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4.x-to-4.4.2-NK1-SAFEUP-or-DOWNgrade & Obtain or Keep Root & SafeStrap! EZiest WAY.


New member
Feb 6, 2011
4.x-to-4.4.2-NK1-SAFEUP-or-DOWNgrade & Obtain or Keep Root & SafeStrap! EZiest WAY.


For Already ROOTED Users:

NK1 Upgrading from NC2, NC5 or NG6! Download and Install Safestrap 3.75 I545 thanks to muniz, Hashcode and Surge! Gives us the ability to use multiple ROM Slots and have more than 1 ROM installed and bootable on your i545! Assuming your already using Safestrap and the ROM you have installed or are going to install is capable of the up or downgrade firmware your going to flash by taking the following steps to upgrade from any Firmware 4.3-4.4.2 firmware to the newest firmware. (Or Use this Method to downgrade any 4.4.2 Version to another 4.4.2 Version or to MK2, just replace the file your flashing with the proper downgrade file found in the main SAFE UP or DOWN Folder)

1. With the phone restarted to Safestrap flash the following file:
gogolie's NK1 WiFi Fix (in this flash its not technically a fix as were upgrading the Baseband of the phone to NK1) its preferred you flash this AFTER you have installed the ROM you plan on using as this file will also make changes to your build.prop and install your Modules which are necessary for working WiFi and GPS!
2. After installing the Baseband use Safestrap to Restart Phone to Download Mode aka Odin Mode
Once in Download Mode use your original USB Cable to Connect the Phone to the Computer.
Now Open the program Odin 3.10.6 on your Windows PC. There are other Odin compatible flashing tools in the Odin directory to allow flashing from Mac OSX, x64 and Linux.
3. Using Odin select the NK1 Kernel and Recovery file in the AP Slot and press Flash. Alternatively you can load the rest of the slots with the following files and by doing so you can if you'd like skip Step 1 although you then may have to install the NK1 Modules or my WiFi fix for WiFi to work at a later time if its not working.
NK1 Bootloaders - BL Slot - These are Downgradeable from NK1 to any 4.4.2 VZW Bootloaders MDK users must not flash these!
NK1 Modem & HLOS - CP Slot - These are also Downgradeable to any firmware. MDK Users would want to flash just a Modem not HLOS for their WiFi to work properly.
To Upgrade All Partitions except System Flash the NK1 All in One Odin tar
4. Odin will restart your phone and you'll have Safetly upgraded or Downgraded avoiding triggering your KNOX warranty too!

For UNROOTED Users or those that have lost ROOT with OTA use this method to regain root:
Download NK1 and NC2 Boot.imgs prepackaged in Odin flashable .tar files.
Now with the phone in Download Mode (Restart phone and hold Vol-Down then press Vol Up when Prompted) and with Odin 3.10.6 or similar open on your Computer and with your phone plugged in using the original USB cable for the phone flash the NC2 Boot.img file from above in the AP Slot. ODIN will restart the phone once in the ROM run Towelroot and press Root. After rooting install Safestrap 3.75+ if SS won't install you may need to search the Play Store for Busybox and install that before SS. Now restart the phone to download mode again and flash the NK1 Boot.img from above in ODIN. And your done and back to where you started!


Previous Files/Methods/Firmware:
NG6 WiFi Fix *SS* Includes HLOS
NG6 WiFi Fix MDK No HLOS & Rebuilds WiFi Bin/etc file structure
Then Restart from Safestrap / Recovery to Downloadmode or Odin and flash the kernel below with Odin 3.10:
NG6 Kernel (Odin Flashable)
Now restart and your done! NG6 Upgrades can be downgraded with any NC5 Odin Package!
other files you might need:
NG6 Safestrap Modules
NG6 OTA - Completely KNOX FRee Keeps ROOT flash via SS (includes bootloaders but downgrading bootloaders from NG6 to NCx is Odinable)
NG6 Modem & HLOS - SS - Contrary to what many devs on here say its definately recommended to upgrade your HLOS to match Modem unless your on MDK!
NG6 Modem - MDK

WiFi Bin/ETC Restructuring & Modules - NG6 - MDK (CarHD32VZW WiFi fix)
WiFi Bin/ETC Restructuring & Modules - NC5 (CarHD32VZW WiFi fix)
Convert any TW 442 ROM to VZW SS Compatible (some exceptions may exist)NCx v710

Put these together as the newest evolution in my long line of ways to upgrade gain ROOT and keep KNOX at 0x0... this method will also let you keep your bootscreen set to the normal unmodified ROM (no more broken lock pic screen when booting!) without using Xposed!
All you need to do is download one of the following 2 all in one upgrade rar files:


