Gabri™ @GigilinE