[27/05/'21][HMP][EAS][PIE][Q][R]Predator Stormbreaker Kernel-Fast & Battery-Friendly

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Jul 14, 2019
Pretty smooth, battery life is maybe placebo, I'm testing zzmoove governor and I lost 10% of battery listening to the music on neutron music player for 10 hours [volume was pretty high] it's comparable to stock. Screen on time is similar to stock too from what I can see, but maybe little more durable.
Though, kernels improve things under the mask, I personally feel like no matter what you do, lower core frequency, or turn off cores ect. battery life is the same [9-11h on screen]

I'm waiting for the said fix, because I had freezes on 5.4 and apps and system settings stopped working until after reboot


Jul 14, 2019
Ok, so I went and made better testing. On 5.4
1. Set a zzmove for both cpu's
2. Reduced power consumption by half with the Falco kernel manager.

Started the day with the 100%, turned on battery saver.
Went outside, shoot some photos with the hyper cam opened for a hour, browsed some internet for 40 min on Brave browser [LTE], checked some maps, ended up having 80% of battery. Returned home and spend next 4 hours listening to the music [Neutron music player] ended up with 73% of battery. Now after 30 minutes I have 69% of battery.

8h 31m since last charged

My thoughts are...that, if you really care to drain your battery below 50% then casual all day usage should do work for 10-12hours, so my assumption is that battery should least for another 10 hours, and only active usage every per minutes.

I can't tell more honestly, and if my testing was valuable. Falco kernel manager battery monitoring app shows;
9.89% per hour [screen on] and 18-19 hours remaining.

I honestly think that with 10-20.000 powerbank and quick charge technology, the battery will least for 3-10 days of standard usage.
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Jul 14, 2019
meh, your kernel is probably one of best avaliable, so just do a good job, I still wonder how to make battery life better if the power cut is not enough, we have huge battery


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Mar 31, 2018
I removed kernel auditor and installed FKM
Changed both governors to zzmoove set it on boot. Then and applied some battery tips too

I'm using miui and after clearing recent apps (kill) and reopen the KFM, I can see the governor has changed back to interactive.
Same effects after the reboot.
After rebooting, and opening the FKM, I can see the governor is back to "interactive" even after I set it on boot in KFM

How can I keep it from interactive to zzmoove?

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    [27/05/'21][HMP][EAS][PIE][Q][R]Predator Stormbreaker Kernel-Fast & Battery-Friendly

    Predator Stormbreaker Kernel - Fast, Battery-Friendly & Efficient!
       * Your warranty is now void.
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this Kernel
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications


    • Predator Stormbreaker Kernel is for the device Xiaomi Redmi Note 7/7S and is one of the oldest kernel For this device. :D

    • Our aim is to Provide a Super Stable and Simple Kernel with an Improved Experience! Our Kernel is finely tuned to make your performance good and will make your battery last much longer. :)

    • Every version is Rigorously tested by a group of tester to ensure maximum stability and efficiency. :D

    • Always updated to latest patches and Added tested and stable tweaks which will make your experience optimum by improving both battery life as well as performance ;)

    √ Predator Stormbreaker Kernel is now available in both EAS and HMP variant. Please open desired section from below, If you want HMP variant , Please use the HMP section otherwise please use EAS section. For any queries or questions , Please ask in this thread. Thank you.

    √ Predator Stormbreaker Kernel Should be Flashed on Android 11 (R), Android 10(Q) Roms[For MIUI Q ,Patch is Needed to Make Cam and WiFi Work] and Android 9(Pie) Roms ! MIUI is also supported :fingers-crossed:

    HMP Version - Features , Instructions & Downloads

    Features :

