**[4.4.2][Linaro][O3] Team Asylum Omni 4.4.2 Naughties™: Slim, Fast and Black Rum™**

Which toolchain would you prefer to be used for compiling Asylum?

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No problem here either.

Chas, On a different subject, I tried to send a beer your way but PayPal gave me an error stating "the recipient is not set up to receive funds". I have not seen that before.

You can always send using his email listed in his profile instead of hitting the donation button

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Mar 1, 2013

I love this rom. I love the double tap feature. Is there any chance you can make a kernel for duble tap wake option in the future? Tnx


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I love this rom. I love the double tap feature. Is there any chance you can make a kernel for duble tap wake option in the future? Tnx

On other devices and kernels that I've tried with that feature enable it's proven to be a major battery hog. The way it was implemented meant that even if your screen was off your phone was still active and not in deep sleep. In essence it wasn't really a viable option seeing as phone was never really sleeping

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Dec 28, 2011
Novi Sad
Asylum Omni 20140514

Asylum_Omni_4.4.2_20140514_N7000_Linaro_O3.zip are up on Goo.im

MD5Sum ddad6adffcd40106d5c46a8c48c414c4

Changelog: https://gerrit.omnirom.org/#/q/status:merged,n,z

New merged stuff:
Framework: Add Landscape layout for ECA

Asylum specific:
SuperSU included in the build
SystemUI: turn off debugging
Allow blacklisting calls from call log detail menu
Speed up booting on multicore devices
More KK white in SystemUI and keyboard
Performance menu revamp
OmniSwitch: long press to launch floating windows
Breathing missed call/sms/voicemail notifications in Settings/Bars
Clock: font options

Cherry picks:
Quiet hours bypass contacts
Omniswitcch: disable logging
Fix signal and invalid AppType on legacy gsm
Battery saver
Unified scrolling, system and keyboard animation
Lockscreen notifications
More keyboard smilies
Driving mode
Double tap to sleep
Smart Phone Call
SMSDispatcher: Add option for sending pseudo-multipart SMSes
App circle sidebar
Floating widows
Gallery2 fixes
Add option to open notification in floating window
App Circle sidebar: add support Samsung multiwindow flags
Apollo enhancements and fixes
Dashclock: prebuilt (v1.6)
SMS crash fix
New and improved fix for slider and gov/iosched persistence in Performance control
Device settings
Kernel updated with various fixes



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Dec 15, 2009
Sorry everybody but since a few rel I've an issue that I cannot understand from what it's due: randomly I've freeze something like 2 times per day.
The phone is not totally freezed but it is so slow that the only thing I can do is force reboot. It looks like running the dual cpu at 100% so nothing can be do.

My CPU is set to lulzactiveq + sio , but I've used this setup with all roms in the last 6 months about.

How can I understand?

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Aug 10, 2010
Sorry everybody but since a few rel I've an issue that I cannot understand from what it's due: randomly I've freeze something like 2 times per day.
The phone is not totally freezed but it is so slow that the only thing I can do is force reboot. It looks like running the dual cpu at 100% so nothing can be do.

My CPU is set to lulzactiveq + sio , but I've used this setup with all roms in the last 6 months about.

How can I understand?

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Got the same problem; never solved it, and I don't think that it's related to your CPU config, but maybe to our hardware version.
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Mar 26, 2013
Sorry everybody but since a few rel I've an issue that I cannot understand from what it's due: randomly I've freeze something like 2 times per day.
The phone is not totally freezed but it is so slow that the only thing I can do is force reboot. It looks like running the dual cpu at 100% so nothing can be do.

My CPU is set to lulzactiveq + sio , but I've used this setup with all roms in the last 6 months about.

How can I understand?

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I think its time for a full wipe ;)
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    Welcome to Asylum Omni 4.4.2, a small, fast, blacked-out and smooth Rom. This Asylum edition is lighter than the official OmniRom.​


    What does Asylum Omni have to offer?