Each .rar file when unpacked (NC2 or NC5 .rar files must be unpacked!) contains the following apps / odin flashable images:
Odin 3.10 (The newest and best option for Odin.)
SuperSu 1.94 (IN both a flashable thru Safestrap .zip and a .apk - thanks to Chainfire)
SafeStrap 3.72 (Thanks to Hashcode)
SeLinux Permissive Enabler / Mode Changer 1.2 (Thanks to MrBIMC)
TowelRoot v2 (Huge Thanks to geohot)
Android Terminal Emulator v1.0.53.apk
and finally...


which is the magic file you select in Odin under AP slot and press flash to upgrade without bootloaders. This is a modified Odin image I made that also includes a .pit for mapping itself and a modem/hlos so its essentially a 1 and done file! You might need to boot into recovery and do a data wipe if you receive any FC's or issues on 1st boot (then restart and should be good to go). This is a no-wipe odin flashable image with no bootloaders or other crap just firmware and system.img and modem.

Directions to enable Root on NC2 or NC5 stock ROM & to get SafeStrap fully working:
1. Flash the odin image in AP slot for either system you want to upgrade to. (NO BOOTLOADERS OR GARBAGE FLASHED!)
2. Boot up system. If any errors occur restart to recovery (vol-up and power) then wipe data and restart. Or wipe data before flashing!
3. Once booted open TowelRoot.apkl and install and run the app. Then click on the T logo/gray box to root 4.4.2! NO REBOOT REQUIRED!!!
4. Now open the SeLinux Permissive Enabler / Mode Changer 1.2.apk and install the app. Open the application and click the "Permissive" box.
5. Next install Safestrap and open the app. Click install Recovery once booted. Then you can flash SuperSu .zip like normal in Safestrap. You can also also install from the Playstore or from the .apk in the AIO .rar file. However SuperSu isnt necessary its useful if you intend on controlling your ROOT.
6. Finally for a custom ROM you would reboot to Safestrap and install it in the Main/Stock Slot. Keep root by following any ROM install with SuperSu.zip!!!
7. Enjoy the easiest upgrade method known to man. Be sure and donate or thank, me or one of the fine developers mentioned above.

NEW EZ UP & DOWNGRADE DUAL METHODS FOR VZW SS 4.4.2 FEATURING 1 FILE UPGRADES AND 1 FILE DOWNGRADES! Makes my method and files the easiest and most reliable for upgrading and downgrading while maintaining a Knox 0x0 (untripped, warranty intact system) nowhere else can you find this!!

Please continue Reading OP and search thread for questions while the files below download
The 1 File Up&Downgrade Packages:

The Complete Package - Absolutely everything you'll need in one .rar file. (contains Upgrading options NC2&NC5, Full 1 File Downgrade MK2 Tar, SuperSu, Modules, Fixes, Patches, Programs literally the only file you need.)
MK2 1 File Complete System Downgrade Odin Package (unrar and load in AP slot of Odin flash and your at MK2! Its that EASY!
NC2 1 File Firmware Upgrade Odin Package (unrar & load in AP slot of Odin flash and your at NC2! Boot into Safestrap and install any compatible 4.4.2 ROM!
NC5 1 File Firmware Upgrade Odin Package (same instructions as above)
Try flashing one of my many ROMs for 4.4.2 Verizon!
MDK,ME7,MJ7,MK2 to NC2 or NC5 but retaining bootloaders (MDK still MDK). These methods are safe for use for Old or New Bootloaders. Those that have never upgraded for MDK through MK2- 4.3 and any firmware in between would be considered Old Bootloaders (you want to keep them. dont upgrade any other way.)

*****************************************PLEASE READ OP FIRST******************************************************
gigilie's Thread Purpose & Goals:
If you havent upgraded via OTA or full flash to 4.4.2 NC5 please don't. Goal here is to keep your bootloaders at what they are now. Follow the OP in order to achieve root with NC5 & NC2 or upgrade to a custom ROM 4.4.2 or to downgrade 4.4.2 to 4.3 MK2. It takes me less then 20 minutes to Downgrade fully then Reupgrade to a Custom ROM/Pre-rooted/Stock 4.4.2.
Thread Rules:
1. Do not come into the thread and instantly start posting. Research your own problem first.
2. Search for your issue if it doesnt exist or there isnt information reguarding it then feel free to post and then provide detailed system info with your post. Follow this rule and expect an answer or help unless you post a silly question or one thats been answered many times before.
3. Respect other users and help only if you know what your talking about and have been using this method. Otherwise let one of the users that are familiar with the process or the OP answer questions.
4. We started this first. April 16th I was using 4.4.2 ROMS and April 19th was the Odin version release. I don't appreciate the duplicate threads or copycat threads or users stealing my work or ideas without credit. Give credit n I allow pretty much anything but ask first.
1st Method for Downgrading / Upgrading
All Verizon Users can use for any version of firmware no matter what your bootloader version is. MDK users just be sure to not flash any Full or Bootloaders or BL files!!! Also Downgrading from NC5 to NC2 is possible (full downgrade bootloaders and all or semi) Those with WiFi issues on NC5 try using the NC2 modules or flashing one of my fixes!
If your on 4.3 rooted with safestrap you can skip to step 3 on Method 2 for best and easiest upgrade options!!
Download following files for Downgrading: SuperSu 1.94, Bypass Wifi Enabler, Odin 3.10, Safestrap 3.71 & 3.72, MK2 System, MK2 Downgrade AIO rar (unrar for odin tar), Modules for MK2, NC2, NC5 or whatever systems you plan on visiting.