    • CPU governors:
    => Performance
    • I/O schedulers:
    => CFQ [Default]
    => Noop
    => Deadline
    • Wireguard protocol implemented
    • Schedtune boost
    • Core control
    • GPU control
    • Haptic feedback control & sound control
    • Scheduler tuning & undervolted
    • TCP congestion algorithms:
    => cubic[Default]
    => Reno
    => Westwood
    • Heavily debloated & removed several unneeded configs.
    • KCAL Control & TTL Fixation Fix
    • Upstreamed with latest CAF tag & linux-stable merged.
    • Compiled using latest AOSP Clang 12.0.5
    • Backlight dimmer & power suspend implementation
    • NET / TCP Tweaks.
    • Panel Tweaks.
    • Dynamic memory allocation patches for performance.
    • System wide power efficient workqueues for better battery saving. • LZ4 zRam compression algorithm enabled by default.
    • Disabled Rx wakelocks.
    • Removed various high priority workqueue flags.
    • DriveDroid support implemented.
    • F2FS with rapid gc.
    • USB force fast charge Implemented.
    • XBOX, Nintendo , Playstation Controller Support.
    • USB OTG is fully supported

    Installation Instructions

    Use any of your favourite Recovery to install this Kernel. No need to format or wipe anything, Just normally flash this zip and reboot your device after successfully booting the kernel for first time. Also no need to reflash magisk, Magisk Survival Patch is included in the Kernel.


    Version : 9.8
    • merged : latest linux-stable 4.4.270 upstream.
    • merged : latest LA.UM.9.2.r1-03200-SDMxx0.0 caf tag.
    • merged : latest LA.UM.8.2.r2-04400-sdm660.0 caf tag.
    • ak3 : fix mount issues for some users. 
    • ak3 : add support for Android S.
    • treewide : fixes to reduce the heating & battery drain issues faced by some users.
    • treewide : heavily debloated & removed several unneeded configs.

    Old Changelog:

    Version : 9.7
    • merged : latest linux 4.4.267 upstream.
    • fs : include sdfat driver & related configs.
    • pm/core : add support to skip power management.
    • kobject_uevent : allocate environment buffer on stack. 
    • proc : cmdline : don't patch flags in recovery mode.
    • input : goodix: Use proper function to cast a netlink message.
    • misc : fixes for better stability.
    Version : 9.6
    • merged : Latest Linux 4.4.263 Upstream
    •  fix : reverted some changes which were causing heating and drain issues occasionally
    •  merged : wireguard update to 1.0.20210219 snapshot
    •  Misc changes for performance improvements.
    Version : 9.4
    • merged : Latest Linux 4.4.254 Upstream
    • merged : Latest Wireguard 1.0.20210124 snapshot. 
    • compiler : used latest proton clang 13
    • arm64: Tune clang for sdm660's CPU
    • arm64: select HAVE_MOVE_PMD for faster mremap
    • mm: speed up mremap by 20x on large regions
    • mm: change max readahead size to 128KB
    • treewide : remove VLA usage
    • string: Use faster alternatives when constant arguments are used
    • fix : LED fast blinking issue in some roms
    • zram_drv: override zram size to 2GB by default
    • ASoC: sdm660: Disable unneeded audio drivers
    • fs: Align file struct to 8 bytes
    Version : 9.3
    • Merged : Latest Linux 4.4.249 Upstream
    • Merged : Latest Wireguard 1.0.20201221 snapshot.
    • Fix : LED fast blinking issue in MIUI.
    • Fix : Games starts lagging after sometime for some users.
    Version : 9.2
    • Merged : Latest Linux 4.4.246 Upstream
    • Merged : Latest CAF LA.UM.8.2.r1-7500-sdm660.0
    • Merged : Latest Wireguard 1.0.20201112 snapshot.
    • WLAN : Merged LA.UM.7.2.r1-09400-sdm660.0 Qcacld Tag.
    • Merged : F2FS Patches.
    • Compiler : Switched to Proton Clang 12.
    • Misc Fixes to improve stability.

