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[32A][6.35] Sanpei's Sense 0.4, with latest updates and fixes from my Hero Port

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Oct 9, 2009
FOR 32A, RADIO 6.35 and SPL 1.76

CAUTION: for daily use, I feel this port are stable enough for many people. but it may not suitable for others. and it is a bit slow at sometime. I won't optimize it at current, since the speed is acceptable, and I must keep it "clean" to avoid any hidden bugs before we can get all things working properly.

plz don't touch your phone until everything have been loaded completely. I also can't suffer the speed during something are loading after boots. after everything have been loaded and use the phone for a while, I feel the speed is fine personally.

wipe and flash in recovery, and you should delete the generated files (by android) in your sd card.

Eris v0.4 & Legend V0.4[UPDATED at June, 16th] :

latest update [Jun 26]::

OC: http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=349885&d=1277499752

non-OC: http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=350638&d=1277631885 , under testing, plz report bugs.

though they were developed with HERO port, but I think it could be used in all my ports.

eris port is stable enough (but it is still a leaked and undone version, so maybe it has some hidden bugs.). and it is faster than legend one. but it looks rather old, and features are less. it doesn't have apps like friend stream; the browser doesn't have some functions; etc. it is for CDMA phone, so simcard operations are missed. i.e. you couldn't disable simcard contacts.

for MMS, you can use MmsZap which has been included in the ROM, set the fields (you could copy them from your APN) then press "back", MmsZap will save your settings into system automatically. after this, don't forget uninstalling it, this software isn't made very well.

should be all now

HTC Sync will work with with http://www.easy-share.com/1909610034/HTCSync2.0.25.exe , thank beetleman and hanserson1 who uploaded it, thank capychimp who figured out this.

if you have troubles with your gps: shutdown with gps enabled (whether if it works or not). the gps will initialize properly when next time the phone boots. or maybe you could use the libgps.so from 0.34pre (it have other problems with some device).


legend: http://www.multiupload.com/EM9MJRQKKP , thanks capychimp (as always :))

eris: http://www.multiupload.com/3Z6506MF9F

caution: you must read texts below before you download it.

you could download it, if, and only if, you have become a tester of these works: kernel binaries and lib binaries which are made by me. as a tester, you do not have any rights (i.e. ownership) with these files.

certainly, you could use it as before or as using any other ROM :) .

if you click any download link in my posts, it means that you volunteer for testing these works, to speed up the progress of development and final release.

in this situation, you will become a tester of this ROM automatically.

if you don't want to be a tester, but you want to be a user: at current, you are not allowed to download any files from my posts. you shouldn't download them, because they are just for internal tests. please wait for a public release.


for JIT, download this: http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=345213&stc=1&d=1276842897

you have to set your Home Wallpaper and Lockscreen Wallpaper to something on sdcard before the first boot with JIT enabled, (and you can set them back after that: I have tried other HTC wallpapers except default). the workaround is found by klothius, thx :).

if you encountered any trouble, and want it disabled, flash this: http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=345214&stc=1&d=1276842897

capychimp's ROMs:

they include many useful things, (and all my ROMs are pure ports), you can find them here:


other words for rom dev:

please upgrade to .32 kernel, i have stopped my works on the .29 kernel.

the kernel someone called "eli" or "ELI" is the sanpei's one too, so if you find bugs or have some thoughts on it, plz let me know.

and you are welcome to make your own mod based on my works.


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Dec 17, 2009
Nice work. I don't have a rooted Magic but I'm excited to see this.

Does the bluetooth problem have to do with changing the line. I've seen Cyanogen talk about this fix for some Eclair ROMs:
-n -s 115200 /dev/ttyHS0 texas 4000000 flow


-n -s 115200 /dev/ttyHS0 texasalt 4000000 flow

in init.sapphire.rc ?
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Oct 9, 2009
old info:

please make sure that you have installed driver properly. adb won't work if you install Google driver as a single device driver, and if you install HTC driver as a single device driver, DiskDrive will freeze your phone (but adb works directly). a little more details: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=6180261&postcount=986

our phone is "USB Composite Device", and windows has this driver included. you can try install it. after that, your PC will find new devices: one for adb (both Google and HTC's drivers will work), another for USB mass storage, and others don't have drivers (I will remove them if these two devices cause troubles) .

battery tips: you should make sure that services/apps like gps/maps could get data from internet properly. they may prevent the phone going to sleep when they think that the jobs are not done yet. and in some cases, they would forget to tell our phone "you can sleep now", so the phone would never sleep properly. if you encounter these problems, the only workaround is a reboot (as far as I know).

latest changes:
--> a new ERIS port based on latest dump*
--> fix: battery drains by BT
--> fix: no sound or freezes after using camera in footprint
--> some patches from google
--> modified: DSP driver, it looks more similar to HTC's driver now (testing)
--> a far more better superuser 2.03

info about previous versions

changes 0.36pre
market fix
rosie hacks for speed

changes 0.35pre
battery life fix

changes 0.34rc
--> speed improved with blue sun fix (if it isn't my imagination :))
--> camera fix for some apps
--> libgps.so from another leak
--> modules update for OpenVPN

--> .32 kernel *
--> a new libcamera.so **
--> VGA(640x480) recording
--> rndis support (USB tethering) ***
--> default DiskDrive ****
--> others

* let us check if the sleep death which caused by sdcard operations can be fixed by the new kernel
** it was made for avoiding grayscale preview and memory leaks. it may contains bugs at current, please report if you encountered one.
*** default internet sharing won't work, I have tried it with wired tether 1.2 under linux, but I don't know how to use it under windows (my windows: Windows 7 64bit)
**** it works like a charm under linux. for windows, you may have some trouble with drivers, please read the texts under "working" section.

the eris ROM contains files from the RiverRunner(or others?)'s dump, maps from brut, superuser built from ChiansDD's sources.

