[28/4/12]myMIUI v11 [Dorimanx + tytung Kernel]

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Jun 30, 2011
how's the v12 mate? still im using v10 +dx 6.5d.. iL attach later the logcat.. what's the new tweaks in v12?


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May 24, 2011
Font Tahoma vẫn bị lỗi, thế mới đau chứ :(
Bạn có font nào khác ko :(
C thu vao theme manager xem co font nao dung dc ko :-s
how's the v12 mate? still im using v10 +dx 6.5d.. iL attach later the logcat.. what's the new tweaks in v12?
what's your problem :-? i'm trying on clk before add new tweaks to make it work fine both MAG & CLK :D


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Feb 8, 2010
how's the v12 mate? still im using v10 +dx 6.5d.. iL attach later the logcat.. what's the new tweaks in v12?

* AROMA Installer
* Completely rewritten boot sequence
* Full cLK support
* and much more! :)

Please don't ask for ETA.
GB support will probably phase out as soon as HD2 HWA tests for ICS is complete.

If you would like to have the ROM in your language and you can spare some time to translate a series of strings, please send me a PM.
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Feb 8, 2010
I have send Altenus a private message, but don't get a download link from him back.

There is no download link yet because I'm still working on implementing all the features. As I said previously this will be a major release, not simply a bunch of tweaks glued together.

Part of the process is actually testing and fixing/reporting bugs on MIUI itself and the Kernel, all of which depend on 3rd parties.

Expect MAGLDR version soon :)

p.s - thx for all who sent pm's about the translations, I will contact u soon!
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    - Sorry, still no Aroma, i try alot but Dorimanx booted, tytung bootloop :( i'm so scare about bricked , that i think i will stop try Aroma ( i have no experience with this :p ) i'm not a dev , you know. And now i think i will stick with v11 , i have no money for fixed if it brick again . Maybe ATERNUS can help you with the rom , he has a lot of knowledge about these things ,he helped me alot in this build .

    - Thanks ATERNUS for his help, code cleanup, unwanted file , more and more improve in this build, and the led dance while boot :p
    - RTL fix updated :) Working fine
    - Based on v8 , hope it will boot for all :) try newer miui build but got FC some where, and i see there're not so much differrent and when try translating, my phone bricked :mad:
    - New theme, use AOSP ICS lockscreen:rolleyes:
    - Fix Market FC after install Facebook
    - Some new tweaks in build.prop, also set it back to HD2 !
    - That's all , i have a test tomorrow and now i'm back for study ... ! bye, my friends

    ♥ ♥ ♥
    - Some new system icons just use icons for stock apps to reduce package size if you want use full icons look in preview
    - Please say thanks to thor9934 and smartidoos, he help us doesn't need repartition MAG ( CLK ) with an flashable zip ( included in rom )
    - Update Dorimanx kernel 6.4 with some tweak found in DM rom :)
    - Included SuperCharger v6 and new tweaks
    - Fixed some problem.
    - Add HTC One series boot animation
    - Remove some duplicate in build.prop and add some little tweaks
    - Add more tweak for stable and better battery life :)
    - Tweak touch sensitive
    - Improve ICS theme for better view - Change to default ICS wallpaper ( + over 2000 ICONS, RE-MAKE SOME ICONS THANKS TO "Vexillum Project MIUI v4" and "PhysX" ).
    - Change DeskClock.apk font for better ICS look.
    - Added tytung Kernel.
    - Fix VPN problem
    - Improve for better gaming.
    - Based on MIUI 2.2.3.
    - Tweak for responsive and more smooth :).
    - Multi language .

    Preview video , thanks to riksan

    **Newest MIUI ICS Theme **


    - GPS config for all countries -[HERE]
    - Ultimate guide for HD2 - [HERE]
    - Lastest DORIMANX Kernel for ultimate speed - [HERE]
    - Enabling the Apps2SD+ is so easy! :) by tytung

    Working,feature :

    - All from MIUI
    - hosts file block unwanted site
    - Wifi ad-hoc
    - MIUI ICS v4 themes.
    - ICS transition effect.
    - Better battery life.
    - Combine of various tweak i found .
    - Stable.
    - USB File Transfer
    - WIFI Tethering/Wired Tethering
    - APN for almost network
    - Useful apps
    - More in add-ons ...

    Not working, bugs :

    - Weak Signal , if you know why, please help us


    * Recommend full wipe for this update , when it booted , and go to home screen, leave it for 3 ~5 mins and reboot, at 2nd boot, it really smooth :p

    * Use new Dorimanx 6.6D kernel ,it's fantastic with me :D

    * All theme work with miui, doesn't need any 3rd apps for best performance .


    = myMIUI v11 [ MAG - DORIMANX 6.6D]
    = myMIUI v11 RTL Fix ( work for older, too )
    = v11 Extended Setting + 4 way reboot.zip - Flash via CWR
    = v11 Extended Setting.apk
    = [CWR] Zoom - Flip Anim.zip


    = MAG/CLK - DORIMANX 6.6D Kernel
    = MAG - tytung R14
    = CLK - tytung R14

    No data with DM - CLK ( fix by hengsheng120 )
    you just need to include the ppp files (especially the file named "ppp" and the system/lib modules) from http://nexus-hd2.googlecode.com/file...r14_update.zip in order to make the PPP data connection work in clk The dorimanx kernel doesn't add the files, that's why some users are having trouble getting data on clk.

    anyways, the you can get data connection working easily on any dorimanx kernel just by flashing the clk tytung kernel, and then flashing dorimanx.


    = HTC Sense live wallpaper -CWR

    = Sense 4.0 Theme ( Still in progress but look cool )

    = Nokia N9 MeeGo Theme 2.3

    Like my works ? You can press "Thanks" button or donate me :) each help is appreciated

    Special thanks for :*
    Anonymized, first donate

    mikep1993 donation x 2
    mailhn Special donate x2 . hehe
    Manneman32 Oncoming Xperia X10 :eek:
    David Clarke

    For some coffe that help me wake up all night xD

    Credits : Tytung, dsixda, Miui team,Dorimanx,isidromxz,... and all Xda members !!!


    = myMIUI v8 [ MAG - DORIMANX 5.9 ]

    = myMIUI v8 [ CLK - FIXED ] by thor9934 and smartidoos - Fixed CLK & extended setting

    I've found a bug, miui extended settings doesn't work out of the box, after rom install you have to instal extended settings apk

    and another thing, i dont think there is a clk kernel included so install procedure for cLK users:
    1. install fixed rom
    2. install a clk kernel (i use dorimanx 6.0 seems stable to me)
    3. if you want to use extended settings install v8 extended.apk


    V1 ~> 7:

    = myMIUI folder
    #3 for future update
    #4 for update, too
    Updated v2 :d
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