    Download Links Here:

    Predator-Stormbreaker-9.8-OLDCAM.zip (SourceForge Link)

    Predator-Stormbreaker-9.8-NEWCAM.zip(For Roms with latest Vendor Blobs and For MIUI) (SourceForge Link)

    Important: The variant NEWCAM kernel uses latest camera patch and it should be only flashed on Custom Roms which uses latest camera vendor blobs and on MIUI Pie (Example: LOS Official , Xperience Android 10 Rom etc). If camera doesn't work, that means the custom rom is using old blobs, in that case , flash OLDCAM kernel instead, camera will be fixed 100% sure. For MIUI Pie and MIUI Pie based Roms only flash NEWCAM kernel

    Note: Flash dt2w fix if double tap 2 wake doesn't work! You can find in attachment of XDA!

    If SourceForge Link is Slow Then Download From XDA!

    Zip File is Attached To This Post in Last! Please Scroll To End!

    EAS Version - Features , Instructions & Downloads


    1. CPU Governors:


    2. I/O Schedulers:

    => CFQ [Default]

    => Deadline

    => Noop

    3. Wireguard Protocol Implemented

    4. Using Per Entity Load Tracking ( Pelt)

    5. Core Control

    6. GPU Control

    7. Faster File Operation Speed Tweaks

    8. Haptic Feedback Control

    9. Scheduler Tuning & Undevolted

    10. TCP Congestion Algorithm

    => Cubic[Default]


    => BBR

    => Reno

    11. KCAL Control & TTL Fixation Fix

    12. Upstreamed to Latest CAF and Linux Stable Patches.

    13. Compiled using Proton Clang 12.

    14. Backlight Dimmer & Power suspend Implementation

    15. Schedtune Assist and CPUsets Assist Implementation.

    16. CRC Check Toggle Added ( Enabled by Default).

    17. Fsync Toggle Added ( Enabled by Default).

    18. Panel Battery Tweaks.

    19. GPU Power Optimizations For Battery.

    20. Memory allocation patches For Peformance.

    21. System wide power efficient workqueues for better battery saving.

    22. Implemented LZ4 Fast ZRam compression algorithm.

    23. Disabled Rx and other rogue Wakelocks for Better Battery saving

    24. Removed various High Priority Workqueue Flags For Battery and Performance.

    25. Removed unnecessary debugging and logging For Battery and Performance.

    26. DriveDroid Support Implementation.

    27. Removed various unneeded drivers.

    28. F2FS Fully Supported and Stable.

    29. USB Force Fast Charge Implementation (Disabled By Default)

    30. Boeffla Wakelock Blocker Implementation.

    31. XBOX and Playstation Controller Support.

    32. Functional OTG Support.

    33. Sound Control & Mic Control Implementation.

    Installation Instructions

    1. First of download and install sdm660_EAS_perfHAL magisk module. Flash the zip in magisk.

    The EAS_perfHAL module makes EAS kernels work better in HMP Roms. Almost 95% Roms of Lavender is HMP.

    2. Download perfHAL Here : SDM660_EAS_perfHAL.zip (SourceForge Link)

    3. After Flashing perfHAL module done, Go to recovery flash our eas kernel and Wipe Cache in recovery after installation is Done.

