[22-Nov-2007] XDA Mobile 6 Release 4 - Happy Thanksgiving!

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Sep 12, 2006
Falcon, Colorado
XDA Mobile 6 Release 4
Let's give thanks on Thanksgiving; Its a new XM6!

You can now cook your own version of this rom! Click Here!

XDA Mobile 6 Release 4 (XM6r4 for short) is the fourth version of the popular XM6 rom series for the Wizard. The base rom is the same, but with new features and fixes to a few bugs found in XM6r3.

XM6r4 is built on the OS 5.2.318 Build 15342.4.0.01 rom that was provided to us by InGeNeTiCs from Howard Forums. While this is not the "newest" release of WM6, it is the last known release that was built for the Wizard (ie: its not a port from another HTC Device). Various pieces of the base rom have been upgraded, so some of it is stuff ported from other phones so that it can have newer functionality. Overall, I feel this base is very stable and fast and makes a great base to cook on.

Please Note: this ROM was NOT intended to push the limits on speed optimization or memory optimization. It was made to be functional, stable, and something that I myself wanted and will use. I've found it to very quick and responsive (especially with Overclocking with BatteryStatus), and so far Battery life has been very good for me and those beta testing this. If you have a Battery Drain issue, make sure you flashed back to an official rom before you upgraded to this one, as that should correct extended rom corruption that has been shown to cause battery draining. BatteryStatus is NOT included in this ROM. If you want to overclock or use other features of BatteryStatus, you are welcome to download and install the latest version of BatteryStatus yourself. I personally use it, and have OMAP set to 247MHz with CPUscalar set from 143 to 247 and Boost set to 260Mhz.

Base ROM Information
The base rom was an "Official" Wizard WM6 ROM that was part of the development cycle of WM6 inside of Microsoft (Dogfood as they call it). The base rom was not a port of another device rom with drivers and stuff pieced and parted onto this one, but this was an actual Wizard WM6.
  • Windows Mobile 6, OS 5.2.318 Build 15342.4.0.01
  • ROM Version: WWE
  • ROM Date: 08/11/06
  • Protocol:
There is no Radio, IPL, SPL or Extended ROM included in this (so its G4 "safe").

What's In XDA Mobile 6 Release 4?
Bolded items are new / upgraded from XM6r3
  • WkTask (replaces pBar and AltTab)
  • Aserg's Touch Scroll Only
  • HButton (Enable multiple apps on hardware buttons)
  • HTC Action
  • HTC TOUCH Dialer with enhanced keypad numbers by peu
  • HTC Voice Recorder
  • WMP Touch style skin
  • PPC Contacts Manager
  • QuickMenu
  • MortPlayer replaces HTC Audio Manager
  • Internet Sharing via BlueTooth DUN (like WM5); WM6 Internet Sharing is still there, the BT DUN is in addition to that!
  • Schap's Advanced Configuration Tool v1.1 and VoIP Setup Tool
  • Office 2007
  • 9 Button "Touch" Style CommManager from the Kaiser
  • VoIP (See next post for instructions to set this up)
  • Arcsoft Composer (SMS and MMS are split apart and not merged)
  • Notepad editor
  • Pocket RAR
  • SIP Config
  • SK tsync (Time Synchronization)
  • Total Commander Beta 2.5 Beta 3
  • PIM Backup to 2.5
  • Esmertec Java Manager (replaces the standard Midlet Manager)
  • Oxios Memory
  • Windows Live Search searches via Google
  • WM5torage 1.78Beta4
  • SIM Manager
  • dotFred TaskManager (with registry editor link setup and associations built in for .reg files)
  • .NET 2.0 SP2
  • delayedexec.exe is in \Windows but is not configured. See this post for details on using this.
  • FingerFriendlyFriends 1.0 Beta 2 (Replaces PocketCM)
  • WinXplore 0.4
  • Mortscript 4.1
  • Grey / Black Onscreen Keyboard
  • Mobile Justice (a security app that will send an SMS if an unauthorized SIM is placed in your phone)
  • TodayAgenda 1.0 (Not Beta!)
  • StartClean replaces ClearTemp
  • PocketScreen replaces Pocket Screen Capture
  • 1-Calc Lite
  • PeekPocket 1.5
  • MoDaCo NoData (so you can turn off data sources)
  • Smartskey 0.56 (DPAD is set to 0 in the .ini so the up and down scrolling works in the Phone dialer as expected in WM6)
  • DotFred's SoftKeyAppletEx
  • WM5NewMenu
  • Adobe Reader LE
  • Battery Gauge (Displays a colored bar at the top of screen to show battery level)
  • BT Crawler[/b]
  • Call2Contact
  • Camera 3
  • Freecell (a Solitaire card game)
  • SuperDoku v1.1 - Puzzle game
  • Tetris - game
  • Some new and fun ring tones - Nokia death, R2D2, Oldphone and Wolf Howl)

