2015 Honda Fit with HondaLink - Can we access the Android Menu?

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May 9, 2017
Anyone know how to get to actual Android menu? So far I can only access various diagnostic settings and such. I know that that those with Honda Connect and the 2016 models are able to access the Android menu where they see apps running etc so underneath everything we know it's there, but the question is can we access it. I have yet to see that with the 2015 (sold in 2014) Fit models.

I'll be working on putting out a full map of the menu system for everyone.


Jan 18, 2011
I'm extremely interested and hoping someone can figure out how to gain access to the head unit so we can install apps, like google maps.

I've been able to access three sub-menu's, but don't know where to go from them to access it with my laptop. I got a type-A to type-A cable to try the instructions from another XDA thread, for the Honda Civic I think, but those instructions don't completely line up the same. It's very frustrating when you know something is much more capable but has restrictions set to prevent expansion, and I'm not happy about the very limited android usability.

It's my hope that some of the genius's here in XDA will figure it out.