    4. Reboot your Device.


    Version : X4.5
    • merged : linux 4.4.266 upstream.
    • merged : LA.UM.8.2.r2-04400-sdm660.0 CAF Tag
    • touchscreen : updates from lavender-q-oss.
    • fs : updates from lavender-q-oss.
    • sound : updates from lavender-q-oss.
    • battery_data : updates from lavender-q-oss.
    • eas : scheduler specific patches.
    • schedutil & cfq : tune parameters and rate-limits.
    • tcp : patches & fixes.
    • treewide : dynamic memory allocation patches for faster performance.
    • misc :  fixes for better stability.
    Previous Changelog :
    Version : X4.2
    • Merged : Latest Linux 4.4.248 Upstream
    • Merged : CAF LA.UM.8.2.r1-7500-sdm660.0 Tag.
    • Merged : Latest Wireguard 1.0.20201112 snapshot.
    • WLAN : Merged LA.UM.7.2.r1-09400-sdm660.0 Qcacld Tag.
    • Fix : Hotspot not working with password in some roms.
    • EAS : scheduler tuning and fixes.
    • Compiler : Switched to Proton Clang 12
    Version : X4.1
    • Merged : Latest Linux v4.4.243 Upstream.
    • Merged : LA.UM.8.2.r1-07400-sdm660.0 CAF Tag.
    • EAS :  cleaned up sched patches.
    • msm_performance : remove frequency handling capabilities.
    • Fix : low vibration intensity issue patched up.
    • Fix : patch up panel tweaks to fix app launch lagging issue in weeb rom for some users.
    Version : X4.0
    • Merged Latest Linux v4.4.241 Upstream.
    • EAS : Reinterpolated busy cost data of energy model.
    • EAS :  disabled a  hmp specific function.
    • Debugging : disabled vidc debugging to reduce unnecessary overhead.
    • Audit : Disabled auditing to reduce unnecessary overhead.
    • EAS : cleaned up some sched backports.
    • Makefile : Used O3 Optimization.
    • Divers : input : Used O3 Optimization.
    • Crypto : Used O3 Optimization.
    • CPU Idle : Optimize PM_QoS notifier Callbacks.
    • msm_performance : checked out to 4.14
    Version : X3.9
    • Compiled Using Latest AOSP Clang 11.0.5
    • Merged Latest Linux Upstream V4.4.240
    • Schedutil : Tune using Pixel 4 Tunes.
    • CFQ : Tune using Pixel 4 Tunes.
    • CFQ : Upstream CFQ Scheduler.
    • Schedutil : Add proper init protection wrappers.
    • Debloat : Removed unneeded USB Drivers.
    • EAS : Scheduler : Used Pelt 16ms Half Life.
    • EAS : Further cleanup HMP Specific codes.
    • EAS : Further cleanup WALT Specific codes.
    • Debloat : Remove useless checks and debugging from Novtek Panels.
    • Power HAL: Restrict Power HAL from writing sched_boost.
    • Idle : Fix Debug FS Depencies from Idle Stats.
    • DebugFS : Remove DebugFS  Dependencies From Slimbus.
    • Schedtune : Hardcode TA boost to 5.
    • ZRam : Hardcode 2GB ZRam as Default.
    Version : X3.8
    • Added Android R Support.
    • Compiled Using Proton Clang 12.
    • Merged Latest Linux Upstream V4.4.237
    • TCP : Backported BBR Upstreams.
    • Upstreamed to Latest Wireguard.
    • Merged: Latest LA.UM.8.2.r2-02700-sdm660.0 CAF Tag.
    • Reverted some tweaks which were causing drain issue.
    • Fix : Compilation issues while inlining.
    • Removed some unneeded io schedulers.
    • Removed various uneeded configs
    • Misc Fixes for increased smoothness and better power saving
    Version : X3.7
    • Compiled with Latest GCC 10.2
    • Merged Latest CAF Tag and Linux Upstream V4.4.234
    • Various Scheduler Backports.
    • CPU Idle : Improvements for better power saving.
    • Memory Allocation Patches for Faster performance
    • Killed various unneeded boosting for better power saving.
    • Disabled several unneeded debugging to reduce overhead and increase power saving.
    • TCP Tweaks for faster internet
    •  Added TCP BBR and Upstreamed.
    • Arm64 Optimizations.
    • Neon Accelerated XOR Optimizations.
    • Memcap Optimizations.
    Misc Fixes for increased smoothness and better power saving.
    Download Links Here:
    Predator-Stormbreaker-EAS-X4.5-OldCam.zip (SourceForge Link)

    Predator-Stormbreaker-EAS-X4.5-NewCam.zip(For Roms with latest Vendor Blobs and For MIUI) (SourceForge Link)

    Important: The variant NEWCAM uses latest camera patch and it should be only flashed on Custom Roms which uses latest camera vendor blobs and on MIUI Pie (Example: LOS Official, Xperience Rom etc). If camera doesn't work, that means the custom rom is using old blobs, in that case , flash OLDCAM instead, camera will be fixed 100% sure. For MIUI Pie and MIUI Pie based Roms only flash NEWCAM Kernel

    Note: Flash dt2w fix if double tap 2 wake doesn't work! You can find in attachment of XDA!

