Question 4G Exynos Poor Performance

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Tried comparing the S21 Exynos 4G performance against the S20+ or S10+? It's dissappointing...

I think most users are hitting their home or work WiFi and haven't yet noticed this issue with the S21 Exynos 4G.

If you have these phones and can do a comparison, I would be very interested to see if you duplicate the same poor 4G S21 problems: latency higher, download not as good and upload pathetic with the S21 Exynos series.

See my original thread here:



Senior Member
  • Feb 29, 2016
    On my phone the 4g is better than my mate 20 pro and my oneplus 7t Mclaren... (all with same Telekom sim) but my 5g is bad... 4g is faster all the time (okay im in germany and think we have good 5g only in the vig cities and due to lockdown we cant test it)

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