    Rom compiled with Linaro 4.8 toolchain, kernel with Linaro 4.7
    Build optimization upgraded from O2 to O3
    Custom Asylum Omni kernel with additional governors.
    Unnecessary apps are chucked out.
    Settings, keyboard, clock, phone, InCallUI, messaging, contacts, calendar, Apollo, DSp Manager, SystemUI and framework blacked out, no official AOSP grey
    Safe Omni kernel and recovery with eMMC_CAP_ERASE disabled.
    The kernel also contains Exynos security fix
    Unlike the official Omni, this Rom includes SuperSU by default, so there's no need to reflash it after every Rom flash
    Asylum Easter egg, courtesy of Mr Markus
    UI tweaks
    Ad blocking hosts
    Custom Asylum wallpaper app which gives you access to over 300 black and gray weird wallpapers (thanks, Bangsti)
    Good battery life
    Speed and smoothness
    Addon.d scripts for backing up your custom DPI, softkeys and restoring them even after a full wipe and flash
    Cherry picks of good unmerged Omni stuff
    Completely bonkers community
    No 23 lockscreens, sorry

    What does Asylum Omni 4.4.2 look and feel like:




    Team Asylum

    antiochasylum, Rom creator, a nice guy and a genuine Texan straight shooter
    chasmodo, bad tempered, caustic and grouchy n7000, Xperia Z, and Flo Jerkins™
    Jack The Ripper, our Linux scripting genius, a proper English gentleman with a penchant for getting kicked out of clubs
    Sunny2303, well spoken, gentle and generous n7100 (and variants), Find5 and Flo 2013 Jerkins™
    bangsti, the kindest man on God's Earth, LG Jerkins™
    jejecule, a polite and diligent Barca fan (those two things don't often go together), i9300, Find5 and Jfltexx Jerkins™
    Moepda, another genuine and ubiquitous English gentleman with a kind word for everyone

    Asylum G+ Community

    How often will the Rom be updated?

    There'll be a new version as soon as there is at least 6-7 new Omni merges, or if there's only one crucial change.
    It could be daily, or every few days.

    How do I flash it?

    You must be on a safe kernel and recovery. If you are not sure, check this thread out to see which ones are safe!

    If coming from previous Asylum Omni 4.4.2 or official Omni 4.4.2 and you want to do a dirty install:

    1. boot into recovery
    2. flash the Rom
    3. reboob

    If coming from previous Asylum Omni 4.4.2 and you'd like a clean flash:

    1. boot into recovery
    2. do a full wife
    3. flash the Rom
    4. reboob

    If coming from anywhere else:
    1. download Raw r4 kernel from here
    2. copy Gapps, Raw kernel and Asylum Omni Zips to your SDCard
    3. reboob into Recovery
    4. flash Raw kernel
    5. reboob recovery <--- not the system, just the recovery
    6. Wipe data and dalvik cache
    7. flash Asylum Omni zip
    8. flash Gapps zip
    9. reboob
    10. Don't restore system stuff or apps + data using Titanium, it might cause issues



    at Goo.im

    Removed-apks-flashable.zip contains the following:

    DSP Manager
    Photo Table
    Pinyin IME

    Launch the zip, go to /system/app, delete the apps you don't need and flash in recovery.

    What is not working:

    Whatever doesn't work in official Omni

    Special thanks goes to:

    OmniRom team, obviously.
    Chainfire for SuperSU
    Entropy for sticking with us through thick and thin, a million thanks for that
    GeeckoDev for his wunderbar kernel work
    Utacak™ for being there in the moments of dire compiling need
    Milady for being ever so nice to me and everybody
    Alcoholic Anonymous, born 1973 ad, for testing, thread maintenance, Freaking Questions and all the roflness
    Gugelhupf for addon.d scripts, cool bootanimation, Asylum Easter egg, testing, Asylum header and all the lollary
    ukicar for excellent graphic contributions and for being a friend
    Sasha for being there at all times
    kufikugel and SlimBean team for some blackout images
    Asylum community for being such wonderful wackos and making this forum an incredibly enjoyable place (especially ze Chermans)

    Donations and thanks are always welcome, but not obligatory.:)

    All Team Asylum Builds

    Asylum Google+ Community

    Asylum Omni 4.4.2 Kernel

    These kernels work only with Omni 4.4.2!