    If SourceForge Link is Slow Then Download From XDA!

    Zip File is Attached To This Post in Last! Please Scroll To End!

    WiFi + Cam Fix For MIUI Q

    How to Use:

    1. Flash Predator Stormbreaker OldCam Kernel. As this patch will only work on Oldcam Variant.

    2. Flash New Stable Miui Q Old Cam Patch For Wifi+ Cam

    3. Reboot.

    Download This => miui_q_oldcam_patch.zip (SourceForge Link)

    Flash this for Fix.

    Uninstaller : revert_miui_q_patch.zip (SourceForge Link)

    Note : Disable Hardware Acceleration if Amazon Prime or other video streaming apps stops working! It will work again.

    Note : Alternative Download Attached in XDA.

    Note: No need to flash again if Already Flashed Before.

    Support & Queries

    Join Predator Stormbreaker Kernel Official Telegram Support Group ==> https://t.me/predator_lavender

    For Latest News and Updates Join Predator Stormbreaker Kernel Telegram Channel ==>


    Join Stormbreaker Community ==>


    Important Notes

    OLDCAM Variant=> For Custom Roms which are using Old Vendor Blobs!(Most Common as 95% roms are still using old blobs. If after flashing OLDCAM, camera don't work , then flash NEWCAM Variant! Camera will work surely! 100% Tested!

    NEWCAM Variant=> For custom roms and For MIUI Pie which are using latest vendor blobs!(Currently ,very less amount of Roms are using latest blobs. Some Examples are LOS Official, Xperience Rom etc.) If after flashing NEWCAM, camera doesn't work, then flash OLDCAM variant.Camera will work 100% . Flash this version on MIUI Pie.

    CREDITs and Kernel Source

    Thanks to@Susan Dahal (Co-Maintainer)for helping me always !

    Thanks to @Nicklas373 for helping me and providing source!

    Thanks to @YasiR Siddiqui for helping me and providing source!

    Thanks to @rama982 for drivers imports and Magisk Survival Patch!

    Thanks to @z4nyx for Helping us a lot with rebasing and circle ci

    Thanks to @osm0sis for AnyKernel 3!

    Thanks to All the Beta Testers!

    GitHub Source:


    Hit Like If You Liked Our Work! This Encourage Us A Lot!
    Reserved For Future Use #1
    Reserved For Future Use #2
    New Update ? Update Now ? Update ?
    Predator is Merged with Stormbreaker Project! To provide even better experience!
    VERSION : 6.1
    1. Cleaned Code
    2. Latest Qualcomm CAF Patches
    3. Latest Linux Kernel 4.4.219
    4. Fast and Battery Friendly (Balanced)
    5. Completely Stable and Stock
    6. Necessary Battery and Performance Tweaks
    7. Optimizations and Bug fixes
    8. Disabled Loads of Logging and Debugging.
    9. GPU and CPU Optimisations.
    10. Latest Wireguard Patches.
    11. Various Upsteaming and Patches. Done.
    12. Reduced ZIP Size
    Update ?
    Version : 7.1

    • Merged Latest v4.4.224 Linux Kernel Upstream
    • Merged Latest CAF Tags.
    • Fixed abnormal heating sometimes.
    • Reverted Temp Fix( Now temps might show higher but in reality it will be less )
    • Fixed Cores Offline Bug
    • Recalculated and Redone Voltages for Optimum Performance and Battery
    • Little Cluster Unlocked Frequency => 300Mhz
    • Big Cluster Unlocked Frequency => 300 Mhz , 633 Mhz , 902 Mhz
    • Disabled Various Debugging and Logging For Performance and Reduced overhead
    • Disabled Adreno Snapshot, Crash Dump
    • Fixed Freezing for Some People
    • IOMMU Tweaks for Performance
    • Disabled Auditing
    • F2FS Implementation with Rapid GC

    and various other improvements for stability and battery.