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Jan 1, 2011
Now we wait for custom roms to be built with it but doesn't current ASOP roms fixed most of the issues with 4.4.2 anyways? Those of us on custom AOSP roms probably won't see a big difference outside of the camera right?
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    Flashable ZIP Link: http://d-h.st/3l1
    Only boot, system and radio.

    Warning: Not responsible of any brick.
    Be sure to make a backup.
    Please confirm if it works it works for me. :p

    Installation takes a while be patient ans wait. :p For best result wipe /data dalvik and cache :)

    Credits @FormelLMS and @autoprime

    Its out finally

    MOD EDIT: This will be the only 4.4.3 discussion thread allowed. All others will be closed. Enjoy 4.4.3! :)
    nice! what kinda battery life are people getting on 4.4.3?

    kidding. thanks for heads up on images being posted.
    For those you will not want theirs sdcard to be wiped use this guide

    NOTE: Bootloader should be unlocked for this method to work. Root not required.
    1) Download the factory image relevant to your Nexus from the below page.
    2) Unzip the .tgz file and keep it under, say C:/
    3) Edit the "flash-all.bat" and remove the "-w" parameter from "fastboot -w update image-takju-jwr66v.zip"
    4) Delete "userdata.img" from "image-******-*******.zip".
    5) Copy fastboot.exe file into the “******-*******” directory.
    6) Reboot and keep the phone in fastboot mode. [ a) Turn on USB Debugging b) Turn off your Phone c) Hold down Volume UP + Volume Down + Power buttons ]
    7) Issue the command "flash-all.bat".
    8) Wait for the process to finish, and then the Galaxy Nexus will reboot upgraded with stock Android 4.4.x
    9) Cheers and enjoy !!!
    I have a zip already uploading it now, tried and tested already, only boot, system and radio images. Wait a moment :)
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