    Asylum Omni 4.4.2 kernel with additional CPU governors

    MD5Sum 7fe72995e2c6967178353162bf8811dd

    This is basically the stock Omni kernel with additional governors:

    Omni 4.4.2 kernel with standard CPU governors
    (use this one if you have problems with backup/restore)

    MD5Sum 026383f91e2a1d7b8758a22b4bc5daa6

    This is standard Omni kernel with no additional governors listed above.

    Kernel source: https://github.com/omnirom/android_kernel_samsung_smdk4412

    Frandom is a part of both kernels, but it's not activated by default because some security concerns were voiced in the commit comments,
    please read them: https://gerrit.omnirom.org/3894

    If you still want to enable the function, download

    extract the README file and find out how to activate it, it's pretty easy.
    Guys, gals, fellow Asylum users,

    I need all of you to please keep me in your prayers. The last month of April have been by far the worst in my life. Which has caused me to realize so much.

    My family and personal life just went to crap I've lost almost 20 pounds from my stomach being so upset where I can't eat.

    At this point I have to put down my android addiction to focus on other things near and dear to me. And I don't know when or if I'll even return to xda. I might read from time to time, but my days of building are over. There is a new breed coming up, all of them are very talented. Learn from them.

    Everyone who has helped me along the way, everyone who has supported me, given me words of wisdom I cannot thank you enough. You will never be forgotten. You know who you are.

    On May 12th marks 1 year of the Asylum name. Happy early birthday.

    On that note. To everyone who has ever tried any ROM by myself, chas, or Jack the ripper thank you for supporting us.


    Courtesy of Mr. AA1973

    If you have Rom related questions, read this first!
    Freaking annoying questions #faq

    Freaking Annoying Questions (aka FAQ)

    A word of caution :As this asylum is frequented by male and female inmates, the terminology "mate" or "bro" does not apply.
    Our fellow lady inmates, Corininha, vet-note and lady-27, do deserve the proper form of address, which is "fellow inmate", but not bro, brother or mate.
    Milady may be an alternative, but not guaranteed ;)
    Insane, yes, it definitely is - welcome to the asylum! Enjoy your stay :D

    If you miss some impotent™ things in here, give me a ring - but not with the triangle ;) Thanks
    Now let's get started.

    » Developer Options missing (USB debugging etc):
    About phone > Build number > hit build number 7 times in order to "become a developer"
    Since Android 4.2.2, not everybody should become a developer in order to enable #USB #debugging and change the animations to 0.5

    » Density changes aka #ChangeDPI
    Change the actual 320dpi to e.g. chasmodo's favourite 178dpi:
    Use ROM Toolbox Lite/Pro and the built-in build.prop Editor to change the setting in ro.sf.lcd_density=320 to ro.sf.lcd_density=178 {or a dpi setting of your choice}
    Do it manually via a capable root file explorer and edit the parameters above to your liking.
    No other tool or app to use.

    » Status 7 / Installation aborted while coming from PhilZ kernel (Version < 3.99)
    *Install/Flash a CM10/CM10.1 kernel from Chasmodo's kernel suppository™ or use at least PhilZ latest version *3.99* or later (4.40 ATM)
    *Go to Advanced > Choose Reboot into recovery
    *Proceed as written/stated in OP
    Word of caution: if you still post "Haaalp. Status 7 - WTF!", you may get flamed! Facepalm yourself...

    Which leads to the next impotent feature of an Android phone, which is powered by Google:
    »The SEARCH function
    If you miss an important feature like S-Apps (memo, note, ...) or multi-widows, smart stay etc. Do a proper SEARCH!

    »Concerning #S-Apps (memo, note, ...) or multi-widows, smart stay etc. -> they require Touchwiz-framework and will NOT work on this ROM

    » Kernel OC/UV ("overmock and underlol" [email protected])
    At the moment, there is only one GPL compliant kernel available on XDA, which works with Asylum and supports #OC and #UV:
    NX kernel by neobuddy89, which you can find in the Development section or in the kernel repository.
    Chasmodo compiles from time to time an Asylum kernel with additional Schwarzeneggers (aka Governors) which you can find in the second post.
    BTW- the built-in kernel works, perfectly!

