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SuperSU or Magisk - Which to include in the ROM?!

  • SuperSU (system-based) - used now

    Votes: 6 22.2%
  • SuperSU (systemless)

    Votes: 3 11.1%
  • Magisk (systemless)

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Jul 29, 2008
MachineX ROM​
Only for S4 Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 600 processor​
Based on the latest I9505XXUPQG1 from Samsung​

“If you respect your time as we do, come with us for something fast and lightweight.
We even do it without losing stock TW ROMs functionality, enhancing it in a way!”:)
***MachineX ROM was tested many times by me and beta testers before this release.
But I hold no responsibility for the thermonuclear war, failed alarm sounds on your phone or any of your files lost. 
The decision to make mods to your for is made by YOU, not me.
I thought it might be good to demonstrate my concept, which is:

  • Odexed custom ROM (maybe the first LP TW ROM of this kind)
  • Embedded signature spoofing (switchable)
  • Embedded microG instead of gapps (with Contacts/Calendar sync)
  • Native overlays with layer manager app and pre-installed black theme
  • Custom theming for Black UI lovers and custom boot animation
  • Some hacked binaries (libsurfaceflinger.so), busybox and scripts pre-installed
  • The needed system apps updated and S6, N5 apps included
  • And finally it comes with machinex kernel from @Robcore pre-installed

For more screenshots, please visit this folder - link on pCloud.
This is quite an unusual ROM. Please don’t expect from this ROM:
  • Ported MM Samsung frameworks (there are other superb ROMs with this feature)
  • A ton of UI customization and S7, N7, S8, N8 – like eye-candy by default
What you SHOULD expect from this ROM:
  • Odexed custom LP TW ROM – pre-optimized for speed + max. storage space.
  • Original black theme enabled by default, switchable by Layer Manager app.
  • Debloated fully: if you need some app, you can install it from Play Market
  • No Gapps, only microG (it’s enough for the most of the users, we think)
Installation instructions
  1. Check your bootloader and modem version. I9505XXUPQK1 is recommended (links below).
  2. Flash ROM in recovery. SupeSU/magisk, busybox and machinex kernel will be installed automatically.
    I don't guarantee correct work of this ROM with dirty flashing.
  3. The CSC (regional) files will be also installed automatically according to your phone current CSC code.
  4. Reboot device. First boot usually takes less than one minute.
  5. (OPTIONAL) Open «Developement settings» (you can enable them in Settings- About device- tap 7 times on the ROM version).
  6. (OPTIONAL) Under «Developement settings», scroll to the very bottom, «signature spoofing» should be enabled.
  7. (OPTIONAL) (microG only)In MigroG settings, Device Registration and "Google Cloud Messaging" should be enabled
    (this can be switched off after Google Account setup, if required)
  8. Setup Google account normally. In some cases, wiping data of Play Store may be needed after Google Account was set.
  9. (OPTIONAL) Enable UnifieldNlp (Network Location providers) in GPS settings. (microG only)
  10. If you decide to switch to stock kernel, don't forget to flash https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=385035244224412313
    (Now the stock kernel installer also contains machinex kernel uninstaller)
MachineX ROM Mark 4.3 (Feb 2018) - 4th public release version

