[2017.04.14][ROM][markw][6.0.1][UNOFFICIAL] Lineage OS 13 for Redmi 4 Prime

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Apr 13, 2011
Does the video recording work on this? Is there any other major bug i should know? Thanks.

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Dec 6, 2011
The camera works fine, but the photo result is dark

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Also the stock email app didn't work, it tells me my password / email incorrect, although i've type the correct password


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Dec 6, 2011
i am using this rom for 3 days all works fine, then i tried another rom and then go back & flash this rom because its so stable, but then i had a problem with LTE signal, its gone... anyone can help?


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Dec 6, 2011
any other help? i cannot wait for 5 days, i always use LTE data

set to airplane mode & then i use 4G switcher to switch network to LTE only, and then turn off airplane mode, then everything back to normal
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Mar 18, 2017
Hi Guys,
I can flash my Redmi 4 Prime successfully. I noticed that I can not select German spelling? Can someone help me and say whether one can post-install?

Thank you

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    Lineage OS 13 (2017.04.14) for Redmi 4 Prime UNOFFICIAL
    (codename - markw)

    (Folder with ROMs and Kernels on MEGA)
    >>>Download HERE<<<

    In folder "KERNEL by msdx321" you can find Kernels.
    If do the CLEAN install with all WIPES of phone, then install ROM and Kernel mKernel-LOS-M-R1(R2), phone stops booting on animation logo;
    If you flash ROM than give it boot it up, and after that flash Kernel, it will be ok, but after flashing this kernel DONT DO WIPE CACHE/DALVIK!!

    How to install:
    1) Flash TWRP (if you not have it already)
    2) Wipe System, Dalvik ART/Cache, Data, Cache
    3) flash ROM
    4) Download and flash GAPPS (HERE GAPPS, choose ARM64 - 6.0 - recommended Nano or Pico)
    5) Reboot to System

    If you will find some bugs on Stock Camera, just install Snap Camera!(down below)

    If your speaker will be cracking on incoming call, just do next:
    Settings - Notifications - App notifications - Phone - turn OFF Allow peeking.

    If you will have battery drain by location wakelocks, try this(Need ROOT):
    1) Install My Android Tools
    2) Services - System - LocationServices
    3) Turn OFF NetworkLocationService
    No need to reboot!

    All Location functionality will be okay!

    And remember:
    All you do it's on your own risk!

    Thats all, falks!:victory:

    ALL CREDITS AND THANKS TO msdx321, 0meaninsuit0, xiaobai112220, Liberation(on GitHub)!!!
    They make the ROM! THX GUYS FOR YOUR WORK! ;)

    We Got Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime Kernel Sources!
    :victory:>>>THEY ARE HERE<<<:victory:

    The same thread, but on MIUI Global Forum - HERE

    Sorry for Ukrainian screenshots :p
    It's not that simple mate, look at this: https://wiki.lineageos.org/device_requests.html . We need an approved developer who maintains the device, for example. However, I think we are not that far away from having official lineage os support, @Anik_khan is the official lineage os developer and maintainer of the Redmi 3 (ido), and he is also developing for the Redmi 4 Prime, so in my opinion we could get official support soon.

    Yeah i will do it soon.
    Ok, guys, this is my personal build for both Lineage and TWRP, both are updated, bugfree (from my three-day testing, let me know if you run into any errors) and built using Linaro and UberTC. I'm using msdx321 device sources (thanks for that, my man) with my own kernel (which is still not online, since I'm testing some stuff out), which is simpler and should be more battery friendly. Other than that, video camera doesn't present those weird effects present on original build. TWRP is updated and built from source. I'll keep track of the number of download to see if I should update it or not, so please, no mirrors. I have 14.1 in the oven, but it's still buggy (not even RIL works) and it will take some time to be usable due to necessary kernel changes. ZRAM is enabled and can be used without any problems.

    People, no PMs, please. What can't you understand when I say this? Just calm down for now, please...
    Ok, guys, I might have some good news:
    - Fixed double tap to wake on devices in which it didn't work (so called EBBG, or whatever);
    May have fixed the upside down front camera (I don't have the issue, so not sure about it);
    May have fixed the idling high battery drain when compared to stock Miui;
    May open a new thread, since I'm putting more time into this than originally thought, so people can relax about it;
    - Fixed reboot to recovery from reboot menu;

    Bad news:
    It's kinda hard to adapt the code for two different hardwares, so probably we'll have two different zips, one for people with EBBG, and other for tianma (or whatever the manufacturers of the LCDs are);
    I'll be playing a bit with the Zenfone 3 blobs to see if we can get any improvements in performance, and most likely post an update by Sunday with the fixes;