[25/03/11]XDAndroid - Topaz [2.2.2][FRX06 Final]

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Jan 28, 2010
General & Credits

Welcome to the Android/Linux Topaz (Diamond 2) Port information portal


From here you will be able to find new information on the progress and development of the Android/Linux port to the Topaz.
Please post all questions and information on this port of android here.
This thread/project is based on the XDANDROID porting project.
Before starting posting read the FAQ.

Change logs:

March 25th 2011 ( 2.2.2 FRX06 Final ) :

System image related:
  • Switched to touch-friendly dialer, along with the VGA layout improvements as seen in Gingerbread
  • Added HSPA icon (for GSM models)
  • modprobe ipv6 by default in user.conf - Google Goggles fix


March 03rd 2011 ( 2.2.2 FRX05 Final ) :

System image related:
  • Camera support – both photo and video capture (without sound currently) are working. This depends on kernel support, so only Rhodium and Topaz are supported currently. Huge thanks to Jerome Bruneaux (viruscrazy on XDA) for basically doing all the work.
  • Switch build variants from engineering to user-debug for slight speedup.

January 21st 2011 ( 2.2.1 FRX04 Final ) :

System image related:
  • Improved 3D performance, with fixes for WVGA devices (brought to you by [acl]) - IMPORTANT: this requires the accompanying rootfs release from 21 Jan (or later).
  • Synced all minor upstream changes from AOSP

November 20th 2010 ( 2.2.1 FRX03 Final ) :

System image related:
  • Disable slow background blurring for some dialogs (thanks emwe)
  • Internal improvements to auto-backlight implementation (emwe)
  • Disable JIT by default for various stability improvements
  • Updated gapps package (20101114)
Bug Fixes:
  • 19 - Boot loop on first boot (fresh data.img)
  • 36 - Repeated Volume button press crashes the system
  • Possibly 12 - Terminal emulator special keys/digits do not respond
Kernel related:

  • n/a

October 25th 2010 ( 2.2 FRX02 ) :

System image related:
- Talk.apk missing - fixed
- Buttons cut off in the open call menu. - fixed
- OpenWnn IME selected by default
- Google Apps updated to 20101020.1
- Transitioned to hdpi graphics and fonts
- Ambient light sensor and hardware auto brightness for RAPH and RHOD (WisTilt2)
- Debug output for battery service emergency shutdowns (by request of camro)
- Data roaming off by default (can be dangerous for international users) (emwe)
- armv6j instruction support from cyanogenmod
Kernel related:
- n/a​
What is working & what isn´t:

Touchscreen: Yes
SMS: Yes
MMS: ? ( not tested )
Calls ( Incoming/Outgoing ): Yes
Microphone: Yes
Data over 3G/EDGE: Yes
HW3D: Partly ( needs fine tuning )
Sound ( in-call/external speaker ): Yes
Bluetooth: Partly ( cant pair to other device )
Wifi: Yes
Camera: Partly ( fixed in userland, need to be fixed in kernel )
Accelerometer: Yes
GPS: Yes
Android versions tested to be booting:

Android Froyo 2.2 = YES
Android Eclair 2.0.1 / 2.1 = YES
Android Donut 1.6 = YES
Android Cupcake 1.5 = Untested​

This post will be updated as new information is made available.
Thanks to:
Note: Credits copied from the official XDAndroid project thread

mweirauch, phhusson, dzo, zenulator, Chamonix, Stinebd, Makkonen, MrPippy, cr2, Markinus, bzo, captainoord, glemsom, balsat and anyone else who contribued or who i forgot :p
Thanks ben_duder for the awesome sig :p
Help keep Connect-utb up and running with a donation :)

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Jan 28, 2010
FAQ & How To


Information on using Android on the Diamond 2.

More information is also available on the WiKi

Q. Why is my touchscreen not calibrated properly?
A. Delete the "ts-calibration" file in the XDAndroid root and start haret.exe again, touch properly the 5 white dots on the boot-up sequence.