Q & A:

Q: what about your others work, like bug fixes of your aosp build, your kernel, the opensource progress of your kernel?

A: i have few time these days, no big steps on ROM development.

for the aosp ROM, i build some version and test them myself, but none of them are better than my last one, since I don't have time to tweak them. but if I found a big improve in the future, I will release a new one.

for the sources of kernel, i lost some key files of my modification of kernel .29, and I was working on kernel 2.6.32 when I had some little time these days. i think that i won't work on the .29 kernel again if I don't encounter big problems on .32.

so there is no sources I can post at current. and for .29 kernel, there isn't any changes after it was released. I use the same binary file in all my ROM too as you.

Q: why .32 (next release)?

A: I hope that .32 could fix most kernel and driver bugs in previous releases. if not, .32 will still be better than .29. btw, this ROM uses .29 (as same as previous) since .32 jobs are not done yet.

Q: will you update this SenseUI ROM ?

A: I think my friend ahmgsk will make a better one for you.

so when any other ROM that are good enough appear in next 2~3 days, I will stop to update. this one just shows what we could have.

my plan is, I will work on some programming and kernel jobs, and ahmgsk will make good ROMs.


Nice work. I don't have a rooted Magic but I'm excited to see this.

Does the bluetooth problem have to do with changing the line. I've seen Cyanogen talk about this fix for some Eclair ROMs:
-n -s 115200 /dev/ttyHS0 texas 4000000 flow


-n -s 115200 /dev/ttyHS0 texasalt 4000000 flow

in init.sapphire.rc ?

not this one.

it's some other problems with HTC things. I don't know this problem exactly, hope others can figure out how to fix it.

but thank you also.
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Jun 16, 2008
thank you so much, i will however wait for a confirm if the root feature works before flashing this ROM.


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Dec 17, 2009
It's an official HTC Sense port so it should be very smooth. But there are things that are not going to work right away since it is from the Eris. So reports are appreciated.


Retired Recognized Developer
Jun 1, 2009
Em ne chance that these very drivers will work with other stable eclair roms ?


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Sep 15, 2009
Facebook+Contacts don't sync right away, I haven't figured out a way to sync it. Might have to do it manually?

I couldn't use Titanium back up, it said I didn't have root access. Installing busybox didn't work either.

No Live Wallpapers?

Pretty much it for me. I haven't tried the camera/camcorder

WiFi works though, which is great.


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Nov 20, 2007
Thanks a lot for having a look inside whats coming :-D things not working besides those already mentioned: GPS + all Kinds of LED's besides sync works without Problems.


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Dec 3, 2009
can you report what works and not for you?

BT not working. can't even turn it on
LED light either? not sure on this one.
also as reported by sanpei, the preview after taking a picture appears weird but no biggie for me since the picture is correctly recorded

overall super, super, super smooth. got one freeze when flickering around settings and a sms comes in but other than that haven't got any issue in the past ... 5 hrs.

edit1: LED not lighting up even when charging.
edit2: forgot to mention that there's no Mount USB option when plugged.
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May 24, 2009
Thanks for the quick work getting a 32A port of the Eris 2.1 dump. :)

Some noted bugs:

1.) 3G connection does NOT work for me. It shows the 3G icon but will act as if no connection is available. WiFi works, however.

2.) LED sensors not working (as said earlier)

3.) Screen issue when taking pictures with HTC Camera (also noted)

4.) When first starting up phone on first boot, when I reach HTC Setup Wizard I get a force close on android.process.media. Doesn't seem to affect anything though.

EDIT: for Issue 4, my 3G connection issue was fixed when I flashed HeroDroid's WiFi/LED Sensor fix from his Hero port (no, LED lights still don't work).
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Aug 15, 2009
The Internet
WOW you guys are fast. i smoked a spliff and came back..i see its here already

thanks im gonna try it right now..be back with some feedback


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May 24, 2009
For a quick port, this is really quite good Sanpei. Now it's got me 100x more excited for what wonders ahmgsk will be able to cook up real soon.. :D


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Jan 20, 2010
Everything works great! However, I too had a problem with 3G and WiFi after installation. But I was in a rush, so I never tried to fix it.. Turns out, it fixed itself sometime over the course of 30min.. Not sure what's up, though. :confused:


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Aug 15, 2009
The Internet
just finished flashing it.. "quietly brilliant"

mann i cant wait for it to start

EDIT: android.process.media got a forceclose.. :confused:

nothing else went wrong so far(except what was mentioned)..this is amazing, i cant wait for the official 2.1 sense for magic

im having too much fun here loll

google earth doesnt load though..
i was really lookin forward to trying this app :p

UPDATE: im unable to connect to my PC.. ive tried htc sync and diskdrive both dont show up even after waiting 5 minutes..
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