Proceed once you've got the files listed above downloaded and on hand (aka your external sdcard) except the odin files. Also be sure to unpackage any .rar files to get the .tar files this is crucial.

1. Open Odin and insert MK2 System Downgrade .tar into your AP slot. The file is around 2.1 GB and is the same system.img that comes with the official MK2 Upgrade from VZW.
2. Insert the file MK2 Downgrade AIO .tar File (from the .rar you unpacked that you downloaded from above) into your CP slot. (or use your AP slot after restarting the phone once you successfully flash the system file)
3. Restart your phone to Download Mode or hold Vol-Down when powering on phone. Then back in Odin Press Start. Takes about 10 Min to flash. When it restarts you'll be as close to fully MK2 (not bootloaders) as you can be.
4. This step is optional. You can flash an NCx Cache file or do a factory reset from stock recovery if your phones not booting into the system. You can also chose from either NC2 Hlos/Modem (this gives you Sound no Wifi but flashing the bypass file will let you enable the wifi or should) or you can use the MK2 Hlos/Modem thats automatically flashed with the AIO pack above for full wifi/tethering but no sound. Or u can flash any modem/hlos .zip in safestrap. I prefer to use NC2 hlos and modem if I plan on using a 4.3 ROM for any amount of time.
5. Once the MK2 system has loaded you'll need to Root using k1mu's Saferoot method like normal. Then install either Safestrap 3.71 for 4.3 or 3.72 (found in the AT&T forum) for 4.4.2 plans system. These can both be installed on either 4.3 or 4.4.2 ROM.
6. Now you have choices you can flash 4.3 ROMS (to stock or ROM slots if using SS 3.71 otherwise just to Stock if using 3.72) like Hyperdrive, gDux, Foxhounds or whatever. Or 4.4.2 Custom ROMs available in the SS442 ROMs directory note that some are restore to install ROMs. Or in the VZW Development section and international forum or any S4 4.4.2 TW ROM, or stock / prerooted 4.4.2 ROM for Verizon. After flashing anything remember to flash SuperSu 1.94 zip to ensure root (or u might get trapped in a ROM no root and have to start all over!). You need to flash an international rom compatibility patch via jrkruse's thread (Aroma patch 20 or v19 seem to work great) or I've had my best results flashing the Extra Small autoport patch by gogolie. You can find other patches and fixes in the Safestrap Flashable Files directory and the autoport-patches directory. Finally flash your SS modules.
7. If your using 4.3 only just restart the Phone and let it boot like normal and your done! Otherwise to upgrade back to 4.4.2 so your 4.4.2 ROM will boot continue instructions here or you can transfer to Method 2 step 4...
8. Now navigate to the Reboot- Download Mode found in Safestrap. Or simply reboot to download mode however your used too.
9. In Odin, flash the NC2 Upgrader or NC5 Upgrader Odin TAR file. Or you can explore the AFH dir and find AP, CP, BL files for any version and flash individually. Along with cache files and modem/hlos combo files these options are optional but not required as the AIO Upgrade files contain everything you need. You can also flash files from the SS flashable's folder for altering the system. Any issues with WIFI please try a fix in that folder 1st.

gogolie's NEW Method 2 Primarily all Safestrap:
Needed files:

