[2009-12-04] SetVolume 0.8.0 - finger friendly volume changer | smartphone support

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Oct 26, 2007
This tool is a finger friendly volume changer.

Since version 0.8.0 it has support for smartphones. Thanks to angus1357 for testing.

You need to start the tool manually or add a shortcut in the startup folder.

  • open using volume hardware buttons if running in background
  • open using volume icon in taskbar
  • to change volume use the + / - buttons or swipe with your finger
  • use scroll wheel to change volume
  • switch between phone and ringer volume
  • in call volume
  • skinning support
  • transparent background
  • customizable settings - see settings.ini
  • (W)VGA / (W)QVGA support
  • commandline parameters -hide / -inc / -dec / -close

Smartphone features:
  • Action / Return key to toggle between System and Ringer Volume
  • * key to toggle vibration
  • # key to toggle mute
  • Back key to exit the tool

  • better hooking of keys and volume icon

Installations using AppToDate since version 0.4b2:

0.8.0 (no touch)
[*]added support for smartphones

0.7.1 (do you here me now?)
[*]hopefully fixed in call volume

0.7.0 (call me)
[*]added in call volume support

0.6.1 (resolution awareness sucks)
[*]fixed bug that causes skins not to be loaded on (W)VGA devices

0.6.0 (all in one)
[*]single installation for all resolutions
[*]skins are now pre-installed and unneeded ones can be deleted at the end of the installation
[*]config tool is now included
[*]settings aren't overwritten anymore when installing over an old version
[*]added -close commandline parameter

0.5.1 (see through me)
[*]added support for transparent/opaque background images (skin available as separate download)
[*]fixed bug where increase/decrease buttons will hide the app

0.5.0 (click me)
[*]added support to hook the volume icon in the taskbar - some small issues left

0.4.3 (reg bug)
[*]fixed bug with not setting a needed registry value

0.4.2 (more damn bugs)
[*]fixed bug with default skin (download both, app and skin pack)

0.4.1 (damn bugs)
[*]bug fixes
[*]updated default and touch skin

0.4 (skin me)
[*]added vibration when switching to vibrate
[*]fixed small bug in qvga skin

beta 3 - [B][COLOR="red"]skins created for beta 1 or 2 will not work anymore![/COLOR][/B] - once I have some time I will fix the default and touch skin
[*]added commandline parameters -hide / -inc / -dec
[*]added new default skins -> Diamond
[*]some bug fixes

beta 2
[*]added AppToDate support
[*]fixed memory leak - thanks to A_C for helping me

beta 1
[*]added basic skinning support
[*]added some customizable settings - see settings.ini
[*]fixed OK button bug
[*]various other bugfixes

0.3 (hooray my phone has volume buttons)
[*]added sound notification when changing volume
[*]added possibility to change ringer volume
[*]added hooking of volume keys
[*]various bugfixes

0.2 (speedy)
[*]rewritten using C++

[*]initial Release in C#
Thanks to alexun for the graphics, Ken to modify them to my needs and JR, Rene & L3v5y for testing.


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May 8, 2008
Nice, i think i really gonna like this one. Though it does not work correctly when i slide my TyTNII open. I also cannot find it back at my program files via the start menu.

The first run it said mute, but my phone was not muted...


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Oct 18, 2006
great app so far!!
what do you think of the possibility to change the backlight? Maybe on a second page which looks the same as the volume!! switching with sliding left or right?


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Apr 23, 2008
Google Pixel 5
Very cool idea,
Trasparency would be fantastic, as well as being able to map it to my volume button, so instead of opening windows volume slider it opened this.


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Sep 15, 2006
This tool is based on the idea from alexun. Link

You can either use the + / - buttons or swipe with your finger around the volume circle.
To mute simply press the middle button.
To close the app press the upper right corner.

  • Setting Vibrate is currently not added
  • so far only portrait mode
  • only QVGA

Thanks to alexun for the graphics, Ken to modify them to my needs and JR & Rene for testing.

thanks a lot


Aug 23, 2004
Looks great man.
Addition of the vibration feature and possible an additional circle for backlight would be cool like others mentioned already.


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Mar 23, 2006
Though it does not work correctly when i slide my TyTNII open. I also cannot find it back at my program files via the start menu.

As written so far only portrait mode is supported. Regarding the start menu entry, an updated version is avaible when you download it from the first post.

Transparent background might be an idea?

We already tested at first. But the problem is, that alphablending slows down the complete application extremely.

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    10-grades skin

    Hello everyone.

    I was trying to create a skin with 10 degrees of loudness. But I failed.

    I made it out of diamond wvga theme. Here is a link to text of my new diamondWVGA.ini:


    There are the appropriate files for 10, 30, 50 etc percent of loudness in the skin folder.

    But the program shows up with only 5 standart degrees, as if I didn't change anything.

    When browsing the skin with shown polygons - there are only polygons for five of the loudness degrees. There are gaps between them. Exactli where my custom degrees should be.

    If anyone is interested in the same purpose - read it and tell me whats wrong.

    Excuse my English - I am from Russia.