- Updated ROM base to the latest I9505XXUHQK1 base (Samsung Nov 2017 build) with all previous tweaks
- Updated some colors, icons, animations and layouts in framework-res.apk (Thanks to Lenny Bard)
- Updated icons in AccuWeather widget (Thanks to Lenny Bard)
- Updated Google Play Store to the version 9.0.15-all [0] [PR] 186388994
- Updated Google Play services to version 12.2.17 (238-186052348)
- Updated WebViewGoogle to the latest version 64.0.3282.137
- Updated Samsung Internet Browser to version
- Updated Samsung Music app to version
- Updated AdGuard Content Blocker to version 2.1.2
- Improved visibility of text and icons in status bar (without transparency)
- Disabled Samsung Battery Power Sharing service and wakelocks in the framework
- Disabled Samsung Dynamic Frequency manager service (DVFS) and wakelocks in the framework
- Disabled Samsung checks in TIMA (force com.android.server.TimaService.checkEvent to return null)
- Disabled Compare Signatures method in services.jar
- Added SysScope.apk (hacked) - always returning official status
- Fixed SGUSBMassStorageEnabler (again) ExtSdCard export ability ("/dev/block/vold/179:33")
- Addons: Updated microG Services Core to version 0.2.4-108
- Rebuilt the ART cache for the whole ROM (reodexed) because of changes in framework
- Optimized internal reodexing process and scripts
- Added my own MachineX ROM control app (Work in Progress)
- Removed init.d scripts; the system will now be able to create ART cache by its own, always!
- Updated Magisk to v16.0
MachineX ROM Mark 4.1 (31st of Oct 2017) - 3rd public release version

- Patched SecSettings SysScope Status to show status "official" always
- Added Blue Light Filter in Quick Settings (togglable, only work with machinex kernel ;-)
- Added UPSM by patching SecSettings and serives.jar (also 3 Emergency* system apps were added)
- Fixed Torchlight dialog in SecSettings (torchlight_settings xml)
- Patched SecSettings to accept any FlipFont (duh... again as in QA1)
- Added unlocked menu for LED indicator/extended LED notification settings by patching SecSettings
- Added (unlocked) quicklaunch button settings by patching SystemUI
- Added 110 true type fonts (installed to user /data)
- Added more Galaxy S8 fonts and Android O emoji (installed to /system)
- Fixed SystemUI notification width, added new icons and colors (incluging global white)
- Fixed SystemUI notification notification_panel_active_number_of_apps setting
- Fixed wrong ActionBar (3dot menu) layout in Phone (SecContacts_Phone_OSup app)
- Fixed wrong ActionBar (3dot menu) layout in ClockPackage_Osup app
- Added some S8 fonts to ClockPackage_Osup app
- Added new default caller icons in Phone (SecContacts_Phone_OSup app)
- Added black layer to MultiWindowTrayService
- Fixed layout bugs in AccuweatherPhone2015, updated WeatherDaemon2015
- Fixed layout bugs in TouchWiz launcher, updated TW texts and colors
- Fixed disappearing contact widgets in TouchWiz launcher
- Updated WebViewGoogle to the latest version (61.0.3163.98)
- Updated Google Play Store to the version 8.2.38.T-all [0] [FP] 169346653
- Updated Google Play services for instant apps (FAKE) to v.9999999 (no more "updating..." msg)
- Updated Samsung Music app to version
- Added the latest official Samsung Internet Browser (v. with night mode
- Added Adguard Content Blocker(Version: 1.7.0) for Samsung Internet Browser
- Added and corrected black layer for Samsung Internet Browser
- Added SPenSdk3 3.0.224 (fixed drawing on pictures bug)
- Added SecLiveWallpaper app (checked with Muzei app)
- Added black/grey theme for SecGallery2013
- Updated Black_n_Blue layer theme with the latest overlays package
- Updated dark overlays for Sec MMS app (no more low contrast colors)
- Added Google Play Store black overlay
- Added widget (Google Search round corners)
- Added Machinex ROM control app (initial version)
- Updated some more dark and black global overlays for Android/Touchwiz frameworks
- Removed Google voice input app from the ROM
- Fixed SGUSBMassStorageEnabler (by mohammadag) ExtSdCard export ability ("/dev/block/vold/179:33")
- Added shutdown for Bluetooth Gatt service (temporary fix for BlueBorne, requires machinex kernel)
- Added some cleanup and integration in ROM-specific init.d scripts
- !!!IMPORANT Changed supersu (system-based) to magisk (systemless)
- !!!IMPORANT - Do not install TWRP's SuperSU after installation (no need)

