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[27-04-2012][ROM] CM9 htcleo beta1 [HWA][4.0.4][Kernel : securecrt 6.6C-HWA]

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Dec 3, 2007
...I on the other hand am very short on mod-time myself since I am so busy with the HWA related stuff and real life ;)

you mean this isnt real life???
there is a world outside of xda/hd2?
wow, its just like the matirx...

if anyone wants to hassle someone, go hassle HTC for an official update of android for HD2 ;)
(they could maybe put together a basic unsupported froyo)

keep up the great work :D


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Jan 8, 2010
Hi, I installed this rom and it works fine. Now I want to test newest kernel from Rick but my phone doesn't boot. It just stays on HTC logo with dots coming from left to right. Am I missing something ??


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Jan 28, 2010
Just try to remove Battery and restart...should work!


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Hey, I used tytungs from with ics and that worked just fine with a2sd script...

Maybe I'll give it a try... thx

Sent from my HTC HD2 using XDA

--> Just installed darktremors script and GUI. Just flashed it in recovery (even link2sd was installed - better to uninstall it before) --> rebuild and moved Dalvik cache to sd-ext.

Seems to run perfectly!!

Internal Space just raised to the SD-EXT Partition Space....;)

DarkTremors Script


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Sep 2, 2009
You, Xylograph, are doing it right :)

Thanks :)

To be honest I think you guys should check out the new CM9 nightlies by Milaq or wait for CM9 by tytung which will probably be released soon.

I don't think I will keep updating this ROM if those roms appear to be at least just as good and probably even better ;)

You can find any further development from my side @ my AOKP ROM :)

Take care !


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Jul 15, 2008
Does anybody have the camera app working with volume key as shutter?
Is that a CM9 feature or...?

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Jul 1, 2010
quadrant test

1274 points..Amazing! Very good result! I test sense3.5 rom before and take something above 800 points. fps in 3d scenes is ~45 vs ~20
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Jan 28, 2010
After sound issues, I decided to recover the original rom without the a2sd script by darktremor. Now all works again. But with e.g. link2sd I just can't get chrome working- the install 46mb is much too much for the internal space... anyways everything else just works nice.

Thanks, ad

Sent from my HTC HD2 using XDA

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    Welcome to the

    First Hardware Accelerated CM9 Beta ROM for HD2

    This rom is based on Bravo CM9 HWA rom by dk_zero-cool so credits to him for a very nice base !
    Check the Desire CM9 Rom thread for more information about the ROM in general...

    Huge thanks to the following HD2 (kernel) developers for making this possible in the first place : securecrt, Rick_1995, dorimanx, tytung !!

    These guys are great and without them we wouldn't have this in the first place...so please folks.. don't forget to give them at least a 'thank you' !



    Key Features :

    - android 4.0.4 (IMM76D)
    - Hardware acceleration
    - CM9
    - Multilanguage
    - All in one cLK/Magldr bootloader concept (e334)


    Be aware that this rom is still BETA. Therefore, bugs exist...
    Don't forget to check out the 'fixes' section below and the 3rd post of my aokp rom every now and then..

    Download for Magldr/cLK :

    cm9_htcleo_hwa_beta1 - mirror (Flash via recovery)

    [md5sum: f167f90bd8b793c305cb786ba609e414]


    repartition as follows :

    misc ya 1M
    boot yboot|ro 5M
    system ya 150M
    cache ya 5M
    userdata ya|asize|hr allsize

    You can use the latest HD2 NAND Toolkit to install bootloader/recovery and repartition.

    Downloads for SD:

    Sd users please check securecrt CM9_htcleo_beta1 for sd


    General Recommendations before and after installation :

    - Backup your apps and settings with Titanium backup and do a clean installation for best performance. (wipe everything beforehand in recovery)
    - Default CPU speed and governor = 245-998 Mhz Interactive. Set your favorite speed and governor in 'Performance settings' on 1st boot.
    - After setting up your phone consider doing a reboot for better performance.
    - If you want to use A2SD download Link2SD of the market and set it up.
    - Don't forget to check out securecrt kernel thread for more ICS related kernel developments.
    - be aware of your system partition size and make sure you have enough space when installing all kinds of 3rd party system apps !

    *** Remember that all the flashing is at your own risk ! Always make backups in recovery and/or titanium backup ! ***

    Tips / Tricks & Bugs:

    [B]Tips / Tricks/ Mods[/B] 
    + KSM Memory Management :
    Due to heavy memory load with OpenGL support, it is recommended to activate KSM to reduce the memory usage and avoid problems like random reboots. This is done by going to "Settings"->"Performance"->"Memory Management" and check "Kernel samepage merging" 
    You can also activate zRam if you still encounter low RAM issues
    + For all people (like me) missing some AOKP options in this ROM give [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1531222"]Reloaded ICS 1.9b3-041012[/URL] a try ! it's great
    [COLOR="Blue"]+ + If you would like to check out the 'TabletUI' mod (check my signature for more info) I have made one for this ROM..Just dont forget to disable the navigation bar before using it : [URL="https://hotfile.com/dl/154284773/c4aa8e4/TabletUI_MOD_CM9_HD2_HWA.zip.html"]TabletUI_MOD_CM9_HD2_HWA.zip[/URL]  -  [URL="http://depositfiles.com/files/0qry1rdlo"]mirror[/URL][/COLOR]
    [COLOR="Red"] !! Keep in mind that [B]you can't use both of the above mods together !! Use one of them [/B][/COLOR]
    - When you need to reboot your phone for the first time using this rom please use the poweroff / on function
      You can get stuck into a bootloop when using the reboot option and will need to pull battery..
    - Black bar while using the camera (try lg camera of the market as alternative)
    - Barcode scanner not working (try NeoReader of the market as alternative)