Q. Why is my led blinking between orange and green, and what those colors means?
A. Green - phone is sleeping, Orange - phone is awake. Blinking between this 2 colors means that the device is not sleeping properly or is doing something in the background ( checking for emails,... )

Q. Why when I return to WM my time is messed up?
A. Android uses a different way to tell time, causing Windows Mobile to change to another time (For example, if you are GMT -5 it will be 5 hours ahead, if you are GMT +5 it will show 5 hours behind.)

Q. Why am I stuck on the lockscreen?
A. Try tapping the power button once, then unlocking. The device thinks the screen is off.

Q. How do I install an .APK file from my PC?
A. Create a folder called "AndroidApps" on your storage card and place your file there.

Q. Why cant my phone find any network?
A. Change "force_cdma=1" in the STARTUP.TXT to "force_cdma=0".

Q. Why wifi doesn't work in Android?
A. Before booting into Android throught haret.exe, switch "on" the wifi in WinMo.

Q. How do i return to WinMo after booting into Android?
A. You could hold the "end call" key and press "Power off", or at the back remove the stylus and press the little red button.

Q. Why HARET freezes/hangs on execution?
A. Be sure to use the latest zImage, rootfs, initramfs and to run you TD2 at stock CPU speeds ( not overclocked, in most cases this cause the problem ).

Q. Why does the end call button has the same function as the power button and how do i fix this?
A. The key mapping was changed in a recent rootfs release, to sort that out go into the Main Menu -> SpareParts and select the "End button behaviour" to be "Go Home".

Q. Why I have no sound on incoming calls & the other person can't hear me?
A. A little workaround until this get fixed is: after android boots, first, call someone (you can call yourself too :p), after that all subsequent calls should be ok.

More coming soon.​

Usefull Startup.txt commands ( copy cmds without quotes ):

"acpuclock.oc_freq_khz=XXXXXX" - Used for overclocking your cpu ( example: "acpuclock.oc_freq_khz=650000" is 650 MHz / 650 000 kHz ) - Use it at your own risk!!!

Setting another folder as your Android root
"rel_path=place here the folder name" - If you dont want to put XDAndroid in your SD root you can put it in another folder ( It is recommended that you call this folder "andboot" and not "Android", example: you created a folder named "andboot" in the root of your SD for XDAndroid, add this to your startup.txt "rel_path=andboot" )​

Onscreen terminal keyboard
"msmvkeyb_toggle= (on/off)"
on = displays terminal onscreen keyboard
off = hide terminal onscreen keyboard​

1=USB headset
2=3.5mm headset​

Incall volume adjust
0=being lowest and 5=being loudest​

Enable/Disable handsfree

Recommended best loud and clear voice values are said to be 5/1

Disable low battery Warning

How to install and run Android on your TD2


  • First step and the most important be sure to backup all your valuable data from your SD card
  • Before downloading anything be sure that your SD card is formated in FAT32 file system and you have enough space ( min. 512mb, recommended 1024mb )
  • Download the latest bundle build here [Post 4]
  • Download the system only package ( if bundle is from a newer date then system only then skip this step ) here, rename it to system.ext2 if needed and overwrite it with the one from the bundle package
  • Unzip the contents of the .zip file
  • Copy all contents of the unzipped file to the ROOT of your Storage Card or in ANDBOOT folder ( be sure to add then "rel_path=ANDBOOT" in startup.txt between quotations )
  • Copy the STARTUP.txt located in STARTUP CONFIG->TOPAZ folder to the root of your SD card or in the ANDBOOT folder

It should look like this:

/Storage Card/

Running Android:

  • Browse to your storage card and open/run the file Haret.exe
  • On the first boot android will ask you to tap 5 white dots for touchscreen calibration
  • Wait for Android to be completely up and running

Keymapping for the Diamond 2.