Mods made from XM6r3
In addition to the apps listed above, the following fixes and mods were made to improve the user experience on XM6r4
  • Changing ringtone now stays changed when you leave the Phone app
  • Using press and hold on CommManager button toggles vibrate on and off, and phone does NOT stay stuck in vibrate / no ring mode
  • Regional Settings default to English (United States) and use a slash for the date seperator (M/dd/yyyy)
  • Menu sounds work by default
  • Pressing the "End Call" button does not disconnect GPRS but minimized the active application. Pressing and holding the "End Call" button for about 5 seconds will do a GPRS Disconnect
  • Internet access over ActiveSync (USB) connection works (You must apply a registry fix on your PC first. See the next post for the fix)
  • D pad now works differently with PIE. Up and down presses on the D Pad stay the same, but pressing right jumps forward a page and pressing left jumps backwards a page. Makes going through websites easier (IMO).
  • Fixed the A2DP registry for sampling
  • Registry Entries for PIE Connections to speed page loading
  • Registry Entries to increase In Call Volume
  • Press Button 1 for messaging (like normal) or hold it a little longer and HTC Action will come up (via HButton)
  • WkTask setup to not show Phone and Activesync as running apps in task bar
  • QuickMenu enabled for nice drop down and cascading start menu
  • Touch Scroll only is active so use your finger to scroll in most places

You MUST have an IPL and SPL at 2.xx or higher (BOTH not just one or the other).

You MUST be running ActiveSync 4.5 on Windows XP (Vista comes with the correct sync utility, although there have been issues reported about Vista and sync'ing with PPC's so be aware of that).

Before you attempt to upgrade to this ROM, Please follow this thread to learn how to flash roms, CID unlock your phone, and how to fix issues you may run into! It is also recommended that you flash your phone with a Windows XP computer and not Vista. It will work with Vista, but if you run into problems Vista can't talk to a phone in Bootloader mode!

  • I HIGHLY Recommend that you flash back to an official rom before upgrading to this (or any) custom rom so you have a clean base (and correct any Extended ROM corruption you might have). G4 users would flash back to their provider's latest official release or the Wizard Love ROM. G3 users can use T-Mobile 2.26 for a good base.
  • If you use BatteryStatus (its NOT included in the rom!) to overclock, I don't recommend overclocking above 260Mhz, and the CPUscaler settings in BatteryStatus should not be set to a min lower than 143MHz (or your device may not wake back up after going to sleep).
  • Newer Radio ROMs on WM6 have had issues in the past (especially for Cingular / AT&T users). T-Mobile 2.19 (UK or NL versions) seems to be the most stable, but you can now run newer radios with the attached cab. This cab also works for some other providers but not for all, so its up to you to test what works for your phone.

I've moved the credits to the 5th post of this thread as this post has become too big.

Known Issues
  • When entering a contact in the "To:" field it does not link to the outlook contacts, it instead shows suggested words. You can tap the word "to" and it will go to the contact list no problem. Also, when trying to select a file to send no file names or pictures are displayed just empty square boxes, you can tap the box and it will go to the next sub folder, if it is a folder. There are no thumbnails or files listed so it is impossible to navigate to select a picture or video. Click Here to download patch
  • After the initial flash, some have reported that QuickMenu pops open the start menu when you are supposed to tap the screen to start the phone setup. Just wait a second or two and it will close by itself.
  • The base rom has a bug / feature where if GPRS is active, unanswered calls may not show up as a missed call and may not give notification of the unanswered call. If this happens, the unanswered call shows up in the history as an answered call with a duration of 1 or 2 seconds.

Official Download Sites for XDA Mobile 6 Release 4
I'll upload with more mirrors as they become available.

RapidShare Download

SendSpace Download

HTTP Download

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Sep 12, 2006
Falcon, Colorado
XM6r4 Addons and Information

Radio ROMs
Here are links to a few of the Radio ROMs that I've used with XM6r4. Remember that Radio's newer than the 2.19 radio may require the WM6 Fix CAB that is attached to the first post of this thread.

