[2019.5.1][Magisk] Systemless Xposed v89.3/v90.2-beta3 (SDK 21-27)

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Jan 27, 2018
Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung Galaxy S9
Is there any way to update Xposed for Nougat above v89? v90 beta3 was never released for SDK 24 or 25 that I can find anywhere.
As far as i know no updates to nougat.
v90 is for Oreo ( 26 and 27 ). Since there are differences between nougat and oreo i don't know if v90 will work.
Edxposed works from oreo onwards ( through Magisk ).
LSPosed work from oreo (8.1 ) and onwards ( through Magisk ).


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May 30, 2021
Good evening. I am trying to install xPosed to NOX emulator for a few hours now.
I tried doing everything.

Steps taken ...

Root and restart NOX
check with Root Checker ( root ok )
run Xpose Installer

Then i tried various things ...

Hit on reboot
Hit on not now and (soft reboot)
Hit on nothing, just close NOX.
The outcome is the same.

Either I'm stuck on Android Boot login screen ..
Either I'm stuck on 99% NOX Boot login screen ..

Any way to fix this ?


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Jan 7, 2022
Moto E
I install the Xposed systemless in Android 8.1 sdk 27 moto e5 play go pettyl xt1920-19 and when restarting it gives me bootloop some solution please, I already solve the bootloop but I want to have Xposed ,
I have magisk 23.0 (23000)

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    Magisk is required to be installed on your device!

    Support Devices
    All Magisk compatible devices

    My Xposed zip is universal across all architectures and Android versions.

    Install Guide
    • Install the XposedInstaller in the attachments
    • Follow the instructions in the Magisk release thread to install Magisk on to your device
    • Install Xposed within Magisk Manager's Download Section, or download the zip and flash in custom recovery
    • For uninstallation, remove the Xposed Magisk Module within Magisk Manager

    Systemless Xposed does not pass SafetyNet!!!

    @rovo89 for creating Xposed

    All binaries are downloaded and repacked from either places:
    Official build from rovo89
    I did not recompile/change anything how Xposed works, the behavior should be 100% identical to original sources, if you experience any Xposed issues, please directly report to the original threads.

    • v87.0
      - Include fix from rovo89 to prevent bootloops in the latest security patch
      - Android 5.1 (SDK 22) was broken after one Magisk upgrade, it's now Magisk version independent
    • v86.6 (Downloaded 126324 times)
      - Update to support the new repo system of Magisk
      - Fixed incompatibility of suhide
    • v86.5 (Downloaded 174328 times)
      - Update for the new API of Magisk v4
      - NOTE: In order to update to Magisk v4, you are required to uninstall Magisk completely before upgrading. Please look at the main Magisk thread for more info
    • v86.4 (Downloaded 16246 times)
      - Revert the disable to not mount method for Android Pay
      - Fixed alt version script typo
    • v86.3
      - Use Magisk as dependancy
      - Support all the way back to Android 5.0
      - Android Pay :)
    • v86.2 (Downloaded 30608 times)
      - Script updates, more info here
    • v86.1 (Downloaded 10185 times)
      - Minor fixes, release notes here
    • v86.0
      - Massive update, see release notes here
    • v85.7 (Downloaded 15774 times)
      - Hot fix for some devices which breaks proper init commands
    • v85.6
      - Add SELinux label when executing script, should fix the few devices that aren't working
      - Massively improve the script to handle /cache to /data migration (the rare case when /data isn't available in TWRP)
      - Add Pixel C support (not-tested)
      - Combine all architecture into an All-In-One flash zip, users will only need to be aware of their own Android version
    • v85.5
      - Combine image mount and bind mount into one single script, should be more reliable and cleaner, hopefully it will fix ALL previous issues ;)
      - Add more logs to boot for debugging
      - Add SDK 22 support (un-tested!!)
    • v85.4
      - The mounting method should now support all devices :)
      - The installer will now merge Xposed Image if possible, so feel free to place your own files under /xposed
    • v85.3
      - Improved compatibility for some recoveries with incorrect libraries
      - Changed the method to mount xposed.img, hopefully will fix issues on some devices
    • v85.2
      - Separate Systemless Xposed from SuperSU. It now uses it's own image in data (/data/xposed.img)
      - Won't effect SuperSU anymore. Both are now working independently
      - Massively updated flash script, should be more reliable (e.g. Prefer sukernel in su.img over bundled binary)
      - (Derived from Wanam's update) Add Huawei theming engine support (details); Ensure the recompilation on Huawei EMUI Roms (details).
    • v85.1
      - Fixed flash script not installing files issue
    • v85.0
      - Initial release
    I slightly updated the scripts to work with the changes in Magisk v16.4.
    As you know currently I have very limited free time, I can't test everything before I went back to the military camp, that's why the latest Magisk releases are always dubbed "beta", and fixes will always take a week before I can finally touch my computer.
    Hope you can understand :)
    Systemless Xposed Update!!
    Here comes the long awaited Oreo Xposed thanks to rovo89. I'm glad to see Xposed running on my Pixel XL on the latest version of Android :)
    All previous versions are also updated to use the newer templates for better support on Magisk v15+.

    BTW, the fact that the source code for v90 are not out yet I can still release systemless versions again proven that I do not recompile the binaries, all binaries are repackaged from the original sources.
    So if you face any issues, do not complain here :)
    Update Oreo builds with official v90-beta3. Hey this time I'm super fast :)