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256GB MicroSDXC Available (who needs to MOD anything?)

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Sep 16, 2007
KMS where did you get that second one? the black 32gb with micro on one end and full size on the other end?

I got it locally, but you can search for pqi accessories, there is another release very simlar, instead you can put a micro sd into the normal full size usb end, instead of built in memory.

here you go


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Jul 14, 2010
So nobody had any luck getting their card as of yet? What about getting your money refunded?

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Nov 30, 2006
EGO-360 has temporarily removed its MicroSD collection as our contracted manufacturer didn't meet our high quality standards. Updates soon..

If you look on the "page not found" page on the right you will see their tweets.
copied from Nov 27


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Jul 2, 2013
Chicago, IL
I bet lots have already complained. This would explain the sudden stopage of supply.

Supply? Supply is something for which the product exists or ever existed. I doubt this even exist!!! If it did the owner of the company would get hired by Samsung or SanDisk as the cheif technology officer, or probably as a cheif scientist for Intel. Atleast by giving him a bad name thru various organizations he should not have the guts to go to another forum and scam other people there.

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Jan 1, 2008
Preface that with "claims" of supply on their website.

But certainly the more reports the better to prevent this guy from scamming anyone again.

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    Sorry for the delay
    I just got back from my trip...
    This guy is a FRAUD...
    Never got my card and the seller never responded.
    Just opened my paypal claim
    Don't buy it was too good to be true but I wanted to test if this guy was legit and help everyone out

    Looks like 256 GB MicroSDXCs are finally available for purchase! And at a very reasonable price!! $179

    EGO-360 256GB MicroSDXC UHS-I card with USB Adapter

    Found some info from the developer:
    Hi Guys,
    My name is Jonathon Dodge, I am the lead designer for EGO-360. We developed our new range of microSD cards out of necessity, we were buying thousands of cards every month and our microSD providers were aways giving us delays, price increases and excuses. So I designed our new cards with the best component supplier Samsung. Our class range is class 10 cards are driven by SDR50 and our UHS-I by SDR104.

    Now unlike some manufacturers that advertise fast speeds that are way off, we have the average speeds on our website. We test 30 cards in 3 groups, 1000 times. The three test environments ( Hot and Humid), ( Cold and Dry) & ( Office 22C within an Electromagnetic field). We write an encrypted code up to full capacity, verify & delete ( not format) 1000x per card.

    Our cards work in most devices that I have tested, I have a 256GB SDXC card (exFat) in my Samsung S4 and the fastest it writes is 13.75mbytes, which is slower than some others.

    We are users that have become manufacturers to support users like us....

    Kindest Regards,

    Sorry for the delay
    I just got back from my trip...
    This guy is a FRAUD...
    Never got my card and the seller never responded.
    Just opened my paypal claim
    Don't buy it was too good to be true but I wanted to test if this guy was legit and help everyone out
    EGO-360 microSD cards

    Did op order? Because until somebody orders and verifies thread title needs to be changed. The description quoted just reeks of scam and all the pictures show 32gb generic micro sd's with generic USB adapters to boot.

    sent from my sm-9005.

    Jonathon Dodge here, this not a scam and I took that picture quickly to get something into our product descriptions. We have had an issue with the packaging of the first shipments due to it's size and it fitting into our accessory blister packages of our other products. So with the new packaging coming through this week, my graphics team with take some pretty pictures and updated the product profiles and apologies for any inconvenience.

    Our first two shipments were sold before they even hit our door to people close this project and our third shipment will be shipped by air on Thursday to our international buyers after coming through customs here in Australia.

    We test 1% of every shipment for quality assurance and everything comes to me in Australia before the cards are shipped out across the world.

    I have attached my Korean team's average sample h2testw jpg for you to review and if anyone would like to ask me a question, Im happy to help.

    Kindest Regards,

    Jonathon Dodge
    Just ordered mines
    Order #1050

    When it gets here I will post reviews and some test
    Thats a fair comment, however we primarily developed these microSD card for ourselves and thought we would put them them out there is see what would happen. We never expected to sell any... Buy or Don't that's an individual choice, we bundle them with our other products.

    Kindest Regards,


    You should have it reviewd by a reliable online news agency like Engadget to get some trust in