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Jun 6, 2009
Tell me, I’m lost . . .
Hello. Can I ask any of moderators, as an OP author to close this thread until we all figure things out. People are bullying & pouring toxisity here as it's a waste(they even admit this), not a months of work project. "Friendly" XDA.
Thread closed per OP request.


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Dec 30, 2011
FDE magisk module support terminated.

Due to all optimizer modules were removed from magisk repo, the magisk module project is discontinued from now. APK variant is still supported & updated. Also, please be aware that my telegram support groups were bashed. I've updated the links.

I'd like to ask forum moderator to close this thread again for a reason written above and want to leave a lil comment on all happened drama.

Despite of all toxicity poured on me, my users & my project - I admited some of my mistakes & already fixed them already. In the end, this made my project even better. Also XDA Devs comittee reviewed this situation & code and made this conclusion:
Observations from our side.
The major point of contention is Point 6.2. => `nobarrier` flag used to mount the partition. There were reports that certain device series, this flag bricked devices. While there is no concrete evidence / direct relationship, FeraVolt has excluded certain devices from mounting with nobarrier.
Taking that into account, I would suggest FeraVolt make the `nobarrier` mount optional or remove it from his tweak.
As far as other points are concerned, FeraVolt's first rebuttal contained willingness to modify his tweak. And I hope he follows it.
I followed. No more even mentioning 'nobarrier' anywhere from my side.

At last, not going to judge, point or offence anyone. I'll just leave this here in attachments and you decide the rest. Some of "behind the scenes" of the drama happened here in Screenshot.zip. [MOD EDIT: Attachment removed. Thread closed as requested by OP]
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    Your warranty is now void.
    I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    backup your data before flashing it!
    YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.
    Do everything at your own risk!

    Hello everybody. My name is Fera. I want to share this project with you for free. I made it myself from scratches once again. Please hit "thanks" button, rate this thread 5-star, or consider donating me to support my work. (Thanks!)

    What's in:
    FeraDroid Engine (simply FDE) - an All-in-One ultimate optimizer for all devices on Android OS. No settings/customization and rest 'headache' - all parameters are individual for EVERY device depending on it's hardware/software characteristics. All parameters are very balanced - you may gain performance without increase of power consumption AND reduce power consumption without losing performance. FDE is totally compatible with very wide range of devices and Android versions.

    Installation requirements:
    Supported CPU arch's:
    • ARMv7 (armeabi-v7a) (32bit)
    • ARMv8 (arm64-v8a) (64bit)
    • x64bit (x86_64)
    Supported Android OS versions:
    • 4.1 and higher

    Detailed tech description:
    FDE - very universal Android OS optimizer. Very wide-range settings of OS and Linux kernel are configured, still being cross-platform utility, maximally compatible with all devices. This means that it doesn't have any dirty hacks/hardcore and 3rd part binaries (except busybox) & config files. FDE applies configurations depending on It's hardware and software, so that in the end every device is configured individually.
    New unique method of execution - all required FDE components are loaded directly to RAM and executed from there. System partitions are remounted RW only once while installation. This means high speed (the worst RAM will have at least ~500MB/s of I/O speed), no power consumption (no NAND memory I/O occurs) and security (system partitions are in read-only state). Also new-gen FDE is synced with OS boot process - so tweaks will be applied in correct time. All system partitions are trimmed and checked for errors after every OS boot with FDE onboard. Universal installer automatically detects what ROOT-method you use and how to auto-start. Finally, FDE is not only about optimization. It's also about security and feature-enabler.
    See compacted list of most included features HERE.

    Artificial Intelligence:
    As you may notice from the name "FDE.AI" - can tell us that it has real AI inside. AI will learn how do you use your device, check out current usage scenario and adapt some system parameters real time to give you best usage experience. Details HERE.

    Why to optimize?
    First of all to make you happy with your device, to make it live longer & be snappy. Another reason is garbage. WTF? Yes. There is a world problem of e-garbage utilization, especially electronic devices & their toxic stuff like batteries..etc.. I'm not against progress - I'm against the selling politics of corporations, which add features slowly, to make people buy them. I'd say OKAY if it wasn't harmful, but in fact Africa became a toxic garbage continent - they need somewhere to put retarded e-devices & that's sad. It costs them cheaper to move toxic garbage to another country, rather then properly utilize it. You may say, how FDE can help with that, are you mad bro? Well, I hope that if you install FDE on your device, you'd use it for longer time, because of all optimizations. So that it will make you happy & you won't change it too frequent, in fact possibly reducing the amount of e-garbage. Thanks.