[1.][Call] -> Call
[2.][Windows Key] -> Menu
[3.][Back] -> Back
[4.][End] -> End | Power
[5.][Volume Up] -> Volume Up
[6.][Volume Down] -> Volume Down
[7.][Power] -> Home
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Jan 28, 2010
Tips & Media

General info & tips

  • Data Image ( data.img ) is where all your settings, apps,... basically everything you have done to customise your android experience is stored there. Deleting it will result in losing all of settings, apps,...
  • To setup your ringtones create you need to create a folder tree:
  • To change the keyboard language and layout to qwerty, hold down ( long press ) any text box to get other options and select android. You can also change it from the settings page.
  • To get a better & faster GPS location time be sure to run QuickGPS and update the satellites before going to Android.


Android 2.0.1 on the Topaz by Shadowline [12/21/09] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6plb1d7tRz0


December 21st By Shadowline (Android 2.0.1) ( See attachment )​


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Jan 28, 2010
Releases & Useful links

Note1: No release here will be totally stable for a while, these are only for testing purposes and nobody can claim any responsibility if you end up breaking your phone, which of course should not happen with any of these builds.
Note2: Add the latest ( links posted under the build below ) modules, rootfs, zImages, initramfs to the build below for the best experience.

Android 2.2.2 - FRX06 Final(bundle) & FRX06 Final(system)


Package date: March 25th 2011
Build Froyo 2.2.2

Bundle package FRX06 Final NEW:

Note: Please delete your old data.img and let android recreate it again because this package is signed. Otherwise you'll get a bootloop
Also you'll need to select English IME if you want to type in english.

System package - FRX06 Final NEW:

Note: Please delete your old data.img and let android recreate it again because this package is signed. Otherwise you'll get a bootloop
Also you'll need to select English IME if you want to type in english.

Here are some updated bundle and systems of Froyo and Gingerbread. Courtesy of TheJokah!

zImage Autobuild ( glemsom / balsat ):

Rootfs Autobuild ( Stinebd ):

Initramfs Autobuild ( Stinebd ):
Useful links:

XDAndroid 2.2 AOSP support thread:

Official XDAndroid project thread:

XDAndroid Project:

Old system builds are located here:

Android On HTC

The Git Repository

Spreadsheet with overview of working XDANDROID builds
Form for submitting
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Feb 22, 2009
Why not using the Touch HD files??? ;)

Agreed, hardware-wise I think the HD is the closest to the TD2 among the "older" htc models.

Appart from the slider bar and the buttons (sensistive on the HD, mechanical on the TD2), I think the hardware and screen resolution are exactly the same....

HTC Touch Freak

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Jul 22, 2008
Got My D2 and can't wait for progress on this to start. Big Kudos to all that will be and are working on this on the D2 and other phones. I'm just sad I have no way or knowledge to help. :(


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Jul 9, 2006
Android is Linux based and open source, right?

So will you start charging when it is released? I hope not.

Will there be some kind of Kitchen where we can start figuring possibility of porting it to other devices?


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Aug 12, 2008
No, and if anyone here charges for it, I would really be cautious of it. Android is open source from google. And it has already been ported (more or less) to the Kaiser, Vogue, Diamond, Raphael, Touch HD and quite possibly more.

Hope this works as planned... The thing is, hardware-wise, the D2 is similar to both the TouchHD and to the original Diamond. Now my problem is obtaining this thing in CDMA. Now only if HTC listened to its users :D.


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Oct 18, 2007
Port Talbot
No, and if anyone here charges for it, I would really be cautious of it. Android is open source from google. And it has already been ported (more or less) to the Kaiser, Vogue, Diamond, Raphael, Touch HD and quite possibly more.

To be fair, the Touch HD port has stalled at an early stage.

There seem to be major problems at a deeper hardware level (Too complex for me to understand). So it might not ever happen.....


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Jan 29, 2007
Thought I should explain this a little... This is the reason why the framebuffer does not work at the moment. The manufacturer ID is not in any published linux driver code at the moment so we can't just drop in another driver. First things first, we need to find out the make and model of the mddi client, pedroo said he'd get some pics of the PCB/LCD so hopefully we'll be able to get some model numbers.