Voice Command

How to not have a 24hour Clock (or how to show AM/PM)

This works on all WM6 roms
  • Go to Start > Settings > System > Regional Settings
  • Make sure you have the correct Region selected
  • Click on the Time tab
  • Click on the drop down box for Time Style
  • Notice the little up and down arrows? This is a scrolling region in this dropdown. Click the up arrow a couple of times and you'll find h:mm:ss tt

Thats it. Microsoft is amazing at having a 2 line scrolling region on this dropdown. You'd think they would have had at least 3 or 4 lines show up for chosing (and it would be more obvious that its a scrolling region then too).

GPRS / MMS Setups

First, here is The Ultimate Thread with people posting operator settings for about all providers! In the first post is a link to the thread where walshieau is creating an automated way of setting up all of these!

What follows is a list of automated and manual ways of setting up GPRS and MMS for various cell providers and regions that I've collected:

VoIP Setup Instructions
Thanks to joaosousa for the following steps!

!!! Only Tested in a Wifi network !!!
  • Install the wm6voip.cab.
  • Restart your Wizard (Soft Reset).
  • Go to Start > Programs > Toobox and open Setup VoIp Aplication.
  • Insert your VoIP account information.
  • Restart your wizard (Soft Reset).
  • Now you should be able to use VoIP, check the status of the service in the today screen.

This didn't work? Then please check this thread:

Connecting XM6r4 to the Internet via ActiveSync 4.5 on Windows XP
  • For those having issues connecting to the internet via Active Sync, cut and paste this code onto your PC in a file called net_over_activesync.reg and run it (on your PC not your phone)
    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows CE Services]

Splash Screens and Splash Only RUU for G4
  • For G4 users, Click Here for the RUU with the Splash Screens of this rom (since you don't get them when you use the shell tool). As I understand it, this is completely safe for a G4 as its nothing but splash screens (no OS, IPL, SPL, Extended ROM, etc, just splash and htc logo screens). I've also placed the .bmp files that make up the splash screen in the zip file so you can see them directly before flashing this.
  • If you have problems flashing the above RUU on a G4, then extract this http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=29158&d=1152698784 and pull the nk.nbf file out of the above Splash Screen file and put it into the directory of this one and run this RUU. You can use the same method for flashing the Radio Only ROM (pull the nk.nbf file out of the radio only rom and put it into the directory of this RUU and run it). Thanks anichillus for that link! You can also check this thread for another RUU that is in English and seems to work for most G4 users. Thanks Vippie!

Weather Panel Setup

See my post in the Wizard forum on how I setup WeatherPanel. It will give you a fixed dll with correct moon phases through 2008, new/better Moon phase icons, and a cool theme called Chameleon-240 QVGA. I dumped SBSH Pocket Weather after seeing this setup :)

Hermes Black Cabs that may be of Interest
Transcriber can be added back into XM6r4 by using the Black 3 Add-on CABs file. There may be others in it that may be of interest also for some. Included in this file is Cyberon VoiceCommander, Cyberon Voice Dial, VIjay555 utils, and a Slingbox patch (none of these I've tested).

Turning off Word Auto Completion
Some people do not like how Windows Mobile tries to suggest words that you may be typing. If you are one of those people, jacob-mda wrote up a post on how to turn it off. Check out This Thread.

Auto Completion for Spanish
User peu found the file to change the auto completion of words to Spanish. You can check his post here for details and a link.

Skinning the Dialpad
You can find skins for this dialpad HERE. See image attached below for an example.

Skinning MortPlayer
MortPlayer is very skinnable. Check out the qVista example attached below. You can find qVista here: http://www.aximsite.com/boards/them...rting-qvga-vga-landscape-portrait-square.html

More skins can be found here: http://www.sto-helit.de/index.php?module=download&action=list&category=23

Or create your own skins by reading this: http://www.sto-helit.de/freeware/pocketpc/mortplayer/en/skinhelp.html

BatteryStatus (for Overclocking, CPUScalar, and much much more)
BatteryStatus is a very popular utility around here and for good reasons. Currently its in a beta phase and the author is releasing new versions of the beta constantly so I decided not to put it in the rom and let people install whatever build of it they want. Also, some versions of BatteryStatus have been known to cause excessive battery drain, so be aware of that too. You can find it in the Official BatteryStatus thread and if you do use it, feel free to give feedback on it in that thread as they are always looking for ways to improve it.