    WARNING! Don't use any other All-in-One tweakers or things may get much worse! I warned you!
    • Make a backup just in case something goes wrong.
    • Download latest version of FDE and install it via custom recovery OR add zip in modules list if you are using Magisk systemless root.
    • After OS boot, you will get vibration and a log file /sdcard/Android/fde.txt will be created if FDE worked OK.
    If you want to uninstall FDE simply remove module from Magisk Manager if you are on Magisk OR flash this zip in custom recovery.


    About FDE APK
    Related Videos
    Join my group in Telegram for 24/7 support.
    Join my Facebook group.
    Thread at 4PDA.

    Thanks to all guys, who contributed, helped, tested my work.. You all are wonderful, amazing, smart, super cool, beautiful people!
    Consider donating me to support my project if you like it. Thanks!

    XDA:DevDB Information
    FDE.AI - Ultimate Android Optimizer, Tool/Utility for all devices (see above for details)

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: v8.0
    Created 2019-03-10
    Last Updated 2020-01-27

    Will it work on this or that device?
    • It will work on any device which runs Android OS.
    Will it work along with this or that tweak/optimizer?
    • NO. Don't use any other All-in-One tweakers or things may get much worse!
    Can I use this on custom kernel?
    • Yes, why not? It will work even better on custom kernel.
    Does FDE has any configuration/logs?
    • No configurations. This is "flash & forget" optimizer. It will configure your system depending on you hardware/software automatically & individually. Log is available in /sdcard/Android/fde.txt
    Is it worth to try FDE if I have a powerful flagship?
    • Yes, sure. FDE not only gives performance, but also increases power-saving.
    Is there any difference between zip from Magisk module repo and zip provided here?
    • The difference is only in installer - zip provided here is universal, while one in Magisk repo is for Magisk root only.
    I have ROOT, but don't have recovery. Can I do something?
    • You may try to install FDE via Flashfire app.
    I have ROOT - not Magisk, and not SuperSU, and I don't have init.d support. What to do?
    • Try to emulate init.d support with app like Universal_Init.d_Support or similar.
    Installation was successful, but no vibration. What does this mean?
    • Try to reboot device. Wait for a minute or two more. Maybe it will work, but a little later than expected. Also check for /sdcard/Android/fde.txt file. If still no luck, try to update your ROOT method (Magisk preferred). If you do have log and it says "all good" - then don't worry at all. Some rare devices doesn't support vibrations triggered by script. If still not working, read THIS post.
    Do I need busybox?
    • No, FDE has a built-in one already. But if you already have one - they will not conflict.
    Are project treble ROMs supported?
    • YES.
    Flashed fine, but can't find icon for FDE. Huh?
    • This is not an Android apk and it has no interface yet.
    Can I flash FDE right after ROM installation?
    • NO. Boot ROM first, then install FDE.
    AI says '...turbo' is not supported. What can i do to make it work?
    • You may try to install another custom kernel. Those features are kernel dependent.
    It's running fine, but i got a problem...
    • FDE.AI is under active development. Please attach any useful information such as log/screenshot, name of your device, ROM/recovery version. I am developer of FDE and I will help you to figure out the problem.
    FDE common features list