One mddi client chip which is capable but I haven't been able to find any information on is the Samsung S6D05A0. Long shot but does anyone have an account with Samsung they can use to get the data sheet?

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    Updated Bundles and EXT2

    New and updated bundles and system.ext2 for your enjoyment! Bundles are noob freindly, just extract bundles to sdcard and run haret.exe in the andboot folder from winmo. Bundles have the latest rootfs, zimage and modules, and latest system.ext2 i made from xdandroid git.:p

    Froyo Bundle
    Froyo System.ext2
    Gingerbread Bundle
    Gingerbread System.ext2
    To inform all that there are some breakthrough on camera and some fixes on battery drain, so expect in following days/weeks all of that working ;) and after that we could hopefully go on nand development ;)

    P.S.: And gingerbread is going also well so expect that too
    Updated package

    Due to glemsoms autobuild service being offline, here an updated build as attachment. Usable for any of our devices. Diam, Raph, Kovs, Black, Rhod and Topa.

    Included is this commit.

    Have fun.
    Xdandroid bundles

    Hey everyone! For all you noobs to xdandroid out there, here are some links to 100% noob friendly bundles! These were made from Xdandroid source repositories that I synced and compiled today. These bundles have the latest Rootfs, Zimage and modules, and system.ext2 files, as well as startup.txt and tscalibration for Topaz devices (will work with other supported devices with different startup.txt and tscalibration) All you have to do is extract the file to sdcard, then run haret.exe in /andboot folder. That is it, Enjoy!

    Froyo Bundle: (FRX05-2.2.2 with camera)

    Gingerbread Bundle (2.3.3 with Camera)
    How to install Fx04

    Hello guys!

    I'm having a little hard time understanding all the steps of installing the newest XDAndroid. I have done this once and now I've forgotten it, and since I did there are som new versions out and I want to test the latets FRX04. And there are so many pages in this thread now and I'm not totally getting the step-by-stepguide thanks to my English reading level.

    So, I want to do a complete new install of android, format my card and then do it fresh. But what packages should I download? I just know about the kernel, rootfs and system, but what about all the other "system files?". I just dont get it and I have tried to look around in all the threads now. I would appreciate a complete step-by-step-guide :)


    Its simple, here's how you install,

    1) first get the bundle package from the first page- September 17th 2010 Build Froyo 2.2


    2) then get System package - FRX04 Final NEW:


    unzip both folders , and copy the system.ext2 from the fx04 folder to
    the bundle package folder, overwrite the file.

    3) get the latest root file from this link -
    http://files.xdandroid.com/rootfs/ i.e. rootfs-20110123-5cafe3f.zip Jan 23

    -rename the file, rootfs-20110123-5cafe3f.img to just rootfs.img
    -copy and overwrite the rootfs file in your bundle folder, it should be named andboot.

    4) Get the latest available version from this link -
    i.e. initrd-20100813-b11116a.gz

    5) download the latest kernel from this link-

    Latest Kernel
    Commit# 1253
    Kernel: zImage-

    rename the zImage- to just zimage and overwrite the zimage file in your andboot folder.

    Modules: modules-

    delete these from your andboot folder and copy the one you downloaded, the newer one.

    The structure of your andboot should be somewhat given below-:D

    /Storage Card/ or /sdcard/andboot

    (you will get this file from your startup folder, if your device is topaz get that)
    set ramsize 0x10000000
    set ramaddr 0x10000000
    set mtype 2293
    set KERNEL zImage
    set initrd initrd.gz
    set cmdline "lcd.density=240 pmem.extra=1 msmvkeyb_toggle=off msmts_calib=0x395.0x3d5.0x79.0xa0 sensor=topaz gsensor_axis=2,1,3 pm.sleep_mode=2 rel_path=andboot"

    Running Android:

    Browse to your storage card and open/run the file Haret.exe
    On the first boot android will ask you to tap 5 white dots for touchscreen calibration
    Wait for Android to be completely up and running

    After you have logged in explore and set your options and creation of your data.img would take some time, and confirm if you have the wifi error.

    give your feedback

    hope it helps.