    » Battery train™ aka battery drain:
    Look for ahalford's thread for wake locks and better battery life. Amazing thread and a very helpful guy, if you install better battery stats and (in addition, not necessarily) CPU Spy ;)
    Furthermore, you can install Wakelock Detector from the PrayStore, which is a nice tool as well.

    ahalford's thread for wake locks and better battery life
    BBS by chamonix: (DL and support thread)
    CPU Spy Plus by realgpp: (DL and support thread)
    Both apps are free for xda users. Of course, feel free to use the paid versions from the play store to support the devs.
    Chas' statement concerning wake locks:
    Extreme battery consumption is in 99% cases not Rom related. It's either user app/sync setup or battery failing.
    Anyway, go here, post your BBS dump and you'll get help.

    » Enable Soft keys (at any DPI)
    Add the following line in build.prop
    Via ROM Toolbox or manually in root file explorer
    Exit/Save and Reboob™

    PlayStore broplem > flash Multi DPI play store (scroll down to Multi DPI Store)
    »If you experience broplems with Playstore at stock DPI, flash Multi DPI play store (see below) or try to do the following:
    1. go to Settings/apps/all
    2. locate the Playstore app, delete its data and cache
    3. find Google services and do the same
    4. Reboob™
    5. if this doesn't work, delete and re-add your Google account

    New: MD5 (20130101)
    » (Always) Check MD5 before flashing!
    Tools/Apps to be used e.g. Solid Explorer Beta (or similar file explorer with MD5 check), the famous ZIP Installer by beerbong or search for (Windows) MD5 checksum applications for PC
    MD5 checksum can be found at the download page at goo.im/devs/chasmodo
    MD5 for 20130101 version:
    Further information http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/MD5

    New: Chas' homescreen layout (20130105)
    Yes, I always use 178 and Widgetsoid, a free app.

    What you see on the homescreen are just Widgetsoid's 3 widgets, plus digital clock.


    If you want a homescreen like mine, first disable dock in Nova. Then open your widgets drawer and select either 1 * 5 Widgetsoid switcher (vertical widget) or 5 * 1 (horizontal), and swipe it onto your homescreen. Repeat the procedure as many times as you like.


    Then start Widgetsoid and edit your widgets. You can choose any toggles imaginable and any app shortcut you like. These below are just your network toggles; you also
    have a ton of screen, sound and other toggles, plus 'shortcuts' which you use for your apps.


    After that you can theme your widgets to your liking.


    Finally, you can save your widgets in 'profiles', so you can restore them in a second after each new Rom flash.

    New: ENABLE soft keys AND DISABLE hardware keys (20130107)
    For advanced users, who are absolutely sure of what they do! Worst case scenario - no soft keys and no working hardware keys...:thumbup:
    1. Make sure to enable soft keys via build.prop (see above > qemu.hw.mainkeys=0)
    2. See the following post by chaosdefinesorder here

    New: HOW TO ENABLE SOFT KEYS (20130108)
    qemu.hw.mainkeys=1 as default in build.prop setting
    NavBar is disabled by default in the Rom. This is the easiest way to enable NavBar if you want to:

    1. download and install ROM Toolbox Lite(excellent and free multi-tool BTW)
    2. start RTL and grant it root access
    3. once the app is launched, swipe from right to left to get to the right panel
    4. tap on 'build.prop editor'
    5. dismiss the warning/information popup
    6. scroll down until you locate qemu.hw.mainkeys
    7. tap on it and change the value to '0' (zero) manually or via drop-down menu

    8. save and RTL will ask you if you want to reboob, accept
    9. after the reboob is done, go to Settings/System/Navigation bar and customize it to your liking

    When you want to disable NavBar, just launch RTL again, go to build.prop editor and change qemu.hw.mainkeys back to 1.