    Note, that some features may not be applied - depends on software/hardware of your device. Most of applied features will be listed in fde.txt log.
    • Real AI with machine learning, CPU & GPU turbo boost, custom GPU throttling engine & more..
    • Board clock gate activatation
    • Board clock scaling activation
    • CPU sleep mode activation
    • CPU power-saving idle mode activation
    • Touch boost optimization
    • Device wakeup boost activation
    • CPU synchronisations optimization
    • Power-key input boost activation
    • Schedulers input boost optimization
    • Input boost optimization
    • Fingerprint boost activation
    • CPU core hotplug boost optimization
    • EAS dynamic boost optimization
    • LCD power consumption reduce
    • Simple GPU mode activation
    • Multi-core CPU optimization
    • Kernel wakelocks optimization
    • Touch-screen sensivity optimization
    • Vivante GPU frequencies optimization
    • Adreno GPU frequencies optimization
    • Adreno GPU I/O optimization
    • Adreno Idler optimization
    • Mali GPU optimization
    • Mali GPU debugging dectivated
    • Mali GPU thermal limit deactivation
    • Mali GPU touch boost optimization
    • Frame buffer optimization
    • Misc unneeded logs deactivation
    • Forced file sync deactivation
    • Dynamic file sync activation
    • Disabling various kernel debugging
    • Network buffers optimization
    • Kernel network stack optimization
    • TCP congrestion controller optimization
    • WiFi packets throughput optimization
    • Disabling Doze settings reset
    • Doze and Light Doze parameters optimization
    • System animations optimization
    • Cache partition trash cleaning
    • User partition trash cleaning
    • Internal memory trash cleaning
    • Apps cache cleaning when low free memory
    • MMC NAND memory optimization
    • Automatic I/O scheduler setup
    • R/W speed optimization for all partitions
    • I/O optimization for all partitions
    • File system optimization for all partitions
    • Kernel schedulers optimization
    • ARCH power-saving activation
    • Kernel tracing deactivation
    • Entropy generator optimization
    • File system cache optimization
    • Kernel RAM allocation optimized
    • Kernel OOM killer deactivation
    • VM cache optimization
    • VM panic deactivation
    • VM dumps deactivation
    • VM read/write speed optimized
    • VM memory compaction activation & optimization
    • Task dumps deactivation
    • VM memory regions optimization
    • File system kernel parameters optimization
    • Kernel hung-task check deactivation
    • Kernel panic deactivation
    • Kernel watchdog deactivation
    • EAS optimization
    • Sched parameters scaling deactivation
    • Power aware kernel scheduling activation
    • Multi-core CPU scheduling optimization
    • HMP scheduler optimization
    • ARM SWP feature activation
    • CPU dynamic bus frequency scaling activation
    • RAM dumps deactivation
    • ANY CPU governor optimization
    • Cgroups parameters optimization
    • Power efficient CPU queues activation
    • CPU bandwidth optimization
    • LMK debugging deactivation
    • LMK agressiveness optimization
    • LMK fast run logic deactivation
    • ALMK deactivation
    • LMK OOM reaper logic activation
    • UKSM/KSM activation & optimization
    • zRAM optimization
    • NO-zRAM kernel parameters optimization
    • Process reclaim logic activation
    • OS boot process optimization
    • DalvikVM optimization
    • DalvikVM memory allocation optimization
    • Checking errors on all partitions
    • Multitasking optimization
    • System services fixes
    • Patching SafetyNET
    • Refreshing file system on all partitions (fstrim)
    • System processes optimization
    • SElinux fixes
    • Launcher redraw deactivation
    • RIL dumps deactivation
    • App-manager power-saving optimization
    • WiFi misc debugging deactivation
    • Sqlite (database) optimizations
    • Image compression level increase
    • Media codecs log deactivation
    • HW powersaving video playback activatation
    • ART optimizations
    • DalvikVM multi-threading optimization
    • DalvikVM JIT compiler optimizations
    • Activation of 4K-video support in YouTube app
    • Audio buffer optimization
    • Wireless display streaming optimization
    • Protection against net vulnerability CVE-2016-5696
    • Protection against Stagefright vulnerabilities
    • ANR/Dropbox debugging deactivation
    • GPRS/EDGE net speed optimization
    • App switching delay deactivation
    • HW UI rendering activation if needed
    • Project-butter activatation
    • Tripple-buffering activatation
    • Frames draw latency reduction
    • Dynamic FPS support activatation
    • A LOT of various debugging deactivation
    • misc..
    What's worst than this is that he was making fun of the module author on xda discord. He said "Imagine being this guy, lol" after posting a photo of feravolt's comment (where he said he's depressed)

    Oh. Okay, I'll remember that. Thanks.

    I am thankful for all your supportive and warm words towards me and my work. You all helped me to decide what to do further. So, this is my plan. I will start whole work from 0 - this of course will take time. I will be using another programming language in my app - no more shell scripting. I have better ideas how to treat Android OS to be fast and powersave at the same time. I will transcend my own creation and make it even greater. Cheers.
    First of all, I don't even know him personally, he never contacted me or my friends, advising or pointing on mistakes or whatever. And so I don't understand why he publically offends me & my work.
    This is what you should know about his personality first. This type of behavior kinda reminds me YaroST.