NOTE: If you do use overclocking, I recommend you use the OMAP Apps tab to setup Camera to be at 195Mhz as it can mess up the display if you are overclocked and doing the camera.

How to change Keyboard for other languages and layouts

This thread has information for changing the keyboard to work for other layouts.



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Sep 12, 2006
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Included Apps Info

Info on Included Apps

FingerFriendlyFriends v1.0 Beta 2
For those wondering, PocketCM was replaced in XM6r4 for two reasons. First the author of PocketCM did not want it included in roms. Two, I like the FingerFriendlyFriends app (even though I hate the name :))

Check out these images of it:

I would advise you to check out and participate in this thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=340227&highlight=fingerfriendlyfriends if you like FingerFriendlyFriends. The official website is http://www.jotto.no/fff/ and has info on using and making the most of FFF

For those that don't want to run FFF and want the standard Conctact manager back you can do the following:

Change "String 1" value from "\Windows\PocketCM.exe" to :MSPOUTLOOK contacts.

Then if you want it back, you can change it back to \Windows\FingerFriendlyFriends.exe

Since FFF is in beta, if you need / want to upgrade, just drop the FingerFriendlyFriends.exe file in \Windows

SK tsync
Included in this rom is SK tsync, which will synchronize your phone to time servers. I've included in \Windows a special link called tsync silent.lnk . You can copy this link (with TotalCommander or use WinXplore) to your \Windows\Startup folder and it will allow your phone to sync its time after a reboot. Famewolf also wrote a Mortscript for easy install (since Mortscript is part of this rom). Click Here to download this script, then just place it on your phone and run it, and it will copy this shortcut to your Startup folder for you.

MobileJustice v0.8
MobileJustice is an Anti-theft app that you can configure on your phone. Just go to Start > Programs > Accessories and click on the MJConfig icon (first time in you will get a message that there isn't a config file, just click ok and it will be created). To us this, check the Enabled box, then click Add on the Allowed line. You can then setup your SIM card as an authorized one, and add other SIM cards IMSI numbers if you use more than one. Next click on Add next to Report to: and setup an SMS number (wife, friend, colleague) where you want the text message to go to if an unauthorized SIM is put into your phone. You can add multiple SMS numbers if you want. At this point, your phone will now be setup so that if an unauthorized sim is put in it, then it will send an SMS (with no record of it being sent) to your Report To list on the next boot (you can test this by not setting up (or removing) the Allowed and then doing a soft reset).

For more advanced, you can turn on the Disp MsgBox at the top and then put in some text in the MsgBox text line. This will pop up a Message box on the screen of the phone after a boot, if an unknown sim is in the phone.

You can also enable RMon (bottom half of the screen), put in a pass phrase, and then turn on MsgBox (GPS and LocCall do not work on Wizards, and the other options haven't been implemented in this version). By doing this, you can now send an SMS to your phone in the following format:

+m passphrase message

Rmon will intercept the sms message (so it will not show up as a received message), and if the passphrase matches the one you put in the configuration, then it will pop up a message box on the phone with your message in it (so you can secretly send messages to the thief to possibly intimediate them (or whatever).

The project page for MobileJustice is located at: https://sourceforge.net/projects/mjustice/
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Sep 12, 2006
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I would like to thank the following in help (directly and indirectly) with XDA Mobile 6:
  • Faria for providing the initial ROM Kitchen that got me cooking
  • anichillus for the fantastic Hyper Core ROM Kitchen which was exclusively used in the production of this ROM
  • Dr Puttingham for the guides, information he has provided to all of us
  • Molski for having a nice tutorial on various cooking tools and providing easy access to info at http://www.molski.biz
  • mattk_r and theloon for inspiration and pushing the envelope and for the fantastic set of OEM packages
  • Famewolf for constantly pointing me to new apps, new versions, and posts about features like BlueTooth DUN to add into the rom.
  • Those that took the time to help alpha and beta test XM6 Release 4 (Rudi, Peter, and Ben). We worked out a number of issues with a nice quick beta test (XM6r3 beta worked out most of the real bugs so this one was "easy" :))!
  • Everyone that installed and gave feedback and support on the other XDA Mobile 6 threads
  • Everyone that I thanked in my other ROM releases! :)
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Feb 2, 2007

This really is an excellent release :) Thank you, Mike, and happy Thanksgiving..