MachineX ROM Mark 4 (09th Sep 2017) - 2nd public release version

- Fully Based on I9505XXUPQG1 official Samsung sources base with the necessary res and smali edits.
- Ditched microG in favor of full gapps (latest). The microG option will be in addons.
- Added "Google Play services for instant apps (fake)" (placeholder app needed by the latest Google services, freeze it if you wish ))
- Added latest WebViewGoogle, SBrowser, Samsung Music, SecLiveWallpapersPicker
- Added latest Total Commander
- Ditched SmartManager_OSUP and SmartManagerSDK_OSUP (will be in addons)
- Added VPN services by default
- Fixed glitches with grey on yellow, grey on black in system and mms overalys.
- Many other edits that I forgot.
MachineX ROM Mark 3 (14th Mar 2017) - First public release version

Framework Mods
  • Added Black leather default wallpaper
Updated System APKs
  • Google Play Store Version 7.6.08.N-all ClearBlack от Team Black Out
  • microG Services Core (GmsCore.apk; com.google.android.gms) Version: 0.2.4-64-gcbfb373 (minVersion 999999)
  • removed 00_link_boot_art init.d script
  • updated "disable services" init.d script
  • Pre-installed some Black Theme, Launcher icons, SuperSU and other settings
Previous updates

MachineX ROM Mark 3-p2 (12th Mar 2017)

Framework Mods
> Correctly built odex and boot.oat/boot.art, so no more "Android is upgrading..." message on the system boot completion.
Finally, correct reodex scripts were added
> 00_link_boot_art (init.d) as advised by Jasonrr

SecSettings mods:
> Added other custom settings to SecSettings (colored icons)
> Added "Thanks to" filed with credits in "About ROM" section
> completely removed knox info from About device

Additional System APKs
>LockScreenEffects by xperiacle
> SG USB Mass Storage Enabler app by Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh
> BitSyko Layer manager app by sykopompos, bitstra, CallMeAldy, @bgill55

> Merged /system/usr/keylayout/Generic.kl
> Deleted Google Search app from system apps
> added /system/app/GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter Version: 5.0.1-1602158
> added /system/app/GoogleContactsSyncAdapter Version: 4.2.2-573038

MachineX ROM Mark 2 N1 (3rd Mar 2017)
SecSettings mods:
> Added customsettings to SecSettings (thanks Robcore)
SystemUI mods
> Robcore: Random Ink effect colors (+Settings)
> Robcore: 5 Unlock effects
> Robcore: threw in Potato Gradient Code
> > Robcore: Some tweaks in Constants.smali; recent/FirstFrameAnimatorHelper.smali; wifi/WifiStatusReceiver.smali
> toggle_number=5 by defaulut in SystemUI /smali/com/android/systemui/qs/QSPanel.smali
> Clock position on the LockScreen (with settings)
> Lockscreen clock centered by default
> Center status bar clock by default

Additional System APKs
> Google Play Store (BlackOut team; com.android.vending) Version: 7.5.08.M-all [0] [PR] 146162341

> Changed battery % text color (systemui overlay)
MachineX ROM Mark 2 (28th Feb 2017)
Framework Mods
> Patched services.jar (PackageManagerService) by amazing DexPatcher/HayStack by Lanchon(https://github.com/Lanchon/)
to enable signature spoofing globally

SecSettings mods:
> Enable the global signature spoofing by enable/disable switch to the application section in developer settings (HayStack by Lanchon).
> Enable "Developer settings" menu item by default (GridSettings.smali)
> Added item My Settings -> Custom settings
- System configuration:
* Delay of the volume bar display.
* Flashlight (incl. Flashlight with off. Volume button to display the settings work time).
- Settings of the status bar:
* Displays the speed of the Internet (Traffic).
* Displays % of battery charge.