    I thought “Niko Schwickert” was actually the developer of FDE.AI, given how he personally messaged me with to defend all tweaks and being an admin from your channel. He calls me a racist when I don’t even know what his or your race is. Kinda tells you a lot when that kind of a person is an admin of a group.

    But if you’re gonna argue that he’s not a representer of yours, fine.
    I see a lot of crap from relatively small and minor developers, but I don’t go after them. However, you’re a public figure with a massive cult-like following. If you’re gonna tell me to censor my thoughts for a public figure, no thanks.

    1. "But FDE.AI also overrides the manufacturer’s values." - I am OK with that. They provide those tunables for tuning. So why not.

    You seems to be missing my point.
    I’m fine with that too as long as you know what you’re actually doing. And I proved that you don’t.

    2. Thanks for "smb135x" wakelock info - I will fix this asap.


    3. https://github.com/feravolt/FDE-sc/blob/master/fde.c#L1124 > this code is valid for only for 2.6.x kernels (very old devices), and it realy does improve UX a lot since I personally tested that on my 2011's device. For rest kernels this is simply not applied. I might just add kernel version check.

    Here’s another problem that I mentioned.
    What makes you think that applying a certain value to all of the devices is a good idea?

    You’re using a value from 2011 for all devices here without even checking the existence or validity of that sysfs node.

    5.1 "dumbest choices for tuning your I/O device" + https://github.com/feravolt/FDE-sc/blob/master/fde.c#L1217 > This code should fix rare deep-sleep issues on older kernels and as per my tests (I do own 2 UFS & 2 MMC devices), does not impact performance. I might add kernel version check before apply here too and/ro simply remove this string.

    Again, another proof that you not doing your research.

    If there were no performance impact, why do you think SCSI kernel developers put that into the configuration to begin with?

    And why do you think that “fixes” rare deep-sleep issues? Did you go into the details as to why it fixes that particular issue?

    5.2 Will change that to single hit merge and/or check for storage type, because on slow MMCs this helps a lot in write speed.

    Back up your statement with scientific data relevant to Android.
    I/O merges in the elevator is designed to help slower backing-storage devices.

    5.3 I did researched about this and know what this option do. With my value it showed a better result in benchmarks which may fooled me up. Will research about this more.

    Again: “Back up your statement with scientific data relevant to Android.”
    If you’re just gonna run AndroBench and conclude that it’s faster, that’s still not good enough as it’s not representative to Android’s UX performance. Quite often, it goes the other way around.

    6.2 That's true - I mixed this up with f2fs fsync_mode=nobarrier.

    No, you did not.

    f2fs’ fsync_mode=nobarrier was added in May 2018: https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linu.../?id=d6290814b018aa9a81163b4c806935b315041833

    Your “v.1.1-rel” from July 2017 includes it:

    [email protected]:/tmp/FeraDroid-Engine$ git log -1 @
    commit f05275e7ed01827d34cd8d7947aa17f71796b1a4 (HEAD)
    Author: FeraVolt <[email protected]>
    Date:   Sat Jul 22 17:49:07 2017 +0600
        Merge to v.1.1-rel
    [email protected]:/tmp/FeraDroid-Engine$ git grep nobarrier
    system/engine/feradroid.sh: $B mount -o remount,noatime,nodiratime,nobarrier,discard "${x}";
    system/engine/gears/io.sh: $B mount -o remount,noatime,nodiratime,nobarrier,discard "${x}";

    Also nobarrier (in rare cases) could corrupt FS, not physically destroy block. I believe that none of existing FS mount flags can actually physically destroy a block. (Don't mix up with file system corruption)

    You’re still having no idea what that flag does.

    FTLs can write data in OoO(Out-of-Order), this is not a faulty UFS firmware behavior. Writer barriers enforces its behavior so that orders can’t be mixed up while writing critical data such as journals. Your bricked users proved to you that it can very well go outside of userdata partition to screw up other partitions.

    I pointed those out to prove that you’re not doing the basic researches into changing the kernel values and understanding its ramification.

    Your defences aren’t good either, you’re basically saying “Thanks”, “Will check” or “My bad” and just straight up lied about mixing up fsync_mode=nobarrier and nobarrier.

    If that’s still not an indication of you not doing your research, I don’t know what is.

    And dear forum moderator before censoring my post, please try to understand both his and my points and think whether posting an “un-researched tweak that changes 150 values inside the kernel” is acceptable in XDA.
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