One remark though, for everyone who may see the QuickMenu popping up at the first boot after the flashing: You don't need to click anywhere to make QM disappear, it will hide itself after a few seconds and you can continue to the initial configuration of the Wizard.


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Jun 13, 2006
Release 3 is one of the best roms, i was waiting for next version.
Thanks for this one, will flash it today.


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Jan 26, 2007
Mirror rapidshare

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Oct 24, 2007
Good job

Release 3 was one the most stable ROM for WIZARD, I have noticed so far.

Wish the same for release 4 too.

Thank you

Happy thanksgiving.


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Nov 13, 2007
I'm curious, what happens to my apps installed on my storage memory? Will I have to reinstall everything? I'm uprading from Release 3.


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Jul 14, 2006
OnePlus 7 Pro
OnePlus Nord N200 5G
Reload Mortscript

I'm curious, what happens to my apps installed on my storage memory? Will I have to reinstall everything? I'm uprading from Release 3.

If your apps require registry entries more than likely you will have to reinstall them..they may or may not keep your settings depending on whether the settings were kept in the file or in the registry. (usually the registry)...any documents or files stored on the card should be fine however.

Here is a mortscript which may be of use to people reinstalling...it's called Reload..I am not the original author..I just made a few changes.....these instructions are taken from the Readme.txt inside:

How to setup:
1)Extract Reload.zip to the root of your storage card.
2)Place cab files in the CabsAuto folder if you want to the cab to be automatically installed to the phone storage.
3)Place cab files in the CabsManual folder if you want to be able to choose where to install the cab.
4)Place file in the Backup.zip file that you want to be restored to root of phone.
ie. If you wanted example.jpg to be placed in the \Windows folder, place example.jpg in the Windows folder of the zip file.
5)Place file in the SDBackup.zip file that you want to be restored to Storage Card.

*Please note that the cabs files placed in the CabsAuto folder need to conform to only asking the user for the installation destination, then showing installation successful/unsuccessful. Otherwise you might encounter some problems. You should place cabs that don't conform in the CabsManual folder, or adjust these cabs with programs such as WinCE CAB Manager.
How to use:
2)Execute Reload.mscr. This will initiate the script that will first install the CabsAuto, then CabsManual, restore the files in the Backup.zip file if it exists, and finally restore the files in the SDBackup.zip file if it exists..

Please note that files in CabsAuto are cleared out as they are installed so you may want to have a "CabsAuto.save" you copy over before a Reload.


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Oct 18, 2007
voice command

how can i get voicecommand to activate when i push the button on my headset. right now it just starts the phone app


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Oct 20, 2006
WOW! - One Question

This looks like an amazing release. I haven't flashed my phone since TNT 4.0, but I am going to try this tomorrow night for sure. Just one question, does this have the fixes so that there are no problems with the missed call notifications when using GPRS or during another call?

Thanks a lot for your hard work again mfrazzz!


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Jul 14, 2006
OnePlus 7 Pro
OnePlus Nord N200 5G
This looks like an amazing release. I haven't flashed my phone since TNT 4.0, but I am going to try this tomorrow night for sure. Just one question, does this have the fixes so that there are no problems with the missed call notifications when using GPRS or during another call?

Thanks a lot for your hard work again mfrazzz!

Try reading the author's first posts since he answers this.


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Sep 12, 2006
Falcon, Colorado
What about the pagepool and the free RAM ?

6meg PagePool. You can see free ram after a clean install in the image posted in the first thread. Roughly 25meg of Program Memory, and 42meg of Storage.

zakhir_n said:
Just one question, does this have the fixes so that there are no problems with the missed call notifications when using GPRS or during another call?
As stated this is mentioned as a known issue in the first post still. Never got from its right what the fix was (and may just be an issue with 318).


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Dec 3, 2006
Awesome Job!

Once again, an awesome job mfrazzz. Keep it up. I have been using the XM6R3 until today.

An awesome collection of apps in this release.

Gobble, Gobble!!


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Jun 1, 2006
Boston, MA
The radio fix?

The Radio fix (XDA Cingular WM6 Radio Fix2.cab) ... has that already been applied and, if not, what does it fix exactly?


Oct 5, 2006
Staten Island
Which could be causing my problem? My girlfriend isn't getting my texts and she has verizon. Is it the 2.19 radio rom, this rom, or the T-mobile settings I chose?