    New: How to re-enable hardware keys (2013-02-16)
    To re-enable hardware keys:

    1. start any file explorer with root permissions
    2. go to /system/usr/keylayout
    3. look for two files there: melfas-touchkey.kl and sec-touchkey.kl
    4. both files must look like this to get the HW keys back

    key 158 BACK   VIRTUAL
    key 139 MENU     VIRTUAL

    If there are any # symbols in front of those two lines of code, delete them, save the files and reboob.

    New: Advanced reboot options have moved (2013-02-19)
    Reboot into recovery missing?
    Activate the advanced reboot options in developer options and tick "advanced reboot" in order to get into recovery or bootloader mode.
    Otherwise you'll have only the reboot option.
    The reason behind (g+ account of CM)
    This change should mitigate accidents when children or others use the device, and put up an obstacle for pranksters or more unscrupulous persons from wiping your data to access the device; they must know the hardware key combination to get to recovery. At the same time, the option to re-enable this sub-menu should appease power-users and the like for flashing and backups. With the widespread use of CMUpdater and other GUIs for flashing, we recommend that most leave this option off for that added layer of protection.

    New: HELP - I lost my baseband - whatdafuq?(2013-02-19)
    No network signal, no SIM-PIN request to log in, no baseband, no calls pissible™…

    If you own an originally SIM-locked phone, this "feature" is working again. It is not a bug, it is meant to work like that.
    i'm owning a intl s2 and don't have problems.
    if your phone is a sim locked phone then i hope the lock works. a non working lock would be a bug. and be able to unlock a locked phone would be also a bug. ;)
    got it?

    Sent from my Nexus 4 using xda app-developers app

    New: How to enable PIE… (27/03/2013)
    0) Enabled Expanded Desktop feature in Power Menu is necessary (system settings > system > power menu > expanded desktop > status bar hidden or visible)
    1) Make sure Navigation bar (Soft keys) is activated by changing qemu.hw.mainkeys=1 to qemu.hw.mainkeys=0
    2) Reboot needed to change taking effect
    3) Enable Pie in System settings > System > PIE controls
    4) Check left and/or right side as they work best
    5) Enable/Activate Expanded Desktop with power menu
    6) Enjoy the pie
    7) Disable expanded desktop to "Un-PIE" ;)[/QUOTE]

    Experimental use of PIE: check only one side, e.g. left.
    Open Pie on the left side, until you can see all information (time, network, battery etc) and then wait until you'll see the other trigger points (top, right and bottom) and drag your pie on another trigger area, for instance on the right side and let it drop when the circle is filled with colour. Then open the pie from the "new side". You can see the change as well in system settings > system > PIE controls. It should state "right" now.

    Needs some training but works.

    New: Removed apk as flashable zip (06/05/2013)
    Kindly provided by @jaiiscool
    Including removed apk like email, live wallpaper etc,
    Additional ringtones and
    JB boot animations

    New: Google Hangouts (replaces talk) in PlayStore (15/05/2013)

    If you fancy getting the new HANGOUTS app to replace GTalk,
    log into the WEB PlayStore with your browser and search for Hangouts. Hit install and it will automagically update GTalk to Hangouts.
    Other solution: uninstall GTalk via Titanium Backup (or similar app), reboot may be needed and install Hangouts via PlayStore App.

    New: MULTI DPI PlayStore update to 4.1.6(15/05/2013)

    White and Inverted Multi DPI Play Store v4.1.6 for JB v4.2.2
    White Multi DPI Play Store v4.1.6 for JB v4.2.2 - Download
    Inverted Multi DPI Play Store v4.1.6 for JB v4.2.2 - Download
    Flashable zip files via recovery as always.
    Troubleshooting and further information here
    Thanks to @MyLifeRocks10 for the updates :)

    New: EHMERGAD...I dont like dual pane in settings (tablet layout)

    Go to the first page and flash one of Moepda's zip files which are located here
    Thanks to Moepda for providing the updates and uploading to Bangsti's FTP server.
    In this context, thanks to bangsti for providing the FTP server space and that you always keep the mirrors up to date.
    Also a big thanks to Snabben, who also provides mirrors for us.

    For you chas, put it where ever you want to have it ;)
    Possible answers...