MicroG and system APKs
> microG Services Core (GmsCore.apk; com.google.android.gms) Version: 0.2.4-64-gcbfb373
> microG Services Framework Proxy (GsfProxy.apk; com.google.android.gsf) Version: v0.1.0
> Mozilla UnifiedNlp Backend (MozillaUnifiedNlpBackend.apk; org.microg.nlp.backend.ichnaea) Version: 1.3.2
> NominatimGeocoderBackend (NominatimGeocoderBackend.apk; org.microg.nlp.backend.nominatim) Version: 1.1.1

> Google Play Store (official Phonesky.apk; com.android.vending) Version: 7.5.08.M-all [0] [PR] 146162341
> GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.apk (com.google.android.syncadapters.contacts) Version: 4.2.2-573038
> GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk (Package: com.google.android.syncadapters.calendar ) Version: 5.0.1-1602158

Additional System APKs
> Signature Spoofing Checker (lanchon.sigspoof.checker) Version: 1.0
> OG YouTube, No Ads (com.google.android.youtube) Version: 11.16.99X

SystemUI mods:
> Charging Effects on Lock Screen (finalized) with /smali/com/android/keyguard/sec/KeyguardFestivalEffect*.smali festivaleffect/
> Added code for delay of the volume bar display.
> Added Black MachineX Keygard Wallpaper by default

binary files patches:
> patched libsurfaceflinger.so (No more logcat spam W/SurfaceFlinger(__): Fail to Open /sys/devices/platform/gpusysfs/fps)

MachineX ROM Mark 1 (22nd Feb 2017)
Framework Mods
> 5-ways reboot plus screenshot, torch and screen recording to the power menu
> TODO: Black backgrounds (https://goo.gl/3Fn4kI)
> No screen on/off when USB connector plugged in
> Back button to kill (...to finalize)
> Disable the Safe volume dialog box when connecting headphones
> Disable scrolling cache
> Autobrightness adjustment speed mod (delay cut by 50% in services.jar and framework.jar)
> Color Fade Memory Leak 5.0.x
> The color of the progress bar and slider in the volume during a call, and the color slider in the Media (framework.jar)
> 0.5x transitions of system animations by default

SystemUI mods:

> Unlocked additional items in the volume panel
> No sound when pressing "Vol+" or "Vol-" buttons (TW_Volume_control_.ogg)
> System Recents List Background transparent
> Transparent status bar at swipe
> Zero-width notification_side_padding
> Background bottom button bar (with a little more transparency)
> Hidden Quick Launch Button enabled
> Removed recents_google_button_kk from layout
> Full data on the lock screen and Quick Settings Panel (RUS only)
> Charging Effects on Lock Screen (to finalize )

SecSettings mods:
> Remove the dialogue with the Bluetooth turned on.
> Enable hidden Quick Launch Button Setting for SystemUI

SecSettingsProvider mods:
> Enable com.sec.android.theme.Black_color by default

SamsungCamera2 mods:
> Change settings (VideoBitrate, AudioBitrate, AudioSamplingRate) of mediaprofiles when recording video with resolutions of 3840*2160, 2560*1440, 1920*1080 (60fps), 1920*1080

TouchWizHome Mods
> 5x6 Apps Grid

Google apps mods
> Youtube and Play Store dark settings (TODO https://goo.gl/JpjdFn)

Other mods
> custom SGUSBMassStorageEnabler.apk with support for our device

MEDIA mods
> S7 Edge Nougat Beta Sounds
> MachineX boot animation
> Samsung One font by default system-wide

Packages modded:
android.v.overlay.apk (Volume panel)
com.sec.android.inputmethod.overlay.apk (Keyboard)

