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[30April15]Toggle Activation. (Toolbox/UPSM/SideKey and more..) (update)

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    Toggle Activation.

    One click Activate missing quick panel Toggles


    Here straight of the art simple tool to activate missing quick panel toggles in one click.

    How to use :

    Requires rooted device.

    First Uninstall existing older version if you have installed)

    1.Download Attached App and Install as regular apk.
    2.Open application from drawer.
    3.Install resource - Grant SU (requires one time Only)
    4.Once it finish, reboot device
    Above steps requires first time only untill you re flash ROM.
    5.Open App and select 'Activate Toggles (Common 25 - See screenshot above)
    6.Once you finish It will open Notification Panel and you just needs to select RESET
    7.Done !
    Now you will have common 25 Toggles (Some toggles may not appear/Work) depending on ROM features.

    PRO Version

    PRO version is nearly same but user will have option to select desired Toggle only.You can choose any number of toggles (0 to 40 see screenshot above for choice of toggles.)

    Get Pro Version

    PS : Make 'Setting storage' backup in case you want to undo changes.

    Okay I installed, I had 23 toggles now after this I only have 18 + 2 new toggles, download booster and personal page which I don't think will work. How can I undo and get my lost toggles back?
    If you have titanium then simply clear data from setting storage. (not settings)

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    Will this work for kit Kat too?
    It will work on kitkat too. I have tested on my N4 kitkat and working fine.
    But remember this will activate Toggle. Functionality of Toggle depends on rom features.
    Not working with stock Lolipop Note 3...
    Make sure you have selected to Download resources first and reboot device. I have tested on N3 Lollipop only and working without issue.

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    I,ve already downloaded the resources - Restarted - Activated Toggled - Reset Notifications from Settings....
    Nothing Happened
    Just open supersu and confirm you have granted supersu permission to this tool.

    Sent from my SM-N910G using xda premium
    Thanks for your effort with me....SuperSU always grants all my applications the root access...
    Is there any other issues I can FIX ???

    Check supersu - setting - mount namespace separation option
    Enable it if you have disabled and then try to download resource again.

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