[2019] New Rom for Ace, is anyone interested?

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Feb 17, 2013

⚠️ Apply this guide by September 27, 2021!

Hi, developer here, I'm back for this.
From September 27, 2021, Google will block its Gapps on devices with Android 2.3 and below. I devised this guide to make a special backup and get around the lockout.

The guide is "calibrated" from my Galaxy Ace ROM so it should work!

Hurry up and Apply my guide in time! ⏰

Guide on XDA
Guide on my blog


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Feb 17, 2013

Updates, Android 7 browser on Android 2.3 (other devs and I are working on it)​

Hello everyone, how are you guys? As you can see the development of this custom ROM for Galaxy Ace is still "paused" after 2 years or so.

Unfortunately, Android 4 runs slow on the Galaxy ACE, and the battery usage is very high. So I opted for Android 2.3, moreover, many 2.X devices can't be updated at all.

Many people contacted me asking to port the ROM for the ace s5830i or other phones, but making a ROM for each device is a bit a waste of time, so I decided to start coding new apps that could run on every Android 2.3 device and I thought about a method to quickly remix any old 2.3 Rom, removing bloatware and installing new/better apps, with a script.

So yeah, basically I'm working to make Android 2 usable again!
(I wrote a guide on how how to develop and backport apps for Android 2, I' m working on an updated browser with Android 5 or 7 web standards... and much more!)

I just made a small telegram group with other developers I met on this thread and on the XDA forum. It's faster to communicate and when we'll finish something, we'll post it on XDA.

Currently we're working to port the Android 5 or 7 browser to Android 2.3.
Would you like to test the apks we're developing or see what's going on?
(I also made a website where I embedded some youtube videos that can be watched from the old 2.3 browsers and I need some feedback).

You can Join us here: @retroandroidgroup

Guys are you still here? :)
@TestervonLOS @rusiu559 @ashraftheboss @eiPeiDweP @dodo34 @Viper The Ripper @GreatGodvin @nnlabrada @tiger_kj @jaymore95 @Erpinoob @veloo @ChingghisKhan @needperformace @LordJeremy @GT-I9515 csual user @jaspernv @Stormman34 @Aj.GaLaxY aCE @thoklo @Tareku @tipzrickycheung @keeper18 @Lee James @cambr1an
(if you're not interested anymore, I'll understand. Anyway I'm thanking you a lot again for the previous support ;))
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Can you list more music player with notification controls?
It seems that the capabilities of Android at the time did not allow to make the control of the music player in the notification bar
But smartphone manufacturers (such as Samsung, HTC and others) could modify the notification bar and the music player to control music from the notification bar
On my Acer Liquid mt even has a separate tab in the notification bar to control the music (screenshot attached)
So we need to modify the notification bar and the music player
This is only my suggestion


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    I can share with you a simple and minimal Android rom that could make the ace completely usable in 2018... Would you be interested?

    I think that the best idea is to use Android 2.3 as base (no bloatware, no TouchWiz, and no Android 4.4 that just crazily drains battery)
    I' ve tested less known apps that can still run on 2.3 (and found them very fast too). I will replace old system apps with them

    I also thought that a good way to push the Ace beyond it's limit is to take a look at the Sony Xperia Play threads on xda. This phone has the same cpu/gpu and it has been supported a lot through the years (being a gaming phone, Devs has done their best to optimize performance instead of themes and useless functions)

    Let me know what you want to see in this rom and I'll try to do it!
    Just leave a comment with an advice :fingers-crossed: :D

    I'm creating a NEW/Better thread for my Rom, subscribe to this one to stay tuned! :D
    Quick summary:

    Mich-C ROM v0.5 is out! :D
    Go to the post

    Quick Installation Guide for this Rom :D
    Go to the post

    Let's choose together a theme for the rom... :D
    Go to the post

    ...and a modern music player :D
    Go to the post

    Another Note: many users contacted me via PM, please post any question or request you have on this thread. Thank you.
    Download v0.5

    Hello guys, since you liked the idea to test my rom...
    Here it is !!! :D

    This is Rom v0.5 by Mich-C (it's just a provisional name, next build will get a more appealing name XD )

    I haven't flashed it yet but it should work well like the previous build I'm currently using.
    My rom will be based on a specific rom compiled by @SpaceCaker up to version 1.0. Then I'll start working on sources ( @veloo wants to contribute)

    ---contains just basic apps: a launcher and 2 browsers to choose from (let me know which one do you prefer)
    ---...but I dindn't remove GApps yet, I'll do it a later time to be sure to avoid conflicts
    ---let me know if the gallery apps works, it doesn't accept to be trated as a system app (installing it normally works fine)
    ---Modified system: you can choose to install every app DIRECTLY on the external-sd!

    • ---Free and Safe Download here
    • (Click on "slow download" -> "continue download")

    Hello. I just found my old Galaxy Ace on drawer and tried to use it - hard landing from Oreo :) I'll be interested and I have one friend who is still using it as a daily phone so there are two of us.

    We're still alive! :cool:
    TUTORIAL : How To Install Mich-C Rom

    This is a quick and easy tutorial How To Install Mich-C Rom on your Galaxy Ace. The rom has not reached its definitive version yet but procedure will always be the same:

    Step A: Download the right files
    1) Download the recovery file from here;
    2) Download Mich-C Rom from the first post of this thread
    3) Copy these 2 files to your sdcard​

    Step B: Install Custom Recovery (ClockWorkMod Recovery)

    1) Turn off the phone. Now restart it in recovery mode (just hold down the middle button and the power button);
    (Now that you are in Recovery Mode you scroll items using the volume rocker and you confirm them pressing the physical center button)
    2) Select “Apply Update From SD Card”;
    3) Select the file previously downloaded and copied to your SD card;
    4) Select "Reboot System Now" and your phone will restart;​

    Step C: Install Mich-C Custom Rom

    1) Reboot the phone to recovery mode (key combo already described);
    2) Select the "wipe data/factory reset" item;
    3) Select the "wipe cache partition" item;
    4) Select the "advanced" item, then select "Wipe Dalvik Cache", then use your touchscreen "back" button to reach agin the Recovery main menu;
    5)Select the "install zip from sdcard" item;
    6)Select the "choose zip from sdcard " item to search in your sdcard the ROM file. Confirm and wait for the installation to complete;
    7) Select "Reboot Sytem Now" and wait a few minutes more compared to a standard boot;
    8) Congratulazioni :laugh: you installed the rom!​