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Mr Hofs

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Sep 10, 2011

Alright, its time for some additional theming ! First i would like to share my custom Xtended dotview case theme (wallpaper). Download the wallpaper here and set it as the theme (crap the whole wallpaper when setting it).

Let me also give you the hint on which programs i use to edit the basic zip files and png (icon) files that i will be using in these small tutorials :

- 7zip to edit the .zip archives
- Paint.net 3.5.11 to edit the icons

First small tutorial on the agenda is the softkey mod


Download this softkeys example zip archive and open it up by :

- right clicking the .zip file and choose 7Zip
- open archive

you will see now the files inside the .zip in a new window :


I usually drag the files out to a custom folder and start editing them in Paint.net, once you opened the files you can edit them to your liking. Scout the internet for icons and images of your liking and edit the several icons to show as softkeys :


The preview.png is there to show how it looks like so edit the main icons (back/home/recent apps at least) into the preview.png. Edit the bar to full black and copy the edited png files into the bar. Once done and all the files are edited you save them and drag them back into the softkeys example archive :


After that you can close the 7Zip window and rename the softkeys example.zip to your own custom filename. And as a final step you can upload them to the Xtended online server !

Place the modified zip file to your phone's sdcard or internal storage and go to the Xtended online section on your phone.

select :

- Xtended online
- uploads
- softkeys theme

now select your zip file and upload it. When its processed we all can use and enjoy the new custom softkey set !

Next on the menu :

- Statusbar mods
- Animated backgrounds

Cheers and happy modding :laugh:
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Jan 31, 2012
I would love to see remap motion gestures in the modules :)
Nice piece of work!! Includes every tweaks AIO!!


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Jun 17, 2010
Hi Rich , nice to see you... Got an M8 then have ... Great things will come for sure ... No post yet in here from Mr H .. he'll be glad to see you I'm sure , thanks for app and look forward to a nice Rom


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Mar 9, 2013
Thanks sir for great work...

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    Something really special is coming.

    Something that has never been done before on ANY custom Rom or Xposed module!

    Themers will be loving this, rest assured :)

    Theme flashing days are over eg vrtheme methods also.

    1 system theme apk rules them all :)

    Version 1.2.3
    • Fixed menu key not showing when should
    • Added hide weather icon
    • Added hide hotseat on Blinkfeed page
    • HTC Quicksettings now use theme colours
    • Added hide NFC icon / Theming
    • System theming now active. Based on T-Mobile theming structure
    • Allow multiple themes at once
    • Blacklist apps not to theme per theme pack
    • Added Maximum items in folders toggle
    • Added large in call photo setting
    • Fixed Dialer screen layout
    • Added colour filter for all statusbar icons option
    • Fixed double ATT carrier name on statusbar
    • Added invert of screen off music buttons control
    • Some online fixes
    • Added 2G toggle to allow 2G Only to be a preferred network in phone settings
    • Compiled with Android 5.0 SDK

    Available once google does its stuff :)