[26.JAN.2013║ROM] myMIUI 16 B1 [MAGLDR/CLK║Dorimanx║GB║myMIUI IDE©║zipA║MultiLang]

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Jan 26, 2010
Phone Crash !

Originally Posted by Max399 View Post
Hello, the ROM is very nice, doesn't have any battery drain. But the only issue i i get is when i get called and answer, sometimes the phone app lags and nor i hear the person calling me nor he does hear me, and then phone.android.com app crashes. If that could get fixed- that would be awesome.

i've same problem , please help ! when i work with my phone 2-3 hour and when i receive a call , my phone will crash and i have to replace the battery and reboot to solve the problem , when phone crash happened i hear a voice of my phone call speaker seems to cpu crash !

any help ? :crying::crying::(


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Jan 26, 2010
Hello. I have installed this great rom and quite like it.
I do have some problems tho. When answering or calling i sometimes hear myself in ecco and sometimes i hear an awful noise. I am not an expert so i ask, is it a way to fix this?
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Jan 26, 2010
Need Help

I see that there is not much activity in this thread. I have another question. Its about the Installation Instructions. In HD2ToolKit and MAGLDR in post number 9. It says to install MAGLDR but i does not say anything about partition size or cache size. I can choose from 120 to 445 MB in partition size and the cache size is set to 45 MB in default. What is the right size?


Oct 2, 2010
Hi all,

I have followed the instructions of the OP but I still cannot install any app. It keeps notifying me for unsufficient space. I assume that the ext partition is not recognized by the OS. Any advice?

P.S. Sorry if it has been answered before, I searched as much as I could but the topic is huge.


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Dec 7, 2009
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Jul 27, 2008
Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I think it's of no use to me because I've installed the ROM on NAND with data on EXT. Or at least I think I did.

Try installing the attached using CWM to have internal on ext.
However, in post #1133 and #1173 the developer of this nice ROM has written
"v16 b1 doesn't have data2ext since it made things slower in 99% of the test scenarios. Use the latest v15 if you need data2ext."

For 16B1 if you want Data2Ext you have several options all round the web - but the attached worked best for me.
Steps I followed (My Preference*):
1) Installed the ROM in NAND (System: 200MB | Cache: 5MB)
2) After 1st switch-on I let the ROM settle for 10 mins
3) Reboot to recovery and install the attached *.zip

All credit goes to the developer of this great ROM and developer of the great patched (attached file) :)


  • initrd_patcher.zip
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Nov 3, 2009
The Cluster Size?

Can anyone tell me what should be the cluster size of the FAT32 partition for this ROM? I am asking because I believe it might has something to do with the general speed and smoothness of the ROM. Thanks in advance.


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Jul 29, 2011
Can anyone tell me what should be the cluster size of the FAT32 partition for this ROM? I am asking because I believe it might has something to do with the general speed and smoothness of the ROM. Thanks in advance.

If you have 32gb use 32K, of you have less then you can go with smaller sizes. Don't think it has something with speed of rom as he uses ext partition if you are using data on ext or native sd.

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Mar 30, 2010

Good monin' at all,
little question for you:

I have in SD external class10 the folder for my personal ringtone-notification-SMS like so:

SD/data/audio/ringtone ( pippo.mp3)
notification (.mp3)
alarms (.mp3 - .ogg)

If i select from setting/audio ringtones ( but also SMS ringtones) under the ringtones that are in system (by default) i can select "music" and inside "music" i see pippo.mp3.
I confirm pippo.mp3, but when the phone ring,
the ringtone is another one from default.

I put the pippo.mp3 in a wrong folder?
The format is wrong? (no .mp3 but .ogg ?)
the structure of SD is wrong?

Someone can help me?

Tank's a lot to everybody

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    [26.JAN.2013║ROM] myMIUI 16 B1 [MAGLDR/CLK║Dorimanx║GB║myMIUI IDE©║zipA║MultiLang]


    Coding & debugging: aternus
    Theme & inspiration: tung91
    nativeSD: adityameena26

    myMIUI i18n Project - MIUI Internationalization

    The time you all been waiting for has finally come!
    For over a year, people across the world have been using myMIUI as their primary ROM, but something wasn't quite right, there was still a missing piece in the puzzle, something which could have made this ROM even better, even more personalized, even more awesome!

