[4.4.4][CM11][24/Nov/2014] temasek's UNOFFICIAL Build - v162.1 released

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    V51 is not final anymore.

    I'm taking a break off xda. May be back in the near future.

    This is a busy time for all.

    It's really final build for my cm11, tag as V162.1 which will come later today.

    Those seeking to know about cm12 for I9300 from me, Atm no comments. I will continue to concentrate on my hlte and at the same time bringing up cm12 additional features. If I ever continue for I9300 and the device branches are ready, it will be a breeze to just kick start it.

    Till then.....

    I wish all good fortune and thank you for your past support since cm10 till now.

    Build V92
    md5sum: 450a68b70861840b9dea54cfc135e9e2

    • Updated self-compiled SaberMod Toolchain for ROM compiling (excluding kernel)
    • Revert PA's "Long press recents to switch to last app"
    • Add "Long press recents to switch to last app" - by Cristiano Matos
      For now 7 actions are possible
      1 - none
      2 - last app
      3 - screenshot
      4 - kill app
      5 - notifications panel
      6 - QS panel
      7 - power menu
    • Add "Music" QS Tile from SlimROM
    • Add "Quick Record" Tile from SlimROM
    • Add "Last App" Toggle to Nav RIng (Quick Launch Shortcuts"
    • Fix soft reboot using power menu through tile, navring and recent long press - Cristiano Matos
    • The return of SlimPIE
    • frameworks: fix qs and notification shade toggle on expanded desktop
      - If expanded desktop is enabled and statusbar hidden the toggle does not force
      the statusbar to show before it pulls down the shade
      - fix it with just requesting the the statusbar to show up before we actually
      peform the action
    • frameworks: Imagehelper...do a nicer resize with better quality
    • frameworks: fix navbar and pie icons for tablets and RTL
      - well due that we use a completly other attempt then googles navbar we do not
      need to rely on different sized icons for portrait and landscape. So just a square
      icon fits our needs perfect (which is so or so everwhere in AOSP default to use square ones).
      - Whatever recents pie feature showed us that we still forgot to size the pictures for our tablets and as well for RTL user.
      - So let us do it now to fix any resizing issues on navbar and or SlimPie
    • frameworks: clean up the AOSP tablet icon mess
      - well.....on grouper the overlay size for the navbar is/was 56dp...so
      google added bigger icons then the usual ones into the sw600dp folders.
      Well newer tablets have 48dp as default like the phones so the slightly bigger
      icons do not fit 100% correct. It is not much but it is noticable.
      - So all devices have same navbar default height...so all icons should have same size
      as well. Just remove the overlay icons so that the system automatically chooses the right
      one from the default screen qualifier.
    • Add "Allow All Widgets On Keyguard"
    • Fix hiding ADB notification
      - When the notification is already shown (the device is connected in ADB mode)
      and the user turns it off, it doesn't go away. Let's hide it properly.
    • perf: Don't persist the perf profile across a reboot
      * Always initialize with the default performance profile.
      * There are a lot of reasons for this, but mostly because
      users are stumbling into the setting and ending up with a
      slow system because they enabled powersave mode.
    • perf: Send a boost hint when a key on the navbar is pressed
      * A lot of stuff happens, especially when invoking recents.
      * Get ahead of the storm by sending a boost hint before
      kicking off the animations.
    • Add support for Peek app
      - Disable built in peek when Peek app is installed. Enable it again on app's unistall.
    • frameworks: Add user protection and pie/navbar toggle to SlimActions
      - Keep the user save and do not allow to disable all navigations to keep
      the device usable. User will be notified
      - In Settings user get the choice to enable the other navigation method. Of course
      only on navbar devices due that hw key devices always have a working navigation
    • Fix equalizer tile in extended QS options - Cristiano Matos
    • frameworks: EdgeGestureService give abbility to reduce the left and right trigger height if IME shows up
      - This patch gives the abbility that features can set the IME_CONTROL flag in addition to the position flags to enable reducing trigger heights on the left and right edge to avoid conflicts with swipe keyboard.
      - Although the inputfilter lets come presses to the application trough the normal user behaviour is to start keyboard swiping before they really even pressed the char button which results in conflicts with whatever feature is using the left and right edge as trigger.
      - Features who want to use it need to set IME_CONTROL flag. As well if notification drawer was pulled down or global menu is shown on top of the IME keyboard the original size gets restored till they are dismissed/closed
      - This patch adds only the support for it.
    • SlimPie give user ability to reduce trigger heights if IME keyboard shows
      - frameworks part added
      - settings part I forgotten to add :p Will be in next build :D
      - Add a user option to reduce left and right trigger of SlimPie if keyboard shows up (especially usefull for swipe keyboard which most keyboards are nowadays). Enabled by default user can disable it in settings (V93 onwards)
    • Proper FIX for broken exfat
      - Reverted pre-built mount.exfat
      - Add -Os flag to external/fuse to fix broken exfat when on global -O3 flag
    • Updated cm source - Read by your own http://review.cyanogenmod.org/#/q/status:merged,n,z

    Enjoy :)

    It's time for me to bid goodbye to I9300 community. It's not fair for me and especially for users when I do not have a device to test on.

    If I continue building, it's like blind building and I'm getting uncomfortable. It's a hard decision but I've thought it through over sometime already.

    I bid all I9300 users goodbye and wish you all the best.

    Build V85
    md5sum: 539d10b9708238905cfab693d6053c09

    • Clock - Add ability to include seconds. A minor bug atm if u enable AM/PM, the seconds will come after AM/PM. So if you wanna enable seconds, pls use 24 hrs or don't display AM/PM.
    • Don't animate the circle battery meter when battery is fully charged
      Rotating a full circle is unnecessary, no need to redraw the battery
      meter every 50ms
    • MSimNetworkController: disable log spew
      Some logging statements are not properly guarded leading to logcat
      flood every few seconds.
    • Framework: Fine SeekBar control
      Allow user to move their finger in the Y direction
      to change the speed at which the seekbar will seek
      on moving their finger across the X direction
    • PEEK: Beautify bridging layers code
      - Save new instances for Peek and PowerManager:
      Create it only in BaseStatusBar when start() method is called. That one
      will be passed throught the sub layers such like new helper class so another
      feature can check Peek state invocking from NotificationHelper class.
      - Move phone listener to new helper class.
      - Do not show Peek on sim pin lock screen.
      - Process new incoming notifications only if screen is off, keep updating notification array separately.
      - General cleanup.
    • Long press clear all recents to flush cache
    • Quick Settings: Option to use floating window
      - Allows the option of launching preferences from the quicksettings menu in a
      floating window
    • Quick Settings: allow flip animation on clicking a tile
    • Fix crash when clicking a file from recents or downloads
    • The return of "App Sidebar"
    • Add ability to use floating windows with "App Sidebar"
    • Add "Inaccurate proximity switch" in Display Settings.
    • FIx QS Layout including Camera Tile, etc.
    • blar blar blar :p
    • Updated cm source

    BUG - Slim Recents floating view. If touch outside floating widows will FC that app.
    BUG - Clock with seconds. If select AM/PM mode, seconds will show after AM/PM which looks sorta funny. So if u wanna use seconds, either use 24 hrs format or don't enable AM/PM
    BUG - In About Phone, CyanogenMod version is bugged by CM. It is just cosmetic, I'll fix it next build.