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Sep 13, 2007
This is the first release of iShell. As such, there may be some bugs. If you find one, post it here, send me a PM or whatever - I want to fix them!

iShell supports Gecko and AppToDate (0.27 needs to be updated via a cab and not through AppToDate due to a change in host)!

What is it?
Currently, it's a fairly basic launcher application, built on the foundation of my "iProphet" ROMs, in the style of the iPhone. It also has "widgets" (currently one, the clock) which aim to replace other applications and so integrate as much functionality as possible.

Press the end call button to exit.

WM5 or above
Anything bar square screens...
400kb free RAM and 400kb free ROM.

Change log:
0.32 - Lots of changes. More efficient routines for most things, uses l3v5yExtendedFunctions to reduce code size, faster loading
0.31 - Added iShellPopulate, thanks to supbro
0.30 - Widgets!!!! Updated registry settings (images are 50x50 for QVGA, 100x100 for VGA), lots of little changes, faster loading, bug fixes, cleaner code...
0.28 - splash screens, some fixes, better drawing routine
0.27.1 - fixes some bugs
0.27 - Multiple screens, directly customisable application launching, faster performance due to bitblts rather than strecth blits (can enable scaling in HKCU\Software\l3v5y\Stretch, and transparency in HKCU\Software\l3v5y\Transparency), true VGA for vga-devices, completely rewritten loading, drawing and app database code.
0.25 - The cab now asks whether you want to use the default settings. Select yes if you haven't got a version installed...
0.24 - Adds customisable position of warning bubbles (for unread SMS, EMail etc), rounding of warning icons is better, and some bugfixes.
0.23.2 - Finally fixes the analogue clock!
0.23 - Fixes the clock, the battery in VGA, and settings should now be persistent for future upgrades.
0.22 - customisable backgrounds have arrived, along with custom text colours and some bug fixes.
0.21 - now supports VGA and WVGA/WQVGA, changing the TransitionSpeed actually works now.
0.2 - Bug fix - SMS now loads the correct path, and you are asked whether you wish to run iShell after the install.
0.1 - Release

Coming soon:
More widgets
Square screens
Some other things...

Maybe happening:
3rd party widgets

Please do not redistribute this without my explicit consent!

Either get it through Gecko, Touch-Innovation.com, or use the direct link
direct link 0.27
VGA link 0.27


If you like my work, donate! (There's a link in my signature)


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Sep 13, 2007
All the applications can be configured to launch something else.
under HKCU\Software\l3v5y\iShell\ScreenX\AppX where X is the screen/app (0 based)
Change the values of Path to change the path.
Change the values of Parm to change the parameters for launch.
Change the values of Text change the text displayed beneath the icon.
Change the ImagePath and ImagePathP to change the image
Change the Source(P)L/R/T/B DWORDS to specify the coordinates (Left right top bottom) of the image/push image within the source image. Assumed to be the top left if not specified
Change the Flags value:
0 for nothing
1 for calendar - day and date
2 for email
3 for SMS
4 for voice mail
5 for the clock widget

under HKCU\Software\l3v5y\iShell
Transitions between the main screen and widgets can be changed via the "TransitionTypeIn" for transitions into widgets, and "TransitionTypeOut" for returning to the launcher. 0 to 3 are slides, with a different direction each, 4 is an expand style transition, anything else has no transition.

"Background" is the full path to the background image. Any resolution is usable, although only the top left portion of the image is used if it's larger than the screen.

"Red" is the red component of the text 0-255, default 255
"Green" is the green component of the text 0-255, default 255
"Blue" is the blue component of the text 0-255, default 255

"Transparent" sets whether to draw with a transparent colour or not (transparency takes longer) 0 is off, 1 is on
"Stretch" sets whether to stretch the images or not (stretching takes longer) 0 is off, 1 is on

The clock is stored in "clock.png", with white as a transparent colour when displayed.
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Sep 13, 2007
The SMS button may not always work.

To fix it, edit the App1Parm string to
"-service "SMS"" without the outermost quotemarks.

I'll try and fix it, but the issue is there due to the way the cab creation works.


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Feb 27, 2008
I can't wait until this application gets developed more!!

Its awesome, just needs more features.

BTW, I added this app to touch-innovation for you :)
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