    Now its time to make the puzzle complete!
    After many hours of work, I've finally managed to write all the needed tools for a complete, easy to maintain, ROM translation. This is where you step in; this is the time to show your support, not only to myMIUI but to your nation! Now its the time to make myMIUI in your native language!

    Translating is quite simple! All the information you need to know is on GitHub:

    myMIUI i18n Project GitHub Repository


    • MIUI 2.4.20
    • Dorimanx Kernel 7.3
    • Multilingual
    • Bi-Directional (RTL/LTR)
    • AROMA Installer
    • Factory zipAligned
    • Major code refactoring & cleanup
    • 3G connection prefix appears in the status bar - when enabled
    • HWA (Gingerbread)
    • GPS w/AGPS
    • Auto-Brightness
    • Loudspeaker w/Microphone
    • WIFI
    • Bluetooth
    • USB
    • WIFI VOIP Module
    • CIFS Module
    • RISERFS Module

    • Full busybox integration (busybox 1.19.4)
    • 99% of all available APNs
    • Hosts file with ad/hijack/virus blocks
    • GPS/AGPS configuration - default: Europe

    • System tweaks
    • System I/O tweaks
    • GPU tweaks
    • Media tweaks
    • Network tweaks

    • Customized boot animation - DISABLED for faster boot speed
    • myMIUI theme (based on ICS)

    Installation Instructions

    HD2ToolKit: Download HD2ToolKit
    1. Connect the device to the USB port
    2. Put the device into factory flash mode by booting it while pressing "volume down"
    3. Install HSPL using the "Install HSPL" function inside HD2ToolKit - MAGLDR: Android / WP7 supports 2.08 ONLY!
    4. Put the device into factory flash mode by booting it while pressing "volume down"
    5. Do "Task29" (aka Complete Wipe) using the "Wipe (Task29)" function inside HD2ToolKit
    6. Put the device into factory flash mode by booting it while pressing "volume down"
    7. Install Latest Radio Firmware using the "Install Custom NBH/NB RUU" function inside HD2ToolKit - HD2 Radios
    8. Put the device into factory flash mode by booting it while pressing "volume down"
    9. Install Latest MAGLDR using the "Install MAGLDR" function inside HD2ToolKit
    10. Boot into MAGLDR recovery menu by pressing the "shutdown/hangup" button while booting up
    11. Choose "USB Flasher"
    12. Flash the Latest CWR (Clockwork Recovery) with the appropriate partition sizes by using the "Repartition" button inside the HD2ToolKit: System: 200MB | Cache: 5MB
    13. Boot into MAGLDR recovery menu by pressing the "shutdown/hangup" button while booting up
    14. Insert MicroSD card with the ROM ZIP
    15. Choose "AD Recovery"
    16. Flash ROM ZIP
    17. Reboot

    Download - Stable

    If you appreciate my work please consider looking into the offers shown by myMIUI sponsors.

    Download - nativeSD v15b6

    If you appreciate my work please consider looking into the offers shown by myMIUI sponsors.



    Tung91, Tytung, Cotulla, Amarullz, Marc1706, Munjeni, AmeriCanAndroid, Fhasovic ,Gokhanmoral, Markinus, Hastarin, Letama, Rajko, Dan1j3l, Cedesmith, Arne, Trilu, Charansingh, Mdebeljuh, Jdivic, Avs333, Snq-, Savan, Drizztje, 3Dak, HierOS, Nixda99, Dorimanx

    Supporters (Donations)
    Tung91 8JX98658FM1431347
    William Botteldoorn 02H18309YK955441M
    Jamie Garroch 44L61992JN008821Y
    Dennis La Rosa 4JR90461LP256213N
    Jolas 0XS252637K4675837
    Henk Wieland 2AF71629KX761373P
    Jordan Lee 7VS014032G9740107
    Philip Gorzalka 0GX41916RV145813J
    Marcin Juszczak 91W55204835673844
    Neil Livesey 5KP59952KF517590B
    Marvin Lav 4919313727610754J
    Daniel Cosma 5PA78460PJ8568628
    Nikolas Kaeser 54J64529SS090135P