    Changelog :

    - will come when updates are available

    Fixes & (Not) working list:

    Fixes :
    - cLK Data fix :
    cLK users either flash [URL="https://hotfile.com/dl/154274353/0f6d497/cm9_htcleo_hwa_cLK_fix_try1.zip.html"]cm9_htcleo_hwa_cLK_fix_try1.zip[/URL]  -  [URL="http://depositfiles.com/files/awcyf44uq"]mirror[/URL] to fix Data connection or try [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=25397418&postcount=4285"]Dorimanx new HWA kernel [/URL]to get Data connection going
    - GPS fix :
    Please flash [URL="https://hotfile.com/dl/154287468/e8fdd46/cm9_htcleo_hwa_gps_fix_try1.zip.html"]cm9_htcleo_hwa_gps_fix_try1.zip[/URL]  -  [URL="http://depositfiles.com/files/gzpt4dm6o"]mirror[/URL] (flash via recovery) to get GPS going
    Working list :
    - Hardware acceleration*
    - Audio in/out (fixed)
    - Wifi (fixed)
    - Bluetooth
    - Pinch to Zoom (multi touch)
    - Camera (pictures)
    - Magldr Data
    - cLK Data (use provided fix)
    - Chrome
    - Gallery
    - Phone
    - USB- mounting
    - GPS (use provided fix)
    Not (or partially) working list :
    - USB-Tethering (partially.. search thread)
    - Video (flash) - search thread for alternatives (mx player)
    - Video recording (30 sec)
    - probably more.. Start testing please :)

    I will try to fix some more stuff, but I won't be maintaining this rom for very long..

    Be aware that there are other projects that I want to spend my time on and besides that tytung (and dorimanx) will probably shortly follow with a better build from source !!

    This ROM is just to give you guys some results of last week development and something to 'play' with so you can see some hardware acceleration in action !

    Enjoy Everyone and keep it friendly please!

    Other Thanks & Credits to : Texacise (Drewis) , Tiamat, e334, cmhtcleo, arif-ali, Cotulla, xavierjohn22, dsixda, Bullet92 & jellenl (for making the youtube videos)
    Isn't this version possible to use a daily use yet?

    I guess, after reading many comments, this version has various problem such as missing the camera button, rebooting, phone call crash...

    Maybe, I believe HWA roms is almost completed within next weeks.

    But I can't wait just a day. :p like everyone.

    Anyway, Thanks for all Devs.

    I use this Rom since yesterday and haven't had any major issues and 0 hot reboots, but keep in mind it's called Beta for a reason..

    Had the 'stuck in boot' issue only once (1st reboot) .. cleared the dalvic&cache and haven't seen this issue since..

    For me it's fine for daily use, but it's a Bravo Rom and we don't have a trackball :)

    I will start switching the HWA to my AOKP rom.. I have fixed the major things here and it should be a pretty good base now..

    Smokin will be releasing a HWA MIUI rom and other devs will probably follow soon.. We likely have a couple of ICS HWA roms at the end of this weekend and this rom will go into HD2 history :)

    Anyway, I am proud to be part of this 'the beginning of a new HD2 adventure'
    Look, there's a new kernel by securecrt that fixes even more things! Use that one! It at least fixes the stock camera problem. If I understood Rick correctly, GPU-accelerated video playback is the next item on his list. Just read it all up for yourself...

    If you want a phone that just works stay with CM7 unless you are willing to flash a kernel every few hours if our devs are able to keep up the speed the patches are coming in right now. The first release with the new HWA base (it's not just the kernel...) was only three days ago, so give these guys some slack if there are still some bugs...

    As far as I know the data useage limit interface has to be implemented as well, so it's not only HWA missing - thats why it says "beta" in the thread title...

    Sorry, my thanks limiter is reached once again (can't fix that one) ;) thanks

    HWA video playback works for now with this kernel you pointed. But when can I expect stable and working version? Month, year? So now I go back to Dorimanx CM7 rom.

    lol ???

    10 days, 7 hours , 18 minutes and 23 seconds after the release of Magldr 2.0 I expect to release the most stable android rom.. expect some bugs regarding the release date, but will fix that in about 5 days, 3hours, 12 minutes and 11 seconds after the initial release..
    Thank you for your contless hours spent on this!


    Thank you for your hard work!

    Confirmation number: 35F06261JC8755239

    People pull your valets! this man deserve donation for his GREAT WORK! :)
    Added some more to the first post :

    - SD version (thanks securecrt)
    - Moved my cLK fix to 'fixes' section.

    And some more tips :)

    + For all people (like me) missing some AOKP options in this ROM give Reloaded ICS 1.9b3-041012 a try ! it's great

    + If you would like to check out the 'TabletUI' mod (check my signature for more info) I have made one for this ROM..Just dont forget to disable the navigation bar before using it : TabletUI_MOD_CM9_HD2_HWA.zip - mirror

    Keep in mind that you can't use both of the above mods together !!

    Also for 'root' edits (build.prop etc.) try ROM toolbox of the market..