4.0.3 ICS i9100G ZCLP5(From China)

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Apr 26, 2012
Does it work ??

I am happy that there is finally an ics rom for 1900G...can any one make sure that it works and pls give an alternative mirror for download....:)
BTW thanKs MASON.Z for taking interest for for posting in this forum and finally we r seeing some stuff for i1900g....

REQUEST: pls give instruction on how how to install this rom....:)

FOR OTHERS : kuai.xunlei.com/d/SUMXEFBJUATA is the link
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Apr 5, 2012
Be careful

Thanks for the link. But please check carefully before installing. We haven't received any official information from Samsung.

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    4.0 ICS CHINESE firmware for I9100G mirror

    Dear XDA community i reuploaded the :

    I9100G ZCLP5 ICS.rar on DROPBOX


    I9100G ZCLP5 ICS.rar on dl.free.fr

    Feel free to download !

    (hopping that Codeworks can do anything with that for CM9!)

    Hit the thx button ! :eek:
    ICS leak!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ICS for 9100G

    From China!

    kuai.xunlei.com/d/ SUMXEFBJUATA

    To remove the blanks
    Oh man, please dont use Google´s Traductor.
    I don´t understand almost nothing

    Quick Translation: As to when will the official update be, the latest info is that it's going to be difficult to push by the end of the month, as the LP7 build still has some issues. Samsung won't officially say when they'll release, and they seem to be busy getting ready for the S3 launch.
    Running it, I've got a i9100G from China. Installed perfectly first time with Odin. It's definitely faster than Stock and GalaxyRom 5.1, though TouchWiz sucks the life out of it.. Battery seems to hold up a bit better though, I managed to actually do an entire day yesterday with no problems. Animations are much more fluid and I haven't noticed as much of a slowdown after I reinstalled all of my apps compared with Gingerbread. Just can't get the Play Market to work ><
    Bro, you are already on ics.

    Root here:


    Why do you require Unlocked bootloader??