    If you like my work, let me know by buying me a beer :)

    update: Mi File Explorer
    update: Google Play Marketplace
    update: YouTube
    update: Facebook
    update: Google Translate
    myMIUI IDE©:
    revert: Reverted back to App2SDEXT behaviour
    Updated Polish translation (by kubekpop)
    Updated Dutch translation (by myMIUI team)
    Updated AGPS server address (for users without AGPS apps)
    Small bugfixes
    updated flash player
    updated facebook
    updated youtube
    updated gmail
    updated market
    updated market GMS
    updated google translate
    Updated APN list to include new providers in Israel
    Updated Translations
    Updated Danish Translation by larsmew
    updated AROMA installer to 2.51
    i18n: added multilingual support
    i18n: cleaned errors
    i18n: removed redundant
    updated AROMA installer to 2.56
    updated myMIUI build tools
    moved /system rw mount to init.rc
    moved all i/o configuration operations to init.rc
    fixed framework-res.apk (removed "old MIUI framework" (Android 1.5-1.6))
    fixed notes.apk FC
    fixed browser.apk FC
    updated Matketplace
    added Marketplace GMS
    updated Facebook
    updated YouTube
    updated Google Translate
    myMIUI IDE©:
    fix disabled toggle graphics not matching enabled and disabled ones
    fixed bugs in AROMA installer
    fixed bugs in updater-script
    added cpu tweaks on ram disk initilization (init.htcleo.rc)
    updated facebook
    updated youtube
    updated marketplace
    added adobe flash player
    added google translate
    removed twitter
    myMIUI IDE©:
    first release
    added new lights.htcleo.so library
    updated AROMA Installer to 2.50
    updated facebook
    updated twitter
    updated youtube
    added the ability to retain the uid:gid when creating a symbolic link (/data/data -> /sd-ext/data)
    fixed a bug with theme manager after factory reset via CWR (thanks to hacker.newage)
    updated kernel to dorimanx 7.3
    added AROMA installer languages: Danish, Norwegian
    updated facebook
    updated youtube
    updated twitter
    updated MiFileExplorer to v3.0.4
    data2sdext: avast data remains on NAND
    added full multilingual support to AROMA installer
    upgraded kernel to dorimanx 7.2
    added AROMA installer languages: English, Greek, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Hebrew, Dutch, Russian, German, Italian, Turkish (big thanks to myMIUI team!)
    added Mi File Explorer (by apooonet @ http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1523691)
    updated facebook
    rewritten miui v4 lockscreen
    fixed miui v4 lockscreen manifest xml structure
    merged miui v4 lockscreen updates from Vexillum Project
    updated migration script
    reverted to dorimanx 6.9
    updated supporters list
    fixed the default wallpaper and lockscreen wallpaper not being applied
    rewritten theme creation script
    updated to MIUI 2.4.20
    new busybox 1.19.4 with white-space issues fixed (by darkguy2008 @ http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1568543)
    removed Compass.apk (EoL)
    removed SetupWizard.apk (EoL)
    removed old app2sd binaries
    added purge /sd-ext when chosen "wipe userdata"
    added auto zipAlign by the myMIUI ROM Creator©
    updated facebook
    updated twitter
    updated google play marketplace
    updated youtube
    added LeoAGpsInjector v0.5 (by tytung @ http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=16384028&postcount=1907)
    added HTC IME keyboard (by jonasl @ http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=624416)
    removed HTC IME keyboard (force close errors)
    fixed app2sd MIUI internal integration
    fixed youtube styling
    updated theme wallpaper (by lumarti57 @ http://fav.me/d2xck0t)
    updated theme fonts
    added MIUIv4 lockscreen (idea by zach.antre)
    fixed music player controls while pressed
    optimized launcher icons
    removed hostname
    removed IPv6 (module missing)
    updated build.prop
    AROMA installer
    added WIFI calling module (experimental)
    added CIFS module (experimental - thanks to dorimanx)
    added RISERFS module (experimental - thanks to dorimanx)
    added spoof identity to Samsung Nexus S option
    added cLK support
    added DPI modification options
    added physical keys automtic backlight control
    fixed PPP for VPN (thanks to arne182 - new implementation method)
    added cLK/MAGLDR auto detection
    added user data migration functions (experimental)
    removed DPI modification options (looks extremely bad on MIUI)
    updated facebook
    added optional apps (including MIUI news & weather, MIUI email...)
    updated free space calculations to work only on available space
    added safety feature in case zipalign failed
    new myMIUI theme
    new myMIUI logo
    optimized apps icons size
    new installation script
    new build.prop
    cpu governor set to interactive for much better usage of cpu_freq
    cpu speed min: 245Mhz & cpu speed max: 1152Mhz (max stable speed: 1612800 hz)
    fixed dmesg permanently
    fixed sysctl
    fixed HCITOOL permissions (radio)
    cleaned config from errors
    convert all files to UTF-8 w/o BOM - fixed white-space in scripts
    fixed test condition for SIO scheduler
    moved hostname change to build.prop
    system boot indicator removed due to race behaviour in init.d
    revised mymiui debugger function
    updated Google Play Marketplace
    updated Facebook
    updated Twitter
    updated Gmail
    updated Youtube
    fixed /data/app to /sd-ext/app
    add debug messaging for App2SD routine
    move /data/data/* to /sd-ext/data (non-system)
    fixed /cache to /data/cache
    zipalign runs at each boot
    add sdcard check for zipalign
    change sdcard check to mmcblock instead of using mount filtering (mount not available on init)
    fixed case sensitivity for *.apk


