[4.4.x]Omni Nightlies for Find 7a/7s

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Sep 17, 2009
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Cheers! I should have been more detailed. There's no problem when the phone is on, screen goes off. I meant when the device is switched off (screen stays black but lights coming through, I can see the charge animation which disappears after few seconds). I know it's not fully implemented, no support for the rom either but can anything be done about it. Switched the Find7a off then charged the phone to 100% yesterday, unplugged the charger and forgot to power down (screen is lit even after the charging completed, won't switch off) and it drained 70% battery overnight. Talking about offline charging or lpm.

Should I be better off charging when the phone on?

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    DO NOT post in this thread until you have read the first three posts and last two pages of this thread in their entirety!

    "Me Too" posts for known issues with no useful debugging information WILL BE REPORTED.

    This is the thread for Omni nightlies for the Oppo Find 7a and 7s



    Also, the nightlies support LVM for partition remapping, which allows the two internal data partitions (/sdcard and /data) to be merged into one that uses emulated storage for /sdcard (Android's standard method for ICS and later). Details can be found at http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=55081626&postcount=546 . LVM is significantly safer than other partition remapping solutions as it does not actually alter the underlying partition table. As a result, switching layouts is MUCH faster than methods which remap the partition table, and switching layouts is more reliable and doesn't fail in strange and difficult-to-repair ways (such as the frequent failures of another solution that can be seen in the ColorOS 2.0.2i beta thread). There's a good chance Oppo will be switching over to this method with a future ColorOS release, especially after their experiences with 2.0.2

    For historical reference, I will leave the pre-nightly test builds in the Downloads section of this thread. However, these are now obsolete.

    (this isn't a nexus, use the modular releases, not full)

    Omni only supports TWRP recovery, use any alternate recovery at your own risk. Official TWRP for this device is:

    Anyone flashing this should know the usual installation drill... Flash in recovery, flash gapps, wipe data/factory reset. If you don't know how to do these things, this package is not yet ready for users like you.

    Thanks go to the following people for their help during bringup:
    Jake Whatley and Kristof Petho (Omni)
    Max Weninger for polishing the device up and getting it up to nightly readiness after I kind of burned out
    Andre Saddler and Hieu Nguyen of the Paranoid Android team

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Omni for Find 7a/7s, ROM for the Oppo Find 7

    Entropy512, maxwen, xplodwild, jerdog, jakew02
    ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information
    Status: Nightly

    Created 2014-05-21
    Last Updated 2014-09-02

    Current status as of 05/20/2014:
    GPS works
    Wifi works
    Cellular radio works (data and voice calls)
    Basic camera/camcorder functions work
    Bluetooth works (tested with Google Glass and an OBDKey)
    Sensors work (except for Google Camera Photosphere - see below)
    Audio is flaky - Mic does not work in speakerphone calls (earpiece only) and headsets with microphones cause the audio HAL to barf. There are probably a number of other use cases where audio doesn't work well. Confirmed working are Google Play Music, Google Maps, earpiece calls, Bluetooth calls via Google Glass (Mic in speakerphone/headphones may be fixed in the 5/30 build - won't test until tomorrow.)

    Not yet implemented (need to get the basics done first, these shouldn't be too hard since maxwen did them all on N1)
    Screen-off gestures for music
    "Hey, Snapdragon" voice wakeup - gotta talk to xplodwild about this
    Superzoom mode (I'm about halfway there, it's in the 5/30 build but crashes when you take a shot, so effectively isn't really there...)

    Known issues:
    Rare spontaneous reboots due to the WCNSS firmware crashing (1-2 times/week for me)
    Magnetometer (compass) gets "Stuck" if you use Google Camera
    LPM (charging when device is off) is broken - device may charge but screen gets stuck on at the Oppo logo. (may sometimes happen when rebooting on charger)
    Nightlies should start tomorrow morning. Nightlies will include LVM support but multiwindow will be gone.

    I chatted with xplodwild - he's decided that once he finishes his current project he's going to rewrite multiwin from scratch based on some recent discoveries that should make it work much better.

    Attached are new versions of the LVM setup ZIP, and an updated TWRP image.

    If you're already running LVM, don't flash the ZIP as it'll wipe your data again. If the spam about not being able to mount raw_sd and raw_data annoys you, you can flash this TWRP image to get rid of it.

    I won't work on cleaning up TWRP properly until I return from vacation - I'm leaving next Saturday and will be gone at least a week and a half. (Might occasionally check forums, but no haxxing anything.)

    Known issues remaining with TWRP:
    On LVM configurations, the raw_sd/raw_data stuff is hackish - but I wanted to make sure people had a way to return to a non-LVM configuration without a separate ZIP or flashing anything.
    On non-LVM configurations, there's now an "internal storage" mapped to /data/media that is very small. Don't use it - this is the thing blocking an official LVM-aware TWRP from happening and needs quite a bit of reworking TWRP code to fix.
    Before I leave I might make a small change to the non-LVM configuration to move the TWRP settings storage on non-LVM configs away from /data/media which is ugly.

    Honestly if you're not running LVM, it's probably best to just use the standard TWRP until it can properly be fixed. But the image here works for both configurations, it's just not quite optimal for non-LVM in terms of user interface.

    More info on LVM setup is at http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=55081626&postcount=546

    I plan on writing a tutorial in a separate thread that is developer-oriented later.
    You can follow changes on omni gerrit if you like. maxwen has pushed a lot of oppo specyfic updates yesterday but they're still have status open. I can only guess he has a booting version by now, but it's up to devs when they will make anything public.
    I've been focusing on resolving remaining derps on my Nexus devices. I consider it a bad idea to move forward on non-Nexus devices until Nexus devices are working - since broken Nexus devices is usually a sign that we broke something somewhere.

    Once I finish that, I'm going to be assisting Max with the 7a. He has had some issues with bringup that we're trying to determine if they are 7s-specific. That dual-DSI stuff is a pain in the ass and always has been.

    Find7 is basically Omni's pilot device for non-Nexus 8974 support.