> Google Play services Version : 10.2.98 (238-146496160)
> Google Backup Transport Version : 5.0.1-1602158
> Google Calendar Sync Version : 5.0.1-1602158
> Google Contacts Sync Version : 5.0.1-1602158
> Google Account Manager Version : 5.1.1-2168912
> Google One Time Init Version : 5.0.1-1602158
> Google Partner Setup Version : 5.0.2-1900396
> Google Services Framework Version : 5.0.1-1602158
> Google Play Store Version : 7.5.08.M-all [0] [PR] 146162341
> Google App Version :
> Latest offline voice recognition packages (/system/usr/srec/)
> YouTube (NO ADS!!!) Version : 12.05.53
> Android System WebView Version : 56.0.2924.87
> AccuweatherPhone2015 Version : 150626.603922
> Samsung keyboard Version : 4.0
> Samsung Music Version : 16.1.91-16
> SBrowser Version : 4.0.10-53
> Weather Daemon 2015 Version : 150705.624993
Download here:

It is recommended that you also install the latest BL and modem:

Stock kernel:


- If you cleared Dalvik-cache (ART) cache and system complains about low storage space, just reboot again.
- If you are unable to switch on WiFi, please check "Fix WiFi Problem" in Machinex settings
- If you are tired of Black UI, Uninstall overlays of the black theme in Layer Manager App, reboot. Choose "Light" TW
- The "Development settings" icon is in the center of the Desktop. Just click it. Signature - spoofing is at the bottom.
- microG GmsCore - lightweight free software clone of Google Play Services (About)
- This ROM comes with Native Signature spoofing. You can switch it ON/OFF in developer settings
- Something to read about Signature Spoofing (LINK)
- Something more to read about microG: (LINK)
- If you want to try this on S4 VE (i9515), please use these files:

I9515XXU1BQD2 Bootloader
I9515XXU1BQD2 Modem
I9515XXU1BQD2 Stock kernel

- If you decide to switch to stock kernel, don't forget to flash machinex kernel UNINSTALLER-JAN12: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=385035244224412313
- T.B.D.
And special thanks to:
- Samsung Electronics for TW 5.0.1 firmware and kernel sources
Thanks to all wonderful people in XDA and 4pda.ru communities!
- Robcore for his wonderful kernel, support, and great enthusiasm in every little thing
- tdunham for THE GALAXY S5 UNIFIED MODS THREAD, and many others
- sagitt67 from 4pda.ru for his smali and resources editing guides
- student05 from 4pda.ru for TW black theme (reworked)
- MaR-V-iN for his great microG GmsCore - lightweight free software clone of Google Play Services
- mariozawa for Potato Gradient Code and Clock code
- Lanchon for his amazing DexPatcher/HayStack (https://github.com/Lanchon/) to patch framework
- AlIraqi for learning how to make black overlay themes from him
- xperiacle for LockScreenEffects app
- Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh for his SG USB Mass Storage Enabler app
- sykopompos, bitstra, CallMeAldy, @bgill55 for BitSyko Layer manager app.
- slim80 for aroma script for multi-CSC
- HITMAN-CREED and Albe95 for inspiration to create S6 like ROM and for their S7 icons.
- All the guys in our group: Corduroysack, RolloX, Mbare Florian, Marcos and Chris
for testing the initial ROM before release
- JasonRR for traveling through different dex2oat keys together with me.

If I forgot somebody, please PM me, and I will add credits
XDA:DevDB Information
MachineX ROM, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S4

Andycar, Robcore
Source Code: https://github.com/Andycar/MachineX_ROM

ROM OS Version: 5.0.x Lollipop
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
ROM Firmware Required: Check your bootloader and modem version. I9505XXUPQG1 is recommended
Based On: Samsung I9505XXUPQG1

Version Information
Status: Beta
Current Beta Version: 4.3
Beta Release Date: 2018-02-28

Created 2017-03-14
Last Updated 2018-02-28


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Jul 29, 2008
Patches and fixes

MachineX add-on Package by Andycar
based on JASONRR's work - thanks!

