(4 December 2008) S2P v0.58 - flow

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Apr 23, 2008
Correct me if I'm wrong, but by putting songs in individual folders, aren't you eliminating the ability to play your songs randomly?
Nope - it depends how you navigate to the songs when selecting the folder.

If you navigate to the folder the song is in then it will only jump around the songs in that folder, but if you navigate to the folder that contains all the other folders and choose a song then all of the albums will be available to your random play. You can use this to your advantage. Around 9 months ago I stuck all of my Christmas album folders together in one folder so that I could (when I chose to) make it just jump around Christmas songs.
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    Could anyone help me with a script or the commands for shuffle on and off. I want to use it for a music page in my WAD theme. Not very familiar with Mortscript, so has anyone got one put together already? I tried a simple script to write to the registry, but it only seems to write when S2P is closed. Is there a command like that of play, next, and previous?

    if you check the lakerbridge forums there are some S2P scripts.