    myMIUI IDE© (Internal Data Extension)

    The ROM includes cutting edge technology to extend your phone's internal memory by using SDCard's EXT partition.
    Furthermore, all the great features below been integrated directly into the kernel. No need to worry about security, performance or stability issues.

    Included in myMIUI IDE©:

    3. Legendary myMIUI SCRTM©
    4. Cache2DATA
    5. Apps2EXT
    6. Dalvik2EXT
    7. Data2EXT

    What you need to enable myMIUI IDE©:

    2. format SDCard
    3. create an EXT2/3/4 partition on your SDCard (recommended: 1GB EXT / 0MB SWAP)
    4. perform a reboot

    How it Works?
    When the ROM detects an SDCard with an EXT partition, it will run the SCRTM© routine after which the EXT partition will become your userdata partition (a.k.a. "/data").
    This will allow unlimited internal memory for your HTC HD2; performance may be severely degraded with low class SD cards!

    Clean Start
    If you ever need a clean start, just switch your SDCard with a clean one and the system will automatically reset itself.

    Users without an EXT partition
    Although users without an EXT partition will not see the benefit of myMIUI IDE©, they won't experience any issues whatsoever. The ROM will use the internal NAND memory from their "/data" partition.

    Important Note: For IDE© enabled phones; Do not remove your SDCard from your phone while its on. Doing so may cause data corruption and/or OS freeze.

    The ROM speeds up your performance by using a zipAlign routine which will tweak all your applications so that they will run optimally on the Android OS.
    The routine uses a database for all the applications which it already tweaked so it won't tweak the same application twice.
    If you install a lot of new applications that need tweaking, it might take some time for your phone to boot up; the speed greatly depends on the application size.

    What you need to enable zipAlign:

    1. SDCard with at least 100MB of free space
    2. nothing else! everything is done at boot time automatically

    Nexus S ID
    The first question you might ask yourself is: "why would I want to spoof my device's identity?"
    The answer is simple: Google Play Marketplace downloads.

    By default the ROM identifies the device as a "generic HTC HD2" which is the correct way of naming our beloved HTC HD2, although some users might want to change that so that they can install applications that weren't meant to run on HD2.

    What you need to spoof your device identity to Nexus S:

    1. Select "Nexus S ID" while installing
    2. nothing else! everything is done automatically

    WARNING: If you install an application and it crashes, its because its not compatible/been improperly installed due to the fake device configuration.

    Some applications, especially from the Market use the device information to perform different installation routines (figure out SDCard mount points, OpenGL compression methods, etc...), so use at your own risk ;)

    Recommended Extras

    • Root Explorer
    • SwiftKey X
    • Waze
    • Smart Tools

    Vexillum Project MIUI v4: http://bit.ly/yNgHXO

    Troubleshooting / Getting Help

    In order to provide assistance the following files are required:

    • Installation Log - you can save that to your SDCard while in the installation wizard
    • Logcat Since Boot - adb logcat
    • Debug Log Boot - located at "/mymiui-boot.log"
    • Debug Log After Boot - located at "/mymiui-debug.log"

    #myMIUI i18n (Internationalization)

    myMIUI v15 B6 is Online!

    As always the file will be available in about 45 mins...

    This will be the last version based on Gingerbread. Next version will be JellyBean, that is, if I find enough time to debug it...

    Donations are much appreciated... :)
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