[3.00 WWE][3.01 WWE]HTC Magician ROMs by Cotulla

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Aug 3, 2009
Cotulla master, it seemed this rom can not use IR, isn't it?
or can anyone tell me ,how to use IR? thanks

Hakim Rahman

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Oct 28, 2010
in here
has 1164 posts on these threads, and almost partly on hopes the new update for their devices from Cotulla
still no answer from the Maestro
" Hi Cotulla, do not you realize that you still needed here !! "


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Jul 15, 2012
error de pais en mi qtek s110

Can someone please post some screenshots?
no puedo istalar ninguna rom en mi ceelular esta en ingles y quiero cualquier rom parq istalar preferriblemente en español pero medise que error de pais no cera por el spl ??? ayudenmen grasias : Cyclops:: Cyclops:: Cyclops:: Cyclops:


Apr 27, 2013
OX Mobile Spy

just upgraded with your ROM. Now I have wm6.1 on my magician. Dunno how you did it but you are a genuis. Big Thanks.

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    I have imate jam with RAM size 64mb would i be able to install ROM (HTCMAG_ROM_WWE_O3)?

    Is it really Windows Mobile 6.1?

    Can you post the pins of the battery?

    My first ROM for HTC Magician.
    Release date: 09.03.2009 2:42 GMT+3
    Alternate name: 3.00 WWE.

    *128 and 64 ram support
    *Ability to choose cpu speed
    *50 levels of backlight
    *Very fast (in average 33% faster than other Magician roms on video playing)
    *Visual theme from WM6.

    *Download archive
    *Extract files from it
    *Enter bootloader mode on device (Press POWER + CAMERA + RESET, you will see Serial/USB at top and 1.0X at bottom)
    *Connect via USB to PC
    *Run Update.exe
    *Follow instructions in Update program.
    *At the end you should see at device screen: "100% Upgrade OS Image Complete".
    *After flashing press reset.
    *Don't touch device, wait while "welcome screen" appear.
    *Press screen, do calibration and start using device.
    NOTE: This is ONLY ONE right instruction how to flash your device with my rom.
    otherwise your device can no longer boots, also you can get brick. be sure, before doing anything wrong!

    *Enter bootloader mode on device (Press POWER + CAMERA + RESET, you will see Serial/USB at top and 1.0X at bottom)
    *Connect via USB to PC
    *Install ORIGINAL 1.12 or 1.13 ROM. No big storage etc. Install original one!!
    [YOU *MUST* REPLACE ROMUpgradeUt.exe TO MaUpgradeUt_noID.exe]
    *Now you can flash any other old custom roms.
    NOTE: This is ONLY ONE right instruction how to uninstall my rom, otherwise you can have problems with new rom.



    BatClear program description

    You can read more and download rom from my website.

    You are flashing your device at your own risk.
    I've tried all my ROMs on my own device and didn't find any problem.
    I take no responsibility for any harm or damage to yourself, your device, computer or anything else.
    Something works, something doesn't. Something is not supposed to work.
    Something is supposed to work, but doesn't. Something should't work, but works.
    Something should work, but doesn't;
    Something should work from your point of view, but not from mine.
    Something is not supposed to work, that's why it doesn't work.
    By downloading and using this files, you agree with this statements.

    This is private project, don't ask any details about development, also don't ask about future releases, I won't answer. Sorry.

    Please don't send me Private Messages about this project, write in this thread instead.

    Best regards,
    this is standard app.

    for htc task manager you need additional certificates
    i have htc universal and i want to upgrade from version wm5 to wm6.1 pro
    but my vista had stopped the ruu exe from running and now i can't do anything to flash wm6.1 pro.on the display appear version 2.01 and that all.i can't restore to factory settings .. is dead
    what can i do ?

    try hard reset

    How can a man given a hand and still wants the whole body...

    Out of GOODWILL Cotulla made these ROMs, He already stated that it is
    private. Those who still dont understand should buy it from him then you can ask for the support...:confused:

    I couldn't have agreed more, and for those who are waiting for Cotulla's new rom for magician (including me) will need to be patience because I think Cotulla might be busying lately in making WM7 for Leo - in turn making Leo the first machine to run all 3 OSes for mobile.

    I myself still use my good old magician as my only phone (and pda) and am satisfied with all the goodies brought by wm6.5 (if you are just into shells, there are a lot of good shells from wm6.5 that are installable to magician phones - including M2D and SPB Mobile Shell (3.5 tested OK and 5.0 is coming soon). You can even use wm6.1 with the above shell apps maintaining your camera (HTCMAG_ROM_WWE_O3 is wm6.1).

    Just my 3 cents,