MK2 Boot Only (dont necessarily need it but having it around is handy), NC2 Boot.img upgrade only (nother not needed but handy if your going to be bouncing back and forth from 4.4 to 4.3), NC2 Safestrap Flashable Upgrade, NC2 Wifi/Modem/Hlos/Modules all in one flashable in safestrap, MK2 Downgrade Safestrap Flashable AIO, NC5 Quick Flash All Upgrade Safestrap flash,
You'll also may need the Odin, SuperSu,Safestrap,Modules and MK2 System / MK2 Downgrader AIO files listed in first method.
(From a 4.3 Rooted & never upgraded phone with Safestrap you can boot to safestrap and skip to step 3.)
1. Flash MK2 System in AP slot using Odin, when phone restarts hold vol-down and then flash the MK2 Downgrader AIO file in the AP slot (note can do all in one flash with the downgrader files under CP slot but AP and AP works the best)
2. Boot the Phone and then Root using k1mu's methods. Install safestrap. reboot to safestrap
3. Install the custom ROM or prerooted ROM of your choice in SS(doesnt even have to be rooted if you flash supersu file it will then have root). NOW Flash SuperSu and the modules for firmware your intending on upgrading to.
4. Flash the QuickUpgrade Safestrap Flashable file for either NC2 or NC5, add to the zip flashing cue NC2 or NC5 Wifi Fix and SuperSu again.
5. Reboot the phone to Download Mode then flash either the NC2 or NC5 boot.img only file under the AP slot. You can also fill the CP with either NC2 hlos/modem files or NC5 HLOS/Modem or MK2 Hlos/Modem for 4.3. You arent required to flash anything but the AP boot.img tho adding CP is more of a safety option incase the safestrap flash doesnt hold.
6. If your having problems with the ROM or system booting you can try clearing the Cache or doing a stock recovery-system factory reset. If that doesn't help flash a NC5 Cache file found in my Safestrap 4.4.2 files folder or one of the NC2 and NC5 AIO Upgrade files listed above then reboot and try the phone again. Custom ROM's require patches found in the SS Flashable files folder unless one of my ROMS.
You can now quick upgrade or downgrade with Safestrap and the up or downgrade boot.img file of your choice in Odin. This will allow for better mounting in safestrap at 4.3 then quick upgrade back to 4.4.2 by just flashing the opposite boot.img file your flashed the first time.

Enjoy. Thank or Donate if it works and saves time. I personally enjoy the safestrap flashable method vs traditional but personal preference.

Change Log: V1 - V6 Dual Method
V6 Dual Methods

This is the final version. It includes 2 methods 1 that is primarily safestrap flashable files and is completely my own work. The other is based loosely off of methods developed by at&t and note3 methods. I say loosely because I developed all the files and different methods after just peeking at how they were succeeding. My V1&2 methods were a modified OTA script that installed all bootloaders and files through safestrap. Then required you to odin the rest (IE the newest method 2) but it wasnt perfected until recently. Then V3 was all Odin and published on April 20th but the files were made long before that. They used a similar method to AT&T's Magic KitKat by rebel1699 but I had different files included and a bit more functionality than their early work at least. I also was the first to root Verizon NC2 along with first to release a pre-rooted NC5 rom (no knox in mine tho) and a ton of other files. PM me if you want more details or info.

Supermen of the thread (testers and users contributing to development in no specific order... thanks guys couldn't have it without u):
Tulsadriver, Jcratcliffe, epicroot, joshuabg, shindiggity, kfres39389, Narc0lept1cN1nja, BJSerpas, jake.99x3, todd3835

Special Thanks: jrkruse for his awesome patches and ROMs, k1mu for root, Hashcode for his brilliant Safestrap

Credits and History of Thread:
all gogolie/gigilie's ideas or work is his own. and furthermore I make sure that the work didnt exist before publishing it here 1st.
other credits besides those listed above include rebel1699, ted77usa and venom's work and methods described in their AT&T threads.

It shouldnt have to be emphasized but if your installing a ROM with Safestrap you either need the modules to be baked in like my ROM's are or you'll need to flash the modules. Another thing that shouldnt have to be mentioned is that you should make backups in Safestrap or using Online Nandroid in TWRP mode all the time or the possibility of losing something you need is a real scenario. To gain root to any ROM you flash in SS simply flash 1.93 or higher of SuperSU if the application doesnt appear in the ROM goto the Playstore and install it then update the binaries as they should be present already and the ROM rooted if this is flashed.
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Jan 26, 2014
That I'm not quite sure on. Think they are in there. I haven't had time to do it yet. I'm going to tonight. So if you want to wait till I get back to you then wait. I'm gonna probably be up all night testing this out because we might be able to get even custom roms on. Me and gigilie been getting out freak on over this. Pretty damn excited.

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Nov 20, 2011
That I'm not quite sure on. Think they are in there. I haven't had time to do it yet. I'm going to tonight. So if you want to wait till I get back to you then wait. I'm gonna probably be up all night testing this out because we might be able to get even custom roms on. Me and gigilie been getting out freak on over this. Pretty damn excited.

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You're not the only one. I told my wife, as I was fixing issues on her phone: "Hold on. I just got a notification that if true, I apologize in advance for giggling like a school girl."

I'm downgrading to stock, rooted MK2 as we speak.


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Jan 26, 2014
Yeah but from what gigilie and I are understanding if we do it this way we may be able to do custom roms. We're still figuring that part out. He sent me a custom rom the other day and it loaded up just fine. Couldn't get WiFi to work though. Then this happened do we got distracted

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May 6, 2012
So can you just install safestrap 3.72 on mk2 then create a new ROM slot then flash what you said to flash?

Am I understanding this right?
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