Accessibility, adblock, AllShare, Bootanimations, ChromeCast, DriveMode, Email, GearFitManager, GearManager, MicroG, PowerSaving, SamStore, Scloud, SmartManager, SNote, SVoice, VideoEditor, VoLTE, VPN, Weatherwidget, YouTube and many others.
(NOTE: Many apps untested in addons package, if you found app that is not working -please report!)

Personally I use the package to remove GAPPS and to replace them with microG.


Previous fixes and patches:

MachineX-ROM-patch01.zip (21st of March 2017)

Overlays fixed
  • 3dot menu (Thanks to AlIraqi - prevent Settings FC on context many touch button)
  • com.android.mms.overlay.apk (Fixed colors and context menus)

SystemUI mods and fixes
  • Fixed recent menu bugs some users were having
  • Added dialer and camera shortcuts to lock screen (S8 Dream UX style)

  • Added S8 Dream UX style icon pack
  • Added Clock 2017 .ttf font for Lock Screen and Weather widget

It's recommended to flash the latest machinex kernel from here:
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Jul 29, 2008
  • Pressing menu button in Settings causes them to Force Close sometimes. (Fixed in MachineX-ROM-patch01...
  • Selection of "Show Internet speed in the status bar" is broken.
  • ...

  • If you cleared dalvik-cache (ART) cache and system complains about low storage space, just reboot again.
  • If you prefer White/Light theme, you can uninstall black theme overlays and reboot.
  • The black theme can be re-enabled in the Layer Manager app.
  • Also, touchwiz themes may be applied by clicking on the desktop, and selecting "themes"


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Jul 29, 2008

  • S8 Dream UX icons pack (Apply in Touchwiz desktop settings->Themes)

    Thanks to @jjjhitel for icons and @binh24 for GraceUX.apk initial theme




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Sep 2, 2016
This Amoled Theme is amazing for battery, I've been testing it and it feels amazing, after flashing it boots within 1 minute. Finnally no more drain from google services!


Apr 20, 2016
Download was very fast 4-5 MB/sec.
Flashed the ROM dirty over Imperium 17, wiped dalvik and cache, did not wipe data. No problems or errors.
PK2 bootloader and modem, WiFi is working.
Just can't find Development settings, to turn signature spoofing on.
Instructions say: Open «Developement settings» - the central icon on desktop (cog wheel). Don't see any of that, therefore Play store not working.
ROM is very responsive, smooth, like it because of the dark enviroment. So how can I turn the spoofing ON?
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Jul 29, 2008
Download was very fast 4-5 MB/sec.
Flashed the ROM dirty over Imperium 17, wiped dalvik and cache, did not wipe data. No problems or errors.
PK2 bootloader and modem, WiFi is working.
Just can't find Development settings, to turn signature spoofing on.
Instructions say: Open «Developement settings» - the central icon on desktop (cog wheel). Don't see any of that, therefore Play store not working.
ROM is very responsive, smooth, like it because of the dark enviroment. So how can I turn the spoofing ON?
OK. Suprised to know it works with dirty flashing.

Anyway, you can enable developer options in Settings- About device- tap 7 times on the ROM version...

After that, open developer settings and scroll to the bottom. Enable signature spoofing.

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Jul 29, 2008
Thx for work.
But why u use outdated Layers when u can use substratum or ported samsung theme engine?
Yeah, it's kind of outdated technology natively introduced into Android 5.0.1 by Sony.
It may be not as flexible as backported Sammy engines.

But for me it was interesting to discover and use it on Samsung Stock 5.0.1 ROM. Hey, it still works!

Also, as my OP states, I've no intention to port MM or other frameworks as of now. Other respected developers have done that.
The goal of this ROM was a Demonstration of several unusual functions in one stock-based custom ROM.

Thanks for your comment!

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Jul 29, 2008
hi Andycar , can you ad some screenshot, the screenshots in first post doesn't working.
I see them in tapatalk. it's strange with xda site - on my PC they also don't work.
For now, could you please try just open screen shots from the 2nd tab?


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