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[2013.07.03] CF-Bench v1.3


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Oct 2, 2007
CF-Bench is (mainly) CPU and memory benchmark tool specifically designed to be able to handle multi-core devices, produce a fairly stable score, and test both native as well managed code performance.

It tests specific device properties you do not regularly see tested by other benchmarks, and runs in a set timeframe.

It does produce some "final" scores, but as with every benchmark, you should take those with a grain of salt. It is simply not theoretically possible to produce a single number that accurately describes a device's performance.

Why ?
I know, there are lots of other benchmarks. But they don't give me the numbers I'm personally interested in comparing. Few really support multi-core or test both native and Java code. This benchmark is also supposed to give a more "stable" score compared to some others.

Current scores
Here are a number of scores reached by tested devices:

Samsung Galaxy S2 @ 2x1200 - 6498
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v @ 2x1000 - 5188
HTC Sensation @ 2x1188 - 5174
Motorola Atrix @ 2x1000 - 5136
HTC Thunderbolt @ 1920 - 4663
Motorola Droid X @ 1200 - 2792
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" @ 1000 - 2401
Samsung Galaxy S @ 1000 - 2205
HTC HD2 @ 1536 - 2041
Samsung Apollo @ 667 - 488
HTC Hero @ 748 - 359
HTC Dream (G1) @ 528 - 191

Of course, you should really keep in mind that the three different scores listed at the bottom of the app are pretty meaningless :)


Market link (mobile): market://details?id=eu.chainfire.cfbench

Market link (desktop): https://market.android.com/details?id=eu.chainfire.cfbench



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Dec 21, 2010
Will happily start low end scores :p


HTC Legend @767 906

Fyi it regersters the max kernel clockspeed not the actual

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